This is the third chapter on Sally's Salon: Beauty Secrets. When nothing's special happened, Sally and Francois took an adventure.

Level 3-1 - Solid as a Rock Edit

  • Sally and Francois arrive at Julio's villa.
  • Sally: Look, Francois! There he is! That Julio's new villa! It definitely has his style written all over it.
  • Francois: The color does resemble his incredible suntan, that is true.
  • Sally: Let's go in!
  • Sally: Hi, guys! I'm Sally. I'm a personal friend of Julio. I'm sure he's expecting me.
  • Sally: Excuse me?
  • Sally sees.
  • Sally: You try!
  • Francois: So... Lovely island, isn't it?
  • Francois sees around.
  • Francois: Do you live here as well?
  • Francois:I like your uniforms.
  • Sally: Maybe if we just walk up to it, the gate will open automatically?
  • Francois walked to the gate and bangs!
  • Francois: Ouch!
  • Sally: Give us a break, guys. What does a girl have to do to get in?
  • The guards move Sally and Francois away from the gate.
  • Sally: We need a plan.
  • Francois: Why don't we go and check out this mud spa. Maybe they can help us. And I could do with a message.
  • Sally: Great plan, let's go.
  • Sally and Francois leave the villa, heading to mud spa.

After the levelEdit

  • Zea: Oh, hello! Can I help you?
  • Sally: What a beautiful spa you have here! Are you the owner?
  • Zea: Thank you! I am Zea, part of the mud family.
  • Francois: Mud family?
  • Zea: We are a small community that celebrated nature. I was born here, but other father came here some decades ago from the main land to find peace.
  • Zea: Many have joined him over the years. In this spa we share the natural gifts of the island.
  • Sally: That sounds very beautiful.
  • Zea: Thank you.
  • Sally: Do you happen to know who bought the villa on the other end of the island?
  • Zea: I do not know. I hope he or she will be happy here and comes to visit us to learn about the ward of the mud.
  • Francois: The ways of the mud?
  • Zea: Yes. The mid does what the mud wants. You'll learn.
  • Sally: Oh, I'd love to learn, honey. I have my own salon back in Snuggford, you know. Sally's Salon. I'm Sally. I'd love to learn about new products and techniques.
  • Zea: Well, Sally from Sally's Salon in Snuggford, you are very welcome to learn here!

Level 3-2 - Attention SeekerEdit

  • Francois: I have the perfect plan to get into the villa.
  • Sally: Tell me!
  • Francois: I do interior decorating, remember?
  • Sally: Sure.
  • They think!
  • Sally: Oh, of course!
  • Francois: I'll just say I've been hired for decoration and talk to them about design a bit. They'll have to let me in!
  • Sally: But they already saw you yesterday.
  • Francois takes off her blue design.
  • Francois: That was traveling Francois. Today, it's... Designer Francois!
  • Francois wears as a hat. Zea enters.
  • Zea: Good morning, Francois. I think you might be dressed too warm for this island.
  • Francois: I know, but it's for a good cause. See you later!
  • Francois leaves the spa.
  • Zea: I'll walk you through the basics of our mud spa today, just follow me around and you'll be fine.
  • Sally agrees, and they go to work.

After the levelEdit

  • Francois arrives at villa gate.
  • Francois: Good day, men. My name is Francois, interior designer extraordinaire. I am expected today, to work on the living room.
  • Francois: I am sorry, but we are on a tight schedule here. You don't want to know what happens when that villa isn't ready in time.
  • Francois: And we haven't even decided on color schemes! We'll also need to choose a salon table today, and let me tell you, I worry about that because the sort of wood he likes,
  • Francois: well, that can only be found in one specific forest, so that'll be a disaster of epic proportions to get it here on time.
  • Francois: But well, you do what you can for your customers, I'm sure you do too.
  • The guards know, and the gates are opened, allowing Francois to go in!
  • Guard 1: You look familiar.
  • Francois: I get that all the time. Must be all of the celebrities I work with. You know what they say about dogs and their owners, right?
  • Francois: Works the same for people. Come to think of it, you look a bit like Julio. Same tan.
  • Guard 1: Julio?

Level 3-3 - Lady in WaitingEdit

  • Zea: How do you like our coffee?
  • Sally: It tastes very... grounded.
  • Zea: It's our own brew.
  • Sally: You can definitely taste that.
  • Zea: Today is special. Jupiter will be here today.
  • Sally: I've never heard of the, what sort of music do they play?
  • Zea: Jupiter is our father.
  • Sally: Your father?
  • Zea: The father of the mud family.
  • Sally: Ah, okay. I bet that's not his real name, though.
  • Zea: Does it matter? 'Real' might ne important in your world, but we do not care for that. We don't need official papers or documents.
  • Sally: You don't have a driver's license? Passport?
  • Zea: Why would I need a passport?
  • Sally: To see the world.
  • Zea: All I need is this island.
  • Sally: if you say so. But I'm telling you, honey, you're missing out on a lot of great things!
  • Zea does the cleaning, and Sally helps customers.

After the levelEdit

  • Zea: What are you using?
  • Sally: This is a new label. Apparently all the models are using it. It's been in all of the magazines. Here, do you want to try some?
  • Zea: I shouldn't.
  • Sally: Are you sure? It's not tested on animals or anything.
  • Zea: We only use mud-products.
  • Sally: Sure, I get it.
  • Jupiter is here.
  • Jupiter: Good afternoon, child.
  • Zea: Good afternoon.
  • Jupiter: This spa is looking beautiful. Have you had a lot of customers today?
  • Zea: I have. Also thanks to Sally, who has been helping me.
  • Sally: Nice to meet you, sir. I have-
  • Jupiter: Who put this poison here?
  • Sally: Poison? That make-up is very expensive!
  • Jupiter: So, it's yours, is it?
  • Zea: It is mine, father.
  • Jupiter: Yours?
  • Zea: I ordered it. I was looking into new things for the spa.
  • Jupiter: I have not asked you to do this.
  • Zea: I know, father.
  • Jupiter: There is no place for modern rubbish on this island.
  • Zea: I know, and I'm sorry.
  • Jupiter: I will take this, and throw it away.
  • Jupiter takes the make-up!
  • Sally: But-
  • Jupiter: I am very disappointed to you, Zea.
  • Jupiter leaves the spa.

Level 3-4 - All Together NowEdit

  • Sally: ...I just don't get why you would accept that.
  • Zea: He is strict, but fair.
  • Sally: You think?
  • Zea: If he'd know n it was yours, he would have sent you away. And then you would never be able to meet your Julio.
  • Sally: I'm very grateful that you did that for me, honey, but I just don't get it. Why are you living in the past like that?
  • Zea: We're not living in the past. We're living in nature.
  • Sally: We have nature in Snuggford too. And tv.
  • Zea: We do not have tv. We don't need it.
  • Sally: I often think I don't need tv either, but when I'm at home after a long day at work. I'm happy to be able to put my feet up and enjoy a bit of the old idiot box.
  • Zea: The mud family is not tainted by outside influences. Mud is all we need.
  • Sally: Are you never curious about the rest of the world?
  • Zea: Maybe... A little...
  • Sally: Tell you what. You've taught me about mud, so now I'll teach you about my base products.
  • Zea: Oh!
  • Sally made a base product for Zea.
  • Sally is happy and Zea is surprised.
  • Sally: Let's start with the gel mousse instead...
  • Sally places gel mousse to Zea.

After the levelEdit

  • Sally and Zea do actions, and Francois enters the spa.
  • Sally: There you are! I was starting to get worried.
  • Francois: No need to.
  • Sally: Tell me! Did you get in?
  • Francois: Of course I did!
  • Sally: So how did Julio react when you told him I was here?
  • Francois: I didn't tell him.
  • Sally: Didn't tell him? Why now?!
  • Francois: I mean, it's not him.
  • Sally: Not him?
  • Francois: The villa. It's not been bought by Julio.
  • Sally: Are you sure?
  • Francois: Well, unless Julio has disguised himself as famous actor Georgio Nespress, I'm pretty sure.
  • Sally: Georgio Nespress? No way!
  • Zea: Who's he?
  • Sally: Yo don't even know Georgio Nespress? You really need to start living in the present, honey.
  • Sally: So, does he know Julio?
  • Francois: I don't know.
  • Sally: You didn't ask?
  • Francois: You can ask him yourself. I've told him all about you and he'd love to meet you.
  • Sally: he must know Julio. All famous people know each other. Let's go, Francois!
  • Sally and Francois leave the spa.

Level 3-5 - Keeping UpEdit

  • Sally and Francois arrive at the gate again.
  • Sally: Are you sure they won't recognize me?
  • Francois: Trust me.
  • Francois: Good day, men.
  • Guard 1: Hi, Francois.
  • Another guard opens the gate.
  • Guard 1: Thanks for the advice, by the way. My wife loves the blue rug.
  • Guard 2: I'm really digging that Feng Shui-book you recommended. Thanks, man.
  • Another men arrived.
  • Georgio: Hi, Francois! And you must be the beautiful Sally. It is very nice to meet you indeed.
  • One passenger gives a kiss on Sally's hand.
  • Georgio: Hop on, I'll give you a tour of the villa. And I heard you were a coffee fan, Sally?
  • Sally: I sure am. A nice cuppa Joe with four sugars gives me all the fuel I need.
  • Georgio: You will have to try my espresso. I ensure you that you'll never want anything else ever again.
  • Sally: I cannot wait!
  • Georgio gets to the tour vehicle.
  • Sally: I wish Zea was here to see this!
  • Sally and Francois hop on to the vehicle, and they're off!

After the levelEdit

  • Zea goes to Sally and Francois.
  • Sally: …it just does not make sense, those tiny cups. That's not coffee!
  • Francois: They do fit his style remarkably well. And did you see his porcelain cabinet?
  • Sally: What do I care about porcelain cabinets. I just want to know about Julio. I can't believe I didn't ask him.
  • Francois: you weren't able to say anything, after that coffee. You just coughed.
  • Sally: it was far too strong! Coffee that strong is such a tiny cup, that can't be healthy.
  • Francois: Anyway, you can ask him about Julio tomorrow.
  • Zea: Tomorrow?
  • Francois: He's invited Sally over for lunch.
  • Francois: I think he luuuuves you...
  • Sally: I'm pretty sure he doesn't. I've seen the pictures of him and his famous ex-girlfriends. He's just being nice.
  • Francois: Or he just wants to make sure his coffee didn't kill you.
  • They're happy!

Level 3-6 - Castles in the SkyEdit

  • At the Villa...
  • Georgio: This is the most exquisite coffee yo can get. I'm sure you've never tasted anything like it.
  • Sally: Any chance of a drop of milk?
  • Georgio: You are very funny, Sally. Anyway, what was it that you wanted to ask me?
  • Sally: I'm looking for Julio. You know, the singer. I am sure he's still alive, and I was hoping you'd know where he was.
  • Georgio: Julio? That Spanish singer? With the tan?
  • Sally: Yes, that's him!
  • Georgio: Why would I know him? I'm Italian, you know! Not Spanish!
  • Sally: I just thought... Since you're both famous...
  • Georgio: You prefers Spaniards over Italians?
  • Sally: No, no. I have some friends who are Italian.
  • Georgio: Really? Who are they? Maybe I know them?
  • In the Mud Spa, Francois builds the mud castles.
  • Zea: Are you sure you want to do this?
  • Francois: Of course. I like helping out. And I have a great idea to spice up your spa!
  • Zea: I'm not sure if-
  • Francois: Don't worry, just leave it to me. I'm really on a roll again with the interior design!
  • Francois and Zea go to work.

During the levelEdit

  • Francois wants to build some mud castles!

After the levelEdit

  • Zea goes to Sally, and Francois finishes the castle.
  • Sally: I told him about Emily being Italian, and he wanted to know all about them.
  • Francois: And?
  • Sally: And I and told him about that time that little Paige was sick.
  • Francois: And?
  • Sally: And about how Patrick went on a quest to find a cure for his daughter.
  • Francois: And?
  • Sally: And... I think I might've 'sold' Georgio the film rights to Emily's story.
  • Francosi: You did WHAT?
  • Sally: He wanted to know exactly what happened. I think he's planning on playing the role of Patrick himself. He offered me a lifetime supply of coffee in exchange.
  • Zea: You mean that coffee that makes you cough?
  • Sally: How could I have been so stupid!
  • Francois: Emily's life is going to be a movie, yay!
  • Francois: But she's going to be so angry!
  • Sally I knw. What am I going to say to her? 'Hi Emily, I just gave your life story away to a smug actor, but on the bright side, here's some free coffee for you to sell in your restaurant?'
  • Francois: This is messy. At least my mud castles have turned out very well.
  • Sally: What am I going to do? I can't show my face in Snuggford ever again!

Level 3-7 - Have Mud, Will TravelEdit

  • Sally: I haven't slept a wink.
  • Francois: Probably because of Georgio's coffee.
  • Sally: And his film plans. I can't believe I fell for that.
  • Francois: I'm sending Emily a card. If I can find one. Do you want me to put a message on it?
  • Sally: Please, don't. Maybe we can just not tell her? She doesn't go to the movies that often anyway, right? Oh, who am I kidding.
  • Zea: We have a mud family gathering tonight, Sally. You should come. It might make you feel better.
  • Sally: I doubt it. But I'll come over.
  • Francois: Have you really never been off this tiny island?
  • Zea: Jupiter says we shouldn't. We belong here.
  • Sally: I belong in Snuggford too, but that doesn't mean I don't like a change of scenery every now and again.
  • Zea: I do not see that traveling makes you happier.
  • Sally: I'm happy! Does that count?
  • Francois leaves the spa, and Sally and Zea go to work.

After the levelEdit

  • In the night of Mud Spa...
  • Francois: These mudcakes are amazing. I should ask them the recipe, for Emily.
  • Sally: Please don't remind me of Emily. I just want to forget about it.
  • Francois: You're going to have to face her eventually.
  • Sally: I know. Just not yet.
  • Francois leaves the spa, while Jupiter enters.
  • Jupiter: I hope you are enjoying yourself.
  • Sally: I am. Can I ask you something important, though?
  • Jupiter: Of course.
  • Sally: Don't you think you should give Zea a chance to travel? See a bit of the world?
  • Jupiter: Her world is here.
  • Sally: I know your mud family is important and all, but sometimes you just need to let go for a bit.
  • Jupiter: Mud sticks. It does not let go.
  • Sally: It does. You just need to pull a bit harder.
  • Jupiter disagrees, and he leaves the spa.

Level 3-8 - All in a RowEdit

  • Georgio: Sally! Hi!
  • Sally: Oh, no.
  • Zea: Is that him? I can see why he's famous.
  • Sally: What are you doing here?
  • Georgio: Obviously I wanted to meet my new neighbors for myself.
  • Georgio: Enchanted. I'm Georgio.
  • Georgio gives Zea's hand kiss.
  • Zea: I'm Zea. Can I offer you a cup of our local mud coffee?
  • Georgio: Of course not. Here, have an autographed picture.
  • Georgio gives a picture to Zea. Jupiter arrives.
  • Jupiter: Georgio Nespress! What an honor!
  • Sally: How come he recognizes Georgio?
  • Francois: And why is he wearing mascara?
  • Georgio: Who might you be, impressive looking man?
  • Jupiter: I'm Jupiter, father of the mud family.
  • Georgio: Mud family more interesting. Tell me more, please.

After the levelEdit

  • Georgio: I love your story! It's so inspiring.
  • Jupiter: Thank you. As a mud family we try to inspire others.
  • Georgio: You know what? We should make a movie cut of it.
  • Jupiter: Really?
  • Georgio: I would play you, obviously. I would have to immerse myself In mud for months to get into the role, maybe gain some weight too.
  • Jupiter: I love your movies, Georgio. It would be an honor.
  • Francois: How does he know his movies?!
  • Georgio: Your story will earn me an Oscar, I'm sure. Finally.
  • Georgio: Sorry, Sally. We'll have to drop the story of your Italian friends.
  • Sally: Really? You have no idea how happy that makes me.
  • Georgio: You are a strange woman, Sally.
  • Georgio: So, shall we talk business?
  • Jupiter: I'd love to. Could you sign my dvd's too?
  • Georgio: Of course.

Level 3-9 - Let Them GoEdit

  • Zea: What are you doing, Francois?
  • Francois: I'm writing a postcard to Emily.
  • Zea: But we don't sell postcards on the island.
  • Francois: This works just as well.
  • They're happy! Jupiter enters the spa.
  • Sally: Let me guess. Those clothes come from the same secret closet where you keep your dvd-collection.
  • Jupiter: I came to say goodbye. I'm moving to Hollywood.
  • They're surprised!
  • Zea: Moving?
  • Francois: Hollywood?
  • Jupiter: I need to be close to the studio when my story is filmed. Georgio needs me as an advisor.
  • Sally: Figures.
  • Zea: So, you're leaving? Just like that?
  • Sally: I thought you didn't believe in travel. Or passports.
  • Jupiter: Well, like you said, sometimes you just need to let go. Bye, everyone!
  • Jupiter now leaves the spa, moving to Hollywood.

After the levelEdit

  • Sally: So, what will you do?
  • Zea: I don't want to leave the mud spa just yet. Jupiter may have been a fraud, but it's still my family, here.
  • Sally: If that's what you're feeling, that's what you should do.
  • Zea: But I'm applying for a passport too.
  • Sally: Good for you. Just take it one step at the time.
  • Zea: Thanks, Sally, for showing me that there is more to see and do in life.
  • Sally: Don't thank me, thank Jupiter. He's the one who taught you to hang on - and let go!
  • They're happy! Georgio enters the spa.
  • Georgio: Hi all! I saw the lights and I just thought I'd come by. Isn't this nice!
  • Sally: It sure is.
  • Georgio: What do I need to do to really become part of the mud family? Do you have some sort of initiation ritual? I'd love to do that.
  • Francois: I think you have one, right, Zea?
  • Zea: I don't...
  • Zea: Yes, of course. Just stand here.
  • Georgio goes to the mud pool, and Francois pushed him in!
  • George is pleasured!
  • Georgio: This is wonderful! I can really feel it! Thank you!

Level 3-10 - Early Closing DayEdit

  • Sally: Maybe is I combine the mud coffee and Georgio's coffee? Nah...
  • Francois enters the spa.
  • Francois: What will we do, Sally? Since Julio is definitely not here.
  • Sally: I'll make a list of all the islands in this area. We'll have to try them one by one.
  • Francois: That'll take ages.
  • Sally: I don't care. I need to find him. But I understand if you want to go back.
  • Francois: If you're not giving up, I'm not either.
  • Sally: You're such a good friend, Francois. And thanks for keeping my secret. It's good to know my customers aren't gossiping about me behind my back.
  • Francois: Yes...
  • Sally: Can you try to get hold of a map? We need a proper plan.
  • Francois: OK.
  • Francois leaves the spa.
  • Zea: I can help too, if you want.
  • Sally: That would be great.
  • Zea: If you can help me out today in return. There's this luxury yacht that has just laid its anchor here for the day, and the passengers are coming here for a treatment.
  • Sally: Sure, no problem.
  • Zea: Thanks, Sally. I will really miss you when you go.
  • Sally: I will miss you too! You'll have to come and visit my salon when you get your passport.
  • Zea: I will. I promise.
  • Now they return to work for the last day.

After the level; Post-chapterEdit

  • In the docks, the Yacht arrived.
  • Sally: What's this, Francois?
  • Francois: You really need to see this.
  • Sally sees the yacht!
  • Francois: Tadaa!
  • Sally: Oh my, that is nice.
  • Francois: Let's go and take a look.
  • Sally: Great plan.
  • Sally and Francois are now boarding the yacht!
  • Sally: Oh, look, there's a small shop on it too! Finally a bit of modern civilization. Let's check it out.
  • Francois: I'd rather check out these comfortable deck chairs. They look heavenly.
  • Sally: You stay here while I have a look inside then.
  • Francois: Great plan.
  • Francois goes to lay on the deck chair. Sally goes to look inside the yacht.
  • A little while later, the yacht departs the island!
  • Sally: Francois? Francois! The boat! We're moving!
  • Sally takes a view.
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