This is the sixth and final chapter in Mary le Chef: Cooking Passion. After Mary failed to pass the bar exam, Mary is ecstatic! Lawyer's over, Mary!

Level 51 - Rise to the Occasion Edit

  • Mary, her friends and family enter the place.
  • Mary: So... I thought I was fired?
  • Steven: Huh? When?
  • Mary: You have until the end of the week, then pick up your check and GET OUT.
  • Mary: And get ready to sign a flavor waiver!
  • Steven: Look, you can't take me seriously when I'm like that.
  • Steven: I fire my chef's at least once a week. More when I'm stressed.
  • Steven: Anyway, help my totally rock my book release party and all's forgiven.
  • Steven: I'll even give you a nice bonus you can use to help you with whatever your next adventure is...
  • Steven: I know some good chefs in Europe.
  • Steve pses!

During the levelEdit

  • Mary keeps serving her family and friends throughout the day.

After the levelEdit

  • Morey leaves the place.
  • Jennifer: Hey, just because you're free of the shackles of the law industry...
  • Jennifer: ...doesn't mean you can get out of catering our couple's shower.
  • Mary: Absolutely, it'll be my gift to you both - you just pay for the food.
  • Tony: Thanks!
  • Jennifer: Well, that takes care of ONE problem, at least.
  • Mary: Anything I can help with?
  • Tony: We've had lousy luck finding a venue.
  • Steven: No problem - you can have it here.
  • Tony: Er… I don't know.
  • Steven: It's no problem, bro! You can have the run of the entire mansion.
  • Steven: Pool, tennis court, home theater, tanning salon...
  • Steven: I've even got a flamingo pond out front.
  • Tony: Well, okay... Thanks!

Bonus 26 - Critic-al!Edit

  • Philippe and the food critics visit the backyard.
  • Philippe looks at this restaurant.
  • Philippe: This is... "Sizzle" Steven's Restaurant, yes?
  • Mary: Yes it is! A table for four?
  • "Hmpf, obviously..."
  • Mary places the table for critics.
  • Mary: ...Right this way.
  • Now they sit at a table.

During the levelEdit

  • Mary keeps the critics happy, or she'll get booted by Steven.

After the level; upon completionEdit

  • Philippe: We have, unanimously, decided to rate this "Sizzle City"...
  • Philippe: 8 out of 10.
  • The food critics left a rating!

Level 52 - Finding Our WayEdit

  • Morey and his dad enter the place
  • Morey's dad: Are you listening?
  • Morey: Yes, Dad.
  • Morey's dad: Because this is your future we're talking about here.
  • Morey's dad: Rib Ticklers is having their annual comedy festival at the end o the month.
  • Morey's dad: That's your ticket to finding an agent who can get you on the touring circuit.
  • Morey's dad: But we can't get you any mic time at Rib Ticklers - they only work with proven talent.
  • Morey: I'm working the smaller clubs as often as I can.
  • Morey's dad: Forget those nudnik pieces - what we need is a SHOWCASE!
  • Morey: A Showcase? ...Where?
  • Steven: You can have it here if you want.
  • Morey: Really?
  • Steven: Anything for my main man, Miorey.

During the levelEdit

  • Mary helps Steve with his phone while he sunbathes.

After the levelEdit

  • James is here.
  • Mary: James!
  • Mary gives James a hug!
  • Mary: What are you doing here?
  • James: Steve and I have been friends for a long time.
  • Steven: S'up, bro!
  • James: We did all our big investor dinners at his restaurant, company parties, everything.
  • James: He mentioned that you're helping build his 'Sizzle City Empire', so I thought I'd stop by.
  • Mary: Well, I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to do next - but I do know it'll be as a chef.
  • Mary: What about you - what are you up to?
  • James: I founded another start up...
  • James: ...this time, I'm keeping control so it can stay focused on something more than just a money grab.
  • James: Steven's helping to hook me up with some conscionable investors.
  • Steven: Investor party! Woooooo!
  • Mary: Guess I'll be seeing you around, then.

Level 53 - Sizzle CityEdit

  • Mary goes to Steve.
  • Mary: So war you've promised Morey a comedy showcase, James an investor party and Jennifer and Tony a wedding reception.
  • Mary: That's aside from your big book release party.
  • Steven: Yeah, that sounds like something I'd do.
  • Mary: Right = so if we're going to pull all this off, you're going to need to stop schmoozing on the phone and start cooking!
  • Steven: I became a celebrity chef so I wouldn't have to cook.
  • Mary: Let's go, dude! Time to work those kitchen muscles.
  • Steve places the phone to go to work.

During the levelEdit

  • Mary brings Steve the items he requests.

After the levelEdit

  • Steven: Man, sometimes I forget how much fun this is.
  • Mary: Excellent fragrance, texture and taste.
  • Mary: How is you're so cavalier about this stuff and yet so GOOD at it?
  • Steven: I was raised by my grandparents. They owned a diner.
  • Steven: While other kids were out playing baseball or camping, I was helping them run the place.
  • Steven: My whole Sizzle City Empire is a tribute to them.
  • Mary: Wow.... That's REALLY sweet.
  • Mary looks at photos.
  • Mary: Is this a photo of them in the acknowledgements?
  • Steven: Actually, those are actors I hired to portrary my grandparents.
  • Steven: My publisher thought my real grandparents were a little 'unpolished' - waddaya gonna do?
  • Mary is stressed. She drops the book.

Level 54 - True PassionEdit

  • Mary's parents are in the place.
  • Richard gave Mary a hug.
  • And so does Topsy.
  • Mary: Look at you two! How's retirement treating you?
  • Mary come in.
  • Richard: Great!
  • Richard: As a matter of fact, we were just going to go look at some office space.
  • Topsy: We're going to open up a new law form!
  • Mary is surprised, making her get the burger out of Morey's hands!
  • Mary: WHAT??
  • Richard: Relax, it's just for a little pro bono work we're doing. A few hours a week - no trial work.
  • Topsy: It's for an organization called Legal Lift - they specialize in tenant's rights, adoptions, that sort of thing.
  • Mary: That's AWESOME.
  • Topsy: Anyhow, we thought if you had a moment, we could talk about our retirement party.
  • Steven: Did someone say party? Come with me, please.
  • Mary's parents follow Steve.

During the levelEdit

  • Mary picks up the burger parts she knocked out of Morey's hands.

After the levelEdit

  • While they clean the table, Mary receives a call.
  • Mary: Aunt Sophie! Hi, how are you?
  • Mary: Aunt Sophie - slow down, I can barely understand you.
  • Mary: You FOUND him? Your old boyfriend?
  • Mary: Gasp! HE found YOU? Wow.
  • Mary: Okay, FIRST - don't panic. He's probably just as nervous as you are.
  • Mary: Sophie - I'd love to go to Paris, but I've got a lot going on here at home.
  • Morey cleans the counter.
  • Mary: I finally told Mom and Dad that I want to be a chef.
  • Mary: Believe it or not - they're on board.
  • Mary: Sophie? Sophie, you're breaking up. I can't hear you.
  • Mary: Okay! Talk to you soon! Good luck with your farmer flame,... sly boots!

Level 55 - Hot StuffEdit

  • Jennifer and Tony enter the place.
  • Mary: How's work!
  • Jennifer: Slow... It's probably a good thing you didn't hop on board.
  • Jennifer: There wouldn't be much for you to do.
  • Mary: Sorry to hear. I'm sure it'll turn around.
  • Mary: Anyway, are you ready for your tasting?
  • Steve comes to the kitchen.
  • Tony: Been looking forward to it all day.
  • Steven: Sign here and initial here, please.
  • Tony and Jennifer sign and initial.
  • Jennifer: You know, I'm a lawyer, and I've never heard of a 'flavor and waiver'.
  • Steven: We're gonna kick it up a notch with one of my NEW signature Sizzle City Sauces - Atom Smasher.
  • Jennifer: Tony here doesn't do well with spicy food.
  • Tony: The heck, I don't! Bring it on!
  • They're on!

During the levelEdit

  • Mary serves Tony everything he asks for.

After the levelEdit

  • Steven: Hot enough for you, bro?
  • Tony: Er… No, no - it was just right.
  • Tony: Er… if you excuse me, I'm going for a quick clip in the pool.
  • Tony runs and jumps into the pool! Then he swims!

Level 56 - Coming TogetherEdit

  • Mary: Steve, you've promised a lot of people the use of our grounds today...
  • Mary: Which is very generous, I might add.
  • Steven: No problemo.
  • Mary: But are you on top of scheduling? I'm unclear as to when everything's supposed to happen.
  • Steven: Totally.
  • Mary: Well... Can I see it?
  • Steven: See what?
  • Mary: The schedule.
  • Steven: All up here.
  • Steven: Mary, I've been running my own restaurant empire for a long time...
  • Steven: don't get to where I am without having a mind like a steel trap.

During the levelEdit

  • Mary is making sure Steve sticks to his schedule.

After the levelEdit

  • While Mary cleans the table, Peter enters the place.
  • Mary: Peter - hey.
  • Peter: Is this a good time?
  • Mary: I was just finishing up.
  • Peter and Mary sat at the table.
  • Peter: Mary, I just wanted to apologize...
  • Mary: Things didn't work out with Irene?
  • PeterL ...They didn't.
  • Mary: Can't say I'm surprised...
  • Mary: But I'm sorry for you.
  • Peter: Thanks... I know I messed up, and that you made up your mind. But...
  • Mary: Friend?
  • Peter: That would be great - honest.
  • Peter and Mary are friends for sure.
  • Mary: How's the job search?
  • Peter" Okay - I've had a few nibbles, but nothing I'm real stoked about.
  • Mary: Hey, my friend Jenny is having her couples shower here. Wanna be my date?
  • Peter: I'd love to - this place is awesome. Shoot me a text?
  • Mary agrees. Peter leaves the place.

Level 57 - Biggest FanEdit

  • Mary: We haven't talked in a while Morey. How's the comedy biz?
  • Morey: Okay, I guess...
  • Morey: It's really cook to have my dad's support-
  • Morey: Er… fot the most part...
  • Morey: ...but it's hard, REALLY hard, and though restaurant work pays the bills...
  • Morey:'s not something I want to do forever.
  • Mary: You're really funny, Morey. TRULY.
  • Mary: Don't five up on yourself - not when you're JUST finding your niche.
  • Morey: All the same, you won't be disappointed in me if I become the CEO of the world's third largest flooring and countertop company?
  • Mary: Not even if it was FIRST largest.

During the levelEdit

  • Mary is having Morey trying to entertain the customers - success isn't guaranteed.
  • Morey: They call our language the mother tongue because the father rarely gets to talk.
    • I got a lot of my looks from my dad. Mostly just the looks of disappointment.
    • I recently got my first job, and I swear I made more money working for my parents as their soon.

After the levelEdit

  • The people visit the place.
  • "Hey, is your name Morey?"
  • Morey: I'm sorry for spilling water on your jacket - it was an accident.
  • "Uh... that wasn't us."
  • "We came back because we thought we recognized you from The Laff Lodge."
  • "You were hilarious man - best act we've seen there in a LONG time."
  • "All that stuff about your family... I had stomach cramps I was laughing so hard."
  • Morey: Thanks... I just wish they were jokes.
  • "Could we get your autograph?"
  • Mary: Sure!
  • Morey gives autographs to them.
  • "Take our picture?"
  • Mary takes a picture.
  • "Thanks."
  • "See you at the Laff Lodge, Morey!"
  • Mary gives the camera to him. And they leave.

Level 58 - Keeping It TogetherEdit

  • James: So in conclusion, our ease of use, strategic partnerships and unique business model...
  • James: ...make making the world a better place a sound investment for your wallet AND Mother Earth.
  • "Thanks Steve, thanks uh... James? We'll get back to you at some point."
  • They leave except Steve. Mary goes to James.
  • Mary: How goes it?
  • James: Not so good... Turns out I'm way better at designing solar panels than I am at raising money.
  • Mary: Stich with it - early failures are just practice for success.
  • Mary: Anything I can do to help?
  • James: Not unless you know anyone with a few million dollars in seed money lying around...
  • Mary: I don't know anyone THAT rich... but let me think about it, okay?

During the levelEdit

  • Mary cheers up James so he keeps trying.
  • Questions
    • James: Hello, would you care to hear about Solar Energy and how...
  • Responses
    • I'm sorry, I'm already seeing someone.
    • You should work on your sales pitch.
    • I can't afford that.
    • You're out of luck. I'm also a salesman.
    • I don't think I'm the right person for you to talk to.
    • No, go away.

After the levelEdit

  • While Steve calls, Mary reads...
  • Steven: No, no, no - the ice swan is for the book release party...
  • Steven: ...I think.
  • Steven: What? NO. The bouncy castle is for the couple's shower?
  • Steven: Hang on, I gotta figure this out and call you back.
  • Steve hangs up.
  • Mary: Steve? Are you sure I can't help you out with that stuff?
  • Steven: No, no - I got it.
  • Mary: It's just... my friends are really counting on you...
  • Mary: ...and Jennifer's future mother-in-law... Well, let's just say she's not the easy going type.
  • Steven: Nary , I'm in total control - I promise.
  • There was another call.
  • Steven: Yeah? ...WHAT? No, no, no - I NEED horses that don't get spooked by fireworks, otherwise there's no point.

Level 59 - Can't Keep UpEdit

  • Steve walks back and fourth.
  • Steven: Okay, guys! Big day today.
  • Steven: We got uh... an investor party, I think... Also maybe a book party...
  • Mary: Nope.
  • Steven: Wedding?
  • Mary: Nope.
  • Steven: Bar mitzvah?
  • Mary: I guess anything's possible.
  • Steven: Just... keep an eye out for deliveries!
  • Steve leaves to the south.

During the levelEdit

  • Mary watches out for the postman to accept the delivery.

After the levelEdit

  • Mary: Okay, Steve - I'm calling it.
  • Mary: We need to sit down with the calendar and figure out when all the events are happening.
  • Steven: Mary - I got it.
  • Mary: Please, Steve - for my own peace of mind.
  • Steven: Okay, if you insist, but really there's nothing to-
  • Family and friends enter the place.
  • Steven: ...worry about?

Level 60 - Make It WorkEdit

  • Mary: STEVE?
  • Steven: Er…
  • Steven: Get ready to sign a flavor waiver?
  • The party is on, time by time!

During the levelEdit

  • Mary gives the DJ what he asks for.

After the level; EndingEdit

  • Mary cleans the table and prepped to catch the mice. Emily enters the backyard.
  • Emily looks around the backyard.
  • Emily: Um, I'm not late am I?
  • Emily: Mary?
  • Emily: I went back to see you, but-
  • Mary: Yeah, about that...
  • Emily looks around again.
  • Emily: So, is the show already over?
  • Mary: You took the saying "fashionably late" to a whole new level!
  • Emily: That's a shame... I was looking forward to the comedy show...
  • Mary: Yes, it was quite the "show".
  • Emily: You know, you still haven't told me that "long story" of yours...
  • Emily: And if you work for Steven now, I imagine that story got a whole lot longer.
  • Emily's happy!
  • Mary: Long enough to write a book!
  • Mary sits at a table.
  • Mary: I think I have time to tell the tale, if you've got a minute?
  • Emily: I'll never say no to a good story!
  • Emily walks to a table.
  • LATER...
  • That was a story!
  • Mary: So, that's how it ended...
  • Mary: Jennifer picked up some new clients thanks to my parent's connections...
  • Mary: My ex, Peter, got a job working for Steve helping him build his 'Sizzle City Empire'. He manages one of Steve's restaurants.
  • Mary: James' investor presentation went over HUGE, thanks to Morey.
  • Mary: James even picked up Morey Sr. as an investor.
  • Mary: The buzz around Morey's stand up got so big he's an opening act at Rib Ticklers. He even has an agent.
  • Mary: Even my parents and Dorothea has a great time.
  • Emily: Wow... that's AMAZING.
  • Emily: Almost sounds like one of MY stories.
  • Mary: Speaking of, what's next for you?
  • Emily: Sigh... I don't even know where to begin.
  • The mouse pops!
  • Emily: Hold on! There it is!
  • And it quickly decayed.
  • Mary gets the broom ready to catch! Emily gets something ready!
  • Emily: Watch it! There he goes
  • *The mouse appears*
  • Mary: Get him!
  • The mouse keeps appearing and appearing, over time. There are mice everywhere that Emily and Mary can't catch!
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