This is the sixth and final chapter in Sally's Salon: Beauty Secrets. After Julio now let Sally go, Sally is sad when dolphins go with Sally.

Level 6-1 - Lovesick Edit

  • Sally: This is amazing.
  • Francois: What is?
  • Sally: This island. Look at this island.
  • Francois: I am looking. At the ground.
  • Sally: I can so imagine Julio living here.
  • Francois: You said that at every place we went to.
  • Sally: We will have to lay low, though. Be careful in finding him. We don't want to scare him away.
  • Francois: Why do you suddenly talk like we're in a nature documentary?
  • Sally: I see somebody coming. Act natural. We're just tourists.
  • Eve: Morning! New arrivals?
  • Sally: Yes, we are.
  • Eve: It's good to see you. We don't get that many visitors. Are you here for the turtles?
  • Francois: Turtles?
  • Sally: Yes. Yes, we are. Big turtle fans. Love their music.
  • Eve: If you don't mind me saying, you look a bit lost.
  • Eve: And sick. Come with me. I've got some herbs that'll do the trick.
  • Sally, Francois and Eve go to steam spa.

During the levelEdit

  • Eve makes Francois comfortable.
  • Francois: Ugh...
  • Eve treats Francois.
  • Francois: Phew...

After the levelEdit

  • Francois: Thanks-
  • Eve: Eve. My name is Eve.
  • Francois: I'm Francois. This is Sally.
  • Eve: Great to meet you.
  • Sally: Those herbs are amazing.
  • Eve: They just grow here. I'm always trying to find new uses for them.
  • Sally: Have you been here for long?
  • Eve: For some time now. I live over there, with my husband and son.
  • Sally: So you know most people here?
  • Eve: I guess. We have a lot of locals visiting. And it's always slightly more crowded during turtle season, of course.
  • Sally: Turtle season, right.
  • Eve: But usually it's quiet and secluded here. We like it that way, no offense.
  • Sally: None taken.
  • Eve: Do stop by someone if you're not fully recovered yet. A steambath can do wonders as well.
  • Francois: Steambaths, cool!
  • Sally: Thanks, Eve.
  • Eve is happy, Sally and Francois leave the spa.

Level 6-2 - No Stone UnturnedEdit

  • Francois: I found out about the turtles. Every year, baby turtles are born here at the beach. They have to find the sea, locals and visitors help them by making a human wall.
  • Sally: A human wall?
  • Francois: To keep the turtles from walking inland instead of to the sea.
  • Sally: That sound really lovely, but I need to find Julio. I'll stake out here today to get to know some locals and see what they know.
  • Francois: I'll have a look around the island.
  • Sally: Good idea, but don't mention Julio's name!
  • Francois: I won't.
  • Eve enters the spa.
  • Eve: You're here early!
  • Francois: Turtle season?
  • Sally: We actually lied to you. We're not here for the turtles. You see, I'm a journalist.
  • Eve: A journalist? But...
  • Sally: I'm doing an article about the best salons, she's and wellness centers on earth.
  • Eve: Oh. For I moment, I thought... Never mind.
  • Sally: Francois is my photographer. But he lost his camera.
  • Francois: Clumsy.
  • Sally: So, can I hang out here for a bit, get to know your little shop?
  • Eve: Sure. If you want to.
  • Sally: Thanks, Eve! That means a lot to me. A lot.
  • Francois leaves and they go to work.

After the levelEdit

  • Sally: Thanks for your info! Have a nice day!
  • Eve: Sally... If you don't mind me asking... If you're a beauty journalist, why are you asking my customers about the island?
  • Sally: That's just as important, honey.
  • Eve: How long they've lived here? If they know their neighbors?
  • Sally: It's called human interest.
  • Eve: I guess. It's just... Never mind.
  • Sally: You like your privacy, I get that.
  • Eve: Sorry, I know you mean well. But I don't know if I want to be included in your article.
  • Sally: Well, you might not. I'm still investigating. Maybe the whole article will never happen.
  • Eve: I don't want lots of tourists coming here. That's not the sort of island we are. That's why we like it here.
  • Sally: Don't you want to become famous?
  • Eve: No, thanks. I've seen what it can do to people. So maybe you shouldn't hang out here anymore, Sally. I'm sorry.
  • Sally: Sure. Sure, Eve. I get it. no problem. None at all.
  • Sally is frightened to see Eve left the spa!

Level 6-3 - Recipe for SuccessEdit

  • In the turtle beach, Sally and Francois are in conversation.
  • Sally: What am I going to do, Francois? That was the perfect place to get information. I shouldn't have lied to her.
  • Francois: It was in the heat of the moment.
  • Sally: I wish I could take it back. But I cannot tell her the truth now. She'd dislike me even more.
  • Francois: Does this mean that I can't get those herbs any more? They were excellent.
  • Sally: And they smell so nice... I should try and take some home, make them into a conditioner.
  • Francois: Great idea.
  • Sally: Although, when I find Julio, I might never go back to Snuggford again.
  • Francois: Never?
  • Sally: Back then, I chose to pursuit my own dream, but now I'm ready to choose love.
  • Francois: But you love your salon as well.
  • Sally: Yes... I do miss it.
  • Francois: Me too. Emily… I've never been on an adventure without her!
  • Sally: Mickey, little Paige, Allison...
  • Francois: Your coffee machine...
  • Sally: Coffee! That's why I'm feeling so bad! I just need some coffee and I'll feel brand new again.

After the levelEdit

  • Sally sees Juan, Eve's son.
  • Juan waves hi after Sally!
  • Juan: Turtle! It's really big!
  • But Juan fell!
  • Juan: Ouch! My foot!
  • Juan fell into the water!
  • Juan: Help!
  • Sally goes to rescue Juan!
  • Juan: Thank you.
  • Sally: Can you walk?
  • Sally: I'll carry you. Where do you live?
  • Juan's unable to walk, so Sally carries Juan into the spa.

Level 6-4 - Heart's MedicineEdit

  • Eve: Juan! What happened?
  • Sally: He hurt his foot and fell into the sea. But he's okay.
  • Eve: Darling, let me take a look.
  • Eve takes Juan.
  • Sally: I wanted to bring him hone but then I realized you'd probably be here. His foot will need a doctor but other than that...
  • Eve: Thank you so much, Sally.
  • Juan: She rescued me.
  • Sally: I just happened to be there.
  • Eve: We need to get that foot checked out. I'll close up shop for the day.
  • Sally: I can keep an eye on it if you want?
  • Eve: You've done enough.
  • Sally: Nonsense.
  • Eve: Well, I was expecting deliveries today, so...
  • Sally: I'll make sure to get those. You just attend to your boy.
  • Eve: Thanks.
  • Sally waves to Eve and Juan, and she gets back to work.
  • Francois helps Sally out.

After the levelEdit

  • Francois: Thankfully you're allowed back here again, because I found nothing.
  • Sally: Surely you found something.
  • Francois: Well, I did find a nice postcard with turtles on it to send to Emily.
  • Sally: But no Julio?
  • Francois: Nothing. Nobody. Although you must admit it's quite difficult to find someone whose name you cannot mention.
  • Sally: I'm sure he's laying low. If only he knew I was here, looking for him. He'd come out then, I'm sure.
  • Francois: We need to find a way to get your name out there. Oh, I know! Your rescue! We're a hero now!
  • Sally: What does that have to do with anything?
  • Francois: They must have a local newspaper. If we get your name in the paper, Julio will see it.
  • Sally: Great plan! New we just need to find the local reporter.

Level 6-5 - Read All About ItEdit

  • Sally: I'm glad little Juan is doing well.
  • Eve: It'll be a while before his foot heals, but it could've been much worse. And thanks for helping out here in the meantime.
  • Sally: I promise I'll not write about it. That whole article is canceled anyway.
  • Eve: you do seem to know an awful lot about running a spa. I guess that's what journalism does for you.
  • Sally: Speaking of journalism, do you have a local newspaper or anything?
  • Eve: We have a weekly paper, the Island Times. Why?
  • Sally: No specific reason.
  • Eve: I think I have last week's edition lying around somewhere here.

During the levelEdit

  • Eve picks up all the pages of the evening edition.

After the levelEdit

  • Sally: The paper is called the Island Times and the editor is Freddy Kent.
  • Francois: Freddy Kent, OK.
  • Sally: I have his number here.
  • Francois: Right.
  • Sally: So you contact him and tell him about what I did.
  • Francois: I'm not sure I can.
  • Sally: Why not? You had no problem fooling those guards back at Georgio Nespress.
  • Francois: I don't like talking on the phone to people I don't know.
  • Sally: Give me that phone, I'll do it.
  • Freddy: Island Times, hello.
  • Sally: Hello, is this Freddy Kent? I wanted to phone in an anonymous tip. It's about a heroic rescue.

Level 6-6 - Hopes and FearsEdit

  • Sally: Good to see you looking better, Juan.
  • Eve: He doesn't let anything get him down.
  • Juan: Sally, do you like turtles?
  • Sally: I sure do, honey!
  • Juan: They are my favorite animals. I love turtles.
  • Eve: He's so excited to see the baby turtles. We've only moved here several months ago, so this will be the first time he sees it.
  • Sally: It'll be my first time too, so I'm excited too!
  • Juan: Mummy and daddy say it's the best.
  • Eve: Every since we saw those tiny turtles crawl from the beach into the sea, we knew we'd want to move here eventually. We cane back here every year.
  • Sally: And then you loved.
  • Eve: Juan and me came here some months ago and his dad followed only recently. He had some work to finish first. But now we're all here together.
  • Juan: Daddy is at home!
  • Sally: Is daddy picking you up later?
  • Juan: Daddy doesn't go shopping.
  • Eve: His dad... He does not like large crowds. Especially now that there are more people here for turtle season.
  • Sally: My customer Allison has a cousin with agoraphobia. She told me all about it. I'm sorry for your husband.
  • Eve: It's fine, really.
  • Sally: So, honey, while you're here, is there anything I can do for you?

During the levelEdit

  • Eve keeps Juan company.

After the levelEdit

  • Freddy: Excuse me. Are you Sally?
  • Sally: I am.
  • Freddy: And you must be the little boy who was rescued from sea.
  • Eve: Sorry Freddy, but...
  • Freddy: Eve, this is local news. You get it, right? I'm sure everyone would love to hear about how your son was rescued my this lovely woman.
  • Eve: You know that--
  • Freddy: I know. We have a deal. But it's just your son. Nothing more. Promise.
  • Juan: Mommy! Am I going to be in the paper?
  • Eve: OK.
  • Freddy: Thanks, Eve. So, Juan and Sally, first things first. Can I take a picture of the both of you? And then I want to know all about what happened.
  • Sally and Juan go to stage and Freddy takes a picture!

Level 6-7 - Fair PlayEdit

  • Sally: Juan was really excited about those pictures!
  • Eve: He likes being in the limelight. Again, Sally, thanks for everything you've done for us. I'm sorry I was so reserved at first. It's just...
  • Sally: What?
  • Eve: Well, we've had a difficult time. I told you, my husband, he... He didn't want to go out in public any more.
  • Sally: Agoraphobia, you told me.
  • Eve: Something like that. But he knows his fa-
  • Eve: ...his family loves him, so he really tried. He wanted to see everyone one last time, but he just couldn't. And he felt really guilty.
  • Sally: Well, he shouldn't. It's not his fault.
  • Eve: He thought some people would judge him. He needed to break free of the obligations and expectations that weighed on his shoulders for years.
  • Sally: Sometimes you just need to let go.
  • Eve: He did, eventually. He just decided to break free. He said goodbye to everyone who loves him and came here to lead a quiet life with Juan and me.
  • Sally: Now I get why you're on your guard.
  • Eve: He's doing much better now, but I'm still trying to protect him.
  • Sally: Like every wife would.
  • Eve: Maybe I need to let go too.
  • Sallu: Maybe. Just enjoy the life you have now. Don't think of the past, but look at the future. Just like those little baby turtles that are about to hatch!
  • Eve: I guess that's true. Thanks, Sally.
  • They go back to work.

After the levelEdit

  • Sally: I feel so guilty, Francois. Eve is such a lovely person, and I lied to her.
  • Francois: But you rescued her son too.
  • Sally: And then I used him to get into a newspaper. Francois, I think I went too far.
  • Francois: You were just thinking of Julio.
  • Sally: So much, that I didn't even care about others any more. Tomorrow, I'll come clean about everything. And I'll call Freddy and ask him not to publish that story.
  • Francois: Sally... I have something to confess too.
  • Sally: Francois, I already know everything there is to know about you.
  • Francois: You don't know that I told everyone that you were going to get Julio.
  • Sally: What?!
  • Francois: It was just... I was just talking. In the salon. After you left. You know how it is.
  • Sally: Yes, I know. I do it all the time, myself.
  • Francois: A little talking does not hurt everybody.
  • Sally: Except sometimes it does.
  • Francois: I'm sorry, Sally.
  • Sally: I bet they're all laughing at my expense.
  • Francois: They're not. They're making you welcome back banners and everything.
  • Sally: Really?
  • Francois: You don't laugh at other people's expenses either, right?
  • Sally: That's true.
  • Francois: They all love you.
  • Francois and Sally hug!

Level 6-8 - A Private AffairEdit

  • Sally enters the spa and waves!
  • Eve: Hi, Sally. Ready for another spa day?
  • Sally: I guess.
  • Eve: I'll miss you when you go. It's been great having you around. It feels like I've known you for a long time.
  • Sally: Eve, I haven't been honest to you.
  • Eve: How do you mean?
  • Sally: I'm not a journalist.
  • Eve: I guessed as much.
  • Sally: I'm a salon owner. I'm here to look for somebody. An old friend.
  • Eve: Did you find him?
  • Sally: No.
  • Eve: I'm sorry.
  • Sally: Don't be. It's in the past.
  • Eve: Okay. Well, if you want to talk about it...
  • Sally: No, I just want to apologize. I lied to you and I should not have. I just... This memory from the past took over. I guess I need to let go, too.
  • Eve: And look at the future, like the baby turtles!
  • They're happy, and they go to work!

After the levelEdit

  • Eve, Julio and Juan are here.
  • Freddy: It's fine. I'll have enough to write on with these turtles anyway. I just don't really understand.
  • Sally: It's complicated.
  • Freddy: I get it. There are more people on this island who value their privacy.
  • Francois: I think it's starting.
  • Freddy: When those turtles hatch, they walk towards the sea to start their lives. But bright facts can distract then, that's why we're standing here.
  • Sally: To block out the lights from the airport and the village. I get it!
  • The turtles appear!
  • Freddy: Here they come!
  • Sally: It's so beautiful.
  • Juan: Sally!
  • Sally waves!
  • Sally: Julio...
  • Julio is found!

Level 6-9 - A Bright OmenEdit

  • Juan: Hi, Sally! Did you like the turtles yesterday?
  • Sally: I sure did.
  • Eve: Did you come to say goodbye?
  • Sally: Sort of.
  • Sally gives a gift to Juan.
  • Sally: I know turtles are your favorite animal. My favorite is the dolphin.
  • Juan: That's my dad's favorite animal, too.
  • Sally: Well, you and your dad can play with this one together, then.
  • Juan: I'll call it Sally.
  • Sally: I'd like that. And tell your daddy, Sally says 'hi'.
  • Juan: Can I show it to daddy, mum?
  • Eve: Sure you can.
  • Sally gives Eve a happy hug!
  • Eve: Will we ever see you again?
  • Sally: I don't think so. But you never know. Never say never.
  • Sally new leaves the Steam Spa. Eve's now working alone.

After the levelEdit

  • In the turtle beach, Sally and Francois are about to go home.
  • Francois: Are you sure, Sally?
  • Sally: Very sure.
  • Francois: OK. Snuggford it is.
  • Julio and Juan are here.
  • Juan: Sally!
  • Julio: Sally.
  • Sally: Julio.
  • Julio: Thank you for thinking of me.
  • Sally: Always.
  • Julio: I'm sorry for back then. My manager... My career... I guess I just got scared.
  • Sally: We were young. It happens.
  • Sally: Two Sally's!
  • They're happy!
  • Sally: Have a beautiful life, Julio.
  • Julio: You too, Sally.
  • Julio and Sally had a happy hug, seeing again!
  • Julio and Juan leave. Now Julio already has a son, and married!
  • Sally: Let's go home.
  • They're now leaving the island, heading home!

Level 6-10 takes place in Snuggford. Click here to see the rest of this chapter.

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