This is the third chapter in Mary le Chef: Cooking Passion.

Level 21 - Saved by the Bell Edit

  • Luigi: How many a' times do I have a' to tell you!
  • Mary enters the restaurant.
  • Luigi: I'm a' not paying you to tell jokes!
  • Morey: But Luigi, I've been working on new material - the customers will love it!
  • Luigi enters the storage to grab a frying pan, then comes out.
  • Morey chases away from Luigi!
  • Mary: Er… um... Chef? Luigi... sir?
  • Mary: Chef Luigi! My name's Mary - I was hoping you'd give me a try out?
  • Morey: You know you're stiffing my creative process, right?
  • Luigi: Come a' here, you!!
  • Morey did a facepalm.
  • Mary: My Aunt Sophie sent me?
  • Luigi dropped the pan!
  • Luigi: Sophie! Why didn't you say so?
  • Mary and Luigi shake hands.
  • Luigi: You look a' just like her when she was a' your age!
  • Luigi: But don't think I'm a' gonna go easy on you because you're her niece!
  • Morey hides.
  • Mary disagrees.
  • Luigi: OK! Now, let's a' see what you can a' do with some fine Italian cuisine!

During the levelEdit

  • Mary serves Luigi with the cooking.

After the levelEdit

  • Mary walks and accidentally throws to Luigi!
  • Luigi: Hmm...
  • Luigi: Tastes a' wonderful!
  • Luigi: But your a' presentation is terrible!
  • Luigi: I love a' the texture!
  • Luigi: Though your service was slow!
  • Luigi: No, no, no - I don' a' think this is gonna work.
  • One person visits.
  • "I just had tell ['all - I've been eatin' here every day since you opened..."
  • "...the chow's always good, but today's grub was out of this world!"
  • One person leaves.
  • Luigi: Ignoramus...
  • Luigi: Okay, fine! You got a' the job!
  • Mary dances and spins!

Level 22 - Not The UsualEdit

  • Mary and Peter enter the restaurant.
  • Mary is kissing Peter! Then Peter leaves.
  • Morey: Hey, Mary! Want to hear some of my comedy routine?
  • Mary: Morey, I'd love to sit and listen, but I have a rule -
  • Mary: don't annoy the boss until at LEAST the second day.
  • Morey: Hey, that's pretty good.
  • Morey: Anyhow, don't worry about old man Luigi. I can handle him.
  • Luigi comes out with pasta and prosciutto.
  • Luigi: Pasta and prosciutto! Pasta and prosciutto! I had a' the idea last night!
  • Morey: AGH!
  • Luigi: Come, let's a' create something!
  • Mary follows Luigi to kitchen.

During the levelEdit

  • Mary brings Luigi the items.

After the levelEdit

  • The customers come in.
  • "Luigi! I know it's late, but do you think we can still get dinner?"
  • Luigi: For the best a' customers? Of course!
  • Luigi: It just so happens I have a ' something VERY special for you!
  • Luigi: Pasta and prosciutto! Served with calabacita bola!
  • "Er… looks great, Luigi, but we'll just have the usual."
  • Luigi: Sigh. The usual...
  • "Yep! Clams in butter sauce... been thinking about them all day."
  • Luigi: THE USUAL.
  • "Er… if it's not too much trouble."
  • Luigi: Get out.
  • "Er… what?"
  • They're shocked!
  • Luigi: GET. OUT. Get out! Get out! Get out!

Level 23 - The Tables TurnEdit

  • Mary and Peter kiss, then Peter leaves.
  • Mary sits to Morey.
  • Mary: Morey, has Luigi always been this... er… tightly wound?
  • Morey: It's gotten a lot worse lately, but he never talks about what's bothering him.
  • Mary hides! Jennifer and her fiancé, Tony, came in!
  • Tony: I uh... I need to use the restroom, sweetheart, I'll be right back.
  • Tony walks into basement.
  • Jennifer: Well, well, well... if it isn't Chef Mary. How 'delicious'.
  • Tony comes out.
  • Jennifer: See that SWEET, handsome, successful man over there?
  • Jennifer: He's about to propose.
  • Mary: No wonder he looks like he's about to be executed.
  • Jennifer: Also, I just got made partner, DESPITE your antics.
  • Mary: Glad to hear your reign of terror is going well, Jennifer. Now if you'll excuse me-
  • Jennifer: Oh, of course - don't let me keep you two from your potato peeling responsibilities.
  • Mary: I appreciate that - most of them have nicer personalities than you anyhow.
  • Jennifer sits at the table with Tony.
  • Morey: Did you hear that? They're getting engaged!

During the levelEdit

  • Mary keeps Jennifer and Tony happy.

After the levelEdit

  • Tony: Jennifer, darling... There's something I wanted to talk to you about.
  • Jennifer: Tony, dear, it's ME. Just relax... You can tell me ANYTHING.
  • Tony: Jennifer, I love you...
  • Jennifer: I love you too, boo bear.
  • Tony: ...and that's why this is so hard.
  • Tony: I'm afraid... GULP... I'm afraid we can't see each other anymore.
  • Morey comes out.
  • Morey: Ladies and gentlemen! Please direct your attention to the lovebirds at table seven!
  • Mary: Morey, no!
  • Morey: Yes sir, they're about to get married!
  • They're surprised!
  • Morey: Say that reminds me. Ladies - what do you call an ex-boyfriend who just won't go away?
  • Morey: A husband!
  • Jennifer: How could you?
  • Jennifer sobs. Luigi came out. Jennifer leaves the restaurant.

Level 24 - Prove Your WayEdit

  • Morey eats the food.
  • Mary: Chef, I don't mean to pry...
  • Luigi: Then don't!
  • Mary: I know you don't want to hear this, but your brooding is affecting the mood of the restaurant AND your work.
  • Luigi: I've a' worked very hard to make my restaurant a success...
  • Luigi smashes.
  • Luigi: Too hard, maybe... My a' customers are loyal, but they don' a' want me to change ANYTHING.
  • Mary: You know, I've been reading a lot about the 'new guard' of chefs...
  • Mary: A lot of them are throwing private parties where they'll invite their more adventurous customers.
  • Mary: The guests know the deal before they arrive - the menu is experimental...
  • Mary: IF a dish hits a home run, you can make it a permanent addition to your regular menu.
  • Luigi smashes again.
  • Luigi: Cristo santo!
  • Luigi kisses Mary!
  • Luigi: We will a' start right away!

During the levelEdit

  • Mary helps Luigi come up with the new recipes for the party.
  • Mary: How about... some traditional Italian food, but with a twist!
    • Have you ever experimented with dried pomarolas?
    • Popping candy in a cannoli! No...? Okay...
    • We should check the marker for fresh ideas!

After the levelEdit

  • Mary reads the law with Peter, while Jennifer enters the restaurant.
  • Jennifer: Oh... it's you.
  • Mary: Just a minute.
  • Mary goes into downstairs. Then she comes out with a purse.
  • Pter: I think the words you're looking for are 'thank you'.
  • Jennifer: Thank you.
  • Mary: Jennifer, I'm sorry about what happened.
  • Mary: Honestly, If I'd known what was going to happen, I wouldn't have made all those sarcastic remarks beforehand.
  • Jennifer looks mean.
  • Jennifer: Why aren't you gloating?
  • Jennifer: I was AWFUL to you. You saw me at my lowest and you feel BAD for me?
  • Mary disagrees.
  • Jennifer: What is wrong with you?
  • Mary looks unhappy.
  • Mary: Believe me, sometimes I ask myself that some question...

Level 25 - Looking UpEdit

  • Dorothea and one enter the restaurant.
  • Dorothea: Luigi, darling!
  • Jennifer and Luigi hug.
  • Dorothea: How's Snuggford's PRE-EMINENT Italian chef?
  • Luigi: Bored!
  • Luigi: You must a' understand, Dorothea, that even though you pay for the party...
  • Luigi: l...if I a' do this, the menu is up a' to me!
  • Dorothea: I LOVE the idea - I want to this party to be the talk of the town!
  • Mary and Morey are working.
  • Dorothea: But I want a tasting first.
  • Luigi: You don' a' trust me?
  • Dorothea touches Luigi.
  • Dorothea: Let's just call it a little peace of mind...
  • Dorothea: After all, Tony and Brie will have only ONE engagement party.

During the levelEdit

  • Mary cleans up the cellar.

After the levelEdit

  • Peter reads and Mary is reading the law. Jennifer enters the restaurant.
  • Jennifer: Can we talk?
  • Mary: Er… uh... sure! I'll get us some coffee.
  • Peter moves while Mary gets the coffee.
  • Jennifer: My ex, Tony, is now ENGAGED.
  • Mary: He was here earlier, with his mother... They're throwing a party.
  • Jennifer: I realized the other day... I have NO ONE to talk to about this stuff...
  • Jennifer: All I do is work... and make time for Tony... The only things that make- sigh... MADE me happy.
  • Mary: You call what you are at Gottleib 'happy'?
  • Jennifer: Good point.
  • Jennifer: Well. I suppose I should let you study.
  • Mary sits up.
  • Jennifer: Would you like some help?
  • Jennifer: I passed first time - with flying colors.
  • Jennifer: After the way I treated you, it's the least I can do.
  • Mary: Honestly, I'd LOVE some help.
  • Jennifer sits back down.

Level 26 - Where There's A Will...Edit

  • Luigi walk back and forth.
  • Mary: Don't worry - she's going to love it.
  • Luigi: You don' a' understand! Dorothea - she a' VERY important woman in Snuggford.
  • Mary: She'll either find something she likes or she won't - that's the whole point, right?
  • Luigi: Maybe I should a' put some clams to boil.
  • Mary: Luigi, it'll be fine.
  • Mary and Luigi team up.
  • Mary: What's the worst that could happen?
  • Morey skates into the restaurant.
  • Morey: Ooh! Are those cannoli cupcakes?!
  • The skate flown and the cupcakes fell down!
  • Luigi: You... YOUUUUU!
  • They're chasing!
  • Morey: Easy, Luigi! Remember your blood pressure!
  • Luigi: I'm a' gonna cover you in honey and tie you to an anthill!
  • Mary: LUIGI! MOREY!
  • Mary: We still have time! GO AND COOK - I'll clean this up.
  • Mary is sighed.
  • Luigi: Fine... I'll a' tie you to an anthill later.
  • Morey is scared!

During the levelEdit

  • Mary cleans up the mess on the floor.

After the levelEdit

  • Luigi: OUT.
  • Morey hides into the cellar.
  • Dorothea and one enter the restaurant.
  • Luigi gave Dorothea a hug.
  • Luigi: Ricotta sauce with cranberry! Pomarola with asparagus puree and cannoli cupcakes!
  • Dorothea: What about a salad?
  • Luigi: Mary here came up with a shrimp and roasted bacconcini salad that is delizioso!
  • Dorothea: it looks delicious...
  • Dorothea sits on the chair.
  • Dorothea: Now, let's see how it tastes.

Level 27 - Point of No ReturnEdit

  • Tony enters the restaurant.
  • Tony: Hey, uh... 'Mary', right?
  • Tony: My mom loves the food - says we'll be the envy of the town.
  • Tony: You, um... you know Jennifer, right?
  • Mary: I do... We worked together at Gottleib, and she's helping me study for the bar.
  • Tony: Is... is she okay?
  • Mary: No, but she will be...
  • Mary closes the law book.
  • Mary: Speaking of which, you seem to have rebounded rather quickly?
  • Tony: What, with Brie? Not exactly. I don't love her, she doesn't love me. This marriage is our parents' idea.
  • Mary: Can't you say no?
  • Tony: It's complicated.
  • Tony leaves the restaurant.

After the levelEdit

  • Luigi walks.
  • Luigi: What a' have I done?!
  • Luigi: Cancel the party!
  • Mary: What? No!
  • Luigi: What if they hate out a' new dishes?
  • Luigi: I'll be ruined!
  • Luigi facepalm.
  • Mary: But what if they love it?
  • Luigi: What is they DON'T?
  • Morey calls.
  • Peter: C'mon, man - this is what's exciting about being a chef.
  • Mary: Yeah! Leaping into the unknown! Jumping without a parachute!
  • Mary: Plus, let's be honest, my octopus salad is too good not to serve...
  • Luigi: Yes... Yes, you're right!
  • Luigi: The show must a' go on!

Level 28 - Say It With a SongEdit

  • Peter eats the popcorn while Mary reads the law.
  • Peter throws the popcorn to Mary.
  • Mary: Knock it off.
  • Peter keeps throwing the popcorn.
  • Mary: Oh, you're going to get it now, buster.
  • Peter: Bring it!
  • Dorothea enters the restaurant.
  • Mary: Is everything okay, Mrs. Lowery?
  • Dorothea: The orchestra I hired canceled on me at the last minute...
  • Dorothea: With Snuggford being such a 'provincial' town I've been unable to find a replacement.
  • Dorothea: I was hoping YOU might know someone.
  • Morey: How about... a COMEDIAN?
  • Morey: A ham sandwich walks into a bar and orders a drink. Bartender says, 'Sorry, we don't serve food here'.
  • Mary: Like I said, there are LOTS of talented musicians in Snuggford.

After the levelEdit

  • Jennifer: No, no, no - let's do it again from the top.
  • Mary: Forget it... I'll never remember all this stuff...
  • Jennifer: You can do this, Mary. You just need to FOCUS! Be single-minded about it!
  • Mary: No can do. We've got Tony's engagement party soon - Luigi needs me to put in extra hours...
  • Mary: Oh, geez, I'm so sorry Jennifer. I didn't-
  • Jennifer: It's fine, honestly. I wish him the best... sort of.
  • Jennifer: Look, if it's just a question of paying the rent, you could always stay at my place.
  • Jennifer: I know you like being a cook but... you have to think about your future.
  • Mary: Jennifer... Tony asked about you the other day...
  • Mary: He still loves you. I could see it in his face.
  • Morey creates the music.
  • Jennifer: Whispering… while you're sleeping near me... Whispering, so no one else can hear me...
  • Jennifer: I know it's true... There's no one, dear... but you...
  • They're quiet. Mary has an idea.

Level 29 - Courage to LoveEdit

  • The Party is on!
  • Dorothea: I'm SO glad we could all remain friends.
  • Jennifer: Of course, Dorothea.
  • Dorothea: Brie is such a wonderful match for Tony.
  • Dorothea: Our families have known each other for generations.
  • Jennifer: I don't know if I can go this with this, Mary.
  • Jennifer: Tony's not even here, anyway.
  • Mary: He and Brie are making a grand entrance, later.
  • Mary: You can do this, Jennifer. You CAN.

During the levelEdit

  • Mary comfort Jennifer
  • Mary: Don't worry, you're amazing.
  • Mary: It'll be fine, just stay strong.
  • Mary: You got this, Jennifer!
  • Mary: Go get him, girl!

After the levelEdit

  • Luigi: They love it! They really, really love it!
  • Morey comes out.
  • Luigi: And they can't a' get enough of your salad!
  • Mary dances and the pan flip and drop!
  • Mary: EVERYONE'S asking me for your cannoli muffin recipe!
  • This makes Morey surprised! Now he picks the pan up.
  • Tony enters the restaurant.
  • Dorothea: Mary, dear, I think the guests would enjoy a little light entertainment, don't you think?
  • Mary: Absolutely... Oh, Morey!
  • Morey goes back into cellar to get violin. Then he comes out with Jennifer.
  • Jennifer: Let's close our eyes... make our own paradise...
  • Jennifer: Little though we know of it, we can still make a go of it...
  • Jennifer: We might have been meant for each other...
  • Jennifer: So let our hearts discover... Let's fall in love.
  • Tony: THAT'S IT! Mom, I don't care about the money, I don't care about anything!
  • Tony walks to Jennifer.
  • Tony: Jennifer - will you marry me?
  • The marriage happens... Tony has a ring!
  • Mary: Er… more octopus salad, anyone?

Level 30 - Wind of ChangeEdit

  • Dorothea: Tony, get on your feet RIGHT. NOW.
  • Tony: NO.
  • Tony: I love her, mom... With all my heart. I'll never let her go again, not for anything.
  • Dorothea: Where is Brie?
  • Tony: If she's smart, she'll stay far away from here.
  • Tony: She doesn't want this marriage any more than I do.
  • Dorothea: Well, why are you all looking so surprised?
  • Dorothea: I promised an engagement party. So, let's celebrate!
  • Tony dance with a kiss to Jennifer!
  • Dorothea: I suppose we could always use another lawyer in the family.
  • Jennifer: Thank you...
  • Jennifer and Mary hug!

During the levelEdit

  • Mary serves Luigi special dishes.

After the levelEdit

  • Mary calls.
  • Mary: Mom?
  • Mary: Mom, please just listen...
  • Mary: I don't expect you to pull any more strings for me - I don't.
  • Mary: I'm going to pay my own way while I study for the bar exam...
  • Mary: After that I'll get a foot in the door somewhere on my own, I promise.
  • Mary: I know mom...
  • Mary: I love you too.
  • Mary hangs up.
  • Luigi's brother enters the restaurant.
  • Luigi's brother: Where's a' Luigi?
  • Mary: Uh... Luigi? Are you feeling OK?
  • Luigi's brother: You tell him, his a' brother stopped by...
  • Luigi's brother: ...and that as far as I'm a' concerned, this restaurant is as good as CLOSED!
  • Mary surprised!
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