This is the fourth chapter in Mary le Chef: Cooking Passion.

Level 31 - Fresh Start

  • Morey, Mary and Peter enter the market.
  • Quierno: STUBBORN MULE!
  • Luigi: I'm a' closing my restaurant so I can travel Italy for the summer.
  • Luigi: My brother here promised to run it for me while I'm a' gone, but now he says he's "too busy".
  • Luigi: So I made him a' promise that you and Morey can a' work here.
  • Luigi: APE!
  • Luigi: Don' tell him I said this, but he is a genius.
  • Luigi: You'll learn things about flavor, freshness and seasonality that you can't learn anywhere else!
  • Mary and Luigi hug.
  • Luigi gave Morey a hug.
  • Luigi: FOOL!
  • Quierno: DOG!
  • Luigi gave Quierno a hug.
  • Luigi: I love you - see you at the reunion.
  • Morey: Sniff! I wish I had a brother.
  • Peter: I'll see you later, babe - I start my first shift at The Country Mouse in an hour.
  • Mary gives Peter a kiss. Then Peter leaves.

After the level

  • Mary works the table while Jennifer enters the market.
  • Jennifer: I have news! Come, sit down.
  • Jennifer and Mary sat down.
  • Jennifer: I'm leaving Gottleib to start my own firm.
  • Mary: Wow!
  • Jennifer: I'm taking two small clients with me - Gottleib won't even notice they're gone.
  • Mary: That's awesome!
  • Mary: What pushed you over the edge?
  • Jennifer: You, sort of.
  • Jennifer: I'm sick of the grind - working 80 hours a week, billing every waking hour of my life to a client.
  • Jennifer: I always felt like a square peg in a round hole there - and I didn't like the person it was making me become.
  • Jennifer: I need more balance in my life - time to sing...
  • Jennifer: get married, maybe even a kid one day. We'll see.
  • Jennifer: Gotta run - but I want you to know that if you pass the bar, I can have a job waiting for you.
  • Mary: Oh, thank you! My parents will be SO relieved to hear that!
  • Jennifer: Study hard - I'll come by and help you when I can.
  • Jennifer leaves the market.

Level 32 - Family Relations

  • Quierno: My brother speaks a' very highly of you.
  • Mary: Thanks!
  • Quierno: Except for the dancing - he told me never to watch you dance unless I wanted nightmares.
  • Quierno: I suppose he told you all about me?
  • Mary: Er… actually I didn't even know he had a brother.
  • Quierno: I need you to watch for delivery person, got it?
  • Mary: You bet.

During the level

  • Mary keeps an eye out for the delivery guy to accept.

After the level

  • Mary opens the letter!
  • Morey: Bad news?
  • Mary: No... No, not really. It's just that I finally have a date and time for my bar exam.
  • Mary: It's coming up soon. Sooner than I thought.
  • There was Morey's dad came into the market.
  • Morey's dad: Morey! There you are! Why haven't you returned any of my calls? Your mother's sick with worry!
  • Morey: Uh... Hey, Dad.
  • Morey's dad: Morey, he time has come for you to forget this mashugana showbiz dream of yours, and join the family business.
  • Morey: B- but you said I had a year to try and make it??
  • Morey's dad: Yeah, well - your mother wants me to retire before then.
  • Morey: I DON'T want to sell granite countertops, Dad!
  • Morey's dad: Those countertops pay for your lifestyle, young man!
  • Morey: Not anymore they don't! I support myself, now.
  • Morey's dad: Oh really? Well you didn't pay for that fiddle - it cost ME a fortune!
  • Morey's dad took the violin away and leaves.
  • Morey: It's a VIOLIN, not a fiddle!

Level 33 - Always Room For Dessert

  • Mary enters the market. Richard enters with the books.
  • Mary: Dad!
  • Mary and her dad hug.
  • Richard: I ran into Jennifer - she told me you've been studying hard for the bar.
  • Mary: It's coming up soon. I'm actually considering putting it off until fall.
  • Richard: Why would you do that?
  • Mary: I'd rather just take it once and pass, then have to go through this twice.
  • Richard: You're a Vanderworth - the law is in our blood! Of course you'll pass.
  • Richard places the books.
  • Richard: Here - I dug up some old textbooks to help you study.
  • Mary: Thanks, Dad. Hey! How about I make you some lunch?
  • Richard: I'm sorry, dear… They've called an emergency board meeting at the firm.
  • Mary: Emergency, huh? Did the office run out of vermouth or something?
  • Richard kisses Mary on her forehead.
  • Richard: I'll have to take a rain check on that lunch...
  • Richard leaves the market.

During the level

  • Mary clears the books from the table, moves the book to the barrel.

After the level

  • Mary studies the law.
  • Morey: Hey, Mary! I've been working on some new jokes. Wanna hear?
  • Morey: Ahem! What's a frog's favorite soda pop?
  • Morey: Croak-a-cola!
  • Morey: Get it? CROAK-a-cola?
  • Mary pleases.
  • Morey: You're right - it needs more work.
  • Peter enters the market.
  • Mary: Hey! How was the Country Mouse?
  • PEter: I quit.
  • Mary's scared.
  • Peter: I spent a day in their kitchen and realized it just wasn't for me.
  • Mary: Gee, a whole day, huh? What happened, you get passed over for a promotion?
  • Peter: C'mon, I'll tell you all about it over some dessert.
  • Mary: Alright, but I can't stay out long. I have to study.
  • Peter and Mary leave for a date.

Level 34 - Safe With The Law

  • Peter: I don't get it... Why go through all this effort? Your parents?
  • Mary: It's really not about them, Peter.
  • Mary: As a lawyer I'd have financial security, plus the chance to do pro bono work sometimes - help people who really need it.
  • Mary: It doesn't hurt that my parents are owner-partners in their own firm, either.
  • Mary: They have a million contracts I can take advantage of, and one day their shares in the firm will be passed down to me.
  • Mary: Compare all that to bouncing from restaurant to restaurant once a month, and suddenly it doesn't sound so bad.
  • Peter tries to serve Mary.
  • Peter: Please, I've seen you drop those books like a hot rack the moment someone offers you a chance to do something interesting in the kitchen.
  • Mary: Is that an offer?
  • Peter and Mary kiss each other.
  • Then Mary serves Peter.
  • Mary: Anyhow, I'd think you be glad to have a wealthy sugar mama for a girlfriend.
  • Peter: What'd be the point if I don't ever get to see you?
  • Peter: Or if you're so miserable working a job you hate you've got no energy for anything else?
  • Mary: Well then, maybe I'll have to buy us a restaurant where we can cook together sometimes.
  • Morey enters the market.
  • Mary: Anyhow, it's late... I should get back to studying. What time is it?
  • Morey: Morning!
  • Morey kicked the crate and slipped!
  • Morey: AGHH!
  • Peter and Mary kiss. Then Peter left the ice cream and leaves the market.

During the level

  • Mary collects the scattered fruit.

After the level

  • Luigi's brother: Luigi told me yo had the talent to be a great chef one day...
  • Mary: He did!?
  • Mary: I mean, of course he did.
  • Mary: I plan on cooking in my spare time, then retiring early so I can open my own restaurant someday.
  • Quierno: A lawyer and a cook have about as much in common as a porcupine and a porpoise.
  • Quierno: And you? Luigi told me you play the violin like a lark...
  • Quierno: ...when you can be bothered.
  • Morey: Pfft! Who needs a violin when you have material like THIS!
  • Morey: Ahem! Why won't the lobster share his toys?
  • Morey: Because he's shellfish.
  • Morey: 'Shellfish!'
  • Quierno: Hire them,' my brother said. 'You'll thank me later,' he said...
  • Quierno leaves the market.
  • Mary's down.

Level 35 - Priorities

  • Luigi's brother enters with a crate to Mary.
  • Mary: Oh no! I fell asleep...
  • Mary: I didn't get ANY studying done, and the mar exam is almost here!
  • Quierno: Perhaps there is a reason why you fell asleep...
  • Mary: Like what? Like I'm putting it off subconsciously because I don't want to pass? Don't be ridic-
  • Mary: Oh, my gosh! Are those atemoyas!
  • Quierno: That's right! Come, I'll show you how to prepare them.

During the level

  • Mary brings Quierno what he needs to show you how to prepare atemoya fruit.

After the level

  • Mary reads the law. There was a letter.
  • Mary: Your whole life so mar has been in preparation for this moment. We believe in you! Love, Mom & Dad.
  • Peter enters the market.
  • Peter: Hey, a friend of mine who works at Rodeo invited us to come cook with him after hours.
  • Mary: I can't - I really need to get serious about studying.
  • Peter: They have truuuuuufles…
  • Mary: I mean it, I have to stay focused.
  • Peter: ...and REAL sherry from Portugal.
  • Mary: PETER - I HAVE to study.
  • Peter: Jeez, Mary! You can't keep living someone else's life.
  • Mary: Uh... whose life am I living, exactly?
  • Peter: I don't know - but whoever it belongs to, it's not yours.
  • Mary: I think I know who I am better than you do, thanks.
  • Peter: Weird, because I thought I was dating someone who was passionate about the same things I am.
  • Mary: And what would that be, exactly? Drifting from kitchen to kitchen with no plans for your future?
  • Peter: If THIS is your future, I don't want any part of it.
  • Peter left the market. Mary stares.

Bonus 18 - Please Don't Stand Up

During the challenge, Morey makes jokes.

  • Joke 1
    • What starts and ends with E, but has only 1 letter in it?
    • An envelope!
  • Joke 2
    • Whiteboards.
    • They're remarkable.
  • Joke 3
    • What can you give and keep at the same time?
    • A cold!
  • Joke 4
    • Why couldn't the leopard play hide and seek?
    • Because he was always spotted.
  • Joke 5
    • What makes tissues dance?
    • A little boogie!
  • Joke 6
    • What made the can crusher quit his job?
    • It was soda pressing.
  • Joke 7
    • Did you hear about the identical twins who robbed a bank?
    • After they were caught, they finished each other's sentences.
  • Response:
    • Check, please!
    • Sir, you're scaring the children.

Level 36 - A Turbulent Road

  • Morey: So I sold my vacuum cleaner the other day...
  • Morey: All it was doing was collecting dust!
  • The customers leave.
  • Morey: Wait! Come back! I've got more!
  • Morey: Uh... Hi Dad.
  • Morey's dad: Morey, it's time to come HOME...
  • Mary: You know, I think you should really let Morey make his own decisions in life.
  • Morey's dad: Excuse me? I think I know what's best for my own son.
  • Mary: Oh yeah? Well you're wrong. For starters, Morey is VERY talented.
  • Morey's dad REALLY? Tell him that, then. Honestly, tell him how funny he is.
  • Mary: Er… I... uh...
  • Mary: It doesn't matter! This is HIS dream, HIS life, not yours!
  • Morey's dad: End of the month, Morey. If you haven't given up this facacta fantasy by then I'm disowning you... forever!
  • Morey's dad leaves anyway.

During the level

  • Mary gives the chicken what she wants, not the chicken laying the eggs.

After the level

  • Quierno: You! Come a' here!
  • Morey comes to Quierno. Luigi's brother has a violin!
  • Morey: Oh, wow! Is... Is this for me?
  • Quierno: You a' gonna pay me back my playing for my customers, eh?
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