This is the fourth chapter in Sally's Salon: Beauty Secrets. After the Mud Spa, Julio is not found in the villa on the island, so Sally needs a map!

Level 4-1 - Time to Shine Edit

  • On the Yacht, the boat is sailing!
  • Francois: We need to get off this boat!
  • Barbra: No can do, I'm afraid. We've left the mainland.
  • Sally: You must have a rubber boat or something?
  • Barbra: We have one lifeboat for emergencies. That's for rescuing, not for returning somebody with last-minute doubts.
  • Sally: I don't have doubts. I shouldn't have been on the boat in the first place!
  • Bartender: What do you mean?
  • Sally: We just came on board to have a look while you were anchored. When is the next stop?
  • Barbra: Not for another 4000 miles.
  • Sally: That's hallway across the ocean! I need to get back to Julio!
  • Barbra: Ehm… I think he's standing next to you.
  • Sally: No, that's Francois. It's his fault we're stuck on this boat now.
  • Francois: I'm sorry.
  • Barbra: You're going to be even more sorry once the captain finds you.
  • Barbra: You're officially stowaways, which means you'll most likely be dropped off at the nearest police station as soon as we lay anchor again.
  • Sally: Police? No way.
  • Francois: Can't we wash dishes instead?
  • Barbra: You could check with Fred, who runs the small store downstairs. He hurt his hand last week, he could use the help. But I'm not making any promises.
  • Sally: Thanks.
  • Sally and Francois go to the boat salon.
  • Fred turns to Sally and Francois while he's interacting in the store.
  • Sally: Fred? You look like you could use some help. Let me.

After the levelEdit

  • Fed: Who are you and why are you helping my customers?
  • Sally: I'll be honest, Fred. We're stowaways by accident and since there's another 4000 miles to go before this boat sees another harbor, we need a way to pay for our presence.
  • Francois: And avoid getting sent to the police.
  • Sally: That too.
  • Fred: Well, I'm not sure-
  • Sally: Fred, honey, listen. You don't know the half of what we could do for you.
  • One person visits to get.
  • Sally: How about adding a touch of salon to this store? Sure, you sell nail polish, but what about using it for an actual manicure?
  • Fred: I know nothing about manicures.
  • Sally: But I do. And my friend Francois is actually a famous interior decorator who just finished a job for Georgio Nespress.
  • Passenger 1: Is Georgio Nespress on this boat too?
  • Sally: We're not saying he is.
  • Francois: But then again, we're not saying he isn't, either.
  • Passenger 1: I need to do my hair. And my make-up.
  • Sally: Well, honey, you're in luck, because as of today, this store is getting a make over.
  • Francois: 'Fred's Beauty Parlor'.
  • Sally: Tell your friends!
  • A passenger leaves.

Level 4-2 - Ray of SunshineEdit

  • Fred: Looks like you've got it all under control.
  • Sally: We have, don't you worry.
  • Fred: I'll be up on the deck, enjoying the sun. Finally.
  • Sally: You do that, honey.
  • Fred: People think it's all sun and fun when you work on a ship. But I'm stuck below deck all the time.
  • Sally goes to orange t-shirts.
  • Sally: Sure.
  • Fred: No sun, no sea, just the smell of nail polish and cheap perfume.
  • Francois: I like the smell of nail polish.
  • Fed: No fun activities or cocktails, no relaxing deck chairs.
  • Sally: Well, you can sit in a deckchair as long as you want. And I'm sure Barbra will bring you all the cocktails you need. Bye!
  • Sally pushes Fred to leave.
  • Francois: That guy really needs a holiday.
  • Sally: Before we got stuck here, you were supposed to get me a map. They must have one on board.
  • Sally: Since we're going to be stuck on this yacht for a while, I'll use my free time to find the best route between all of the islands.
  • Francois: And the best route back to the islands. We'll be 4000 miles away.
  • Sally: Don't remind me. Oh, all of my stuff! And Paige's dolphin frame... Just go find that map.
  • Francois leaves the salon.

After the levelEdit

  • Francois enters with a map!
  • Francois: Here you go. Barbra from the upper deck bar had one.
  • Sally: This is going to be a lot of work.
  • Francois: Sally... Are you sure? You have no lead at all, we're on a ship that's sailing to the other side of the world... Isn't it time to call it quits?
  • Sally: Never. I know he's out there. I can't abandon him.
  • Francois: Even if he's still alive, who says he's waiting for you?
  • Sally: There's only one way to find out.
  • Sally: OK, so, where to start...

Level 4-3 - Move That BodyEdit

  • On the bar deck, Sally gets coffee.
  • Sally: Finally, proper coffee.
  • Francois: I'm sorry you don't have your mug any more.
  • Sally: I'm sure Zea will take good care of our stuff until we get back.
  • Sally: We'll have to get back to Lutum Island first and then work our way from there. I've already got the first part of the itinerary covered.
  • The host goes to the class.
  • Host: Good morning, everyone! Our regular programming fitness class starts at 10 am, followed by bootcamp on the upper deck at 12.
  • Host: And there'll be a special sundown cooldown at 8 pm. See you there!
  • Sally: Now I understand why so many people wear sports outfits!
  • Barbra: The cruise has a fitness theme.
  • Sally: Well, whatever floats your boat, I guess.
  • Francois: Do you think bootcamp would suit me?
  • Sally: If you like sweating a lot, go for it.
  • Francois: I don't, I just think I look good in a tracksuit. I'll have to try some out in the store. Let's go!
  • Sally and François go to work.

After the levelEdit

  • Helen visits.
  • Helen: Wow, this place sure has improved. Are you open tonight as well?
  • Sally: I wasn't really planning on it.
  • Helen: Oh, that's a shame. I was hoping I could get a blow dry after the sunset workout. Don't tell anyone, but I heard Georgio Nespress is on board.
  • Sally: My lips are sealed. I could do a blow dry right now if you want?
  • Helen: No, my hair would only get messed up by the sunset workout again.
  • Sally: You could always slip the sunset workout? Looks like you've been working out today already anyway.
  • Helen: You noticed? Great!
  • Sally: Well, I saw the outfit and I just assumed-
  • Helen: I did 2 classes today so I need to do the third one to keep on schedule.
  • Sally: Three workout classes? Do what sort of schedule are you?
  • Helen: I just cannot function if I don't train.
  • Sally: I have the exact opposite.
  • Helen: Never mind. I guess I can do my own hair later tonight.
  • Sally: I somehow think the chance of running into Georgio Nespress tonight is quite slim anyway.
  • Helen: Maybe.
  • Sally: Come back tomorrow and I'll give you a nice manicure!
  • Helen leaves the salon and Francois enters.
  • Francois: I saw her at bootcamp today. She was really... intense.
  • Sally: And you?
  • Francois: Well, it was my first time, so I just decided to watch. From a deckchair. With a cocktail. Yes, I think bootcamp really suits me!

Level 4-4 - Attention DeficitEdit

  • Barbra: What's so interesting about that area that you need to look at that map day and night?
  • Sally: Oh, nothing. I'm just looking for something.
  • Barbra: Aren't we all.
  • Francois turns on the radio.
  • Francois: Good morning, everyone! My name is Francois and I'll be 'running' you through the daily activities.
  • Francois: Of course there's the regular morning fitness, followed today by an afternoon yoga class on the upper deck.
  • Francois throws the tickets.
  • Francois: And make sure to drop by at Fred's Beauty Parlor after that for all your beauty and gossip needs. You know you want to!
  • Barbra: You'd better run down to the store, because after that announcement, it's going to be busy!
  • Sally and Francois go back to work!

After the levelEdit

  • Helen: Thanks for the manicure, Sally. It looks really good. But I've got to dash now.
  • Sally: There are no fitness classes any more though, right?
  • Helen: No, so I want to do a short run before dinner. Nothing like a nice run to whet the appetite. Want to join me?
  • Sally: Thanks, Helen. But I've already worked up a sweet from helping all of those customers.
  • Helen: That's different, though. Really, you should think about working out. It's really important to keep in shape, especially in your line of work.
  • Sally: I guess I could use a bit of exercise. But I don't need three classes a day.
  • Helen: Once you get hit with the fitness virus, there is no way back. You just want more.
  • Francois: Not everybody does three classes.
  • Helen: Well, they should. See you later!
  • Helen leaves the salon.
  • Sally: Have you seen Fred? He's not even checked in once since we took over the shop.
  • Francois: He's probably still enjoying his 'vacation' on the upper deck.
  • Sally: I've not seen him there lately either. Let's ask around.
  • Sally and Francois leave the salon.

Level 4-5 - Back and ForthEdit

  • The ladies go upstairs.
  • Sally: So you haven't seen Fred either?
  • Barbra: I have him a drink, just after you took over. Haven't seen him since, I just figured he'd gone back to help you out.
  • Allison: Nope. I hope he's OK!
  • Barbra: You should check with his wife.
  • One lady goes downstairs.
  • Sally: His wife?
  • Another lady goes.
  • Barbra: She's probably running around here somewhere.
  • Sally: OK, thanks! Francois!
  • Francois: Just a moment, just finishing this workout. Did you know that merely watching people exercise, makes your muscles twitch as well?
  • A lady exercises.
  • Francois: I'll be completely toned by the time we leave the ship!

After the levelEdit

  • In the hallway, Fred sees Sally.
  • Sally: Fred! I've been looking all over for you.
  • Fred: Oh, Sally. I was just here.
  • Sally: What happened to enjoying the sun on the upper deck?
  • Fred: Turns out I have a sun allergy.
  • Sally: Oh, I'm sorry honey. I'm sure we have some cream for it.
  • Fred: I guess.
  • Sally: It's just because you haven't been in the sun for so long. It'll pass.
  • Fred: I don't care. So, 'Fred's Beauty Parlor' is doing really well, I heard.
  • Sally: Yes! You should come and take a look.
  • Fred: People are raving about it. The captain asked me why I hadn't thought of it before.
  • Sally: Yes, well...
  • Fred: He wants to keep it like this, expand it even. So I'm out of a job.
  • Sally: What?
  • Fred: Look at me, Sally. Do I look like someone who runs a beauty parlor? Really. But, thanks. Thanks for nothing.
  • Fred leaves to the left.

Level 4-6 - Feel That in the MorningEdit

  • Sally: ...I don't see why he should go.
  • Francois: Be honest. Do you see Fred giving somebody a manicure?
  • Sally: They could hire people for that. Have him just do the day-to-day management.
  • Francois: I guess.
  • Barbra: That store was his life. I've not seen anything matter more to him than that.
  • Sally: Except for his wife, I hope.
  • Barbra: She got fed up with him working all the tine, too. Got herself a hobby of her own. They hardly spend time together.
  • Francois: So we need to get Fred his job back, AND make sure he spends more time with his wife too.
  • Sally: That's a lot.
  • Francois: I'll think of a plan. You have other things to worry about today, Sally.
  • Barbra: What's that?
  • Sally: I promised to do a workout this afternoon. I've never done any sports since high school!
  • Barbra: Well, good luck with that...

After the levelEdit

  • Francois plays!
  • Sally: Thanks for doing this one-on-one, I don't think I'd survive in one of those group lessons.
  • Helen: Don't worry. So, we'll start with some easy exercises. Just follow my lead.
  • Sally and Helen dance!
  • Francois: Afternoon everyone - here's a little something for all of you who just keep going and never give up. A special request for a special lady: 'I can't let you go'.
  • The music plays.
  • Sally: Francois, don't.
  • Francois: Just thought you could do with a little extra encouragement.
  • Helen: I love this song. I was so sad when I heard of Julio's plane crash. It just reminds us of how fragile life is.
  • Helen: No time to waste. So, another 10 of those, Sally, let's go!
  • Sally and Helen dance!
  • Helen: Don't give up!
  • Sally: I'm not giving up. This is just not for me. And I'm...
  • Helen: You're what? A quitter?
  • Sally: Of course not. Anything but. How dare you call me that!
  • Helen: I didn't mean to-
  • Sally: You're just obsessed by training and you can't get that other people have other lives. With other stuff to worry about.
  • Sally goes back to Fred's Parlor.
  • Francois steps off the music.
  • Francois: I'll go after her.
  • Francois goes after Sally.

Level 4-7 - A Feinting SpellEdit

  • Sally: ...and to top it all off, my muscles ache like crazy. I'm not sure if I can pull off working today.
  • Francois: Shall I ask Fred to help?
  • Sally: Great idea. We need to convince him that he can still run this place.
  • Francois: If you need somebody to motivate him, you could always ask Helen.
  • Sally: Please, no! But she means well. I should go and apologize to her later on. I flew off the handle.
  • Sally drinks coffee.
  • Francois: I shouldn't have played that Julio song. I'm sorry.
  • Sally: It's OK.
  • Francois: Gotcha. Fred, Fred!
  • Francois goes to get Fred and Sally keeps drinking coffee.
  • Sally: Just the man we needed. How's your hand?
  • Fred: Getting better.
  • Sally: I'm hurry quite bad myself. I could use your help.
  • Fred: You look fine to me.
  • Sally: I did my first workout yesterday.
  • Fred: Ah. I get it. I'll help you out.
  • Sally: Thanks, Fred. Much appreciated.
  • Sally leaves the salon, letting Fred and Francois go.

After the levelEdit

  • Fred and Francois go to Sally.
  • Sally: Thanks, Fred. That was great.
  • Fred: Well, I know how to run my own store.
  • Sally: It is still your store. There is no real difference, honestly. You just need someone extra who can do the hairdressing and manicures, that's all.
  • Francois: You do want to keep your job, right?
  • Fred: Yes. Sort of. I don't know.
  • Sally: You're a difficult man to get, Fred.
  • Fred: That's what my wife says, too.
  • They're proud!
  • Fred: Who am I kidding, I love this store. Probably a bit too much. I spent all my time in here.
  • Fred: When you took over, I was miserable. And when you did such a great job, even worse.
  • Sally: What happened to 'up on deck, enjoying the sun'?
  • Fred: Sun rash, remember. Also, I realized I'm probably just a workaholic.
  • Sally: What about spreading time with your wife?
  • Fed: She's got her own life. I just didn't pay enough attention to her.
  • Sally: It's never too late to fix that. If you still love her.
  • Fred: Of course I love her.
  • Sally: Think about it, Fred. This is it. 'Fred's Beauty parlor' could be a new beginning for you.
  • Sally: The work you love, but less of it. The woman you love, but more of it.
  • Fred: If you put it like that...
  • Sally: You're not out of a job. Not if I can help it!

Level 4-8 - HeartbrokenEdit

  • At the deck, Sally and Francois are in conversation.
  • Sally: I thought you'd already written Emily a card from the boat?
  • Francois: I have. But the boat has this service where you can send postcards for free! So I've been writing Emily a card every day.
  • Barbra: You do realize that those cards are not being sent until we hit the shore?
  • Sally: Emily will get all of those cards at the same time... Poor mailman.
  • Barbra: Poor girl, if she has to read them all!
  • Helen goes upstairs!
  • Sally: Helen?
  • Francois: Try after 3 pm, there are no training sessions planned then.
  • Barbra: The way she trains, she'll most likely be doing some sort of workout anyway.
  • Sally: What happened to her that she became so obsessed?
  • Barbra: Since Feed was devoting all of his time to the store, she had to find something to preoccupy herself, too. Guess it still backfired.
  • Sally: Fred?
  • Barbra: Her husband.
  • Francois: Fred and Helen are married?
  • Sally: That explains a lot. A lot...

After the levelEdit

  • Helen enters the salon.
  • Helen: Sally?
  • Sally: Helen.
  • Sally and Helen: I'm sorry.
  • They're now happy!
  • Helen: I was too strict.
  • Sally: I was too mean. You couldn't know.
  • Helen: Sometimes you just don't know what goes on in other people's lives.
  • Sally: Well, I always try to find out. And then I talk about it with others. Hairdresser, right...
  • Helen: I don't want to tell others how to live their life. Not when I've made a mess of my own.
  • Sally: Now, honey, that's not true. Look at you. You're healthy and gorgeous, and a great friend. You just need to know when to let go for a bit.
  • Sally and Helen give a hug!
  • Helen: Thanks, Sally.
  • Sally: Don't thank me now. Thank me later.
  • Helen: When? Why?
  • Sally: Just drop my tomorrow after four. I'll do your hair and make-up and then I have a very special surprise for you over dinner.
  • Helen: Oh! Is it Georgio Nespress? It is, isn't it? I'm so excited...
  • Sally didn't know he was in. Helen leaves the salon.

Level 4-9 - Can't Keep You Off My MindEdit

  • Sally: So, you got the music?
  • Francois: Sure did. 'Non-stop romantic hits' all ready.
  • Sally: Cocktails?
  • Francois: Barbra is on it.
  • Sally: And Fred's coming in at three for a wash and shave, right?
  • Francois: Four.
  • Sally: I said three.
  • Francois: You said four.
  • Sally: I said 'four sugars please' for my coffee!
  • Francois: Ah, right.
  • Sally: and Helen is coming after four as well. We can't have them see each other. It will spoil the surprise!
  • Francois: I'll stall them.
  • Sally: You'd better!
  • They go to work.

During the levelEdit

  • Sally keeps Fred away!
  • Fred: Helen? Helen, I'm here!
  • Sally: She's not here, Fred.
  • Fred: Oh, ok.
  • Fred leaves the salon.

(Now that's one, Repeats for three more times)

After the levelEdit

  • Helen enters with the purple outfit!
  • Helen: Is he here yet?
  • Sally: Just have a seat. We'll bring you a surprise cocktail in a bit.
  • Fred: So why am I here, looking like this?
  • Fred: Helen. You look... beautiful.
  • Helen: Fred? You are...
  • Francois got the cocktails.
  • Francois: Your cocktails, madam and sir. They are especially made for the occasion by our amazing Barbra, who has called them the 'Obsession'.
  • Francois gave cocktail to Helen and Fred!
  • Sally: Francois!
  • Fred: I'm sorry I've taken you for granted. That store was so important for me. I guess I just got stuck in my ways.
  • Helen: Me too. I was running so hard, I didn't even see you anymore.
  • Fred: I guess we both made mistakes.
  • Helen: Will you really lose your job?
  • Fred: I hope not. I love what Sally did to the store. Bit I don't want to lose you either.
  • Helen: We'll work it out. I'm sure.
  • They're ecstatic, and now Helen and Fred gave kisses!

Level 4-10 - New BeginningsEdit

  • Sally: Now I've got aching muscles AND a headache.
  • Francois: That's what you get from partying all night.
  • Sally: I'm getting too old for this...
  • Sally: Helen! Fred! How are you?
  • Helen: We're good.
  • Fred: We just wanted to thank you.
  • Sally: Don't thank me, honey. You did it all yourself.
  • Francois: With some help from me.
  • Fred: I just talked to the captain. I've convinced him that I'm the right person to manage 'Fred's Beauty Parlor'. And guess what? Helen will help me!
  • Sally: Oh, that's so exciting! Just make sure you take it easy, okay? No obsessing over how to make it into the perfect beauty parlor. It's fine as it is.
  • Fred: For now.
  • Sally: I could, however, recommended you some high-quality beauty products.
  • Francois: Might they be of the infamous 'Sally's Salon' brand?
  • Sally: They sure are.
  • Sally: I'll send you some samples.
  • Helen: We're almost at our next destination, so before you leave the boat, please teach me everything you know, Sally.
  • Sally: I won't teach you everything, but I'll give you a start. A girl has to keep some of her secrets, right?
  • Now they're happy!

After the level; Post-chapterEdit

  • Francois and Sally look at the view.
  • Sally: I see land!
  • Francois: Feels weird, standing here without our suitcases. Any idea where we'll go?
  • Sally: Back to Julio, as soon as we can.
  • Sally: I've got it all figured out. As soon as we get back, we get our stuff from Lutum, then we hop to...
  • Sally: Wow, those islands all have really weird names, I keep forgetting them.
  • Francois: I'll miss this boat.
  • Sally: We had a nice thing going there, with the beauty parlor.
  • Francois: We sure did.
  • Sally: Thanks, Francois, for being such a friend. And for keeping my secret safe.
  • The Yacht arrived at Hawaii.
  • Francois: Well, actually... I need to tell you something...
  • Sally: We're here! Let's go!
  • Sally leaves first before Francois.
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