This is the second chapter of Sally's Salon: Beauty Secrets. It's such a tragic moment when Julio disappeared by a plane.

Level 2-1 - Two Hearts as One Edit

  • Roxie: I said to her, just use the Aloe Vera shampoo, I guarantee you that it'll help. You know it does.
  • Roxie: How long have you been using it for now, two years, right? Everybody who uses it, thanks me.
  • Roxie: They all say: 'Thank you, Roxie, for selling me that Aloe Vera shampoo.'
  • Roxie: It's just natural. Don't put anything into your hair that you wouldn't put in your mouth, that's what I always say.
  • Sally arrives.
  • Sally: Did somebody say 'Aloe Vera shampoo'?
  • Roxie surprised and gives Sally a hug!
  • Roxie: Oh my word, Sally! What are you doing here? It must've been... how long? Twenty years?
  • Sally: Let's just say it was some time ago.
  • Roxie: Sally, dear little Sally. Look at you! I see you've still get the red hair.
  • Sally: All natural, and proud of it.
  • Roxie: I like it, I like it!
  • Sally looks at the salon.
  • Sally: Wow, look at your salon! It's become so much bigger since I worked here.
  • Roxie: Bigger is better. Everyone comes here. Islanders, tourists...
  • Sally: Julio, hopefully.
  • Roxie: What was that?
  • Sally: Nothing.
  • Roxie: Just sit down, relax and you can tell me all about your life and why you're here.
  • Sally: Sure.
  • Roxie: Do you want some pineapple juice? Or I could make you a coconut smoothie?
  • Sally: Well, I could do with some coffee.
  • Roxie: Sally, you haven't changed one bit!

After the levelEdit

  • Meanwhile in Sally's Salon, Snuggford, USA...
  • Francois: ...and then she said she's not coming back without Julio!
  • Customer 1: Wow. What a story.
  • Francois: But you can't tell anybody. I promised Sally.
  • Emily: Francois!
  • Francois: You can all keep a secret, right?
  • They agree.
  • Customer 1: Imagine the look on everybody's face when she walks in here with Julio.
  • Customer 2: The authorities didn't fund him. I don't see why a hairdresser from Snuggford would.
  • Customer 3: At least she'll catch some sunlight.
  • Emily: She's hanging on to a fantasy Poor Sally.
  • Customer 1: I know! We should start making 'welcome back' banners for her, when she returns. Show our support.
  • Francois: Great plan. I'll buy some materials tomorrow.
  • The customers leave.
  • Emily: Francois! This is going too far.
  • Francois: What's wrong with a little decorating?
  • Emily: Imagine her coming back, alone, with everybody here knowing where she's been. 'Welcome back' banners everywhere, a big party... She'll feel horrible.
  • Francois thinks.
  • Francois: Then I guess she'll just have to find him.
  • Francois leaves to the back. Emily disagrees.

Level 2-2 - Ask, Don't TellEdit

  • Sally: I just wanted to see how you were.
  • Roxie: Are you sure? Just like that?
  • Sally: Just like that. My customers said I looked pale so I thought I deserved a holiday.
  • Roxie: Well, you've come to the right place for that. But I'm sure that's not it. You're not in trouble, right?
  • Sally: In trouble?
  • Roxie: You have hundred money through your salon and the IRS found out and you had to flee the country.
  • Sally: I'm not a criminal!
  • Roxie: Oh, I know! You married a man who turned out to have gambling problems.
  • Roxie: He lost all of your money and now you're in debt so you had to come here to get the debt collectors off your back.
  • Sally: Of course not!
  • Roxie: Well, these things happen, you know. People come to our island for all sorts of reasons. Not just because of our beaches and pineapples.
  • Sally: I just needed a holiday.
  • Roxie: Don't lie to me, Sally. It might have been a while, but I can still see straight through you.
  • Roxie: And I know you're not a 100% natural redhead anymore.
  • Sally: Okay, I'll tell you.

During the levelEdit

  • Roxie keeps Sally company.

After the levelEdit

  • Roxie: Wow, Sally. That is some story.
  • Sally: I know.
  • Roxie: I remember you being moody for weeks, back then. I just never knew why.
  • Sally: I should've told you.
  • Roxie: We all have our secrets. And our summer romances.
  • Sally: It was more than a summer romance.
  • Roxie: If you say so, It's so good to have you back here, Sally. With your own salon...
  • Sally: And my own hair products. I have some with me, I'll have to let you try them.
  • Roxie: I'd love to. I am so proud of you! Little Sally with her big dreams.
  • Sally: Well, I had to work hard to get where I am now. You won't believe the amount of different salons I worked at.
  • Sally: I even was in the spa business at some point!
  • Roxie: Hard work will get you everywhere. I wish I could convince my son of that.
  • Sally: How is he doing?
  • Roxie: Don't get me started on him. I'd rather talk some more about you. Starting your own business, and succeeding.
  • Roxie: That's how I raise my 'kids'. But you better not be using that much hairspray on your customers any more.
  • Sally: What can I say, I love big hair!
  • And they're happy!

Level 2-3 - This is For YouEdit

  • Meanwhile in Sally's Salon, Snuggford...
  • Francois: Sure, Tabs. I'll order them immediately.
  • Francois gets something.
  • Francois: Left-handed Scissors Label B. 'Fresh Choice' conditioner.
  • Francois: Which coffee: Dark roast extra? But Sally usually drinks...
  • Francois: Sure, sure. I'll order two boxes.
  • Francois: Three, right. See you later.
  • Snuggford Radio: ...and that song was for David. Thanks, man, for your Facebook messages, all of us here really appreciate it. Keep spreading the love!
  • Francois: Why don't you keep spreading the love, Marty, with some more giveaways. I could use concert tickets. Or a holiday!
  • Snuggford Radio: Speaking of love, a little birdy told us that our own Sally, of Sally's Salon, has traveled to a tropical island to look for Spanish singer Julio.
  • Snuggford Radio: Apparently she believes that he is still alive and she has vowed to find him.
  • Francois: What the...
  • Snuggford Radio: Sally recently won the last ticket to Julio's concert, here at Mayhem in the AM.
  • Snuggford Radio: Unconfirmed sources say she used to be involved with Julio. Now that's a story we'd love to hear!
  • Snuggford Radio: Anyway, Sally, if you hear this, we wish you good luck, and this one's for you.
  • Francois: Oops.

After the levelEdit

  • Sally enters the salon with a delivery.
  • Sally: I've made a list with all the places Julio and I went back then.
  • Roxie: Did you remember all of them? It was-
  • Sally: NOT so long ago. Yes, remembered, I think.
  • Roxie: Let me have a look.
  • Sally gets a list.
  • Roxie: Well, that bar is gone, and that restaurant has another name now. And what is this, 'woods left at the path to pink beach'?
  • Sally: Just some place we went to.
  • Roxie: Oh, Sally! You did a lot of things I did not know abut back then.
  • Sally: Do you have a map of the island?
  • Roxie: What do you need a map for? It's just one big road and the sea.
  • Sally: I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything.
  • Roxie: I think I might have an idea to make your search a bit easier. And my life. You just leave it to Roxie! Now where did I leave my phone...
  • Roxie goes to get drinks.

Level 2-4 - Time FliesEdit

  • One customer leaves while Sally cleans the sink. Len enters.
  • Roxie: Hi, Len, come and meet Sally. Sally, this is Len, my son.
  • Sally: Oh my, you were just a tiny toddler back when I worked here.
  • Roxie: He's grown big now, but he's still my baby.
  • Len: Stop it, mum. You're embarrassing me.
  • Roxie: That's what mums do. They feed you, clothe you, educate you and embarrass you. You just have to deal with it.
  • Sally: Oh, don't worry about it. I'll tell you some stories about your mu late that will leave her embarrassed!
  • Roxie: Sally!
  • Len: Deal.
  • Roxie: Len will drive you around the island, so you can cover more ground for your search.
  • Roxie: He knows every little sandy path, even those that are not on any map. And he needs to get off his lazy ass.
  • Sally: You don't have to go to work today?
  • Roxie: Len does not 'work'. He's a musician.
  • Sally: Wow, nice! What sort of music?
  • Len: A mix of reggae and rock, with a dash of 60's island vibe.
  • Len: And I do 'work'.
  • Sally: I'd love to hear some of your music. Oh, and I could play you some of Julio's music while we drive. I brought all of his cd's with me.
  • Roxie: Don't encourage you, Sally. I'd rather you tell him about how you worked hard to open your own salon.
  • Len: You sound like a broken record, mum. Bye.
  • Sally and Len leave the salon, letting Roxie go.

After the levelEdit

  • In the road trip, Sally and Len are in coffee shop.
  • Sally: I needed that! I love your mum, but sometimes she's taking the 'all natural' thing a bit too far.
  • Len: These are the best ice coffees on the island. Some friends of mine run this place, I help them out every now and then.
  • Sally: So you do have a 'normal' job.
  • Len: No! It's all music related. They have live events here, so I ask musician friends to play with me...
  • Len: ...think of a theme, design posters, stuff like that.
  • Len: And I make coffee if needed, too.
  • Sally: Creative is more than one way, I like it!
  • Len: Mum doesn't see it that way.
  • Sally: She just wants the best for you. You can't blame her.
  • Len: She thinks music isn't a career.
  • Sally: Well, it can be, just look at Julio. But that's not for everyone. Maybe you should expand your horizon.
  • Sallu: Make some more use of those organizing skills. It sounds like something you enjoy doing.
  • Len: Because it's music-related.
  • Sally: Music will always be part of your life, whether it's your job or not.
  • Sally: If you want to make a career out of it, go for it, but don't be stubborn just because of your mum.
  • Len: I'm not.
  • Sally: Right, honey, you keep believing that.
  • Sally drinks the coffee.
  • Sally: Right, time to hit the road again. We'll play Julio's third album, that's his best-selling one, you'll love it.
  • Sally and Len are off!

Level 2-5 - The Magic NumberEdit

  • Roxie: Oh, no! They'll be here next week! That's far too soon. There is so much I still need to do.
  • Sally: What's that?
  • Roxie: The 'Salon of the Year' competition.
  • Sally: Weren't you entering that already back when I was here, twe- I mean, not that long ago?
  • Roxie: I have been trying o win it forever, but it's hard. And it's just once every five years.
  • Sally: Yes, right, I remember now.
  • Roxie: Have you never entered?
  • Sallu: I don't care much for competitions. I love my salon, my customers love my salon, and that's all I need.
  • Roxie: Those judges, they are ruthless. They look at everything, and they take notes, and they hardly ever say anything.
  • Roxie: But this year, I'm winning. I can feel it.
  • Len enters the salon.
  • Len: Ready for another drive, Sally?
  • Sally: Definitely.
  • Sally goes to Len.
  • Roxie: Len, those competition judges are coming next week. Drive by Gladys' and ask if she has time to make me a new dress. I need to look perfect.
  • Len: Not this terror again. Has it been five years already?
  • Roxie: Do not mock me, son. You'd better wish your mama wins.
  • Len: Yes, or you'll be cranky for another 4 years and 11 months.
  • Roxie: I love you too, baby!
  • They're happy!
  • Sally and Len leave the salon, letting Roxie go.

After the levelEdit

  • Meanwhile in Snuggford, Francois packs up.
  • Francois: all arrived.
  • Francois: Yes, the coffee too. Thanks, Tabs. You have Emily's number in case anything goes horribly wrong, right?
  • Francois: No, I'm sure it'll all be fine. I know you're experienced. I'll be back soon, and Sally too. Thanks again.
  • Francois: Where Sally went? SHe asked me not to tell anyone. But once you open the Salon tomorrow, you'll hear soon enough. Bye!
  • Francois hangs up and puts away into the case.
  • Francois gets a camera.
  • And François gets a coffee. Francois is prepared!
  • Francois: Let's find this Julio!
  • Francois leaves the Salon.

Level 2-6 - Stay on TargetEdit

  • There was a mess.
  • Sally: Okay, so these places we've been, this one I've been to once but he could still go there later so maybe I should revisit it again.
  • Sally: Now all I need is a list of car rental places.
  • Roxie: Why? Isn't Len driving you any more? That lazy boy!
  • Sally: He is, but I wanted to call the rental places to see if maybe Julio has been renting from them.
  • Roxie: Tell Len to help you. That boy needs to pull his weight.
  • Sally: I think he's doing a lot already.
  • Roxie: Doing odd jobs is not a career.
  • Sally: Not everybody wants a regular career, Rosie.
  • Roxie: Any son of mine should.
  • Sally: Raising a child means you have to let go, eventually.
  • Sally: Oh! I know! I should try the bank, see if anyone named Julio has been withdrawing money.
  • Sally: Maybe if I offer them a free treatment here, they'll tell me.
  • Roxie: I know you want to find Julio, but you're slowly growing insane.
  • Sally: That's not Julio, that's just the coffee withdrawal.
  • Roxie: I'll make you another pineapple juice. You need to detox.
  • Sally: What I need, is to find Julio.
  • Roxie gets the pineapple juice for Sally.
  • Roxie: You need to snap out of it. You know what, why don't you help me in the salon today.
  • Roxie: Show me how much you've learned over the last couple of years.
  • Sally: But...
  • Roxie: I'm not asking politely, I'm telling you. And you'd better listen to Mama Roxie.
  • Sally: But... My notes!
  • Sally picks up her notes.

During the levelEdit

  • Roxie keeps Sally focused!

After the levelEdit

  • Sally: I must admit, that felt good, Roxie.
  • Sally: Do you think the bank is still open?
  • Roxie: Sally, not again...
  • Sally: I need to know, Roxie. I need to find him. He's waiting for me, I know it.
  • Roxie: Sally people enjoy summer flings constantly on this island. That doesn't mean their love lasts forever. Just keep it as a beautiful memory.
  • Sally: That's what I've been doing over the last couple of years. But now that he's vanished...
  • Sally: Close to this island... Just before his 50th... It can't be a coincidence. It just can't.
  • Francois arrives.
  • Roxie: That's not Julio, is it?
  • Francois: Sally!
  • Francois gives a bag to Sally.
  • Sally: Francis? What are you doing here?
  • Francois: I just thought you needed some help. We can't have to return without Julio, can we. Imagine what people will say.
  • Sally: What will they say? They just think I've been on a holiday. Don't they, Francois? Don't they?
  • Francois; Sure, Sally. That's what they think. Why wouldn't they? It's not as if anyone has told them about you and Julio.
  • Francois: Certainly not me. Definitely not me.
  • Roxie: Good. But the Salon? Tabs?
  • Francois: You know Tabs. She can do anything. She doesn't need me.
  • Sally: But...
  • Francois: Tabs doesn't drink this type of coffee, so...
  • Sally gets a coffee bag/camera!
  • Francois: And this one.
  • And with the coffee cup to Sally!
  • Sally: Oh, Francois! How did you know I needed this?
  • Francois: I guessed.
  • Francois and Sally hug!
  • Sally: My baby's back!

Level 2-7 - Cleaning HouseEdit

  • Sally: SO, these 'Salon of the Year' people are coming to impact this place tomorrow.
  • Roxie: They'll be here at 11.
  • Francois: 'Salon of the Year'? But the competition is only held once every 5 years.
  • Sally: Yes, that's right.
  • Francois: So why is it called 'of the year'?
  • Sally: No idea. That's just the name.
  • Roxie: I just want to win. I can't wait another 5 years.
  • Sally: Don't worry, Francois and I can help. Some extra cleaning, maybe some small design changes...
  • Sally looks around the salon.
  • Sally: Francois is really good at interior design, actually.
  • Francois: 'Salon of the 5 years'? No, that's weird.
  • Sally: Oh, and we can act as your employees, make them think you have lots of people working for you.
  • Francois: 'Lustrum Salon'? Sounds like a horror movie.
  • Roxie: Thanks, Sally, for helping out.
  • Francois: 'Salon of the half-decade'?
  • Sally: Don't worry, honey, we'll help you win this thing.
  • Francois: 'Salon Olympics'? No, that's every four years.
  • Sally: Imagine if you win, it'll be in all of the local papers and maybe Julio will then remember this place and come over her to look for me!
  • Francois: 'Quinquennial'?
  • Sally: Come on, Francois, let's get to work!
  • Francois: Yes! Let's turn this place into the Salon of the Quinquennial!
  • Roxie leaves the salon, letting Francois and Sally go.

During the levelEdit

  • Francois cleans up all the trash.

After the levelEdit

  • Len enters the salon while they're working.
  • Len: Looking good!
  • Roxie: You could've helped.
  • Len: you didn't tell me you were doing this.
  • Sally: Len, this is my friend Francois. He came all the way out here to help me find Julio.
  • Len: Impressive.
  • Roxie: I'm sure he doesn't mind the weather either.
  • Francois: That reminds me, I need to send Emily a postcard. I promised her.
  • Len: There's a great souvenir shop my friend runs. She has beautiful postcards, all handmade. I can take you there later.
  • Francois: Sound great, thanks. Oh, and what about the dolphins?
  • Len: Which dolphins?
  • Francois: Sally told me about the dolphins she saw, last time she was here.
  • Roxie: We're not seen dolphins here for a long time. I'm sure they're still here, they just don't show themselves.
  • Sally: Just like Julio.
  • Roxie: Maybe.

Level 2-8 - Nothing to FearEdit

  • Sally: You look great, Roxie. That jury won't know what hit them.
  • The judges are here.
  • Judge 1: If anybody hits is, your salon will immediately be disqualified.
  • Judge 2: It's in the rules. Chapter 2, article 53. 'Harassment of judges is strictly forbidden and will result in disqualification.'
  • Roxie: You're here. Already.
  • Judge 1: It's 10 am. Exactly.
  • Judge 2: We're always exactly on time.
  • Roxie: 10 am? The letter said 11.
  • Judge 2: The letter says 10. Reread it and you will find you are wrong.
  • Judge 1: And we are right.
  • Len: Mum. Mum!
  • Sally: Can I offer you gentlemen something to drink? A nice pineapple juice, maybe? That is one of the specialties of this salon. Everything is fully natural.
  • Francois: Yes! You can put it in your hair, on your face, or drink it. Whatever you want!
  • Judge 1: We don't need juice.
  • Judge 2: We need coffee.
  • Sally: Excellent choice. Francois?
  • Francois goes to blender.
  • Francois: You drank it all? In just two days?
  • Judge 1: No coffee. We'll start taking notes now. Where are your customers?
  • Sally: They'll come in soon. We have all sorts of customers. Locals, tourists, everybody.
  • Judge 1: We don't care about everybody.
  • Judge 2: We just care about judging.
  • Judge 1: And pan flutes. I care about pan flutes.
  • Judge 2: We'll let you know if we need anything.
  • The judges step off the salon floor.
  • Len: Make sure they don't leave. I have a plan.
  • Len leaves the salon.

After the levelEdit

  • Judge 1: Right.
  • Judge 2: If that is all, we're leaving.
  • Len and the customers arrive.
  • Len: That is certainly not all.
  • Len: Here is your coffee. And we prepared some music for you. It's just something we like to do here, every now and then.
  • Len: Because music is just as naturally beautiful as our customers.
  • Len: This song is especially for Sally. May you find what you are looking for.
  • Judge 1: Look, it's a pan flute!
  • The music plays! Now they dance!
  • Judge 1: Thank you. That was neat.
  • Judge 2: But the coffee and music will not be judged. It's in the rules. Chapter 2, article 71. 'Coffee and music will not be judged.'
  • Judge 1: Sorry.
  • The judges give coffee back to Francois.
  • Now the judges left.

Level 2-9 - The Fast and the FabulousEdit

  • Francois: I used to play the pan flute as well, you know? I didn't know the pan flute if a traditional reggae instrument!
  • Len: It isn't...
  • Sally: You could've brought me some coffee. What a stressful day. Are you okay, Roxie?
  • Roxie: I guess so. Thanks, Len, for doing all of this.
  • Len: It didn't help.
  • Roxie: It helped me. I'm proud of you, son. I'm sorry I haven't said that before.
  • Roxie: You're a great musician and a fast thinker. You will find your own way in like. I see that now.
  • Roxie and Len hug.
  • Sally: Roxie, I have to ask. Why would you want to submit yourself to this? This is not a fun competition.
  • Roxie: You know how it is. You're proud of our salon, and you want to become bigger and better.
  • Roxie: You get this idea in your head, to win a competition, and it's all you can think about. As the years go by, that idea gets bigger, more important.
  • Roxie: You convince yourself that you've got a chance and that your life will not be complete without winning.
  • Sally: I think your life is quite complete as it is. Don't you think, Len?
  • Len: I agree.
  • Len: Time to go, guys. I'll drop you off. Do you want to come too, Francois? We can go and buy that postcard.
  • Francois: Yes, please.
  • Francois: Can I play your own flute in the car?
  • Len: You can keep it, good riddance.
  • One person gives the pan flute to Francois.

After the levelEdit

  • Francois and Len are in coffee shop.
  • Francois: Emily will love this card. Thanks, Len.
  • Customer 1: ...I've heard he's a very famous person.
  • Francois sneaks in the bar.
  • Customer 1: And you're saying he's bought Lutum Island.
  • Customer 2: Yes, well, half of it. There's that mud spa on there, remember?
  • Customer 1; Oh, yes, sure.
  • Customer 2: That's on the east side of the island, and apparently this celebrity has bought the west side. He's having a villa built there and all.
  • Customer 1: Fancy.
  • Francois sneaks but tripped on the stairs!
  • Customer 1: What'cha doing there?
  • Customer 2: Pervert!
  • Len goes to Francois.
  • Len: Sorry, ladies. My friend was just curious. Who are you talking about?
  • Customer 2: None of your business!
  • Customer 1: A mysterious celebrity. No idea who.
  • Customer 1: But I'm pretty sure it ain't you, Weirdo!
  • The ladies leave anyway.

Level 2-10 - The Best Things in Life...Edit

  • Sally: And where is this Lutum Island?
  • Len: Just across from here. It's only tiny. There's nothing there except for this weird mud spa.
  • Sally: What's weird about a mud spa?
  • Roxie: I've been there once and believe me, I love natural products but they have taken it to a whole different level!
  • Sally: A remote island close by, a celebrity who wants to remain anonymous - it has to be Julio. It has to.
  • Len: You can take a water taxi to the island.
  • Francois: Shouldn't we go by boat?
  • There is a call.
  • Roxie: Yes.
  • Roxie: Of course. No, I understand.
  • Roxie: Thank you.
  • Roxie: I didn't win. No 'Salon of the Year'.
  • They're sad!
  • Francois: It's a dumb title anyway.
  • Len: You'll get another chance in 5 years.
  • Roxie: No. I'm done competing. My salon is fine as it is. Just like my son.
  • Sally: I'm proud of you, honey.
  • Sally gives Roxie a hug.

After the level; Post-chapterEdit

  • At the coffee shop, Sally and Francois are approaching water taxi.
  • Len: The water taxi is just there.
  • Sally: Thanks for taking us, Len. And for helping out.
  • Len: No problem. Oh, your Julio cd's are still in the car.
  • Sally: You keep them.
  • Sally: You didn't think I'd travel with just 1 set of Julio cd's, did you?
  • Sally: Let's go, Francois.
  • Francois: Another island, another adventure. I think I could get used to this!
  • Sally and Francois are off to Lutum Island. Len goes back to the salon!
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Heart's Medicine Heart's Medicine: Season One Allison Heart, Ruth Phelps, Daniel Summers, Chance Foley, John Summer, Robin Fisher, Connor McCoy
Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal Emily O'Malley, David Quinn, Jenny Pope, Joe Albright, Sophia Gomez, Michael Owen, Mason Hamilton, Lisa Asher
Heart's Medicine: Hospital Heat Victor Hamilton, Mathilda Heart, Ryan Maples, Sam, Stan Theman
Heart's Medicine: Doctor's Oath (Coming soon)
Dr. Cares Dr. Cares: Pet Rescue 911 Dr. Amy Cares, Emily O'Malley, Paige O'Malley, Lisa Fox, Jack Hawkins, Newton, Crystal Upton, Killian Murray, Jasper Kingsley, Sherman, Regina Kingsley, Mr. Kingsley, Jade Kingsley, Patrick O'Malley
Dr. Cares: Amy's Pet Clinic
Dr. Cares: Family Practice Heather Fox, Maria, Alice Cares
Dr. Cares Season 4 (coming soon) (TBA)
Amber's Airline Amber's Airline: High Hopes Amber Hope, Elise Derno, Pamela Idalgo, Karen Scottfield, Emily O'Malley, Allison Heart
Amber's Airline: 7 Wonders Angela Napoli, Jenny Garcia
Parker and Lane Parker and Lane: Criminal Justice Lily Parker, Victor Lane
Parker and Lane: Twisted Minds
Sally's Salon Sally's Salon: Beauty Secrets Sally Milligan, Francois Truffaut, Emily O'Malley, Patrick O'Malley, Paige O'Malley, Angela Napoli, Allison Heart, Evelyn Napoli, Edward Napoli, Jenny Garcia
Sally's Salon: Kiss and Make Up
Maggie's Movies Maggie's Movies - Camera, Action Maggie Welles
Maggie's Movies: Second Shot
Primrose Lake Welcome to Primrose Lake Jenny Carlyle, Jessica Carlyle
Others Cathy's Crafts Cathy Bradford, Emily O'Malley, Paige O'Malley
Mary le Chef: Cooking Passion Mary Vanderworth, Emily O'Malley, Richard Vanderworth, Topsy Vanderworth, Jennifer, Peter, Sophie Vanderworth, Tony, Dorothea Lowery, Luigi, Morey
The Love Boat Angela Napoli, Captain Stubing, Dr. Adam Bricker, Burl "Gopher" Smith, Isaac Washington, Julie McCoy, Emily O'Malley
The Love Boat: Second Chances
Mortimer Beckett and the Book of Gold Mortimer Beckett, Kate O'Malley
Hotel Ever After: Ella's Wish Ella Centola
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