This is the fifth chapter in Maggie's Movies - Camera, Action. Since Maggie left Al Junior's residence after Michael broke up with Maggie, Maggie returns to directing films.

Level 41

  • The next scene is "Prohibited Love".
  • Maggie enters the studio.
  • Maggie: Hey everybody... um... thank you so much for being here.
  • Maggie: As you can see, we're a pretty small team, even for an indie movie.
  • The technician enters the studio for delivery.
  • Maggie: That means this won't be your typical set wit the trailers and a big fancy craft services table.
  • Another technician enters for delivery.
  • Maggie: It also means some of you will be doing double duty.
  • "Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the job..."
  • "...but Al Jr. is threatening to blacklist anyone who will work on your movie."
  • Technicians drop the packages.
  • Maggie: Well, um, I wouldn't want any of you to jeopardize their careers.
  • Maggie: So if any of you have concerns about this, you can just walk away. No hard feelings.
  • Some people leave the studio.
  • Maggie: To all of you that still stayed.... thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • Maggie: Now, let's make the greatest vintage crime movie ever!

During the level

  • Maggie cleans up the boxes abandoned by the crew to remodel.

After the level

  • Vicki enters the studio.
  • Maggie: Vicki? What are you doing here?
  • Vicki: You're making a movie and you didn't bother to call me?
  • Maggie: I'm practically making this on my credit cards, and I didn't want to get you in trouble with Al Jr.
  • Vicki: Oh yeah? Watch this...
  • Vicki calls Al.
  • Vicki: Hey, Al?
  • Vicki: I quit!
  • Then Vicki hangs up.
  • Vicki: That's one problem solved... and look, whatever you can afford, it's fine.
  • Maggie: You're serious? Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!
  • Vicki: It's my pleasure - I'll do whatever you need.
  • Maggie: Whatever I need?
  • Vicki: I see your gears turning...
  • Maggie: Vicki, WE'RE calling the shots now - not Al Jr. and the rest of the Boys Club.
  • Maggie: You're an actress. It's time to get you in FROMT of the camera again.
  • Maggie: I would love to cast you as the supportive actress.
  • Vicki: You know what? Let's start right now!
  • Vicki changes the clothing for the scene.
  • Vicki: Wow, back on the stage. After all those years...
  • Vicki: Please don't give me anything too ambitious right from the bat, okay?

Level 42

  • Maggie: OK. We have Italian cuisine to highlight the atmosphere of immigrant quarter in 20s.
  • Maggie: But we still need to get that antique car for some of the scenes.
  • Vicki: We can shoot the car scenes later.
  • Vicki: Don't worry, one problem at a time, Maggie. Everything will be fine in the end.
  • Catherine parts the car at the scene.
  • Maggie: It's Catherine!
  • Vicki: It's Catherine!
  • Catherine: So, I heard you wrote, but I didn't realize you could WRITE.
  • Catherine: This script... I love it!
  • Catherine: You have to let me play Veronica.
  • Maggie: The lead? Catherine... I don't know what to say.
  • Maggie: You know this is an indie project, right?
  • Maggie: I could offer you some equity in the film...
  • Catherine: Tut, tut - we'll figure out all that boring stuff later.
  • Catherine: I love that it's a small, scrappy project - gets me back to my acting roots.
  • Maggie: I really don't know what to say...
  • Catherine: You can say you are giving me the part.
  • Maggie deals with Catherine.
  • Then Maggie and Catherine hug each other!
  • Vicki: Catherine... that is a very nice car!

During the level

  • Maggie plays 4 scenes.
  • Veronica: Nadine, it's good to see you again! How things are going?
  • Nadine: Swell! Never been better. How about you?
  • Veronica: I'm really worried.
  • Nadine: What's eating you up?
  • Veronica: My father is in debt, and he is doing really odd things to keep this business afloat.

After the level

  • Maggie: I know we don't offer a lot of money - but the role is simply perfect for Liam.
  • Maggie: If you could JUST let him read the script.
  • The crew leave the studio.
  • Maggie: Sure, I can hold.
  • Maggie: …
  • Maggie Welles
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