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*Mary shoots the photos of the perfect moments, so Steve wants perfect magazine pictures. Better bring out those photography skills of Mary.
*Mary shoots the photos of the perfect moments, so Steve wants perfect magazine pictures. Better bring out those photography skills of Mary.
==Level 48 - Change of Heart==
==Level 48 - Change of Heart==
*Mary walks back and fourth for a call.
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: Hey, Peter - it's me.
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: We're not sure... Doctor says it could go either way.
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: Yeah... Working for Steve was uh... interesting to say the least.
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: He actually wanted me to run one of his restaurants, but I blew it.
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: You know what though? He's actually an amazing chef when he puts his mind into it - I learned a lot.
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: As much as I loved working for Carlos and Luigi... I was really happy there.
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: Hey... We should talk.
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: Yeah, okay... I'll see you later. Bye.
*Mary hangs up. Then Mary gives her dad a kiss and leaves the room.
*Richard wakes up.
===After the level===
*Peter enters the restaurant while Mary cleans a table.
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: Hey...
*Peter and Mary sat at the table.
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: I, uh... I've been thinking a lot about what you said.
*[[Peter (Mary le Chef)|Peter]]: Forget it...
*[[Mary Vanderworth|mary]]: No, really. It meant a lot to me that you had the courage to say those things.
*[[Peter (Mary le Chef)|Peter]]: Mary...
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: I'm glad that we got the chance to talk again. Face to face.
*[[Peter (Mary le Chef)|Peter]]: Mary. I'm back with my ex girlfriend.
*[[Peter (Mary le Chef)|Peter]]: I mean, we want to try to make it work this time.
*[[Peter (Mary le Chef)|Peter]]: That night we got into a fight... I was really angry.
*[[Peter (Mary le Chef)|Peter]]: And Irene listened. And... I should have told you sooner.
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: Peter... I have a lot going on right now with my father... My career... I guess it wasn't our time.
*[[Peter (Mary le Chef)|Peter]]: I guess it wasn't... But who knows, if Irene and I...
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: If what? No Peter, my life continues without you.
*Peter leaves the restaurant.
==Level 49 - Judgement Day==
*[[Jennifer (Mary le Chef)|Jennifer]]: You'll call me as SOON as you get your test results, right?
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: Yeah, yeah - I promise.
*[[Jennifer (Mary le Chef)|Jennifer]]: Pass or fail?
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: Pass or fail.
*[[Jennifer (Mary le Chef)|Jennifer]]: Good.
*[[Jennifer (Mary le Chef)|Jennifer]]: Oh, and Mary?
*[[Jennifer (Mary le Chef)|Jennifer]]: Don't worry any more - okay?
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: I don't think that's possible.
===During the level===
*Mary watches out for the postman to accept the delivery of the results.
===After the level===
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: Morey... Some suspenseful music, please?
*Mary opens the letter of test results!
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: I... I...
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: ...I FAILED!
*Mary dances around! Morey looks at Mary!
*Mary spins during Steve enters the restaurant.
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: I failed! I failed! I failed! I FAILED!!
==Level 50 - Facing Friends and Family==
*Mary enters the room while Richard is better while they hug!
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: Mom, Dad?
*[[Richard Vanderworth|Richard]]: Mary! You're just in time!
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: For what?
*Dad gets the letter and throws behind!
*[[Richard Vanderworth|Richard]]: My retirement party!
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: What... what happened?
*[[Richard Vanderworth|Richard]]: I want to be around for a good long while.
*[[Richard Vanderworth|Richard]]: Long enough to see some grandchildren.
*Richard and Mary dance spin!
*[[Topsy Vanderworth|Topsy]]: Goodness, Richard! Be careful.
*[[Richard Vanderworth|Richard]]: Nonsense. I feel like a ten thousand pound weight was just lifted off my shoulders.
*[[Topsy Vanderworth|Topsy]]: What did you want to talk about, dear?
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: Nothing, mom. Nothing.
===After the level===
*Jennifer enters the restaurant.
*[[Jennifer (Mary le Chef)|Jennifer]]: You didn't call.
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: Are you disappointed?
*[[Jennifer (Mary le Chef)|Jennifer]]: No...
*[[Jennifer (Mary le Chef)|Jennifer]]: You're a chef, Mary... A good one.
*Steve throws the magazines to Morey, Mary and Jennifer upon enter!
*[[Steven Adrose|Steven]]: Yo, peeps! Hot off the press - Sizzle City by Steve Sizzle, that's my celebrity name.
*They read the magazine. Richard and Topsy enter the restaurant
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: Hey! You used my recipe...
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: ...and you didn't give me any credit for it.
*[[Steven Adrose|Steven]]: Of course not. If you're working for me, it's to push MY brand. That's just how it goes.
*[[Richard Vanderworth|Richard]]: Preposterous! She won't be working for YOU sir… Not much longer, anyhow!
*Mary dropped the magazine!
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: Dad! Shouldn't you be resting?
*[[Richard Vanderworth|Richard]]: We wanted to celebrate with you, sweetheart.
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: Mom, Dad... I didn't pass the bar.
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: Hold on... there's more...
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: I want...
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: NO. I AM a chef. Not a lawyer.
*[[Topsy Vanderworth|Topsy]]: We know, dear.
*[[Richard Vanderworth|Richard]]: ...we realize now that it's not the law that floods through a Vanderworth's veins - it's a drive to work hard towards our passions.
*Mary and Richard gave a hug. And so does Topsy.
*[[Richard Vanderworth|Richard]]P In face, we thought we might open a restaurant together.
*[[Topsy Vanderworth|Topsy]]: OR send her overseas to learn from master chefs in Europe!
*[[Richard Vanderworth|Richard]]: What? And never see her again?
*[[Topsy Vanderworth|Topsy]]: Oh, please! We're taking six weeks, maximum.
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: Guys, guys - please!
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: You're not angry about law school?
*[[Topsy Vanderworth|Topsy]]: Oh, you'll pay us back - once you're running your own four star restaurant.
*[[Steven Adrose|Steven]]: Yo, everybody! Let's move this party to my mansion and get some BBQ going, huh?
*[[Steven Adrose|Steven]]: Time to sign a flavor waiver!
*Mary gave Topsy and Richard a hug!
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: I love you guys.
*[[Topsy Vanderworth|Topsy]]: We love you, too, dear.
*[[Richard Vanderworth|Richard]]: Now... let's celebrate!
*Mary is no longer a lawyer! She's now a chef!
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