This is the fifth chapter in Maggie's Movies - Camera, Action. Since Maggie left Al Junior's residence after Michael broke up with Maggie, Maggie returns to directing films.

Level 41 Edit

  • The next scene is "Prohibited Love".
  • Maggie enters the studio.
  • Maggie: Hey everybody... um... thank you so much for being here.
  • Maggie: As you can see, we're a pretty small team, even for an indie movie.
  • The technician enters the studio for delivery.
  • Maggie: That means this won't be your typical set wit the trailers and a big fancy craft services table.
  • Another technician enters for delivery.
  • Maggie: It also means some of you will be doing double duty.
  • "Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the job..."
  • "...but Al Jr. is threatening to blacklist anyone who will work on your movie."
  • Technicians drop the packages.
  • Maggie: Well, um, I wouldn't want any of you to jeopardize their careers.
  • Maggie: So if any of you have concerns about this, you can just walk away. No hard feelings.
  • Some people leave the studio.
  • Maggie: To all of you that still stayed.... thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • Maggie: Now, let's make the greatest vintage crime movie ever!

During the levelEdit

  • Maggie cleans up the boxes abandoned by the crew to remodel.

After the levelEdit

  • Vicki enters the studio.
  • Maggie: Vicki? What are you doing here?
  • Vicki: You're making a movie and you didn't bother to call me?
  • Maggie: I'm practically making this on my credit cards, and I didn't want to get you in trouble with Al Jr.
  • Vicki: Oh yeah? Watch this...
  • Vicki calls Al.
  • Vicki: Hey, Al?
  • Vicki: I quit!
  • Then Vicki hangs up.
  • Vicki: That's one problem solved... and look, whatever you can afford, it's fine.
  • Maggie: You're serious? Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!
  • Vicki: It's my pleasure - I'll do whatever you need.
  • Maggie: Whatever I need?
  • Vicki: I see your gears turning...
  • Maggie: Vicki, WE'RE calling the shots now - not Al Jr. and the rest of the Boys Club.
  • Maggie: You're an actress. It's time to get you in FROMT of the camera again.
  • Maggie: I would love to cast you as the supportive actress.
  • Vicki: You know what? Let's start right now!
  • Vicki changes the clothing for the scene.
  • Vicki: Wow, back on the stage. After all those years...
  • Vicki: Please don't give me anything too ambitious right from the bat, okay?

Level 42Edit

  • Maggie: OK. We have Italian cuisine to highlight the atmosphere of immigrant quarter in 20s.
  • Maggie: But we still need to get that antique car for some of the scenes.
  • Vicki: We can shoot the car scenes later.
  • Vicki: Don't worry, one problem at a time, Maggie. Everything will be fine in the end.
  • Catherine parts the car at the scene.
  • Maggie: It's Catherine!
  • Vicki: It's Catherine!
  • Catherine: So, I heard you wrote, but I didn't realize you could WRITE.
  • Catherine: This script... I love it!
  • Catherine: You have to let me play Veronica.
  • Maggie: The lead? Catherine... I don't know what to say.
  • Maggie: You know this is an indie project, right?
  • Maggie: I could offer you some equity in the film...
  • Catherine: Tut, tut - we'll figure out all that boring stuff later.
  • Catherine: I love that it's a small, scrappy project - gets me back to my acting roots.
  • Maggie: I really don't know what to say...
  • Catherine: You can say you are giving me the part.
  • Maggie deals with Catherine.
  • Then Maggie and Catherine hug each other!
  • Vicki: Catherine... that is a very nice car!

During the levelEdit

  • Maggie plays 4 scenes.
  • Veronica: Nadine, it's good to see you again! How things are going?
  • Nadine: Swell! Never been better. How about you?
  • Veronica: I'm really worried.
  • Nadine: What's eating you up?
  • Veronica: My father is in debt, and he is doing really odd things to keep this business afloat.

After the levelEdit

  • Maggie: I know we don't offer a lot of money - but the role is simply perfect for Liam.
  • Maggie: If you could JUST let him read the script.
  • The crew leave the studio.
  • Maggie: Sure, I can hold.
  • Maggie: …
  • Maggie: They hung up.
  • Maggie: I've called just about every agency in town.
  • Maggie: It's going to be tough to make this movie without a male lead.
  • Vicki: Well, it doesn't take a genius to figure out who's behind this.
  • Maggie: Say, do you think we could see what YOU look like with a moustache?
  • Vicki looks agreed.

Level 43Edit

  • Frank enters the studio.
  • Frank: To say I was surprised when you called, would be an understatement.
  • Maggie: You're here!
  • Frank: As a favor for Catherine. You have exactly five minutes.
  • Maggie: I never told you this, but when I found out I'd be working on one of your movies I was thrilled...
  • Maggie: I'm a big fan of your work... your EARLY work.
  • Maggie: I know you've been struggling with personal problems, lately.
  • Maggie: It's affected your work...
  • Frank: I don't have to listen to...
  • Maggie:'re wasting your talent on fluff!
  • Frank: Maggie... I'm flattered, but I... I just can't work for peanuts.
  • Frank: I'm sorry, I really am.
  • Frank leaves the studio.

During the levelEdit

  • Nadine: I'm boiled up! So you are saying that some mafia bimbos have a safe house of your father's place?
  • Veronica: Yes, and day by day he becomes more and more unpleasant towards me.
  • Veronica: When I tried to talk with him about this he told me to dry up and called me a dumb Dara.
  • Nadine: It's time to end this ballocks once and for all - I have a plan!

After the levelEdit

  • Maggie switches on the lighting. But Diego entered the studio!
  • Maggie: Diego!
  • Maggie gives Diego a hug!
  • Maggie: What are you doing here?
  • Diego: I've come to fulfill my dreams of being a big time Hollywood FX artist.
  • Diego: Okay, okay - I called Sure Shot right before Vicki quit and she told me the whole story.
  • Diego: I'm here to help you with your movie.
  • Maggie: Are you serious?
  • Maggie: Thank you so much! But...
  • Maggie: ...but what about the cinema?
  • Diego: The theatre made some extra money during last few weeks and Ted is renovating it.
  • Diego: He said that I'm useless there.
  • Diego: You know, Ted liked doing things his way.
  • Maggie: Thank you, Diego - this means a lot.
  • Diego: Thank YOU. I'm working on a Hollywood movie!
  • Diego: This is a dream come true..
  • Diego steps on the set and looks.
  • Diego: Er… where's my private trailer?
  • Maggie laughs.

Challenge 13Edit

  • Same as Level 43 scene

Level 44Edit

  • Tyler: "Is it true that Frank Curtis was your first choice for my part?"
  • Tyler: "Because, I mean, wow… those are pretty big shoes to fill."
  • Maggie: Tyler, don't compare yourself to Frank, because I don't.
  • Maggie: Let's take the scene, from the top...
  • Maggie: Ahem... Jason, yo can't tell me what I want.
  • Jason falls.
  • Tyler: How was that?
  • Maggie: It was fine. But let's try it again - this time, a little 'smaller.
  • Tyler: Oh, Okay...
  • Jason: But... do... YOU... know what you want? 'Cause like... does anyone know... ya' know?
  • Jason: Like sometimes I order fish n' chips...
  • Jason: ...only to find out that what I really wanted was a burger.
  • Jason: I thought I'd improvise.
  • Maggie: Let's make a short break...
  • Jason/Tyler leaves the studio.

During the levelEdit

  • Now Diego runs the studio, helping Maggie and actors.

Take 1Edit

  • Veronica: Jason, you can't tell me what I want.
  • Veronica: I think we need to retake this scene Maggie! We need a break!

Take 2Edit

  • Veronica: Jason, you can't tell me what I want.
  • Jason: But... do... YOU... know what you want? 'Cause like... does anyone know... ya' know?
  • Jason: Like sometimes I order fish n' chips...
  • Jason: ...only to find out that what I really wanted was a burger.
  • Nadine: Shoot Tyler! Focus on the script, don't improvise!

Take 3Edit

  • Veronica: Jason, you can't tell me what I want.
  • Jason: But won't you want to know anything...
  • Veronica: Okay, I think we will have overtime with that scene!

Then, Takes 4 & 5 repeats Takes 1 & 2.

After the levelEdit

  • Maggie: Cut! Cut! Let's take fifteen, everybody!
  • The crew leave except Maggie and Vicki.
  • Maggie: He just doesn't have it in him.
  • Vicki: So now what?
  • Maggie: It's not what I want at all, but I guess we have to make this work.
  • Clyde and Hitchcock enter the studio.
  • Maggie: Clyde!
  • Maggie: What are you doing here?
  • Clyde: I just so happened to be next door, directing an episode of 'My Genie is a Meanie'.
  • Hitchcock comes to Maggie, jumps.
  • Maggie pets Hitchcock.
  • Clyde: Hitchcock desired that we dropped by and see how you were faring.
  • Maggie: Not so good. My male lead is uh... er…
  • Clyde: A woebegone hack - yes, I know.
  • Clyde: A bit of advice if I may, from one director to another.
  • Clyde: Stick to your vision and be true to yourself - everything else will fall into place.
  • Clyde: Say GOODBYE, Hitchcock.
  • Maggie is happy to farewell Hitchcock.
  • Then Clyde and Hitchcock leave the studio.

Level 45Edit

  • Vicki enters the studio.
  • Vicki: I can't find Tyler anywhere and he stopped answering his phone.
  • Maggie: I don't understand - where could he be?
  • Al Jr. enters the place.
  • Al Jr.: With Sure Shot, of course...
  • Al Jr.: His contract had more holes in it than Pebble Ranch…
  • Maggie: I want you to be out of my set, NOW!
  • Al Jr.: That makes two of us.
  • Al Jr.: If I were you, I wouldn't stress over losing your male lead too much...
  • Al Jr.: ...your movie never stood a chance either way.
  • Al Jr. kicks the box and leaves!

During the levelEdit

Take 1Edit

  • Diego finds the scattered set equipment.
  • Veronica: Nadine! I can't believe that! YOU are the CONWOMAN!?
  • Veronica: That's the part of my job - to make people believe that I'm someone else. I'll help you!
  • Nadine: Copacetic! Let's meet up tomorrow, so you can tell me about your plan.

Take 2Edit

  • Repeats take 1 but rains.

Take 3Edit

  • Repeats take 1 but dries water.

Take 4Edit

  • Repeats Take 2.

Take 5Edit

  • Repeats take 3.

After the levelEdit

  • "Look, we're sorry, but..."
  • "...It doesn't look this this movie's going to happen."
  • Maggie: Guys...
  • "We can't afford to be out of work again."
  • "Some of us have already taken other gigs."
  • The crew leave the studio. Al Jr. enters the studio.
  • Al Jr.: Another tough break?
  • Diego: I think Maggie was clear the last time!
  • Vicki: You are not welcome here, Al!
  • Maggie: Coming to gloat again?
  • Al Jr.: Actually, I've come to make you an offer.
  • Al Jr.: Shut down and I'll but the script off you. For twenty grand.
  • Maggie: I'm sorry - didn't I loan twenty dollars for pizza recently?
  • Al Jr.: C'mon, Maggie. Even if you get your chick flick made who's going to watch it?
  • Al Jr.: Do you really want to risk climbing out of a mountain of debt for the next ten years based on a passion project?
  • Maggie: ABSOLUTELY!
  • They're pleased!
  • Al Jr. leaves the studio.

Level 46Edit

  • Maggie: Well.. I guess it's time to throw in the towel...
  • Maggie: ...that is, it would be if I could AFFORD a towel.
  • Maggie looks around. There was a ghost Bill visiting the studio.
  • Bill: Hey, Tater Tot.
  • Maggie: Grandpa... You have no idea how much I wish it wasn't a dream.
  • Bill: Me too.
  • Maggie: I did the right thing, Grandpa...
  • Maggie: I did the right thing in Louisiana and nearly nothing has gone right ever since.
  • Bill: Honesty and integrity were the first two of the virtues I taught you - what come after?
  • Maggie: Perseverance.
  • Bill: If you quit, you'll never know how close you were to achieving your goal.
  • Maggie: If you say so, Grandpa.
  • Bill leaves and disappears.

During the levelEdit

  • Veronica: So! What did you came up with?
  • Nadine: We shall set those mobsters up into a bull trap!
  • Nadine: And dough is ours!
  • Veronica: That sounds nifty!
  • Nadine: Yes, and your father will have money to pay the debt!

After the levelEdit

  • Maggie: Look... we need to face facts... we've shot every scene we can without having a male lead…
  • Maggie: ...I've got no choice but to halt the production until...
  • Frank entered the studio!
  • Maggie: Frank? What are you...
  • Frank: Please... everyone, let me say something before I come back to my senses.
  • Frank: I just quit a film where I was to be paid half a million dollars to voice a talking dog.
  • Frank: This is after staying up all night to read Maggie's script...
  • Frank: ...the first one that's gripped me in years.
  • Frank: I suppose what I'm saying is... if you'll have me... I'm ready to work.
  • Catherine touches Frank!
  • Catherine: And as usual, your filming is perfect.

Challenge 14Edit

Same as Level 46 scene.

Level 47Edit

  • There was a collapse on the set!
  • Diego enters the studio.
  • Diego: Ouch.. What a mess!
  • Vicki enters the studio.
  • Vicki: What has happened here?!
  • Maggie enters the place.
  • Maggie: Oh my gosh!
  • Maggie: OH MY GOSH!
  • Vicki: Who could be such scoundrel.
  • Maggie: It's over... I don't know what to do.
  • Diego: Let's not panic...
  • Vicki: Why not?
  • Diego cheers Maggie.
  • Diego: Because I CAN fix this!

During the levelEdit

  • Diego cleans up the ruined equipment.

After the levelEdit

  • The equipment is working again.
  • Maggie: How it went, Diego?
  • Diego: I'm sorry, Maggie... I don't think it will last for very long...
  • Maggie: Thank you, Diego. I know you did your best.
  • Maggie: I need to halt the production until I can afford to rent some new equipment.
  • Vicki: Forget it - you can use our salaries.
  • Maggie: Thanks people - unfortunately, what I'm paying you won't buy much.
  • Catherine and Frank enter the studio.
  • Catherine: Maggie - a word, please?
  • Diego, Vicki and the others leave the studio.
  • Frank: Catherine and I are booked solid for the next several months.
  • Catherine: We can't promise we'll be available in a month... Or even two months.
  • Maggie: I understand.
  • Catherine: That's why we want to invest in your film - so we can keep going.
  • Frank: In exchange for becoming executive producers in the credits, of course.
  • Frank: You can be executive producer, best boy and chief hair stylist as far as I'm concerned.
  • Maggie: Thank you!
  • Frank gives Maggie a hug!

Level 48Edit

  • Maggie: Anyone seen Frank?
  • Maggie: Have you seen Frank?
  • Vicki: No, sorry...
  • Maggie: Diego?
  • Diego hasn't responded. Catherine enters the scene.
  • Catherine: Maggie...
  • Catherine: I saw him earlier this morning.
  • Maggie: Not again!
  • Maggie: This is the last thing we need.
  • Maggie: Alright, we'll shoot pick-ups and background stuff...
  • Maggie: ...and hope he shows up.

During the levelEdit

  • Veronica: I talked with Jason...
  • Nadine: Yes - I've seen it - You always carried a torch for him.
  • Veronica: I don't want to be some kind of moll...
  • Veronica: I convinced him to help us, and live his life with me.
  • Nadine: If you are sure that we can trust him...
  • Nadine: I'm happy that he will change his life, not you.
  • Veronica: An-so-lute-ly!

After the levelEdit

  • Frank's at the parking lot. Maggie enters the lot.
  • Maggie: Frank! Where were you?
  • Frank: That's a great question.
  • Maggie: Frank, I'm confused - I thought you wanted to be a part of this?
  • Frank: The WANT is there, Maggie...
  • Frank: ...but for the first time in a LONG while... I'm not so sure I can, anymore.
  • Maggie: I am, Frank, I am sure. I KNOW you can do this.
  • Maggie: All of this fear, all of this hurt you're feeling - I need you to channel it into the scene.
  • Frank: I- I don't know...
  • Maggie: It's up to you to decide - we'll be waiting for you on the set.
  • Maggie: We believe in you, Frank.
  • Maggie heads back into the studio.

Level 49Edit

  • Maggie: Sigh... Frank's not going to show up, everyone. Let's figure out how we can...
  • Frank enters the studio.
  • Frank: Apologies...
  • Everyone's surprised!
  • Catherine: Frank!
  • Catherine: Where the heck have you been!?
  • Frank: Well, I... well...
  • Frank: Well, I'm a big star and...
  • Frank: ...I can't possibly be expected to report to the set on time, can I?
  • Everyone surprised, and Maggie laughed.
  • Frank: Oh Frank, it's good to have you back!
  • Everyone laughed.

During the levelEdit

  • Diego serves coffee 5 times to Frank.
  • Veronica: Jason, you can't tell me what I want.
  • Jason: But do you even know what you want?
  • Jason: Does anyone know what they want?
  • Nadine explains.
  • Veronica: I certainly do!

After the levelEdit

  • Maggie: It was a great day! All thanks to you.
  • Frank: The pleasure is mine, Maggie.
  • Maggie leaves the studio.
  • Catherine enters the place.
  • Catherine: Here you are...
  • Catherine: Frank, you were great.
  • Maggie enters and thinks.
  • Maggie: …
  • Frank: You bring out the best in me, Catherine...
  • Frank: always have.
  • Frank trusts Catherine.
  • Maggie: Gosh...
  • Maggie leaves the studio.
  • Catherine: It's just good to have you back.

Level 50Edit

  • Maggie, Frank, Vicki, Diego and Catherine enter the studio.
  • Maggie: Last day of shooting, everyone. And we have just enough of Frank's money left to throw a party!
  • Frank: Hey!
  • Maggie laughs.
  • Maggie: I have an announcement - out premiere will be at Bauman's Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood!
  • Frank: Well, if it's my party, let's open the champagne!
  • Maggie: Not yet! One more day of shooting, please. We need a few pick ups.

During the levelEdit

  • Jason: Do you hear the sirens? They pitched those flat tires!
  • Nadine: Yes, our old friends will spend a lifetime in Jail.
  • Veronica: And we got the money to save the restaurant. I'm so proud!
  • Veronica: I love you, Jason!
  • Jason: I love you too, sweetheart!

After the level; Post-chapterEdit

  • Maggie and Vicki enter the club.
  • Frank: Ah! Here you are.
  • Maggie: Sorry for being late...
  • Frank: No worries, your timing is perfect...
  • Frank: Ladies and gentlemen.
  • Frank: It's time for a special toast - to our new Rising Star...
  • Vicki: Frank! It's so nice of you...
  • Catherine: I'm afraid this time he means someone else Vicki.
  • Frank: Yes, I do! Maggie, I wish to tell you...
  • Maggie: Sorry... What a noise... I better answer this...
  • Maggie: Hello? Maggie Welles speaking...
  • Maggie: Uh=huh... yes, I see... Thank you.
  • Diego: What is it?
  • Maggie: Grandpa's theater has a buyer.
  • Everyone's down.
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