This is the second chapter of Sally's Salon: Beauty Secrets. It's such a tragic moment when Julio disappeared by a plane.

Level 2-1 - Two Hearts as One

  • Roxie: I said to her, just use the Aloe Vera shampoo, I guarantee you that it'll help. You know it does.
  • Roxie: How long have you been using it for now, two years, right? Everybody who uses it, thanks me.
  • Roxie: They all say: 'Thank you, Roxie, for selling me that Aloe Vera shampoo.'
  • Roxie: It's just natural. Don't put anything into your hair that you wouldn't put in your mouth, that's what I always say.
  • Sally arrives.
  • Sally: Did somebody say 'Aloe Vera shampoo'?
  • Roxie surprised and gives Sally a hug!
  • Roxie: Oh my word, Sally! What are you doing here? It must've been... how long? Twenty years?
  • Sally: Let's just say it was some time ago.
  • Roxie: Sally, dear little Sally. Look at you! I see you've still get the red hair.
  • Sally: All natural, and proud of it.
  • Roxie: I like it, I like it!
  • Sally looks at the salon.
  • Sally: Wow, look at your salon! It's become so much bigger since I worked here.
  • Roxie: Bigger is better. Everyone comes here. Islanders, tourists...
  • Sally: Julio, hopefully.
  • Roxie: What was that?
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