This is the fifth chapter in Mary le Chef: Cooking Passion.

Level 41 - Crumbling Down

  • Allison is in the hospital.
  • Topys: I suspect you'll want a coffee.
  • Mary: Did the doctors come by?
  • Topsy: They think he's out of the woods for now.
  • Mary: Is he going to be okay?
  • Topsy: They're not sure. They won't say much...
  • Topsy: ...quite frankly I think they're worried I'll sue for malpractice.
  • Mary: What about you?
  • Topsy: I'll call you as soon as he wakes up.
  • Mary gives Richard a kiss. Topsy reads the law.
  • Mary leaves the room and calls.
  • Mary: ...leave a message after the beep.
  • Mary: Peter? Why are you not calling back? I could really use a friend right now...

During the level

  • Mary: I need to keep my phone close in case there's news about my dad...
  • Mary keeps her eyes on the phone.

After the level

  • Morey cleans a table while Steve enters the restaurant.
  • Steven: Margaret, right?
  • Mary: Mary. We've met, like, three times now.
  • Steven: Listen, I need yo to send my headshot and bio to this list of TV producers.
  • Mary: My father is in the hospital, remember? We talked about this.
  • Steven: Can't you just go there later?
  • Mary: I CAN, but I won't.
  • Steven: Hey, what's your deal? I thought you wanted to be a chef?
  • Mary: What does that have to do with ANYTHING, much less stuffing envelopes!
  • Morey: I'll do it!
  • Mary: THANK YOU, Morey.
  • Mary: It's nice to know that SOMEONE around here has a sense of common decency.
  • Mary enters the elevator.
  • Steven: What's her problem?

Level 42 - Walking Away

  • Mary enters the hospital room. Dad's awake!
  • Mary: Dad!
  • Mary goes to her dad and kisses him.
  • Mary: Dad - you're not working are you?
  • Richard: Your mother and I are being sued my our partners - can you believe it?
  • Topsy: In light of your father's health I've suggested - UNSUCCESSFULLY - that we hire our own attorneys.
  • Richard: That's just what those ingrates want, Topsy! For me to show a sign of weakness!
  • Richard: WE founded the firm. WE will defend it!
  • Topsy: I suppose if you were a dentist you'd be pulling your own teeth, too.
  • Richard: This is my life's work we're talking about!
  • Topsy: OUR life's work.
  • Mary: Mom, Dad... PLEASE.
  • Mary: Dad... your job, as great as it is... it's literally killing you.
  • Mary: And I just... I can't just stand by and watch it happen!
  • Mary leaves the hospital.

During the level

  • Mary bakes the cake before day ends.

After the level

  • Steve enters the restaurant and sits down to read.
  • Mary gets the cake to Steve.
  • Mary: The marjolaine for tomorrow.
  • mary: Look, for my part, I apologize for getting heated yesterday.
  • Steven: Huh? Oh! Yeah... right. Whatever, it's fine.
  • Mary: To be honest... this probably isn't the best time for me to start at a new kitchen.
  • Mary: My father's just has a heart attack, and my parents really need me right now.
  • There was a phone call.
  • Steven: Yeah? Dmitri? What's the latest with the cookbook deal?
  • Mary: Also, it looks like I'll be starting my new job as a lawyer soon - bet you didn't know that I went to law school, huh?
  • Mary: So... do me a favor and treat Morey well or I'll sue you into oblivion, got it?
  • Mary: I'll see myself out.
  • Steven: What? NO. Tell them it's a hardcover or NOTHING.
  • Mary left the restaurant.
  • Steven: This is delicious!
  • Steven: Dmitri, I gotta call you back!
  • Steven leaves the restaurant!

Level 43 - Shot at a Hot Shot

  • Mary: Mom?
  • Mary: Mom, please, you've barely spoken a word to me in weeks.
  • Mary: Yell at me, get angry - SOMETHING.
  • Topsy shuts the laptop.
  • Topsy: Gottleib wasn't a good fit - I can see that now.
  • Mary: I'm sorry I embarrassed you.
  • Topsy: Thank you.
  • Mary: Mom? What made YOU decide to be a lawyer?
  • Mary receives a call.
  • Mary: Hang on... It's my old boss - I'll get rid of him.
  • Mary: Yeah, Steve - I'm sorry not to give two weeks notice but-
  • Mary: You did? ...Really? ...Yeah, well - I guess I could come in later... Bye.
  • Topsy: Go on, dear. I've got some work to do. I'll update you on your father as soon as I have some news.

During the level

  • Mary fixes up the hedges.

After the level

  • Steven: So... where'd you get the idea to use chilies in your marjolaine?
  • Mary: Just messing around, I guess.
  • Mary: Good, isn't it?
  • Steven: OH, YEAH.
  • Steven and Mary sit at table.
  • Steven: Look, Meg-.
  • Mary: MARY.
  • Steven: Mary, I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm about to pop.
  • Mary: Er… Maybe get some antacids or something?
  • Steven: The book tour we've got planned for my new cookbook is going to be NATIONAL...
  • Steven: I'll be on all the big daytime TV shows - it'll be a springboard for my OWN show.
  • Steven: And what I want to do if open up more restaurants - Paris, las Vegas, London, Montreal...
  • Steven: But I can't just slap my name on anything - I've got to have great chefs at each one to keep the quality up.
  • There is a call!
  • Steven: Shoot. Hold that thought, I gotta take this. We'll talk later.
  • Steve leaves for a call.

Level 44 - All In

  • Jennifer: Listen to your heart... When it cries out to youuuu!
  • Jennifer: Listen to your heart... List wise women doooo!
  • Peter enters the restaurant.
  • Peter: Hey, can I talk to you?
  • Mary: First you blow off my party - okay, FINE, whatever.
  • Mary: But I left you a message about my dad almost for a WEEK ago.
  • Mary: Frankly, I think you've said enough already - do we really need to go through the motions?
  • Peter: I'm really sorry. I messed up.
  • Peter: I just... it's been a while since I've been with someone I really cared about.
  • Peter: The last time that happened it worked about as well as trying to put out a grease fire with flour.
  • Peter: I've been kicking around town, telling myself that it's for the best...
  • Peter: ...but I keep coming back to the fact that I think I love you.
  • Mary's worried.
  • Peter: Even so, if you don't want to see me anymore, I'll understand and I won't bother you.
  • Peter leaves Mary.

During the level

  • Mary gets what Steve needs to finish the dish.

After the level

  • Steve calls the recipe.
  • Steven: Salmon mousse mashed potatoes. What do you think of them?
  • Mary: The same thing I thought when Chef Giordi served them at Allou. That they're delicious.
  • Steven: Hey man, I switched up the recipe A LOT.
  • Mary: What about... a swordfish mousse - with fresh herbs?
  • Steven: En garde! Let's try it.
  • Mary gets the utensils to make it.
  • Steven: So... do you really want to be a lawyer?
  • Mary: I didn't think you listened.
  • Steven: I tend to have a one track mind.
  • Mary: That's being generous.
  • Mary: Do you think it's possible to do THIS - you know, become a great chef - and have it not be out day job?
  • Steven: No way. All in or all out, that's how I live my life.
  • Steven: Dmitri - where are we on the '365 Eve's With Steve' calendar?
  • Mary looks out.

Level 45 - Heartache

  • Jennifer: Any ideas when the results for the bar exam are due?
  • Mary: Pretty soon, actually... How's the firm?
  • Jennifer: There's a still job waiting for you... Actually, two jobs, but I'll only pay you for one.
  • Jennifer: How's your dad?
  • Mary: He's getting better... but I'm still worried about him. The doctor's say he's still at risk.
  • Jennifer drinks.
  • Jennifer: Aaaand?
  • Mary: And what?
  • Jennifer: C'mon - you know the rules. We talk about ourselves first, then our work, our families, and then boy stuff.
  • Jennifer: You haven't called him?
  • Mary: No... But I miss him. So what does that mean?
  • Jennifer: Only time - and your heart - will tell.

During the level

  • Mary helps Morey tune the piano.

After the level

  • Back in the hospital, Mary enters the room.
  • Mary: Dad, I brought you some fresh almonds and walnuts from Steve's farmer's market.
  • Richard: Can you BELIVE this, Topsy? The audacity of this letter?
  • Topsy: Phillip is trying to get a rise out of us, Richard - you taught him that yourself.
  • Mary places the food.
  • Richard: So I did - I created a monster!
  • Mary: Dad, don't you think you should let someone else handle this?
  • Richard: This isn't just OUR future that's at stake here, Mary.
  • Richard places the paper, and coughes-
  • Richard: It's yours too - COUGH! COUGH!
  • Richard: COUGH! COUGH!
  • Richard keeps coughing.
  • Topsy: I'll call the doctor!
  • Topsy runs to get a doctor!
  • Mary: Dad - Dad, drink some water, PLEASE!

Level 46 - Life Opportunity

  • Allison checks Richard to see what happened. Then she leaves.
  • Richard: Topsy… Did Michael Reese from Miller & Kean get back to us?
  • Topsy: Mary and I are handling it, Richard...
  • Toopsy: ...just concentrate on getting better.
  • Richard: We need to respond to Phillips' motion by the end of the week.
  • Topsy: We KNOW, Richard... We know.
  • Richard: We didn't work our entire lives just to hand everything over to that... that snake.
  • Mary: Dad... You've been talking about retiring for a while now...
  • Richard: Not under these circumstances! I won't give them the satisfaction. Why, I'd rather-
  • Mary: WHAT? Die?
  • Topsy: Now let's not get dramatic, dear.
  • Mary: Dramatic?! Look where we are!
  • Mary: Dad, you say the firm is my future... but you know what?
  • Mary: I'd rater that future included YOU.... ALIVE, rather than risk losing you to because of stupid law firm.
  • Mary leaves the hospital.

During the level

  • Mary reads her parents' case.

After the level

  • Steven: Hey - you gotta check this out! I've been in the kitchen all day!
  • Mary: Experimenting, huh? Can I help? It'll take my mind off things.
  • Steven: Cooking? No, I've been practicing catch phrases!
  • Steven: Famous chefs gotta have catch phrases.
  • Mary: Okay... Watchya got?
  • Steven: Get ready to sign a... FLAVOR WAIVER!!
  • Mary: Er… um... not bad?
  • Steven: COOK-A-MUNGA!!
  • Steven: Get ready for a...sau-te part-TAY!
  • Mary began to cry after her actions.
  • Steven: Uh... Are you like, okay?
  • Mary gave Steve a hug. A tight hug!

Level 47 - Ups and Downs

  • Mary: What did the cardiologist say?
  • Mary eats the pie.
  • Topsy: That he needs to rest. To think about golf, not work...
  • Mary: Dad never was much of a golfer...
  • Topsy: Never much of a lawyer, either - just between you and I.
  • Topsy eats the pie.
  • Topsy: No... your father lives for the FIGHT.
  • Mary: What about YOU, mom? Why do you do it? All the hours? The stress?
  • Topsy: I LOVE it...
  • Topsy: It's like... a chess match at two hundred miles an hour.
  • Mary: I thought that was race car driving?
  • Topsy: When you win a victory on behalf of a client... Well, it's hard to describe.
  • Mary: I get it... For me, it's like when an experiment in the kitchen pays off...
  • Mary: ...and you get to share it with someone special.
  • Topsy eats the pie.

During the level

  • Mary fixes the freezer.

After the level

  • Steve enters the restaurant with a director.
  • Mary: Oh. Hey...
  • Steven: How's your, uh...?
  • Mary: My dad? His heart's okay - it's his brain we're worried about now.
  • Steve directs.
  • Steven: Okay, good, because I want to get your picture to my PR people.
  • Steven: If you're going to run one part of my empire for me we need to get working on your image.
  • Mary: Steve... I, um... I should have been more straightforward with you...
  • <ary: Honestly, with my dad in the hospital and everything...
  • Mary: ...truthfully, I didn't think you were serious before, about me running a restaurant.
  • Steven: Are you freakin' kidding me right now?
  • Steven: I'm offering you the opportunity of a LIFETIME.
  • Mary: I know... I know... it's just... my life's taking me in another direction.
  • Steven: Great. You're fired, then. You have until the end of the week, then I want you to pick up your check and GET OUT.
  • Steve left the restaurant.

Bonus 24 - Shooting for the Stars

  • Mary shoots the photos of the perfect moments, so Steve wants perfect magazine pictures. Better bring out those photography skills of Mary.

Level 48 - Change of Heart

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