This is the fifth chapter in Sally's Salon: Beauty Secrets. When Sally and Francois went on a boat and unexpectedly cruised off the mainland, another island arrive after finding out what's happened to the couple.

Level 5-1 - Sleepless in Paradise Edit

  • Sally, Francois and the tourists land in Hawaii.
  • Sally: Francois, we're really at the other side of the world! It's beautiful, but... Julio is not here.
  • Francois: I know, Sally, I...
  • Passenger 2: We're heading to the local spa before the boat leaves again, are you joining us?
  • Sally: No, I need to find out how to get back.
  • Francois: I'll do that, you just go to the spa.
  • Sally: Sure?
  • Francois: Of course.
  • The passengers are off the docks.
  • Sally: Thanks, Francois. I already told you you're amazing, right?
  • Sally goes off the deck and Francois goes after her.
  • Francois: Ooh!
  • Francois enters the Hawaii spa!
  • Kai goes to run first!

After the levelEdit

  • Sally enters the spa and waves.
  • Sally: Hi, I'm Sally. I own a Salon back in Snuggford. Love your Spa.
  • Kai: Thank you. I'm Kai.
  • Sally: You're the owner?
  • Kai: Yes.
  • Sally: Hoe long have you had this salon for?
  • Kai: 21 years.
  • Sally: Wow.
  • Sally: You're not really talkative, are you?
  • Kai: No.
  • Sally: In my Salon, I talk to the customers all the time. What's going on in town, celebrity news, weddings, break-ups, everything.
  • Kai: Sometimes, it's better to be quiet.
  • Sally: Honey, I can't think of any moment when being quiet would be better. Except for at a funeral, maybe.
  • Francois: Sally, this island is great! There's hammocks and great food and...
  • Francois looks around the spa!
  • Francois: … wow, this is a really nice spa!
  • Kai: Thank you.
  • Sally: So when can we leave?
  • Francois: No idea.
  • Kai: Why leave? Stay for a while. This island is good for you.
  • Sally: But what about Julio?
  • Francois: You don't even know where he is.
  • Sally shows the map.
  • Sally: There are all the islands I need to check...
  • Kai: That's a lot of islands.
  • Sally: I'm not going back home without Julio.
  • Francois: I don't mean going back. Please do not go back. Worst case scenario, we'll be here forever.
  • Francois looks around.
  • Francois: Which isn't a bad option.
  • Sally: I guess I do need a better plan.
  • Kai: You can help out here. Learn how to be quiet.
  • Francois: Her? She'll never be quiet.
  • Sally: Thanks, kai. I'd be delighted to take up your offer.
  • Francois: Challenge.
  • Sally: Offer.

Level 5-2 - Attention GrabberEdit

  • Sally: This local coffee is heavenly, Kai.
  • Kai: Glad you like it.
  • Sally: And thankfully you serve it in big cups as well. I met this actor recently who only drank coffee from tiny cups. Can you imagine?
  • Kai: No, I cannot.
  • Francois enters the spa!
  • Francois: Look, Sally. There's a dolphin sanctuary on the island!
  • Francois: I was looking for the perfect postcard to send to Emily and I found this one. 'Makia Dolphin Sanctuary' it says on the back. Let's go there later on!
  • Sally: I don't think so.
  • Francois: Why not? You love dolphins.
  • Sally: It'll just remind me of Julio.
  • Kai: You mention this Julio a lot. But he makes you sad.
  • Sally: Sad, and happy. And sad.
  • Kai: As we say here, wherever your attention is, there is your life.
  • Francois: I don't get it.
  • Kai: You will. Some day.
  • Kai leaves the spa.
  • Sally: That Kai does not talk much, and when he talks, it's all riddles.
  • Francois: Can we go to the dolphins? Please, Sally?
  • Sally: Sure, Francois, we'll go.
  • Francois is delighted and scattered the tickets!
  • Francois: Yay! Best. Island. Ever!
  • Sally makes a facepalm, and Francois leaves the spa!
  • Kai enters the spa!

During the levelEdit

  • Kai finds all the Dolphin Show Tickets!

After the levelEdit

  • Francois and Sally enter the beach show
  • Francois: Look, Sally! There they are! Don't they look amazing!
  • Sally: They do.
  • Francois and Sally go to statue.
  • Franocis: 'Bottlenose dolphins are widely regarded as the most talkative animals. They are constantly making sounds, both for navigation and communication.'
  • Francois: Are you sure you're not related, Sally?
  • They're happy!
  • Sally: They are really smart creatures, dolphins. Unlike him.
  • Francois is delighted!
  • Julie: They sure are.
  • Sally: Are you here especially for them?
  • Julie: Sort of. I just needed some time off. And the dolphins... Well... They say it helps.
  • Sally: Helps with what?
  • Julie: My mother died recently.
  • Sally: Oh honey, I am sorry to hear that. I'm Sally, by the way. And that adorable weirdo is Francois.
  • Julie: I'm Julie.
  • Sally: Well, very nice to meet you, Julie. You know what, dolphins are great but what you really need is some pampering.
  • Sally: Now, I'm a hairdresser and I'm currently helping out at the spa here, how about you get over there tomorrow and I'll give you a nice do-over, my treat.
  • Julie: Thanks, Sally. Bit I'm not sure. I'm not really the spa-type.
  • Sally: Nonsense. Everybody is a spa type. You just need to allow yourself to enjoy it. You deserve it, honey, after going through such a loss.
  • Julie: I guess. Thanks.
  • Sally: No need to thank me. Just let Sally take care of you.

Level 5-3 - Living LargeEdit

  • Sally: Julie, you came!
  • Julie: Of course.
  • Sally: Kai, this is my new friend Julie. She'll be my customer for the new day.
  • Kai: Of course, Sally. Welcome, Julie.
  • Sally: Kai thinks I talk too much. But yesterday we learned that dolphins talk a lot too, right?
  • Julie: We sure did.
  • Sally: So, Kai, I'm sure you wouldn't tell the dolphins to talk less.
  • Kai: I wouldn't.
  • Sally: I didn't think so.
  • Kai: But they don't just talk. They listen, too.
  • Sally: But I listen. I listened to Julie yesterday. She told me she lost her mother.
  • Julie: Sally...
  • Sally: Sorry, honey, I'm a blabbermouth.
  • Julie: It's okay. It's not a secret. It just hurts. Even if you don't talk about it.
  • Sally: And that's why I'll give you the best spa treatment you've ever experienced. We'll massage all of your sadness today!

During the levelEdit

  • Kai attends to Julie.

After the levelEdit

  • Sally: Here you are! Nothing says 'life is great' more than big hair.
  • Julie: I guess.
  • Sally: This hair will surely get you noticed.
  • Kai: For all the wrong reasons.
  • Sally: What's that?
  • Kai: No matter.
  • Julie: Thanks, Sally, for today.
  • Sally: Are you feeling better now?
  • Julie: To be honest, not really. But that's not your fault.
  • Aaron arrives with a package.
  • Kai: Hi, Aaron.
  • Aaron: Hi, Kai. Here's your weekly supply for the spa.
  • Aaron places the page and Kai opens it.
  • Kai: Thanks.
  • Kai: Aaron, meet Sally. She's helping out for a bit. And the customer in the chair is Julie.
  • Julie: I don't normally look like this.
  • Sally: Nice to meet you, Aaron.
  • Sally and Aaron shake hands to greet.
  • A delight to meet you, too.
  • Kai: Aaron has a small plane. He does supply runs for me and a lot of other stores on the island.
  • Kai: Is this the Julio you were talking about?
  • Sally takes a magazine.
  • Sally: Yes. No. Yes. Just throw those away, will you?
  • Kai: It says here he's dead.
  • Sally: He's not. It's all lies. Lies and gossip.
  • Sally puts it away.

Level 5-4 - Emotions OverflowingEdit

  • Julie enters the spa.
  • Sally: Hi, Julie! Oh my gosh, what happened to your hair? Don't worry, I'll redo it for you.
  • Julie: No need to. I like it the way it was.
  • Sally: Oh. Okay. Anything else I can do for you?
  • Julie: Just a chat, I guess.
  • Julie: I can here for some peace and quiet, to connect with mature, but it seems like the more quiet it is, the sadder I get.
  • Kai enters the spa.
  • Kai: Wherever your attention is, there is your life.
  • Sally: You said that before. What sort of weird philosophy is that? Obviously you're paying attention to your life.
  • Kai: No matter.
  • Sally: You said that before, too. Come, Julie. You just sit here and enjoy the hustle and bustle of daily spa-life, and we'll chat about everything that's happening.
  • Sally: I have already heard some juice island-stories from some of the regulars.
  • Julie: Well, I've heard that Aaron really likes you.
  • Sally: Who, the pilot-guy? No way. I've only met him once anyway.
  • Julie: The way he looked at you, it was quite obvious. He was immediately smitten.
  • Sally: Honey, everybody's immediately smitten with me. And rightly so! Even Francois. And that's saying something.
  • Francois enters the spa.
  • Francois: Did I hear somebody mention my name?
  • Sally: Of course not.
  • Sally and Francois: No gossiping ay Sally's Salon!

After the levelEdit

  • Julie: I mess her most when nice things happen. Like when I've read a great book or when the flowers in my garden start blooming. I so want to share those things with her.
  • Julie: When I first saw the dolphins, all I wanted to do was pick up the phone and tell her about seeing those amazing creatures.
  • Sally: But then you realized you couldn't.
  • Julie: And I was sad again.
  • Sally: Happy things should not make you sad. That is just not fair, honey.
  • Julie: What about that singer, Julio? He seemed to make you sad.
  • Sally: Let's not talk about me. Why don't we share some more positive memories abut family instead.
  • Francois: I love my parents, but for me, the best mother I know is my best friend Emily.
  • Sally: Aw, that's so sweet!
  • Francois: She just loves her little girl, Paige, so much. But she also gives her room to be herself. To develop into a real person, with her own interests.
  • Francois: Here, I have a picture. This is all of us at her family reunion. Here's Emily, and her husband, Patrick, and this is little Paige.
  • Julie: She's adorable. A family reunion, you say? So is she your family?
  • Francois: Not by blood, but we've been in so many adventures together, it feels like family.
  • Sally: That family reunion, now that is a great story.
  • Francois: Yes, what happened was--
  • Sally: They went to Italy, because that's where Emily is originally from, to find her grandpa, who had been missing her for over 30 years. Can you imagine that? So anyway...
  • Francois: Sure, Sally. You tell the story. You always tell everyone's story anyway.
  • Sally: ...and then it was turned out that there was a bottle with a message...
  • Francois leaves the spa.

Level 5-5 - Much Ado About NothingEdit

  • Aaron enters the spa.
  • Kai: Hi, Aaron. It's not Wednesday yet, right?
  • Aaron: What? Oh, you mean delivery day. No. Not for another four days.
  • Kai: To what do we owe the pleasure?
  • Aaron: Pleasure?
  • Francois: He means 'why are you here'?
  • Sally: Francois!
  • Francois: Just trying to help out…
  • Aaron: Oh, I just wanted a... treatment.
  • Kai: Right. Sally, I think this is your customer.
  • Sally assigns the seat for Aaron.
  • Sally: You just have a seat right here, honey, and I'll take care of you. Don't worry about the others, they were just leaving. Weren't you, guys?
  • Francois: You want to be alone? Sure.
  • Sally: I didn't mean that.
  • Francois: We were just going to see the dolphins. We have a lot to tell them.
  • Francois leaves for the dolphins.
  • Sally: People and dolphins can't talk to each other.
  • Kai: You'd be surprised.
  • Sally: You, you're staying. I'm ordering you. None of this weird stuff. It's your spa, so we're both helping this customer.
  • Julie: Bye, guys.
  • Julie leaves the spa.
  • Sally: Well, at least she's a bit more cheery.

During the levelEdit

  • Kai attends to Aaron.

After the levelEdit

  • Kai leaves the spa and Francis enters.
  • Sally: So, what did the dolphins say?
  • Francois: They think you and Aaron should go on a date.
  • Sally: I thought as much. I don't like you gossiping about me. Even if it's just to dolphins.
  • Francois: So you can gossip about everybody, but nobody can gossip about you?
  • Sally: If I have a story to tell, I'll tell I myself.
  • Francois: Just like you let everybody else tell their stories themselves. Ha!
  • Sally: What do you mean?
  • Francois: Nothing.
  • Sally: Come on, Francois, spit it out.
  • Francois: Sally, you know I love you but you don't let me - or anybody else, for that matter - have a word in.
  • Sally: If you're talking about that one time back in Snuggford when I...
  • Francois: I'm talking about every time. I showed Julie the picture of Emily's family reunion and you went and told her the whole story. You weren't even there! I was!
  • Sally: I am sorry, honey. I didn't realize.
  • Francois: Well, now you do.
  • Sally: What can I do to make it up to you?
  • Francois: You don't need to make it up to me.
  • Sally: I do. I'll think of something. Just you wait. When Sally is determined, nothing can stop her.
  • Francois: Don't I know it...

Level 5-6 - Lend Me Your EarsEdit

  • Sally and Francois enter the spa.
  • Sally: Kai! Remember that you said to me I needed to talk less and listen more?
  • Kai: Of course.
  • Sally: I'm taking you up on your challenge. I'll be quiet for an entire working day.
  • Kai: What brought this on?
  • Sally: Something my good friend Francois said.
  • Kai: Very well. We'll start now.
  • Sally: No, we can't start now! First I need some coffee, and then I need to discuss hairstyles with Mrs. Alana, and Francois needs to know what to get in the store--
  • Francois: I can get my own groceries!
  • Sally: Well, last time you went to the store you got distracted by a wild mongoose and ended up with only half of the things you were supposed to buy.
  • Francois: Guess I went on a wild mongoose chase.
  • Kai: You really need to stop talking. Let others do what they need to do. It'll be fine.
  • Sally: But--
  • Francois: Your challenge has started. Good luck.
  • Francois leaves the spa.

After the levelEdit

  • Francois enters with a postcard.
  • Francois: Emily sent me a postcard! Look what Paige drew!
  • Francois gives Sally a postcard.
  • Francois: Oh, right, your challenge. Still doing that, are you?
  • Sally agrees.
  • Francois: Well, I guess I'll have to wait with telling you what Emily is writing.
  • Francois: She has some great stories about what's been happening back in Snuggford, that's for sure.
  • Francois and Sally pull the postcard!
  • Francois: What's that, Sally? What do you mean? Sorry, I don't understand.
  • Francois: Nope, no idea.
  • Sally: TELL ME!
  • Francois: Oops. Guess you lost your challenge.
  • Sally: You know what? I don't care. I've proven that I can be quiet. Sometimes. But this is just who I am.
  • Sally: Sorry, Kai. I guess Sally from Snuggford is just too old to change.
  • Kai: You've changed. You just don't know it yet.
  • Francois: Well, she looks the same to me.
  • Kai: She'll look different tomorrow.
  • Francois: What's tomorrow?
  • Kai: She lost the challenge. Now she has to do a forfeit.

Level 5-7 - The Best MedicineEdit

  • Sally is Dolphin-look!
  • Francois: Usually I'm the one in the weird suits.
  • Julie: Well, this is one dolphin I'd be happy to look at all day!
  • Sally: I don't see how wearing this will help me learn to talk less.
  • Kai: It doesn't. It's just funny.

During the levelEdit

  • Sally receives all deliveries from Aaron, for Kai.
  • Aaron: Delivery for Kai!

After the levelEdit

  • Aaron places the last delivery box.
  • Kai: Thanks, Aaron.
  • Aaron: Is Sally around?
  • Aaron: Hi, Sally. You look... different. Here, I brought you something.
  • Aaron gives Julio's song to Sally.
  • Aaron: They just released it. Apparently it's the last song Julio released before he, well, you know.
  • Sally: Before he disappeared, you mean.
  • Aaron: Sure.
  • Sally: 'Time to let you Go'. Hmm.
  • Sally inserts and plays the music.


"Time to let you Go" by Julio.

  • ~ Its been a while ~
  • ~ Since I've seen your face, and smiled ~
  • ~ All the holding hands, talk of wedding bands ~
  • ~ Our lives seemed so worthwhile ~
  • ~ But there's something that I'm just too scared to say ~
  • ~ So I have to let you fly away ~
  • ~ I was selfish, and I spent ~
  • ~ Much more time than I had lent ~
  • ~ I have made mistakes, had hearts to break ~
  • ~ And words and love unsent ~
  • ~ And with every day that passes by I know ~
  • ~ I just have to let you go. ~
  • Sally is very sad listening to Julio's song 'I have to let you go'.
  • Aaron comforts Sally.

Level 5-8 - Spa, Pray, LoveEdit

  • Kai: Nailpolish needs to go here, Sally.
  • Sally: Of course.
  • Sally puts the polish away and puts away the box.
  • Kai: Sally, maybe it's time for you to go back to Snuggford.
  • Sally: No!
  • Kai: It's where your home is. Where your friends are.
  • Sally: They'll all laugh at me. 'Silly Little Sally, running after some old singer who turned out to be dead anyway, what was she thinking!'
  • Kai: If they're really your friends, they won't laugh.
  • Sally: I wouldn't be too certain.
  • Kai: Do you laugh at your friends when you talk about them?
  • Sally: Sometimes. But not in a bad way.
  • Kai: Then don't assume others will.
  • Sally: I'd like to stay for a bit. Get myself together.
  • Kai: GO to the dolphins this afternoon. They will help.
  • Sally: I don't want to see another dolphin again as long as I live.
  • Kai: You go to the dolphins. Or I'll make you wear the suit again.
  • Sally: You're mean!
  • Sally: Thanks, Kai, for having me here. And for being sensible.
  • Kai: You'll become sensible too.
  • Sally: Don't count on it!

After the levelEdit

  • In the beach, dolphin center, Sally and Julie are in conversation.
  • Julie: You know... I think I'm starting to learn from those dolphins after all. Seeing them play and talk. So serene, so happy.
  • Julie: It's as if they're saying 'we know you're sad, but it'll be okay.'
  • Sally: You're starting to sound like Kai.
  • Two dolphins appear!
  • Julie: Maybe it's just what this island does to you. I don't mind it being quiet any more. In fact, I guess I've started to like it.
  • Julie: Just watching the shore, concentrating on nothing else but the tides and the animals.
  • Sally: Wherever your attention is, there is your life.
  • Julie: You'll learn to cope, Sally. Just like I did.
  • Sally: I just don't want to believe he's dead.
  • Julie: It's really normal to have that reaction. But I think it's time for you to stop ignoring your emotions.
  • Sally and Julie see the dolphins appear and jump!
  • Julie touches the dolphins first!
  • Julie: Sally! He wants you to touch him too!
  • Sally: Nonsense.
  • Julie: Sally!
  • Sally touches Dolphin and it jumps!
  • Sally and Julie turn around far view.
  • Julie: It'll be okay, Sally. It'll be okay.

Level 5-9 - Heart Full to BurstingEdit

  • Sally drinks coffee while Julie goes to Sally.
  • Julie: I've just come to say, goodbye, Sally. Time to go home.
  • Sally: Oh, honey. Will you be okay, traveling all that way on your own?
  • Julie: I will.
  • Sally: Please come visit me at the salon some time. It'd be great to see you again. I have this great new hairstyle I think you should try out.
  • Julie: I like my hair the way it is, thanks, but I'd love to come and visit you. Let me know when you get back. When will you?
  • Sally: I'm not sure. I think I need some more time.
  • Julie: No rush. You'll know it when the time is right. Just like I knew.
  • Julie: Here's a little something to thank you for being there for me.
  • Sally: I just cheered you up for a bot, nothing more.
  • Julie gives Sally a gift.
  • Julie: You're good at that. Just don't forget to listen too, in between all of the talking!
  • They're happy, Julie gives Sally a happy hug, and now Julie leaves the spa, heading hone.
  • Sally opens a gift!

After the levelEdit

  • Sally: Don't talk, Sally, just listen. Listen to the dolphins.
  • Sally: Oh, who am I kidding. The only thing I like to listen to, is Julio.
  • Sally: You just listen to this, dolphins. Now this is real music!
  • Music plays again!
  • ~ Its been a while ~
  • ~ Since I've seen your face, and smiled ~
  • ~ All the holding hands, talk of wedding bands ~
  • Sally: Julio, your Spanish sweetheart, grammar was never your strong point I guess.
  • ~ So I have to let you fly away ~
  • ~ I was selfish, and I spent ~
  • ~ Much more time than I had lent ~
  • Repeats the verse.
  • ~ I have made mistakes, had hearts to break ~
  • ~ And words and love unsent ~
  • ~ And with every day that passes by I know ~
  • Sally: So.. I... Much... I... S... I... M... I... SINIA. SIHIA Island. Simia Island! That's it!

Level 5-10 - My Loves Lies Over the OceanEdit

  • Sally: Simia Island. Here it is. I recognized the name. I guess all of those hours staring at this map finally paid off!
  • Francois: So... Before Julio's plane crashed, he made a song with a secret message?
  • Sally: He did not crash! He retired at Simia Island.
  • Kai: And instead of just letting people know, he used an acronym in his song?
  • Sally: Acronym, guitar, whatever. All I care about is getting to Simia Island. Fast!
  • Kai: The next boat if not leaving until Thursday.
  • Sally: I can't wait until Thursday!
  • Francois: This is the best trip I've ever been in. Instead of going home, we're now going to another island. Again! Wait until Emily hears this!
  • Sally: You can't tell Emily. Nobody can know. If the media hear about this, Simia Island will be full of reporters and camera crews before you can say 'Never'.
  • Francois: Emily won't tell.
  • Sally: She will. She'll confide in Patrick and then he'll tell his mum, and she'll tell her friend. That's how it goes. Trust me, I know.
  • Francois: Me too...
  • Sally: What do you mean?
  • Francois: Nevermind.
  • Sally: Now, how can we get to Simia Island...

During the levelEdit

  • Kai completes the navigation chart.

After the levelEdit

  • The boat is the plane!
  • Sally: Thanks so much, Aaron, for offering to fly us to Sinia Island.
  • Francois: I don't think he offered. You basically ordered him to.
  • Sally: Offered, ordered, potato. potato. Come on, Francois. No time to lose.
  • Kai: Goodbye, Sally. I hope you find what you're looking for.
  • Sally: Don't worry, I will.
  • Francois: Do you have business class?
  • Aaron: It's a cargo plane. You'll be in the back, between the boxes.
  • Francois: But you must have pretzels, right?
  • Aaron doesn't have pretzels in the plane.
  • Francois: Peanuts?
  • Francois: Seatbelts?
  • Sally pushes Francois.
  • Sally: Let's go, Francois. It's high time you meet Julio.
  • Sally, Francois and Aaron get into the plane.
  • Kai waves 'bye' to Sally and Francois!
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Fabulous Angela

Fabulous: Angela's Sweet Revenge

Angela Napoli, Virginia Hills, Amber "Kitty" Jackson, Jenny Garcia, Yum-mee, Sally

Fabulous: Angela's Fashion Fever

Cindy, Peter, Magic Max

Become Truly

Lori, Celine, Viola, Bruna, Victoria, Yuna, Truly, Eric, Bob

New York, Tokyo, Rio, Milan, Paris, Las Vegas

Fabulous: Angela's High School Reunion

Chloe Morgan, Victoria, Emily O'Malley, Evelyn Napoli, Edward Napoli, Fran Handford, Janet Morgan, Matt Miller


Fran's Diner

Snuggford High

Prom Night

The Reunion

Snuggford Prison

Fabulous: Angela's Wedding Disaster

Heart's Medicine

Heart's Medicine: Season One

Allison Heart, Ruth Phelps, Daniel Summers, Chance Foley, John Summer, Robin Fisher, Connor McCoy


The Lab




Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal

Daniel Summers, Connor McCoy, Ruth Phelps, Allison Heart, Emily O'Malley, John Summer, Chance Foley, Robin Fisher, David Quinn, Jenny Pope, Joe Albright, Sophia Gomez, Michael Owen, Mason Hamilton, Lisa Asher

The Ward


Emergency Room




Heart's Medicine: Hospital Heat

Victor Hamilton, Mathilda Heart, Ryan Maples, Sam, Stan Theman




Maternity Ward

Intensive Care


Heart's Medicine: Doctor's Oath

Cathy's Crafts

Cathy Bradford, Emily O'Malley, Paige O'Malley

Hardware Store

Arts & Crafts Fair

Cathy's Return

Fancy Flower Design

Chapter 5 (name)

Outdoor Fundraiser

Mary le Chef

Mary le Chef: Cooking Passion

Mary Vanderworth, Emily O'Malley, Richard Vanderworth, Topsy Vanderworth, Jennifer, Peter, Sophie Vanderworth, Tony, Dorothea Lowery, Luigi, Morey

Carlo's Restaurant

Sophie's Restaurant

Luigi's Restaurant

Farmer's Market

Steve's Restaurant

Steve's Backyard

Dr. Cares

Dr. Amy Cares, Emily O'Malley, Paige O'Malley, Lisa Fox, Jack Hawkins, Newton, Crystal Upton

Dr. Cares: Pet Rescue 911

Officer Murray, Jasper Kingsley, Sherman, Regina Kingsley, Mr. Kingsley, Jade Kingsley, Patrick O'Malley

Dr. Cares: Amy's Pet Clinic

The Love Boat

Angela Napoli, Captain Stubing, Dr. Adam Bricker, Burl "Gopher" Smith, Isaac Washington, Julie McCoy, Emily O'Malley

Sally's Salon

Sally Milligan

Sally's Salon: The First

Sally's Salon: Spa

Sally's Salon: Studio

Sally's Salon: Quick Clips

Sally's Salon: Beauty Secrets

Francois Truffaut, Emily O'Malley, Patrick O'Malley, Paige O'Malley, Angela Napoli, Allison Heart, Evelyn Napoli, Edward Napoli, Jenny Garcia



Mud Spa

Luxury Yacht


Steam Spa

Sally's Salon: Kiss and Make Up

Maggie's Movies

Maggie Welles

Maggie's Movies - Camera, Action

Louisiana Studio

Movie Theater

Louisiana Set

Al Junior's Residence

Studio Lot

Theater Lobby

Past days...

Maggie's Movies: Second Shot

Glamorous Kate (doesn't exist)

Glamorous - Kate's Wedding Journey

Kate O'Malley

Mortimer Beckett

Mortimer Beckett

Mortimer Beckett and the Time Paradox

Mortimer Beckett and the Secrets of Spooky Manor

Mortimer Beckett and the Crimson Thief

Mortimer Beckett and the Lost King

Mortimer Beckett and the Book of Gold

Kate O'Malley

Parker and Lane

Parker and Lane: Criminal Justice

Lily Parker, Victor Lane

Amber's Airline

Amber's Airline: High Hopes

Amber Hope

Hotel Ever After

Hotel Ever After: Ella's Wish

A modern Cinderella story based on animation.

Ella Centola

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