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*Helen: Fred? You are...
*Helen: Fred? You are...
*Francois got the cocktails.
*Francois got the cocktails.
*[[Francois Truffaut|Francois]]: Your cocktails, madam and sir. They are especially made for the occasion by our amazing Barbra, who has called them the 'Obsession'.
*[[Francois Truffaut|Francois]]: Your coctails, madam and sir. They are especially made for the occasion by our amazing Barbra, who has called them the 'Obsession'.
*Francois gave cocktail to Helen and Fred!
*Francois gave cocktail to Helen and Fred!]
*[[Sally Milligan|Sally]]: Francois!
*Fred: I'm sorry I've taken you for granted. That store was so important for me. I guess I just got stuck in my ways.
*Helen: Me too. I was running so hard, I didn't even see you anymore.
*Fred: I guess we both made mistakes.
*Helen: Will you really lose your job?
*Fred: I hope not. I love what Sally did to the store. Bit I don't want to lose you either.
*Helen: We'll work it out. I'm sure.
*They're ecstatic, and now Helen and Fred gave kisses!
==Level 4-10 - New Beginnings==
*[[Sally Milligan|Sally]]: Now I've got aching muscles AND a headache.
*[[Francois Truffaut|Francois]]: That's what you get from partying all night.
*[[Sally Milligan|Sally]]: I'm getting too old for this...
*[[Sally Milligan|Sally]]: Helen! Fred! How are you?
*Helen: We're good.
*Fred: We just wanted to thank you.
*[[Sally Milligan|Sally]]: Don't thank me, honey. You did it all yourself.
*[[Francois Truffaut|Francois]]: With some help from me.
*Fred: I just talked to the captain. I've convinced him that I'm the right person to manage 'Fred's Beauty Parlor'. And guess what? Helen will help me!
*[[Sally Milligan|Sally]]: Oh, that's so exciting! Just make sure you take it easy, okay? No obsessing over how to make it into the perfect beauty parlor. It's fine as it is.
*Fred: For now.
*[[Sally Milligan|Sally]]: I could, however, recommended you some high-quality beauty products.
*[[Francois Truffaut|Francois]]: Might they be of the infamous 'Sally's Salon' brand?
*[[Sally Milligan|Sally]]: They sure are.
*[[Sally Milligan|Sally]]: I'll send you some samples.
*Helen: We're almost at our next destination, so before you leave the boat, please teach me everything you know, Sally.
*[[Sally Milligan|Sally]]: I won't teach you everything, but I'll give you a start. A girl has to keep some of her secrets, right?
*Now they're happy!
===After the level; Post-chapter===
*Francois and Sally look at the view.
*[[Sally Milligan|Sally]]: I see land!
*[[Francois Truffaut|Francois]]: Feels weird, standing here without our suitcases. Any idea where we'll go?
*[[Sally Milligan|Sally]]: Back to Julio, as soon as we can.
*[[Sally Milligan|Sally]]: I've got it all figured out. As soon as we get back, we get our stuff from Lutum, then we hop to...
*[[Sally Milligan|Sally]]: Wow, those islands all have really weird names, I keep forgetting them.
*[[Francois Truffaut|Francois]]: I'll miss this boat.
*[[Sally Milligan|Sally]]: We had a nice thing going there, with the beauty parlor.
*[[Francois Truffaut|Francois]]: We sure did.
*[[Sally Milligan|Sally]]: Thanks, Francois, for being such a friend. And for keeping my secret safe.
*The Yacht arrived at Hawaii.
*[[Francois Truffaut|Francois]]: Well, actually... I need to tell you something...
*[[Sally Milligan|Sally]]: We're here! Let's go!
*Sally leaves first before Francois.
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