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Mary le Chef: Cooking Passion/Farmer's Market

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*Quierno: WELL? Well, well, well?
*Quierno: WELL? Well, well, well?
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: It's... really hard to tell... And I won't get my results for weeks.
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: It's... really hard to tell... And I won't get my results for weeks.
*There was Steve arriving at the market.
*Quierno: Steven! SO good a' to see you!
*They're surprised.
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: Psst! When was the last time Quierno looked happy to see ANYONE?
*[[Steven Adrose|Steve]]: I don't have a lot of time here, Quierno - I'[m taping a segment for Good Morning Snuggford in forty minutes.
*Quierno: Well, what did you a' think of my offer, eh?
*Steve looks at his market.
*[[Steven Adrose|Steve]]: I don't know... This place is kind of... 'provincial'.
*[[Steven Adrose|Steve]]: Buuuut you do have the freshest stuff in town, so... I guess I'll but it.
*Morey and Mary are shocked.
===During the level===
*Mary decorates the restaurant.
===After the level===
*The party is on! Jennifer and Tony enter the market.
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: What's all this?
*Quierno: I'm a' selling my market - and YOU are a' done with your a' test!
*Quierno: Don't a' worry! I put in a good word for you and a' Mary, here!
*Quierno: '''Steven Adrose''' is one of the most a' famous young chefs in the country! A GENIUS!
*[[Jennifer (Mary le Chef)|Jennifer]]: Congrats, Mary.
*Jennifer gives a box to Mary.
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: Thank you!
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: Isn't Peter coming?
*Morey's dad enter the market.
*Morey's dad: Let's go, Morey! Time to blow this popsicle stand.
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: Mr. Lornerbaum? Before you go, how would you like a nice piece of cake?
*Morey's dad: Mmm... I'd love some.
*Morey's dad sits at the table for Mary to get a cake.
*[[Morey (Mary le Chef)|Morey]]: My dad describes a 'pleasure trip' as driving his mother-in-law to the airport!
*[[Morey (Mary le Chef)|Morey]]: My aunt Golda has been married so many times we started buying rice in bulk.
*Morey's dad: So true!
*[[Morey (Mary le Chef)|Morey]]: It's like my grandpa used to say, the secret to a happy marriage remains a secret.
*Morey's dad: Enough! Enough!
*Morey's dad: I'll give you six more months - but I want to see you start performing in clubs!
*Morey's dad gave his son a hug.
*There was a call!
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: Mom! Mom, hi!
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: Mom, slow down... I can't understan-
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: Oh my gosh! I'll be right there!
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: It's my father...
*[[Mary Vanderworth|Mary]]: ...he's had a heart attack!
*They're surprised about Mary's dad!
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