This is the sixth and final chapter in Maggie's Movies - Camera, Action. After the show is complete, Maggie continues and makes the movie before distributing into the theater. All of a sudden, Grandpa's theater has a buyer, so it's renovated!

Level 51 Edit

  • Maggie and Diego enter the lobby.
  • Maggie: Wow, this place has really changed!
  • Maggie: Ted did a great job.
  • Diego: Yeah… Pity theater has a buyer...
  • Maggie: And it's not the buyer any of us wanted...
  • Maggie: …..but the only one we have.
  • Diego: The condo developers, you think they...
  • Maggie: They are not interested in running this place.
  • Maggie: Which means the theater will no longer continue.
  • Diego: So what are we going to do?
  • Maggie: I don't know. I will go back to Hollywood.
  • Maggie: If you want to stay here, Diego, there are some options for you.
  • Maggie: I've already been talking to the property management company they use.
  • Maggie: They're going to read maintenance staff, property managers...
  • Diego: Maggie!
  • Diego: I means what are we going to do now? With the theatre...
  • Diego: Let's run it for next couple of weeks.
  • Diego: At least it will stay in people's hearts.
  • Maggie: Yes, Diego, you are right!
  • Diego: Great! I'm going to turn on the projector.
  • Diego: Making films is fun, but I missed screening movies in the cinema.

After the levelEdit

  • Maggie: I can't believe this is it...
  • Bill appears.
  • Bill: All good things must come to an end.
  • Maggie: I know but...
  • Maggie: ...the theater...
  • Maggie:'s been such a mainstay in this town for so long.
  • Maggie: It's one of the last old business on the Main Street.
  • Bill: You did your best.
  • Maggie: Did I?
  • Bill disappears.
  • Maggie: Did I, really?

Level 52Edit

  • Charles: So, if you'll sign where indicated...
  • Maggie puts the paper down. Bill appears.
  • Maggie: What do I do?
  • Charles: Just sign where the arrows indicate.
  • Bill: I can't make that decision for you, Tater Tot.
  • Maggie: This is even harder then I thought it would be.
  • Charles: Er… uou can use the large orange arrow stickers to guide you.
  • Bill: Take some time to think about it, then.
  • Bill disappears.
  • Maggie: No... no that won't be necessary.
  • Charles: Great! To be honest, I only add them in case...
  • Maggie: I'm not selling the theater.
  • Charles takes the paper then he leaves. Maggie goes back to work.

During the levelEdit

  • Maggie repels the businessmen wanting to buy the theater!
    • Maggie: I told you - it's not for sale.
    • "Maybe you can reconsider?"
    • "The theatre will collapse - and you know it!"
    • "But I have a ludicrous offer!"
    • "Don't be so stubborn - sell it when you have a chance."
    • "I can give you a better deal than before!"
    • "It was your last chance!"

After the levelEdit

  • Diego: You want to hold your premiere here?
  • Diego: What about Bauman's Egyptian Theater?
  • Maggie: What does Bauman's mean to me?
  • Maggie: Nothing. This place is a part of my legacy.
  • Maggie: I can't think of a more appropriate place for premiere of "Prohibited Love".
  • Diego: But Bauman's is glamorous, flashy...
  • Diego: Plus it's in Hollywood.
  • Diego: What's going to come all the way out here for a movie premiere?
  • Maggie: I don't know Diego...
  • Maggie: ...but we're going to find out.
  • They look frowned.

Level 53Edit

  • Ted enters the place.
  • Maggie: Ted!
  • Ted and Maggie pose.
  • Maggie: I thought you'd be hard at work at the new multiplex.
  • Ted: Not anymore…
  • Ted: I actually found a new job - one I like a lot better.
  • Maggie: What could be better than working for Cinefilm?
  • Ted: Working for you.
  • Ted: Diego has told me about the premiere.
  • Ted: This is really serious, Maggie.
  • Ted: You gonna need some help with preparations.
  • Ted: Congrats on the film, by the way.
  • Maggie: Ted... that is so sweet...
  • Maggie: ...but I don't have the money right now.
  • Ted: Relax, it's been a good year.
  • Ted: You can pay me in movie tickets.
  • Maggie: Something tells me your girlfriend...
  • Maggie: ...will be less than thrilled with the prospect of date night here.
  • Ted: Anita?
  • Diego enters the place.
  • Diego: We broke up months ago.
  • Diego: Where'd you hear we were still together?
  • Maggie: Oh, no reason.

After the levelEdit

  • Maggie's on the call.
  • Maggie: Okay...
  • Maggie: Thanks...
  • Maggie: I appreciate it.
  • Diego enters the place, on the rail.
  • Diego: Bad news?
  • Maggie: I talked to both Frank's and Catherine's agents.
  • Maggie: They're both in the middle of shoots.
  • Maggie: They're not going to be able to fly here for the premiere.
  • Diego: Shoot!
  • Diego: That would have gotten the theater A LOT of publicity from the local media.
  • Diego: What if we arrive at the premiere via parachute in our underwear?
  • Diego: THAT should drum up some headlines!
  • Maggie: Be my guest.

Level 54Edit

  • During Maggie cleans the table, Vicki enters the place.
  • Maggie: Vicki!
  • Maggie: You made it!
  • Vicki and Maggie hug.
  • Vicki: You think I'd miss my first film premiere?
  • Maggie: I'm just so glad you're here.
  • Vicki and Maggie hug again.
  • Maggie: Found another job yet?
  • Vicki: No... Just still going to auditions.
  • Maggie: That's great!
  • Vicki: I love it... Do you think I could help you out?
  • Maggie: Oh... Not really, we are fine...
  • Vicki: C'mon Maggie! I can tell that you need some help.
  • Maggie: Er… actually, Diego is doing a screening for some of the crew...
  • Maggie: ...who were able to make it out here... so...
  • Maggie: would be great if you could help me to keep tables tidy.
  • Vicki: For you?
  • Vicki: Anything.
  • Maggie is happy!

After the levelEdit

  • Maggie walks around until the two comes out.
  • Maggie: How was it?
  • Maggie: Was it bad?
  • "You know, Maggie..."
  • "...I didn't think your movie was my cup of tea..."
  • "...but I really dug it."
  • "Me too - I love it!"
  • Maggie: I'm really glad you liked it...
  • Maggie: It wouldn't have happened without you guys.
  • "It's nice to be PROUD of something I worked on for a change."
  • Vicki comes out.
  • Vicki: Oh... Maggie!
  • Maggie and Vicki hug!
  • Maggie: Well?
  • Vicki: It's GOOD!
  • Vicki: I mean it...
  • Vicki: ...the cinematography, the editing, even the music works.
  • Maggie: I don't know...
  • Maggie: All I can focus on are the mistakes I see.
  • Maggie: Critics are harsh…
  • Maggie: ...even on a first-time film director.
  • Vicki: It's GREAT... trust me.
  • Vicki and Maggie are happy!

Level 55Edit

  • There was a crowd of customers!
  • Diego: Ehem… Maggie will be here shortly...
  • Maggie enters the place.
  • Maggie: Diego!
  • Maggie: I thought I said 'no' to your Free Popcorn Fridays' idea.
  • Diego: I'm not giving anything away, honest!
  • Maggie: So how do you explain this crowd?
  • Diego: Between the updates Ted made...
  • Diego: ...and the buzz about you and your film...
  • Diego: …everyone's talking about the theater again!
  • Maggie: This is amazing!
  • Diego: Just like in the good old days!
  • Maggie: Thanks goodness we ordered more concessions.
  • Maggie: It should be here shortly.

During the levelEdit

  • Maggie receives 6 packages from the postman.

After the levelEdit

  • Vicki and Maggie work at the counter.
  • Maggie answers the phone.
  • Maggie: Hello?
  • Maggie: Diane Dodson?
  • Maggie: THE Diane Dodson, from Cinebuzz News?
  • Maggie: Yes, I can save you a seat for the premiere!
  • Maggie: Er… well, no...
  • Maggie: ...there's no Four Seasons in town...
  • Maggie: Limo service?
  • Maggie: Well, Mr. Stevens who owns the garage in town...
  • Maggie: ...has a car or two he rents out.
  • Maggie: Okay, great!
  • Maggie: Looking forward to it.
  • Maggie hangs up.
  • Maggie: A critic from one of the major trades is coming to see our film!
  • Maggie: Oh my gosh!
  • Maggie: Diane Dodson, from Cinebuzz News is coming to see our film!

Level 56Edit

  • Maggie: This is my favorite time...
  • Maggie: ...right before the theater opens.
  • Ted: Everyone in town is talking about your movie.
  • Maggie: Hopefully, film distributors and festivals will feel the same...
  • Maggie: ...but I'm proud of it, regardless.
  • Maggie: I couldn't have done it without lots of help.
  • Maggie: Including yours.
  • Maggie: Thank you for all your work around the theater.
  • Ted: There she is...
  • Maggie: Who?
  • Ted: You... last tine you were in town...
  • Ted: were 'different' somehow.
  • Maggie: I was trying to impress you, I guess.
  • Ted: You don't need to try...
  • Ted: ...I've always been in owe of you, Maggie.

After the levelEdit

  • Maggie cleans a table while Diego enters the place on the rail, walking downstairs.
  • Diego: Maggie...
  • Diego: So... what's next?
  • Maggie: Ugh... Vicki wants me to take her to Duffy's tonight...
  • Maggie: ...but I am SO tired.
  • Diego: No, no, no - I mean, after the premiere.
  • Diego: Are you going to make another film?
  • Diego: Move back to L.A.?
  • Maggie: I guess I don't know...
  • Maggie: I love making movies, but THIS is my home.
  • Maggie: I guess I'll have to see what comes.

Challenge 17Edit

  • Maggie walks at least 1300 meters.

Level 57Edit

  • Ted enters this place.
  • Ted: Hey!
  • Ted: What's up?
  • Maggie: Well, you know...
  • Maggie: premiere is in a few days...
  • Ted: Uh-huh.
  • Maggie: And it's customary to bring a date to one of these things...
  • Ted: Thanks for the reminder...
  • Ted: ...I've been running to ask Gladys over at the library if she'd go with me.
  • Maggie touches Ted.
  • Ted: Okay, okay!
  • Ted: Of course I want to go with you.
  • Ted: Er…
  • Ted: ...should I wear a tux?
  • Maggie: If you're talking about the one you wore to our high school prom...
  • Maggie: ...then DEFINITELY not.
  • Ted: Okay, I have to go now.
  • Ted: Have a great day!
  • Maggie: Thanks! You too.
  • Ted leaves, and Vicki enters the place.
  • Vicki: Maggie, darling, I want to have a word with you about the premiere.
  • Maggie: Sure, what's up?
  • Vicki: Who is going to replace you?
  • Maggie: Oh... nobody... there is no one...
  • Vicki: You are kidding me!
  • Vicki: You must go out there and meet all important people.
  • Maggie: Yes... You are right.
  • Vicki: It's on me. This is your last day serving stuff.
  • Maggie: Oh Vicki, I can't put it all on your shoulders.
  • Vicki: You have no choice. I did it many times, it won't make any difference to me.
  • Maggie: Vicki, you saved me again. You are an angel!
  • Vicki: Pff… forget it. And get yourself ready for the premiere.

After the levelEdit

  • Maggie types the script while Diego thinking.
  • Diego: Whatcha up to?
  • Maggie: I had an idea for another film.
  • Diego: Oh yeah?
  • Diego: You think you'll make another?
  • Maggie: If I can get my money back from Prohibited Love...
  • Diego: What is it?
  • Maggie: Hmm...
  • Maggie: ...just something that's been bounding around in my head for a while.
  • Maggie: Have a look...
  • Diego looks.
  • Diego: Hey, I like it a lot.
  • Diego: Wow!
  • Diego: I can't wait!

Level 58Edit

  • Maggie: Hi, everyone.
  • Maggie: I want to thank all you for coming out for the screening.
  • Maggie: Like you, I grew up here…
  • Maggie: I know what this theater means to the community.
  • Maggie: Tomorrow I'm having my big premiere, but I wanted you...
  • Maggie: ...our loyal customers, to be among the first to see it.
  • "Thanks!" "Thank YOU!" "Thank YOU, Maggie!"
  • Maggie: Lastly, I'd like to dedicate this film to man who built this place...
  • Maggie: grandfather, Bill Welles.
  • "Three cheers! Hurray! Yippee! Yay! Bravo! Hurrah!"
  • Maggie: Thanks again, everybody!
  • Maggie: Enjoy!

During the levelEdit

  • Vicki decorates the theater for the premiere.

After the levelEdit

  • Ted: Everything is ready.
  • Maggie: Finally!
  • Maggie: Looks great!
  • Ted: Well, tomorrow's the big day.
  • Ted: How do you feel?
  • Maggie: Like an egg about to hatch.
  • Ted: Remember how nervous you'd get back in high school...
  • Ted: ...when we'd go out on a date?
  • Maggie: Well, you were the star quarterback.
  • Maggie: That was a BIG deal back then.
  • Ted: Now you're the 'big deal'...
  • Ted: ...I'm proud of you.
  • Ted and Maggie have a kiss while Diego enters the place.
  • Diego: Er… Uh...
  • Diego: I was just going to check the butter dispenser before leaving.
  • Ted: I'll uh...
  • Ted: ...I'll see you tomorrow for the premiere.
  • Ted leaves the place.
  • Diego and Maggie laugh.

Level 59Edit

  • Maggie: It's so early and there is quite a lot of people already.
  • Vicki: Did you invite them all?
  • Maggie: Yes - but I didn't expect them all to show up.
  • Diane enters the place.
  • Diane Dodson: Maggie?
  • Diane: Diane Dodson, Cinebuzz News.
  • Diane: I'm so excited for your film!
  • Diane: So... any celebrities attending tonight?
  • Maggie: Er… uh... er…
  • Catherine and Frank enter the place.
  • Catherine: Maggie!
  • Maggie: Frank! Catherine!
  • Maggie: I thought you guys couldn't make it.
  • Catherine: Frank surprised me by taking time off from his film and showing up at my set.
  • Frank: I even rented a private jet!
  • Frank and Catherine fell in love!
  • Diane: THOSE two are an item?
  • Diane: Now THERE'S an exclusive!

During the levelEdit

  • Vicki serves 30+ tickets.

After the levelEdit

  • Diane: ...thank you for your time.
  • Frank and Catherine leave the place.
  • Ken Meadows: "Maggie?"
  • Ken: You remember me? Ken Meadows?
  • Ken: We met a while back.
  • Maggie: Er… I'm sorry, I don't recall.
  • Ken: Hey, that's okay!
  • Ken: Anyway, your movie's dynamite!
  • Ken: I want first crack at it!
  • Maggie: Well... I'd love to hear more.
  • Ken: Great! You got an agent?
  • Diane: That was amazing!
  • Diane: It's going to make Frank and Catherine stars again!
  • Diane: Get ready for YOUR life to change, too.
  • Nicole: Hey! You were in the movie - you played Nadine!
  • Vicki: Hi, I'm Vicki.
  • Nicole: Vicki, I'm Nicole. I'm a producer.
  • Nicole: I have a part you'd be perfect for
  • Nicole: Can we talk?

Level 60Edit

  • Diego: Hey Vicki, I was thinking... the screening is over...
  • Diego: …why don't you let me look after everything here during afterparty.
  • Vicki: Diego! You don't have to.
  • Diego: Oh, C'mon, I'm fine. Have some more opportunities to mingle.
  • Vicki: Thank you so much...
  • Al Sr. enter the place, aka Mr. Lyons.
  • Al Sr.: "Maggie - great picture!"
  • Al Sr.: "Especially for your first."
  • Al Sr.: Big Al - Sure Shot Pictures, nice to meet ya.
  • Ted and Al Sr. shake hands.
  • Al Sr.: Look, Maggie, I've heard about what went on with Al Jr...
  • Al Sr.: My son is an idiot - but I want you to come back and work for me.
  • Al Sr.: I'm talking a noise, a promotion, a multi-picture deal.
  • Al Sr.: You'll answer only to me - and maybe a few investors.
  • Maggie: Mr. Lyons, I really do appreciate it...
  • Maggie: ...but for better or worse, I need to keep my independence.
  • Maggie: It's not the easiest path to take...
  • Maggie: ...but it's the ONLY path for me.
  • Maggie: I have to stay true to myself.
  • Al Sr.: You got guts...
  • Al Sr.: Good luck, kid!
  • Al Sr. leaves the place.

After the level; EndingEdit

  • Vicki: Wow! That was a tough day.
  • Diego: It was great though.
  • Ted: Yeah! Absolutely...
  • Maggie and Ted: …amazing!
  • Maggie: Thank you so much, guys!
  • Maggie: It would be impossible without you.
  • Vicki: Our pleasure, Maggie! It was good fun too.
  • Diego: See you tomorrow.
  • Ted: Get some rest, Maggie. Okay?
  • Ted, Diego and Vicki leave the place. But, Ted comes back!
  • Ted: Oh... Maggie.
  • Maggie: Ted!
  • Ted: There is one more thing...
  • Ted: I totally forgot about it...
  • Ted:, look what I found under your grandpa's desk.
  • It's Maggie's paper.
  • Ted: There is your name on it.
  • Ted: I'm really sorry...
  • Maggie: Oh... Thanks Ted.
  • Ted: I guess I leave you to it.
  • Maggie waves peace to Ted. Then she opens the paper.
  • Maggie: Dear Maggie. How is the land of make-believe?
  • Maggie: I imagine you're attending glamorous parties and meeting all types of fancy people.
  • Maggie: But in spite of that, I know you're still the same girl from our humble little town.
  • Bill appears.
  • Maggie: That girl is hard-working, honest...
  • Maggie: ...and stubborn enough not to give in when the going gets rough.
  • Maggie: That's why I'm confident you'll make it with your values intact.
  • Maggie: So keep at it. Someday I want to see one of YOUR movies here at our theater...
  • Maggie: Sigh... If you only could see it grandpa...
  • Maggie: ...I hope you would like it.
  • Then Bill disappears.
  • Maggie goes to the table.
  • Maggie: From now on, Hollywood can come to me.
  • Maggie: Speaking of... it's time to get to work!
  • Maggie is now getting to work on the script!
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