This is the second chapter in Maggie's Movies - Camera, Action. Maggie assists crew to make the movie go live. Suddenly, her grandfather had a heart attack!

Level 11 Edit

  • Maggie brings her suitcase upon arriving home.
  • Maggie: Diego!
  • Diego gave Maggie a hug.
  • Maggie: How did it happen, Diego?
  • Diego: He was watching his favorite silent film.
  • Maggie: "Go West"... We were going to watch it together the next time.
  • Maggie: I... I...
  • Diego comforts Maggie.
  • Maggie: Was he alone?
  • Diego: I was running the projector for him.
  • Diego: Sometimes he falls asleep while watching so...
  • Diego: I didn't think too much of it until I checked on him.
  • Diego: He went peacefully, Maggie.
  • Maggie: …
  • Maggie: I've been gone a long time...
  • Diego: We're going to open soon - why don't you get some rest and we'll talk later?
  • Maggie disagrees.
  • Maggie: I need to keep busy or I'll go nuts.
  • Maggie: Besides, it hasn't been THAT long.

During the levelEdit

  • Maggie walks 300 meters.

After the levelEdit

  • Diego enters the place.
  • Maggie: Sigh... Now I feel really tired.
  • Charles: "Pardon me, are you Maggie Welles?"
  • Maggie: Yes. Are you from the funeral home?
  • Charles: No, no, Ms. Welles, my name is Charles Potter.
  • Charles: I'm from the First Mayberry Credit Union...
  • Maggie: My grandfather's business loan.
  • Maggie: Is there a problem?
  • Charles: Oh, no! Not at all. It's just that as you are now the owner of the theater...
  • Charles: ...we were hoping you could sign a few papers...
  • Charles: ...mere formalities, I assure you.
  • Charles gives Maggie a paper.
  • Charles: I uh... have been authorized to tell you that any further interest payments...
  • Charles: ...can be deferred until you sell the theater...
  • Charles: long as it's done in a timely manner, of course.
  • Maggie: I appreciate that, but...
  • Maggie: ...I haven't decided yet on what to do with the theater yet.
  • Diego: I don't think this is a proper time Mr. Potter.
  • Charles: Ah, well - of course.
  • Charles: Perhaps you could just sign where indicated then?
  • Diego: Excuse me, but my mum taught me to read things before signing them.
  • Diego: If you don't mind leaving these documents and collecting them AFTER the funeral...
  • Charles: Er… very well.
  • Charles: My sincere apologies for the inconvenience...
  • Charles leave the place.

Level 12Edit

  • Diego: There're a lot of things to take care, in addition to the funeral.
  • Diego: Maggie, I know you have a lot on your mind right now...
  • Diego: ...but I'm wondering about your plans for the theater.
  • Diego: There have been rumors that Cinefilm is going to open a big multiplex in town.
  • Diego: And let's face it... this place has seen better days.
  • Maggie: I don't know Diego. I have to...
  • Ted enters the place.
  • Maggie and Diego: Ted!
  • Ted: Hi guys!
  • Ted and Maggie dance.
  • Maggie: You look... great!
  • Ted: How are you doing?
  • Maggie: Oh... still processing everything...
  • Maggie: It happened so suddenly...
  • Maggie: I'm just so sorry that I didn't visit more often.
  • Ted: Your grandpa was a great guy - I loved coming here.
  • Ted: Hadn't seen him in a while, unfortunately.
  • Maggie: He liked you. He always thought we could...
  • Maggie: Er… you know.
  • Maggie and Ted: …
  • Ted: Hey, you know - I'd promised your grandpa I would fix some things around here.
  • Maggie: Oh - no, listen you don't have to...
  • Ted: It's okay... I like to keep my promises.

During the levelEdit

  • Maggie brings the tools to Ted.

After the levelEdit

  • Ted comes out of theater.
  • Diego comes out of theater.
  • Maggie and Ted hug!
  • Diego: Hey guys, do you need some time alone?
  • Diego: To talk about old days...
  • Ted: Well... Actually... I'm kind of late...
  • Ted: I'll see you tomorrow at the funeral.
  • Diego: I'm off too.
  • Diego and Ted are off.
  • Maggie takes a deep breathe, and points at her memory photo.
  • Maggie: I miss you grandpa...
  • Maggie enters the theater.
  • Maggie: Good ol' grandpa... everything's exactly the same as the last time I visited.
  • Maggie: Heck, everything's the same as when I was six.
  • Maggie: Why didn't you ever change anything?
  • Maggie rests. Then she enters a dream.
  • Bill appeared inside her dreams.
  • Bill: Maybe it didn't need changing.
  • Maggie: I love it for that but...
  • Maggie: GRANDPA?
  • Maggie: What's happening? You passed away...
  • Bill: Don't panic Tater Tot.
  • Bill: It's just a dream. You fell asleep.
  • Maggie: Oh, did I?
  • Maggie: My dear grandpa...
  • Maggie: I'm so sorry...
  • Maggie: My life is in L.A. now. I... I...
  • Maggie is surprised.
  • Maggie: I'm... I'm so sorry I didn't visit more often.
  • Bill: You're young, busy, trying to build a career.
  • Maggie: When something's important, you'll find a way, if not...
  • Bill: You'll find an excuse.
  • Bill walks out as a ghost and diappears.
  • Maggie: Grandpa, please don't go...

Level 13Edit

  • Maggie reads the script.
  • Diego: It was a really nice funeral.
  • Maggie: Yes, there were so many people from town.
  • Diego: We had some longtime customers - friends of your grandfather, really...
  • Diego: ...some of them asked about a wake?
  • Maggie: Oh, my gosh!
  • Maggie: The wake!
  • Maggie: I nearly forgot!
  • Maggie: The silent film festival!
  • Diego: What do you mean?
  • Maggie: It's the last he ever curated - that's what we'll do to honor him.
  • Diego: There's a lot of work still to be done if you want to pull it off.
  • Maggie: I know, but we will manage.
  • Diego: I have to show you something.
  • Diego places the ad poster on the wall. It overlaps the two landscape pics.
  • Diego: Voila!
  • Maggie: Festival poster is ready! That's great!
  • Maggie: Spread the word.
  • Maggie: The wake - I mean the festival - is on.

During the levelEdit

  • Diego invites clients to the festival.
    • Diego: The festival will take place 2 day from now.
    • Diego: It's the final festival in memory of the founder of this cinema.
    • Diego: Mr. Bill Welles organized first festival 47 years ago.
    • Diego: You are very welcome to our final Silent Film Festival.
    • Diego: Please hurry up, the tickets will be should out soon.
    • (Repeats the 5th one)

After the levelEdit

  • Maggie is calling Vicki.
  • Maggie: Vicki! Hey, it's me - listen is Al Jr. around?
  • Maggie: Hmm? Oh, yeah - I'm fine, fine.
  • Maggie: Private jet to Maui, huh? Wow...
  • Maggie: Well, have him call me when he gets in, okay?
  • Maggie: It's urgent…
  • Maggie: I really need him to read this script!
  • Maggie: Thanks. Bye.
  • Diego: Maggie, have you finished your script?
  • Diego: You didn't say a word!
  • Maggie: Oh... No, it's not mine.
  • Maggie: Michael Hughs, my favorite young scriptwriter wrote it.
  • Maggie: It's absolutely brilliant! Sure Shot must have it.
  • Maggie: But Al Jr. must read it first...
  • Diego: Oh boy, your life in Hollywood ain't easy.
  • Maggie: How did you figure it out?
  • Diego and Maggie laugh.

Level 14Edit

  • Diego makes popcorn.
  • Maggie: I really should finish reading these papers...
  • Maggie's phone: I SAID A-BOOM SHOCK A-LOCK A-LOCKA!
  • Maggie answers the phone.
  • Maggie: Hello...?
  • Michael: Hey Maggie! How are things?
  • Maggie: Hi Michael! It's wonderful to hear you!
  • Michael: Are you still interested in my new script?
  • Michael: You know sweetheart, some other studios are asking for it...
  • Maggie: Oh, no! We REALLY want it. It's just...
  • Michael: Horry up then. I don't want to be pushy, but you know how it is.
  • Maggie: Okay, okay - I'll talk to my people...
  • Michael: That's great. Good luck!
  • Maggie: Thanks for calling.
  • Maggie hangs up.
  • Diego: Maggie, if that script is such a problem...
  • Diego: ...why won't you just propose them to use yours instead?
  • Maggie: No way! It's not ready.
  • Maggie: Besides Michael's work is amazing.
  • Diego: You really like him, don't you?
  • Maggie: What are you talking about?
  • Diego: You were so excited on the phone, you know?
  • Maggie agrees.
  • Maggie: I admire his work. That's all!
  • Delivery guy: Excuse me, I got packages for Ms. Welles.
  • Maggie: Oh, that must be decorations for the festival.
  • Diego: Great! Let's start the preparations!

During the levelEdit

  • Maggie prepares the decorations for the festival.

After the levelEdit

  • Diego comes out of theater room.
  • Diego: Need any help before I take off?
  • Maggie: No thanks, that's probably good enough for now.
  • Maggie: Diego...
  • Maggie: I could have a drink, would you join me?
  • Diego: I may have a better idea.
  • Diego gets some special drinks.
  • Diego: Sparkling apple cider! Your grandfather and I kept some around for special occasions.
  • Maggie laughs. Diego pours the cider into the tall cup. Maggie gets a cider cup.
  • Diego: Let's drink to your grandpa's heritage.
  • Maggie and Diego drink!
  • Maggie: I've done a busy job of staying in touch.
  • Diego: You've been busy.
  • Maggie: I've been a busy friend is what I've been.
  • Diego: Yeah, well... I'm the one who said I'd go to Hollywood...
  • Diego: ...with you to pursue my dream of being a special effects artist.
  • Maggie and Diego laugh.
  • Diego: I just never thought you'd really do it!
  • A little while later...
  • Diego puts more cider to him and Maggie.
  • Then after that, Maggie got a sour!
  • Diego comforts Maggie.
  • Maggie and Diego sat on stairs.
  • And Maggie and Diego got cider and drink again!

Level 15Edit

  • Maggie works on tickets and Diego checks out customers.
  • Maggie: We made it!
  • Diego: Yeah! The festival is ready to kick off.
  • Diego gave Maggie a hug!
  • Ted and Anita enter the place.
  • Anita: Eh... This place hasn't changed at all since I was fourteen.
  • Ted: Please, not now.
  • Ted: Maggie - Hi! This is my girlfriend, Anita.
  • Anita: Will this take long?
  • Maggie: So pleased to meet you.
  • Maggie: I wish to welcome our dear guests.
  • The customers stand up.
  • Maggie: I know of NOTHING that would please my grandfather more…
  • Maggie: ...than sharing a cinematic experience like this..
  • Maggie: ...with his friends, customers and cinema fans.
  • Maggie: On that note...
  • Maggie: memory of my grandfather...
  • Maggie: ...let the FINAL Silent Film Festival begin!
  • The fans applause to Maggie.

During the levelEdit

  • Maggie serves grandfather's friends invited to festival.

After the levelEdit

  • Maggie enters the theater. After she watches, she wipes her tears and slowly leaves the theater room.
  • Bill leaves the theater room to see Maggie.
  • Ted: Maggie!
  • Maggie leans to Ted.
  • Maggie: I miss him so much.
  • Ted: I know Maggie, I know...
  • Maggie: I missed you too, Ted...
  • Anita comes out of theater.
  • Anita: I KNEW IT!
  • Anita: The whole thing was an excuse to hook up with your old high school girlfriend!
  • Anita left the place.
  • Ted: Anita, wait!
  • Ted goes after Anita. Maggie is worried!

Level 16Edit

  • Maggie: …
  • Maggie: Wow!
  • Diego: What's up Maggie?
  • Diego: Are you checking the numbers?
  • Diego: Is the debt bigger than you thought?
  • Maggie: It's not that. My grandfather never signed these loan papers.
  • Diego: Yeah... he and Old Man Bailey who used to run the bank did everything by handshake.
  • Maggie: Well, you know what that means...
  • Maggie: Technically, the theater could walk away from the loan scot-free.
  • Maggie: I'm not saying it should, but... it's go a long way towards saving it from being shut down.
  • Diego: I don't know Maggie...
  • Diego: Your grandpa wouldn't even have such idea...

During the levelEdit

  • Maggie examines the papers.

After the levelEdit

  • Diego punches the tickets.
  • Diego: Maggie, I'm off.
  • Maggie: See you tomorrow, Diego.
  • Diego: Hope you made your mind on this silly idea...
  • Diego leaves the place.
  • Maggie: Focus Maggie. Focus…
  • Maggie fell asleep.
  • Bill appears.
  • Bill: Hello Maggie.
  • Maggie: Oh! Grandpa...
  • Maggie: Am I dreaming again, grandpa?
  • Bill: You're not thinking of walking away from that loan, are you?
  • Maggie: Well, no...
  • Maggie: ...BUT...
  • Maggie: ...the theater's in a lot of debt, grandpa.
  • Maggie: What if walking away if the only way to save it?
  • Maggie: Oh... I know it's only my dream, but...
  • Maggie: ...please help me grandpa.
  • Bill: Then I would say it's not worth saving - not of the expense of your integrity, anyways.
  • Maggie: Grandpa, this was our dream, your lifelong passion.
  • Maggie: Heck, it was my HOME growing up. It's where I learned to love film.
  • Bill: If something's important enough, you'll find a way...
  • Bill and Maggie: ...if not, you'll find an excuse.
  • Maggie: I know... I know.

Level 17Edit

  • Charles enter the place.
  • Maggie: So, I gave your loan papers a REAL good look.
  • Maggie: Relax, I signed them.
  • Maggie gives Charles the papers.
  • Charles: It's a relief to know you inherited your grandfather's integrity along with his movie theater.
  • Maggie: Don't thank me yet - I have a favor to ask.
  • Maggie: I've been running the numbers and this theater has another act left in it yet.
  • Charles: Not, if that cineplex opens, it doesn't.
  • Maggie gives another paper.
  • Maggie: Idle rumors. This town can't support a theater of that size, and besides, people love this place.
  • Maggie: All it needs is a new line of credit to update a few things, modernize a bit.
  • Charles: I thought you were going to sell the theater?
  • Maggie: My grandfather never gave up on his dream... It's up to me to keep it alive.
  • Charles: Well... If you can show a profit... and if that cineplex does indeed turn out to be a rumor...
  • Charles: ...I will see to your line of credit, personally.

After the levelEdit

  • Diego places tickets.
  • Maggie: Looks like the cinema is safe Diego...
  • Maggie: ...for now, anyhow?
  • Diego: You can't imagine how happy I am!
  • Diego: Talk to you tomorrow.
  • Diego gave Maggie a hug.
  • Then Diego leaves the place.
  • Maggie's phone: I SAID A-BOOM SHOCK A-LOCK A-LOCKA!
  • Maggie answers the phone.
  • Susan: Maggie! Where the heck are you?
  • Maggie: I told you - my grandfather passed away.
  • Susan: Wasn't that like... three days ago?
  • Susan: Anyways, I need you on the set, YESTERDAY.
  • Maggie: I... I need a little more time.
  • Susan: You have forty=eight hours.
  • Maggie is afraid!
  • Susan: If you're not back by then...
  • Susan: ...take all the time you need.
  • Oh no! Maggie has limited time!

Level 18Edit

  • Maggie: We need to attract younger audience.
  • Diego: Agreed.
  • Maggie: Naturally people still love brilliant classic movies...
  • Maggie: ...but there are so much going on in film nowadays.
  • Maggie: We need to invest in some indie productions.
  • Maggie: I've already ordered a bunch of movies to get us started.
  • Diego: Maggie... Are you sure about the cineplex being a rumor?
  • Maggie: Doesn't matter... This town doesn't need a bright shiny, cineplex...
  • Maggie: It needs a REAL movie theater that's not afraid to show quality films.
  • Maggie: We just need to make a few changes and we'll be fine.
  • Maggie: …
  • Maggie: Sorry Diego, but I must make a call.
  • Diego: No worries. Take your time.
  • Diego leaves the place, while Maggie sits on a table.
  • Maggie: Hi, Vicki - it's me again. Any word on Al Jr.?
  • Maggie: Jet skiing off Catalina Island? Really?
  • Maggie: Yes, PLEASE do whatever you can...
  • Maggie: ...we're going to lose out on a once in a lifetime opportunity if we don't option that screenplay.
  • Maggie: Thanks...

During the levelEdit

  • Maggie receives the ordered items.

After the levelEdit

  • Back in Maggie's trailer...
  • Michael: Maggie, your script is brilliant.
  • Maggie: Oh, thank you Michael... It's so nice of you...
  • Michael: I mean it!
  • Michael: This is not only an amazing debut.
  • Michael: This is better than anything I ever wrote.
  • Maggie: You can't be serious...
  • Michael: Maggie, darling, you have a great talent!
  • Michael: Believe me, one day you will be really famous.
  • Returns to her theater...
  • Maggie: Oh, I fell asleep...
  • Maggie: What a silly dream...
  • Maggie: I better keep going on this script.
  • Maggie: Where was I?
  • Maggie: Oh! I have an idea for the final sentence.
  • Maggie: Let's see...
  • Maggie: Yes, that's just perfect.
  • Maggie: Oh my gosh! I'm done!
  • Maggie: The first draft of my screenplay is done!

Level 19Edit

  • Maggie: We're close Diego.
  • Diego: I've been keeping a closer eye on inventory - what's selling, what isn't.
  • Diego: I've got some ideas we can talk about.
  • Maggie: Just make it happen, I trust you.
  • Maggie's phone: I SAID A-BOOM SHOCK A-LOCK A-LOCKA!
  • Maggie answers the phone.
  • Maggie: Oh no!
  • Maggie: My boss… Susan.
  • Maggie: I'm running out of time, Diego.

During the levelEdit

  • Maggie picks up the phone.
  • Maggie: I will be back on the set as soon as possible.
  • Maggie: Ready? Call the light technician.
  • Maggie: The invoice is in the bottom left drawer.
  • Maggie: Just give the white sugar for now and order demerara.
  • Maggie: How did the bear got loose? Find the trainer.
  • Maggie: Don't bother Susan, talk to Vicki.

After the levelEdit

  • The customers arrived.
  • Maggie's phone: I SAID A-BOOM SHOCK A-LOCK A-LOCKA!
  • Maggie: Why do ringtones always sound so much cooler when you first pick them?
  • Maggie answers the phone.
  • Maggie: AL! Yes - hello! Did you read that script?
  • Maggie: You're in a bidding war for it now?!
  • Maggie: Where's the bidding at?
  • Maggie: That much, huh?
  • Maggie: No, no - it's worth it, I promise.
  • Maggie: Oh - okay, I'll talk to you.
  • Maggie: ...later.
  • Maggie: Oooh, I'm so excited!

Level 20Edit

  • Diego: You're going back so soon?
  • Maggie: I've got a lot going on back at home.
  • Diego: I thought THIS was your home.
  • Maggie: You'll do a great job running this place - better than I could.
  • Ted enter this place.
  • Ted: Maggie...
  • Maggie: Ted... where's Anita?
  • Ted: She and I are done.
  • Maggie is anxious!
  • Ted: Maggie - that's now why I came here...
  • Ted: I got a call from some people I subcontract for...
  • Ted: ...the new cineplex is breaking ground right outside town in a few months.
  • Ted: I'm sorry... I just wanted you to hear it from me, first.
  • Ted leaves the place.
  • Maggie: Oh my gosh! I must call the banker...
  • Maggie calls Charles, the banker.
  • Maggie: Mr. Potter! It's Maggie Welles
  • Maggie: May I meet you today to discuss our business plan?
  • Maggie: Yes, please. I will be there this afternoon.
  • Maggie: Thank you.
  • Maggie hangs up.
  • Maggie: Sorry Diego, I'm completely wrecked and must run to the bank.
  • Diego: Do whatever you need...
  • Diego: ...I will take care of everything here.
  • Maggie leaves the place, now Diego runs the place.

During the levelEdit

  • Diego serves 24+ tickets.

After the level; Post-chapterEdit

  • Maggie: I'm... I'm sorry Diego.
  • Maggie: The theater is deep in debt and the bank won't extend us any more credit.
  • Maggie: I... I'm going to have to sell the theater.
  • Maggie: My grandpa put his whole life into this cinema.
  • Maggie: I can't believe it's ending like that.
  • Diego: Maggie, we made some money recently.
  • Diego: Thanks to our hard work and new ideas we are making profit again.
  • Maggie: But Diego...
  • Diego: I know it's not enough to pay back the debt.
  • Diego: But we could renovate the cinema and find a buyer who will keep it as it is.
  • Diego: This at lease will preserve Bill's legacy.
  • Maggie: I appreciate your optimism...
  • Diego: Let's do it, Maggie. What else can we do?
  • DIego: Go back to Hollywood and let me look after the cinema.
  • Maggie: Thanks Diego...
  • Maggie: You are really the best friend I ever had... I can always count on you.
  • Maggie hugs on Diego!
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