Heart's Medicine Time to Heal Ward

This is the first episode of Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal. After the prologue, it is three months earlier, introducing Michael Owen, Jenny Pope.


  • GameHouse presents.
  • A Blue Giraffe game.
  • The Ambulance appears, rushing in the road.
  • Inside the ambulance, there is Daniel Summers, Allison Heart, Jenny Pope, and Joe Albright.
  • Jenny: A-Allison, Daniel's not looking good...
  • Allison: That's because he's bleeding out, Jenny! We'll need to clamp this artery.
  • Allison heart clamps his artery.
  • Allison: GOT IT!
  • Allison: Time to floor it, Joe!
  • Allison: This won't hold itself, I'll need to place a ligature.
  • Allison: Jenny, get me the kit.
  • Allison: Daniel hasn't got much time left...
  • Allison: What should I do?
Tell Joe to drive faster... Tell Jenny to hurry up...
Allison: Jenny, can you hurry up and get the kit, please?
Allison: Just collect yourself and get me the items from the kit.
Jenny thought: You can do this! Concentrate!
Jenny collects items Allison wants for Daniel.
Allison: The ligature is holding, but he's still losing blood somewhere...
Allison: I need you to survive for me, Daniel...
Allison: Help me undo his straps.
Jenny undoing his straps for Daniel.
Allison and Jenny are turning his back to see his wound.
Allison: There it is! You hold him steady and I'll stitch the wound.
Allison stitches the wound for Daniel.
Jenny: He... He's stabilizing!
Jenny: And we're close to the hospital, he might just be okay!
Allison: I really hope so... I... I just can't lose him now.
Allison: No, you're right, I think he might just be oka...
Ambulance encountered a wood log fallen on the road, making sharp turns, destroying the road barrier.
Then, everyone screams while the ambulance falling into the beach, and Allison looks out, while Jenny covers herself, in a slow motion.

Three months earlier...Edit

  • Allison Heart arrives at the hospital next to a bus stop. She leaves the bus, be courageous, kind, and looks at Little Creek Hospital.
  • Allison Heart enters the hospital, while Emily O'Malley is going out of the hospital.
  • The title appeared: Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal.
  • In the lobby at the Little Creek Hospital, Daniel sees the worker, greeting Allison.
  • Daniel: A little to the left...
  • Daniel: I'll say when to stop.
  • Allison sees Daniel, and touching his shoulder to greet him.
  • Allison: Hey Daniel!
  • Daniel: Allison! I head you were back!
  • Allison and Daniel hug.
  • Daniel: You excited about finally interning at the Surgery Department?
  • Allison: Excited and scared...
  • Daniel: Nonsense, you've got nothing...
  • The worker falls down from the ladder.
  • Daniel: be scared of.
  • Worker: Ugh... Don't worry, I'm okay!
  • Worker: I'm... just going to take a quick nap...
  • Daniel: I'm sorry Allison, but if I don't keep working this renovation might be the end of me...
  • Allison: No problem, I need to be in surgery anyway!
  • Allison head to the surgery room, taking a deep breath.
  • Allison enters the surgery.
  • Allison: Hey Dr. Quinn...
  • Dr. Quinn sees both Allison Heart and Mason Hamilton.
  • Quinn: Why did they send me two interns?!
  • Quinn: This is not going to work, I can only train one intern at a time...
  • Quinn: One of you is going to have to go.
  • Mason: Well, it's not going to be me!
  • Allison: Oh... But... I kinda thought...
  • Quinn checks the computer.
  • Quinn: Okay, so it's been decided.
  • Allison: But... But what do I do now?
  • Quinn: You can talk to Michael at the ward, he's always in need of more interns.
  • Quinn gets Allison out of the surgery, letting Allison go to the Ward to talk to Michael.

Level 1 - A stellar performance!Edit

Score a star in the first half of your shift...

  • Michael: ...And that's pretty much how everything works here at the ward!
  • Michael sees Allison arriving at the Ward.
  • Michael: Exciting, isn't it?
  • Jenny shakes head vertically to Michael.
  • Michael: Let me guess, Quinn sent you?
  • Michael: I might be able to take on another intern, but you're pretty late...
  • Allison: I'm... I'm really sorry, I thought I was assigned to surgery...
  • Michael: Hmmmm, I could explain anything again...
  • Michael: Jenny? You were here on time, do you mind a little deja vu?
  • Jenny: Nope, I love instructions!
  • Michael: That's really nice of you, Jenny.
  • Michael: So, do you need to know how everything works?

If you say Yes, continue in dialogue. Otherwise if you say No, skip to Allison after tutorial dialogue.

  • Allison: I think I'll get the hang of it...
  • Allison: I don't want to waste any more of your time.
  • Michael: Let's get started.
  • Jenny and Michael are leaving the Ward, letting Allison go.


  • Allison: ...And I'm done. What a day...
  • Michael: Allison, these are the dirty sheets from all the wards. You mind giving them a wash?
  • Allison: Sure...
  • Allison: No, I can only train one intern...
  • Allison: Oh, I don't mind, you just take the one surgery internship there is...
  • Allison: Allison, why don't you just wash ALL THE SHEETS IN THIS HOSPITAL!?
  • Allison: Sure, seems like fun!
  • Allison: I'm such a loser...
  • Connor and Jenny arrives, kissing them.
  • Allison: Uhm... Connor?
  • Jenny and Connor surprised at Allison.
  • Connor: Allison!? Hi, ehm, I was just... ehm...
  • Connor: ...showing Jenny where to find the... ehm... disinfectant... yeah...
  • Connor: So... yeah... Jenny... now you know.
  • Connor waves to Jenny: Bye!
  • Connor leaves briefly, and shortly comes back to laundry room.
  • Connor: Oh, Allison... Welcome back.

Level 2 - Cheer Up Earl!Edit

Cheer up Earl, he seems a little agitated! Try to cheer up Earl!

  • Michael: I know this isn't your favorite place in the world Earl, but at least the sun is shining.
  • Earl: You know the sun will give your skin cancer, right?
  • Michael: Sure, but that would give you something new to complain about.
  • Michael sees Allison comes back to the Ward.
  • Michael: Allison! Maybe Allison can cheer you up.
  • Earl: *HMPF* I don't like brunettes, they can be quite annoying...
  • Michael to Allison: Good luck...
  • Michael leaving the Ward, letting Allison go.

During the level; 1st cheerEdit

  • Allison: Hey Earl, do you need anything?
  • Earl: Yes, I need to not to be in a hospital.
  • Allison: I can't really change that, but I could get you a glass of water?
  • Earl: Water!? What am I? A plant?!

2nd cheerEdit

  • Earl: Is the temperature in here always set to "Devil's waiting room"?
  • Allison: Hmmm, it is pretty warm. I can try to set the thermostat a little lower.
  • Earl: Try!? How about you just DO it?

3rd cheerEdit

  • Allison: Oooh, I read that book too, do you like it?
  • Earl: It's incredible...
  • Earl: ...Incredible what passes for writing these days.
  • Earl throws the book to another bed under it.
  • Earl: Utter garbage...

4th cheerEdit

  • Earl: Could you stop walking around so much?
  • Allison: Uhm... My job requires me to walk around...
  • Earl: Sure... Just ignore my requests...


  • Allison walks quickly to Earl saying.
  • Earl: I'm freezing! Can't you turn the thermostat up?
  • Allison: First you're too hot, now you're too cold...
  • Earl: A person can change his mind, can't he?
  • Earl: By the way, shouldn't I have gotten some form of medication by now?
  • Ruth rushes angrily to the Ward from the Pharmacy.
  • Ruth: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I've got the medication.
  • Ruth walks to Allison and earl.
  • Ruth: With this whole renovation several orders have gotten mixed up, so it took a little longer.
  • Earl: So I almost die of old age here, because you...
  • Ruth: I dare you to finish that sentence.
  • Ruth: Allison..
  • Allison: Ruth, I'm so happy to see you!
  • Ruth: I heard what happened with Quinn, dear, not really what you were hoping for on you first day back...
  • Allison: I don't know Ruth, maybe I just wasn't ready for surgery...
  • Ruth: Oh, shut the front door. You're just as good as that brat Mason, and Quinn is an idiot for not picking you...
  • Ruth: Come to think of it, all the men in this hospital could use a brain transplant.
  • Allison: Thanks Ruth, I needed that!
  • Ruth: Just speaking the truth, dear, now let's get some food in you.
  • Ruth and Allison leaving the Ward to get some food.

Challenge 1 - Emily's Hospital FoodEdit

Help Emily in the Hospital Canteen.

  • Emily's in the hospital canteen, meeting Allison.
  • Allison: Emily? What are you doing here?!
  • Emily: Well, I came for Paige's checkup and sonehow ended up running the canteen.
  • Emily: It's odd, it seems like everywhere I go, people are in desperate need of a chef!
  • Allison: Well, that's good news for us. That means the hospital food is going to get a lot better!
  • Emily: If you can come back in a few minutes, I'll prepare something for you!
  • Ruth and Allison leaving the canteen, letting Emily treat people by serving food

Level 3 - Storage Delivery!Edit

Daniel wants to store some renovation materials in the ward. Accept the deliveries!

  • Allison and Ruth were returning to the Ward.
  • Ruth: I'm heading back to the pharmacy now, but remember Allison, don't let anyone get you down.
  • Daniel and his worker arriving at the Ward.
  • Ruth: Especially these jokers...
  • Daniel: Well... Uhm, yes, you can just drop it off over here...
  • Allison: Uhm, Daniel, what's happening?
  • Worker places the packages.
  • Daniel: I was kinda sorta hoping we could store a couple of things for the renovation here.
  • After worker placed a package, Worker leaves for more package deliveries.
  • Allison: Uhm, but doesn't that interfere with our patients?
  • Daniel: it might... A little, but you would really, really, really help me out of a bind.
  • Allison: Okay... if you've talked this through with Michael...
  • Allison and Daniel hug.
  • Daniel to Allison: Thanks Allison, you're amazing!
  • Daniel leaves out of the ward, letting Allison go.

During the levelEdit

  • Allison accepts 4 deliveries by Daniel.


  • Daniel returns to the Ward with heart box of chocolates on.
  • Allison to Daniel: What's that for?
  • Daniel: For helping me out today.
  • Daniel: This renovation hasn't been going well...
  • Daniel: ...and it's nice to have a little help instead of just complaints.
  • Allison: Well, thank you.
  • Allison: This renovation is really important to you, isn't it?
  • Daniel: You know I became the head of the hospital because of my father, right?
  • Daniel: This is my way of stepping up and showing people I'm just as capable, if not more capable than my father.
  • Daniel: And I'm not going to let a few negative voices stop me from making this the best hospital in the world...
  • Daniel: ...Even if that means I have to renovate it myself.
  • Allison: Well, you've got my help now.
  • Daniel: That's true, but you also have an internship you have to finish, so I'll use that help sparingly.

Level 4 - Earl's blood pressure!Edit

Earl's blood pressure needs to be monitored! Keeps checking on Earl!

  • Michael is in the ward, while Allison is coming back at the Ward.
  • Michael: You look suspiciously happy...
  • Allison: I know, it was this thing Daniel said yesterday...
  • Allison: He talked about not letting negative voices influence him and I guess that stuck in my mind.
  • Michael: Talking about negative voices...
  • Michael: I hope he doesn't give you too much trouble, but Earl's blood pressure needs to be checked every minute or so today.
  • Allison: Don't worry, I'm just going to kill him with kindness.
  • Earl: Can you kill me now, because I'm already done with this happy nonsense.
  • Michael leaves the Ward, letting Allison go check the blood pressure.

During the level: Earl's blood pressure checkEdit

  • Allison keeps checking on Earl for blood pressure.
  • "This is taking forever."
  • "You done yet?"
  • "Can you be any slower?"
  • "Don't hurry on my account."
  • "Useless."
  • "Speed isn't one of your strong suits, is it?"


  • Michael walks through the ward, and hearing the blood pressure warning.
  • Allison scares: Oh no, this isn't happening!
  • Allison runs to Earl.
  • Earl: Well, at least you can make it over here quickly when my life's in danger...
  • Allison shouts to Earl: What?! Are you insane?! I thought you were dying, EARL!
  • Allison said calmly: ARRRGH! Why?! I've been nothing but nice to you today...
  • Allison: And you've been spewing insult after insult.
  • Allison: What did I ever do to you?
  • Allison Heart is angry while Earl passes out.
  • Allison moans: Oh, so now you have nothing to say...
  • Allison: I'm not falling for that again, Earl.
  • Allison said: EARL?
  • Allison said again, louder: EARL?!
  • Allison runs to Earl passed out, trying to restart his heartbeat.
  • After that, Michael appeared to Earl, confused.

Challenge 2 - Don't Steal My Medicine!Edit

  • Other departments are out of supplies! Allison is watching her stock!

Level 5 - Work Efficiently!Edit

Deliver multiple items in one go, multiple times!

  • Michael: I know we don't always get along...
  • Michael: But I need you to come back...
  • Allison heads back to the Ward.
  • Michael: ...Dad...
  • Michael: Oh... Allison!
  • Michael: Yesterday I didn't have a chance to tell you, but I'm really happy you were here to help Earl.
  • Allison: How's he doing?
  • Michael: Not responsive, but still alive, thanks to you!
  • Allison: I guess!
  • Michael leaves the Ward, letting Allison run.


  • Allison: I'm so sorry Earl, it... It's all my fault...
  • Allison: Please be alright...
  • Daniel arrives back at the Ward.
  • Daniel: That's something I don't miss about being a doctor...
  • Daniel walks to Allison, giving them a hug.
  • Daniel: All the worrying... Did you do enough? Is your patient going to be okay?
  • Allison: It's not just that Daniel, nothing has been going the way it should.
  • Allison: I was going to start surgery, I was going to impress everyone, I was going to save people.
  • Allison: Not having a patient, who was under my watch, almost die...
  • Daniel: I know things look bad right now.
  • Daniel: But think of it this way...
  • Daniel: At least things can't get any worse.
  • Allison is taking a look at the flashback, of the ambulance crash.

Level 6 - First Responder!Edit

Help 30 patients before their quick bonuses run out!

  • Allison: *SIGH* I have to tell Michael I caused Earl's heart attack...
  • Allison: Michael..
  • Michael: Yes?
  • Allison: I... I...
  • Allison: I can't remember, do we bandage clockwise or counterclockwise?
  • Michael: Clockwise, and there's no shame in asking.
  • Michael leaves the Ward, letting Allison run.


  • Allison walks to get something, while Michael is entering the Ward again. Michael sees Earl, and Allison does. Allison walks to Michael, talking to him.
  • Allison: Michael... I have to tell you something really bad...
  • Allison: I... I think I might have caused your father's heart attack...
  • Allison: He was trying to get a rise out of me and I yelled at him, that was when he started shaking...
  • Michael: Yes, he does tend to annoy people.
  • Michael: And by the way, you should always stand up to him, but Allison...
  • Michael: Unless you labeled medicine incorrectly, you didn't cause anything.

Challenge 3: Combo time!Edit

  • Only combos and bonuses give hearts.

Level 7 - Golden Groups!Edit

Check out 4 or more golden heart patients at once, multiple times!

  • Michael: Something tells me, you're being pretty hard on yourself.
  • Michael: I used to be the same way, but in the end it doesn't help you all.
  • Michael: Take my dad, he's been hard on me ever since my adoption, even more so after Mom passed.
  • Michael: I could cower, let that influence my self-worth, but that only hurts me more...
  • Michael: No one is going to believe in you, unless you believe in yourself.
  • Michael: Of course, that's all theoretical...
  • Michael: You know, I don't even know is he loves me?
  • Michael: Okay, enough of this sentimental stuff, let's get to work.
  • Again, Michael did as the last time, leaving Ward.


  • Allison leaves the ward, heading to the office where Daniel searching through the paper files.
  • Daniel: Oh... Hey Allison, did we have a meeting?
  • Allison walks to Daniel saying: Well, no, but I was hoping to get Earl's medical records.
  • Allison: Just to see if there's something I can do.
  • Daniel: That's very admirable Allison, I think his file is...
  • Daniel: Right here!
  • Allison gets the file from Daniel.
  • Allison: Thanks Daniel.
  • Daniel: I hope you find what you're looking for.
  • Allison leaves the office, returning to the Ward, borrowing one of the patients' chairs to Earl's bed, sitting down, reading.

Level 8 - Earl's files!Edit

Earl's files are scattered! Find them all!

  • Suddenly, Allison's files have been scattered all around the Ward. Ruth is visiting the Ward, seeing the mess, to Allison lay down.
  • Ruth poke Allison's head, trying to wake up.
  • Ruth: Allison??
  • Allison keep sleeping. Ruth touch her head again.
  • Ruth: Allison??
  • Allison wakes up.
  • Ruth: Did you sleep in the hospital?
  • Allison: I might have...
  • Ruth: Okay, but why did you sleep on the ground?1 There are like three good beds in here!
  • Allison: I... I... don't know...
  • Allison scares: Oh no, Earl's file!?
  • Ruth: I'm sure it's all still there, just collect the pages...
  • Ruth: I really wish I could help you, but with everything that's gone wrong at the pharmacy...
  • Ruth: I was here to pick up the prescription bottle with Earl's medication, but that seems to have disappeared.
  • Allison: I didn't even ask about all the problems at the pharmacy...
  • Ruth: It's been pretty hectic all around, maybe we can catch up after your shift?
  • Allison: You've got a deal.
  • Ruth leaves the Ward, heading back to Pharmacy.

During the levelEdit

  • Allison's finds all 8 files.


  • Allison sit on the bed and read the files.
  • Ruth went to the Ward from the Pharmacy.
  • Ruth: A-hem
  • Allison: I'm sorry Ruth, I was looking over Earl's file again, there must be something I can do for Michael...
  • Allison: You know, he doesn't even know if his dad loves him.
  • Ruth: I don't think you can find proof of love in a medical file, Allison...
  • Ruth: Some people, especially Earl, have had their heart locked far far away...
  • Ruth: ...and it takes quite some searching to find it.
  • Allison: That's it!
  • Allison: Ruth, you're amazing!
  • Ruth: I know, it comes naturally to me...
  • Ruth: ...But why, exactly?

Challenge 4 - Oliver brought friends!Edit

  • Oliver brought friends and they're everywhere!

Level 9 - Keeping Stock!Edit

Never run out of stock!

  • Allison enters the Ward to see Michael, smiling.
  • Michael: What are you so happy about?
  • Allison: Queensburrow Bridge Hospital!
  • Michael: It's a nice hospital, but I don't why that makes you so happy...
  • Allison: Your dad, he lives in Queensburrow, he practically has a hospital next to his house...
  • Allison: Yet he travels an hour and a half each week to go to the hospital you work at.
  • Allison: Your dad might not say a lot of positive things, but his actions speak way louder than words.
  • Allison: And I know this doesn't get him out of his state, but this must at least prove he loves you a little...
  • Michael: I... I never thought about it like that... Thank you, Allison.
  • Allison and Michael gave them a hug, both smiled, letting Michael leave the Ward.


  • Allison walks to the ward, while Michael heads to the Ward to deliver blankets on the bed.
  • Allison: I was hoping that Earl would be back, before I had to leave for another department.
  • Michael walks to Allison.
  • Michael: I almost forgot, tomorrow is your last day...
  • Michael: I'll really miss having you here.
  • Michael and Allison walk around, Allison sees the sheets.
  • Allison: You want me to wash these sheets?
  • Michael: Nah, I'll take care of it, you've done more than enough.
  • Allison leaves the Ward, Michael smiles.

Challenge 5 - Keep moving!Edit

  • Don't stand still for the amount of seconds!
  • Allison doesn't stand still for longer than the amount seconds, and she keeps moving around.

Level 10 - A Good Effort!Edit

Help the amount of patients in one minute!

  • Allison stares at Earl, while Michael surprised by Allison screaming.
  • Allison shouts to Earl: WAAAAKE UP!!!
  • Allison: Being my last day, it was worth a try...
  • Michael walks to Allison and Earl.
  • Michael: You have to put your lungs behind it, otherwise it's never going to work...
  • Michael shouts: WAAAAAKE UUUUUUUP!!!
  • Michael: That's my dad, even sleeping he manages to do the exact opposite of what people want him to do...
  • Allison and Michael similing each other.
  • Michael leaves the Ward, letting Allison go.


  • Allison walk to the stock, picking up. Michael returns to the ward, congratulating her.
  • Michael: You did very well, Allison.
  • Michael: To be honest, better than I expected when you first arrived...
  • Michael: You care mote than anyone and that's what is going ro make you an amazing doctor.
  • Michael: Try to remember that... You're much, much beter than you think you are.
  • Allison: You've also been a great teacher...
  • Michael and Allison looking at Earl.
  • Earl: Bucket... Get me a bucket...
  • Allison and Michael: EARL!
  • Allison picks up a bucket, placing to Earl.
  • Earl: Thanks, I might puke from this sappy mush.
  • Allison: Good to have you back with us, Earl!
  • Michael is getting close to Warl, while Allison leaves the Ward.
  • Michael sees Earl getting up.
  • Earl: You do know, right?
  • Michael: Know what?
  • Earl: You know... That I... I lo... I lov...
  • Michael: I know you do, Dad.
  • In the hallway, Daniel has something blue. Allison walks to Daniel in the hallway.
  • Allison: Hey Daniel, you look like you're having a hard time.
  • Daniel: I'm picking out colors for the new hospital wing.
  • Daniel: I've got it down to Brandon's Blue and Parade Blue...
  • Daniel: Why don't you pick the color?
  • Allison: Are you sure about that?
  • Daniel: Completely, I mean what's the worst that could happen?
  • Allison takes a look back at the Ambulance Crash, once again.


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