This is the first chapter of Sally's Salon: Beauty Secrets. Sally is back after 5 years of absence, so a new adventure had begun!

Opening Edit

  • Sally's Salon: Beauty Secrets
  • Starring Sally Milligan
  • Sally grooms the customer's hair
  • Co-starring from Delicious Francois Truffaut
  • Francois using Hair Dryer, blowing to Sally!
  • Sally ties the customers hair!
  • Francois throws a flower to the customer's hair!
  • Guest Stars Emily O'Malley
  • Sally grooms Emily!
  • Angela Napoli
  • Sally uses grooming magic to make Angela a beauty!
  • Paige O'Malley
  • Paige cries, so Francois uses the play animal and Sally gives Paige a haircut along with mirror
  • Moving Allison
  • Sally follows the customers especially Patrick.
  • And Evelyn and Edward!
  • especially Allison Heart, and Patrick O'Malley
  • Sally cleans the floor, Francois and Sally dance!
  • Sally cuts Francois hair!
  • And Francois fall in love with Sally! Moving Sally to the game title!

Level 1-1 - Another Day at the SalonEdit

  • Jenny: that means that those extremely
  • Jenny: low temperatures for the time of year
  • Jenny: will stay for at least the next couple of days, maybe even weeks.
  • News reporter: Thanks, Jenny. And your quote of the day?
  • Jenny: When your toes feel cold, the summer is on hold.
  • News reporter: Can't disagree with that. Thanks Jenny, and thank you all for watching. Next on--
  • The TV screen changes to static. Sally gets coffee and turns off the TV.
  • Sally: Did you know that weather girl Jenny is dating that model guy, Eric?
  • Customer 1: Didn't they meet on that fashion reality show, 'Become Truly'?
  • A customer goes to the hair washing seat.
  • Sally goes to the hair washing.
  • Sally: They did. The runner-up on that show, Angela, used to live here, you know.
  • Customer 1: Really? She's from Snuggford?
  • Sally gets a towel.
  • Sally: She used to come into the salon all the time.
  • Sally: I taught her everything she knows. Why else do you think her hair looks so fabulous!
  • Sally delivers a towel to the customer. So the customer gets up to the counter.
  • The customer wants a bracelet!
  • Sally gets a bracelet and delivers to the customer, and checks out.
  • Sally: Thank you, and have a nice day!
  • The customer leaves happy.
  • Sally cleans the hair washing station.
  • Customer 2: Sally?
  • Customer 1: But Angela dated that model guy first, right?
  • Sally: True. I wonder what happened there...
  • Sally: Right, time for coffee.
  • Sally drinks the coffee.
  • Customer 2: Sally? I really think you need to rinse my hair now.
  • Sally: A nice cuppa Joe with four sugars is all I need to kickstart my day.
  • The cheerleader girl visits the salon.
  • Sally: Hi there, welcome! Let me take a look.
  • Sally takes a look at cheer's hair.
  • The customer 2's hair color changed.
  • Customer 2: Sally?
  • Sally: It'll be fine once we rinse it. We might need to rinse it twice. Or three times.
  • The cheerleader girl leaves.
  • Sally: Okay honey, you're up next.
  • Sally: Oh, well. She'll be back. No better place in Snuggford than Sally's Salon!
  • All customers leave, then Patrick and Paige enter the salon.
  • Sally puts the coffee back.
  • Sally: Hi Patrick, hi Paige! How are you?
  • Paige: I learned about hairdressing at school today!
  • Sally: Really?
  • Patrick: They have a theme week on different kinds of shops.
  • Carl appeared!
  • Paige: A mouse! Daddy, catch it!
  • Patrick: I'm sure Sally can handle that, pumpkin!
  • Sally: That's a lucky mouse, I get a bonus when I see it.
  • Sally catches the mouse!
  • Paige: Yay! Well done, Sally!
  • Sally: How about a special hair decoration to celebrate that you learned about hairdressing today?
  • Sally gives a hair decoration to Paige.
  • Sally: No problem. Say hi to Emily for me.
  • Patrick: Will do.
  • Patrick and Paige leave the salon, letting Sally begins for the first day!

After the levelEdit

  • Sally cleans the salon while Francois enters the salon with a delivery.
  • Francois: Here's that new match of suntan you wanted.
  • Sally: Where would I be without you, Francois?
  • Sally continues cleaning while Francois places the box on the counter.
  • Francois: You know, I heard some customers say you look a bit pale.
  • Sally: What?
  • Francois]: Just something I heard.
  • Sally: I'm pretty sure that can't be right.
  • Francois Maybe you should start using a bit more suntan.
  • Sally puts the broom away and goes to the counter, after Francois puts away the box.
  • Sally: Francois, what are you talking about?
  • Francois: The suntan guy said he'd give me some free bottles for myself if I'd talk you into placing bigger orders. So...
  • They think.
  • Francois: Guess I shouldn't have told you that.
  • Sally: It's okay honey, I'll order some extra next time. You tell him--
  • The music plays from Julio!
  • Francois: Haven't you heard this golden oldie enough?
  • Sally: You can never hear enough Julio.
  • Customer 1: I read he has a son that he doesn't want to have anything to do with.
  • Sally: I'm sure you read wrong.
  • Customer 1: It's in one of the magazines here, wait...
  • The customer takes the magazines and leaves a mess.
  • Sally: Don't believe anything you read in those magazines, honey. Nonsense and lies. My Julio would never do something like that.
  • Francois: Your Julio?
  • Emily enters the salon.
  • Francois: Did you hear that, Em? Apparently Sally has a boyfriend she's been keeping a secret from us. Guess who?
  • Francois, Emily and a customer: Julio!

Level 1-2 - Star of the DayEdit

  • Sally takes out the stack of magazines and finds a magazine.
  • Sally throws the magazine into a trash bin.
  • Sally: Good riddance.
  • Francois delivers more towels to salon.
  • Sally: Thanks for offering to help out today, Francois.
  • Francois: TV still our of order?
  • Sally: Just turn on the radio.
  • Francois: Who knows, maybe 'your' Julio is on again. Although he's not that popular anymore, is he?
  • Sally: He's legendary.
  • Francois: Legendary old, you mean.
  • Sally: Everybody knows Julio.
  • One cheerleader girl visits.
  • Francois: You. Do you know who Julio is?
  • Cheerleader girl: Julio?
  • Sally: The singer.
  • Francois: Shush. Don't help her.
  • Cheerleader girl: Oh, that old guy with the enormous suntan. Isn't he dead?
  • Sally: No, he's not dead, thank you very much.
  • Sally: And he's a great singer. Much better than any of those youngsters you're listening to nowadays.
  • Sally: Although some of them do have great hair.
  • Cheerleader girl: So is he playing any festivals this season?
  • Francois: Julio has not been performing for years.
  • Cheerleader girl: Oh.
  • Sally: If only I could see him shine on stage one more time.
  • Francois: Like Julio says, Never say Never!
  • They're happy, then Sally is sad.
  • Sally: So what can we do for you today, dear?
  • Cheerleader girl: I want to try coloring my hair for a change!
  • Sally gets the hair cream to color the girl's hair.
  • And Sally gets the suntan for the cheer.
  • Finally, Sally checks out.
  • Francois: Don't forget to restock!
  • Sally restocks.

After the levelEdit

  • Sally gets coffee.
  • Sally goes to Allison's hair, grooming.
  • Sally: Are you sure you don't want highlights, Allison?
  • Allison: No. I still need my patients to recognize me when I get back to the ward!
  • Customer 1: I bet there are lots of handsome doctors working at Queensburrow Bridge Hospital.
  • Francois cleans the under sink.
  • Sally: She's blushing, so the answer must be 'yes'.
  • Allison: I guess.
  • Sally: And how's that doctor of yours?
  • Allison: Sally!
  • Sally: Just asking...
  • And Sally checks out Allison, finally.
  • Sally: You're all set honey, ready to break some more hearts.
  • Allison: Well, I prefer mending them.
  • Sally: ...and give Oliver a big cuddle from me!
  • Allison leaves the salon.
  • Francois uses the towel.
  • Customer 1: Oliver? Don't tell me she's dating a new doctor?
  • Sally: It's the pet guinea pig at the children's ward.
  • Francois: Maybe we should get a salon pet too.
  • Sally: Don't tell me you've got a deal with the pet shop owner too, Francois.
  • Sally: Let me guess: If you persuade me to buy a dog, you get a goldfish for free?
  • Francois: I wouldn't dare.
  • Customer 1: I think that's a great idea, actually. A salon pet. What about a nice dachshund?
  • Francois: Yes, a dark brown one. And I know the perfect name as well. You could call him...
  • Francois and a customer: Julio!

Level 1-3 - Express DeliveriesEdit

  • Sally: You need to sit really still for me, honey, can you do that?
  • Customer 2: Don't you think Sally looks a bit pale?
  • Customer 3: Now that you mention it.
  • Customer 2: Maybe she works too hard.
  • Customer 3: Could be. She's always here until late.
  • Sally: I heard that! No gossiping in my salon!
  • Customer 2: Really?
  • Now they're busy reading catalog.
  • Sally washes the customers' hair. Emily enters the salon while she's pregnant!
  • Emily waves 'hello'!
  • Emily: Hi, Sally. Francois ready yet? We're supposed to go shopping. Paige needs some new clothes.
  • Sally goes to Emily.
  • Sally: Speaking of clothes, how's your sister?
  • Emily: Busy, as always.
  • Sally: Her sister is Angela, you know.
  • Customer 4: Oh, right! We were just talking about your sister the other day.
  • Emily: Only good things, I assume?
  • Customer 4: Of course.
  • Customer 2: No gossiping in Sally's Salon.
  • Sally: So, about that model-guy, Eric...
  • Francois appears. Chuck enters.
  • Chuck: Sally? Here's your extra order of suntan.
  • Francois: Best friends shopping time, yay!
  • Emily leaves to the door, and Francois leaves to shop. Chuck places the delivery.
  • Emily: Bye, Sally.
  • Emily leaves the salon.
  • Sally: Thanks. Have a nice day!
  • The customers leave.
  • Sally: Not yet. There are 5 more boxes coming.
  • Sally: Oh, Francois...
  • Chuck leaves the salon.
  • The customers leave.

During the levelEdit

  • Sally accepts all deliveries.
  • Chuck: Delivery for Sally's Salon!

After the levelEdit

  • Francois enters the salon.
  • Sally: Francois, we need to talk about that extra suntan order. I know that I said you could order more, but really, this--
  • Francois: Never mind the suntan. Have you heard already...?
  • Sally: The new department store coming to town? Sure.
  • Francois: No...
  • Sally: Emily's oven breaking down? She told me.
  • Francois: No...
  • Sally: Weathergirl Jenny and model-guy Eric breaking up?
  • Sally: No... Are they?
  • Sally: It's bound to happen.
  • Francois goes to TV and looks around.
  • Francois: Where is that remote?
  • Francois gets a remote.
  • Sally: Francois, what are you on about?
  • Sally and Francois watching TV.
  • Jenny: ...and that's the weather for today.
  • News reporter: Thanks Jenny. It might still be cold outside, but it's a sunny day for Julio fans, since Julio is--
  • The TV screen changes to static.
  • Sally: Julio is what? Getting married? Having a haircut? Releasing a new album? What?
  • Francois fixes the TV.
  • News reporter: ...definitely be buying tickets!
  • They're happy!

Level 1-4 - A Clean SweepEdit

  • Sally enters the salon with her coffee.
  • Sally: Can you believe it? Oh, there is so much I need to do! The concert is already a week from now.
  • Sally: There's my hair, and of course I need a new outfit, and...
  • Francois: A ticket.
  • Sally drinks coffee.
  • Sally: Yes. I really need to be off to the ticket office. Sales will start in an hour. Thanks for minding the shop, Francois.
  • Francois: My pleasure.
  • Sally: Are you sure you can handle it?
  • Francois: Hasn't Emily told you how I often fill in for her?
  • Sally: She has. That's why I'm worried.
  • Francois: It'll be fine.
  • Sally: Can you believe Julio is dong his one final Farewell show so close to Snuggford? It must be a sign.
  • Francois: A sign of you losing your mind?
  • Sally: Stop being clever, honey. Julio is a world-class act.
  • Francois: You've spilled some coffee on your shirt.
  • Sally puts the coffee away.
  • Sally: No! I can't go outside like this. What if I bump into Julio?
  • Francois: You think he's selling his own concert tickets here in Snuggford? Well, I guess 'Never say Never'...
  • Sally leaves the salon, letting Francois go.

After the levelEdit

  • Sally enters the salon while wet!
  • Francois: Sally, what happened?
  • Sally: I didn't get a ticket.
  • Francois: What? Why? How?
  • Sally: There were women from all over the country, trying to get tickets. It was horrible, Francois, really horrible.
  • Francois: I can see that.
  • Sally: Everyone was pushing and shoving. I guess I can't blame them. Everyone wants to see Julio.
  • Sally: He's not performed for so long. And now this is his farewell show! I can't believe it.
  • Francois takes a coffee.
  • Francois: Here you go.
  • But Francois steps on the spray and trips!
  • Francois: Oops.
  • Sally: It doesn't matter. It's the worst day of my life anyway. What's another coffee stain if I can't see my Julio?
  • Sally laughs!

Level 1-5 - Tune PatrolEdit

  • Francois puts the poster on the window, while Sally treats the customer.
  • Sally: Yes, of course you want to look your best for Julio. I totally understand.
  • Sally: She'll need more than a hairdresser to have Julio notice her.
  • Customer 1: You don't have a ticket?
  • Sally: Yes, if course I have. It's for a friend. For him.
  • Customer 1: So why does it say 'Please ask Sally' then?
  • Sally: Because he's embarrassed. Most Julio fans are women.
  • Snuggford Radio: Marty Party here, live from Snuggford's only 'Mayhem in the A.M.' Morning Zoo Radio Hour! Hope you're as excited as we are about the upcoming Julio concert.
  • Snuggford Radio: A big welcome to all of his fans who have chosen our little town as their home away from home!
  • Snuggford Radio: Emily is making Julio themed food in her restaurant. Did you know Julio's favorite food is--
  • Sally and a customer: Pizza with anchovies.
  • Francois: Oh.
  • Snuggford Radio: Here are Snuggford AM, we're joining in the fun, as we're giving away the last ticket for Julio's mega farewell show.
  • Snuggford Radio: Yes, you heard right: it's your final chance to get to the concert.
  • Sally: What? No way. What do I need to do? Tell me, Marty, tell me!
  • Sally runs to the radio.
  • Snuggford Radio: If you're the first to call me when I paly a Julio song, that ticket could be yours.
  • Snuggford Radio: So stay tuned to Marty Party!
  • Sally: Don't worry, Marty, I am tuned I am very tuned!
  • A customer leaves and they're off to work!

During the levelEdit

  • Sally monitors the radio for Julio songs.

After the levelEdit

  • The music plays!
  • Sally: It's the one! This is it!
  • Snuggford Radio: And we have a caller. What's your name?
  • Sally: Hi Marty, it's Sally.
  • Snuggford Radio: Sally, thanks for calling Snuggford A.M. So, you're a bit of a Julio fan, then?
  • Sally: The biggest.
  • Snuggford Radio: That's what they all say. So tell me, what was the song I just played?
  • Sally: It's called 'I can't let you go'.
  • Snuggford Radio: That is entirely correct. You have just won yourself the last ticket to Julio's concert, courtesy of Marty Party.
  • They're truly ecstatic!
  • Sally: Yeeeeeees!
  • Sally is fabulously happy and jumps, drops her phone!
  • Sally: Yes, yes, yes, yes!
  • Snuggford Radio: Sally? Sally, are you OK?
  • Snuggford Radio: Well, just for you, and all of the other Julio fans out there, here is that romantic song in full. 'I can't let you go'.
  • The music plays!
  • Francois and Sally dance!
  • Sally Of all the songs they could play... This ticket was really meant for me.
  • Francois: How so?
  • Sally: Well, since this song is about me.
  • Francois: What?

Level 1-6 - Coffee PowerEdit

  • Francois: So you're saying Julio wrote a song about you?
  • Sally: Did I never tell you?
  • Francois: No! Typical. You talk about everything, except THE biggest personal story ever.
  • Sally: It's just very private. And a bit silly.
  • Francois: Out with it. Tell your best pal Francois.
  • Sally: I thought you were Emily's best friend.
  • Francois: We're all best friends in Snuggford. Out with it.
  • Francois goes to the waiting chair, and Sally goes. Sally dreams about Julio.
  • Sally: It was a long time ago, I has just finished me salon training and got a summer job on a small tropical island.
  • Sally: I bumped into him by accident, on the beach. He was so beautiful, with his dreamy eyes and his beautiful skin.
  • Sally: He wasn't as famous yet. He was just... my Julio.
  • Francois: It sounds like a fairy tale.
  • Sally: It was. Oh, he loved the island-life so much.
  • Sally: He told me that he planned to retire when he was 50, and spend the rest of hid life on a remote island.
  • Francois: Sure, we'd all like that, but what about you and him? What happened?
  • Sally: No, it's all very private.
  • Francois: Oh, come on! You can't leave me hanging here. I promise I won't tell anyone.
  • Sally: Later, maybe. There's work to be done. And I need coffee.
  • Now they go to work.

After the levelEdit

  • Sally and Francois go to coffee.
  • Francois: Come on, Sally, spill the beans.
  • Sally: Well, okay. If you insist.
  • Sally goes to the chair and dreams.
  • Sally: We were so much in love... He was on the verge of becoming a global superstar. His first big tour would start soon, and he asked me to come with him.
  • Francois: But you didn't?
  • Sally: I hesitated, but he said...
  • Francois: 'I can't let you go'!
  • Sally: Well, no.
  • Francois: Oh.
  • Sally: He said: 'I'm not leaving without you.'
  • Francois: I like my version better.
  • Sally: But the next day, he was gone.
  • Francois: Figures.
  • Sally: I should have contacted him, but I never did. I was mad. And then it was too late. He was too famous.
  • Francois: Unreachable.
  • Sally: I've always regretted it. I'm sure he had a reasonable explanation for leaving like that.
  • Francois: Yes. You were just a summer fling.
  • Sally: I was very important to him!
  • Francois: How long were you together?
  • Sally: Five days.
  • Sally: That one night at the beach... We held hands and stared into each other's eyes. It was perfect.
  • Sally: And then, just before the sun disappeared into the water, two dolphins jumped up, right before us.
  • Sally: They jumped up in perfect unison and disappeared again into the waves. It was the most beautiful thing.
  • Sally: And then I'll finally meet him again, my Julio!

Level 1-7 - Julio EverywhereEdit

  • Sally enters with a bag, seeing Julio everywhere!
  • Sally: Francois, look what I've got!
  • Sally gets from the bag.
  • Sally: The ticket for Julio's show!
  • Francois tickles Sally!
  • Francois: Nice, the ticket color matches Julio's complexion.
  • Sally: And...
  • Sally: It's for Julio. Now I just need to put a message and a picture in it.
  • Francois: And?
  • Sally: I'll make sure he gets it somehow. Him coming here, that's a sign. We'll be together again.
  • Francois: And you're sure that he'll remember you?
  • Sally: It's perfect. The perfect gift for Julio.
  • One customer visits.
  • Customer 1: Morning, Sally! Oh, that's your ticket, isn't it!
  • Customer 1: And what's that?
  • Francois: Guess what, Sally has this outrageous story about--
  • Sally: About something that happened at Queensburrow Bridge Hospital. Really outrageous. You know that guinea pig, Oliver? He escaped and they found him in the salad bar.
  • Customer 1: Oh. Usually your stories are more exciting, Sally.
  • One customer leaves, Francois puts it away, and they go to work.

During the levelEdit

  • Sally sets up all the Julio decorations.

After the levelEdit

  • Sally serves the customers while Francois tunes the TV.
  • Sally: Here you go honey. This product guarantees you the same healthy glow as Julio.
  • Francois: I told you it was a good idea to buy more suntan.
  • One customer leaves.
  • Sally: Maybe I should start my own suntan brand, to go with my haircare line.
  • Sally gets a suntan.
  • Old Napoli couple (Evelyn and Edward) enter the salon.
  • Sally: Hi Evelyn, Edward. What can I do for you?
  • Edward: I wanted to get a haircut, but I'm sure if I've come to the right place.
  • Sally: it's just a little party, to celebrate Julio's concert.
  • Evelyn: I used to love Julio as well. Those eyes. That complexion…
  • Sally: I could give your husband a Julip make-over? Haircut, brow-wax, some tanning lotion...
  • Evelyn: Unless you can improve his singing too, I don't think it'll help.
  • Edward: Hey!
  • Sally is happy!
  • Sally: If you can't fix it, we'll need to call a repairman, Francois. Julio is on his way here and I want to follow every step he takes.
  • Francois: Almost...
  • The TV is on!
  • News reporter: More news on the disappearance of Julio's plane as soon as we have it.
  • The disappearance of Julio!

Level 1-8 - Happy as Can BeEdit

  • They're watching the TV.
  • News reporter: ...seems to have disappeared above the Bermuda Triangle. Jenny, what can you tell us about this location and its weather conditions?
  • Jenny: Well the Bermuda Triangle is an area that...
  • The TV changes to static.
  • Sally: What does Jenny know about Julio anyway.
  • Francois fixes the TV.
  • Jenny: ...have been many mysterious disappearances over the years.
  • Jenny: General weather conditions were fine during the flight,
  • Jenny: but there is always the possibility of a very local storm that we can't measure here.
  • The TV screen changes to static again.
  • Sally: She doesn't even know abut the weather.
  • Customer 3: Sally, don't be mean. They're just trying to fill up time until there is real news.
  • Sally: I know. Sorry.
  • Sally turns off the TV and gets coffee.
  • Sally: We don't need this doom and gloom here anyway. Sally's Salon is a happy place.
  • Customer 1: But what about Julio?
  • Sally: Oh, honey, he'll turn up safe and sound soon. I'm sure it's all part of the act.
  • Sally drinks coffee, customers leave the salon, and Sally and Francois go back to work.

After the levelEdit

  • Jenny and the cameraman enter the salon.
  • Jenny: You look like a big Julio fan. Were you here for his show?
  • Customer 1: It was a long journey to get here, but it's worth it.
  • Jenny: You must be devastated by his death.
  • They're afraid!
  • Customer 1: Death?
  • Jenny: His management has just confirmed that they have stopped the search for his plane.
  • A customer leaves the salon!
  • Jenny: You are the owner of this Salon, right?
  • Sally confirms.
  • Jenny: As we can see, the Salon is full of Julio-decorations. Are you a fan too, or did you just do this to get more Julio fans in?
  • Francois: Sally is not just a fan, she is special. She-
  • Sally: Francois!
  • Jenny: A special fan. So you must be especially upset to hear about Julio's tragic accident. What is your current mood?
  • Sally: My current mood is that I will get very angry if y'all don't leave my Salon within 5 seconds.
  • Francois: And is she says angry, she means angry. Trust me, I know.
  • Jenny: As you can see, Julio fans here in Snuggford are very upset to hear about his death-
  • Sally: Stop saying that word! Out, now!
  • Jenny and cameraman go out of salon.

Level 1-9 - Lost Without YouEdit

  • Emily enters with hot lava.
  • News reporter: ...many celebrities have reacted to the death of Julio.
  • Sally: Who cares about these celebrities? It's not as if they knew him.
  • The TV switch to posts about the death of Julio.
  • Francois: They might--
  • Emily: I've brought you some soup.
  • Sally: Thanks, honey. But I'm fine.
  • Emily: To be honest, Sally, you don't look fine.
  • Sally: Can everybody stop talking about my health? I just have a naturally hair complexion!
  • Emily: I did not mean...
  • Francois takes Emily's soup.
  • Francois: I'll put the soup on.
  • Francois puts the soup on the back counter and hits the frame.
  • The TV goes static. Everyone's worried.
  • Sally: My dolphin frame... Oh, Julio...
  • Francois cleans the frame.

During the levelEdit

  • Francois fixes the television.

After the levelEdit

  • Francois: Sorry about your frame, Sally. I'll see if I can fix it.
  • Sally: It's fine. Just put it in the trashcan.
  • Emily: You don't mean that.
  • Francois: I finally fixed the tv. Did you see that, Sally?
  • Sally and Emily didn't see.
  • Francois: I just thought it would make her happy. Saves calling a repairman.
  • Francois: I'll turn it off then. Nothing but reruns of Julio footage anyway.
  • News reporter: To recap the biggest headlines: Yesterday, famous singer Julio tragically died at the age of 49.
  • News reporter: He would have turned 50 the day after his big farewell show. It has been reported that...
  • They're surprised!
  • Sally: 50?

Level 1-10 - All My Bags are PackedEdit

  • Sally: I now I'm right, Francois. It's exactly like he told me. He wanted to retire on an island after he turned 50.
  • Francois: After all, Sally. He might have planned that, who knows, but his plane disappeared, remember?
  • Sally puts items into a luggage.
  • Sally: Above an area filled with islands.
  • Francois: Above an area that is known to be dangerous.
  • Sally: Above the island where we met. What if he's there?
  • Francois: I love an adventure, but this is madness.
  • Sally puts the magazine away.
  • Sally: I know he's alive, Francois. I can feel it.
  • Francois: And I can feel a problem. Who will mind your store while you're running off to a tropical island?
  • Sally: I've already called Tabs. She's a great hairdresser, she recently retired, but she's still got it. I've filled in for her a couple of times too, so she owes me one.
  • Francois: Okay...
  • Sally: The stories I could tell you about Tabs... But I won't, because I have to pack.
  • Francois: That's a first.
  • Sally: Well, if you insist. We once went to this hairdressing convention, and...
  • Sally closes the baggage.
  • And the luggage re-opened and the items are scattered!

During the levelEdit

  • Sally finds all of her luggage items.

After the level; Post-chapterEdit

  • Sally is prepared but Francois!
  • Francois: Will you be okay on your own, Sally?
  • Sally: Of course. Just keep an eye on the store, will you honey? Make sure Tabs settles in.
  • Francois: I will. Why do I tell the customers?
  • Sally: Well, they all said I looked pale so just tell them I've gone on a sunny holiday to get a fan.
  • Patrick and Paige enter the salon.
  • Patrick: Hi Sally. How are you feeling?
  • Sally: I'm fine, honey, just fine.
  • Paige: I make you something.
  • Paige gives a box to Sally and opens it. Sally has a new frame!
  • Paige: Do you like it? I drew dolphins. And daddy helped made it.
  • Patrick: We heard about Francois' little 'accident'.
  • Francois: I wanted to buy you a new frame, but they were all sold out.
  • Sally: But this one is much better. Thanks, all of you. That means a lot.
  • Paige: Yay!
  • Sally puts the frame away.
  • Paige: Where are you going?
  • Sally: On an adventure.
  • Paige: My daddy went on an adventure too, when I was ill.
  • Sally: I know, honey. I hope my adventure will be just as successful.
  • Francois: Are you sure that...
  • Sally: I'm not coming back, unless it's together with Julio!
  • Sally leaves out of the door and a customer visits.
  • Customer 1: What is happening?
  • Francois: Sit down, I'll tell you everything.
  • Sally wears her glasses and licks Julio. Francois leads a customer to sit.
  • Sally leaves toe salon, heading out on an adventure.

Level 6-10 - Never say NeverEdit

  • Customer 1: It's crooked.
  • Customer 3: It's not.
  • Customer 1: I'm sure it is. Is the coffee ready yet?
  • Emily: Almost.
  • Customer 1: Here they come! Remember: act naturally. We don't know anything, remember?
  • Sally and Francois now entering the salon!
  • Sally: All this, for me? Really, there was no need. I was just on a holiday.
  • Customer 1: Of curse.
  • Sally: Of course not. I was looking for Julio.
  • Customer 1: No... Really?
  • Sally: I know Francois blabbed. It's not a problem. If we can't talk secrets in Sally's Salon, I might as well close the place.
  • Customer 1: So... Did you find him?
  • Sally: No. No, I didn't. But I met some really great other people. I'll have to tell you all about them. But first, there's work to do. I've missed this place so much!
  • Sally and Francois are now working in the last day, back in Snuggford!

After the level; EndingEdit

  • Sally: ...turned out she'd only started to work out so much because her husband didn't give her enough attention!
  • Customer 1: Figures.
  • Francois turns on the TV.
  • News reporter In other showbiz news, Georgio Nespress has announced he's making a new movie, about a farmer who accidentally becomes a firefighter.
  • Georgio: It's a very inspiring true story. I can't wait to play this farmer.
  • Georgio: I've already bought two goats and a cow to really get into the character.
  • The TV screen turned static.
  • Sally: That man changes his mind every day. Must be that horrible coffee he drinks.
  • Customer 1: How do you know?
  • The TV goes normal.
  • Sally: Didn't I tell you we met him?
  • Francois: And I decorated the villa.
  • Customer 1: No way.
  • Sally: He loved me. But I had to say no.
  • Emily: Because of Julio.
  • Sally: Because of me. And because of my coffee.
  • The vehicle arrives at Sally's Salon.
  • Chuck: Here you are, Emily. I was already at your house, but there was nobody there.
  • Emily: Did I forget about a food delivery?
  • Chuck: No, you just got some mail. Two bags full of it.
  • The stack of mail for Emily is here.
  • Chuck: Enjoy.
  • Chuck leaves the salon.
  • Emily: But how do I...
  • Emily: Francois? What happened here?
  • Francois: I guess I went a little overboard.
  • Emily takes one photo.
  • Sally: You and me both, honey, you and me both.
  • Snuggford Radio: ...and here's one you all know and love. Never let go of those great memories. Here's Julio.
  • Sally: Come, Francois. Let's show them how it's done.
  • Sally and Francois dance!
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