This is the third chapter in Maggie's Movies: Camera, Action. Since the theater went in debt after her grandfather's legacy, Maggie got help from her friends.

Level 21 Edit

  • Next scene on Waves of Love, Vicki gets the makeup desk ready.
  • Maggie arrives at the set.
  • Vicki MAGGIE!
  • Maggie: Vicki!
  • Vicki: It's so good to see you!
  • Maggie: How are things?
  • Vicki: The crew's threatening to strike unless they get paid soon.
  • Vicki: Clyde is having 'artistic differences' with our two leads.
  • Vicki: Also, watch your back - Andrea is telling tales about you.
  • Vicki: She's gunning for your job.
  • Vicki: Oh, and welcome back.
  • Frank and Clyde enter the set.
  • Clyde: I don't understand...
  • Clyde: ...have I signed on to direct another Three Stooges film?
  • Frank: Clyde, read the script. It's CLEARLY a comedic scene!
  • Frank: Don't be fatuous. I won't have my vision compromised!
  • Maggie goes to tell them.
  • Maggie: GUYS!
  • Maggie: Just... shoot the scene both ways.
  • Clyde: Ah! I see... waste even MORE of my precious time.
  • Clyde: How wonderful.
  • Clyde left the set.
  • Frank: Nice try, Maggie...

During the levelEdit

  • Maggie brings the set a boat!
  • Robert's mom: Welcome to your family's land, my son!
  • Robert: You mean not-the-Perkins-land?
  • Robert's mom: Cheerful as always! Ann Bradley asked about you. She will be very happy to meet you.
  • Robert: This goat? I'd rather spend my time on counting cattle instead...
  • Robert: But it's good to be back, mother.

After the levelEdit

  • Maggie enters the ser.
  • Susan: Maggie! Where have you been?
  • Maggie: My grandfather passed away, remember?
  • Susan: Oh, yes - er… my condolences and all...
  • Susan: But I don't think you noticed how serious the situation is...
  • Susan: ...AL Senior is going to shut us down if we can't get the film back on track.
  • Susan: That means everyone's out of a job... and forget about your shot in the director's chair.
  • Maggie: All right! I'll handle it - but only if we do things MY way.
  • Maggie: First, you pay the crew's back wages and overtime.
  • Susan: We're already over budget and...
  • Susan: Sigh... Okay. Fine.
  • Maggie: Great news! Everybody's getting paid - now back to work!
  • They sit on a table.
  • Maggie: What are you doing?
  • "It's 12:15 - we're on our lunch break!"

Level 22Edit

  • Maggie: …
  • Catherine enters the set.
  • Catherine: Psst… May I have a word with you?
  • Maggie: Oh, sure...
  • Catherine: You're Maggie right? The assistant director?
  • Maggie: Of course, Catherine. Something wrong?
  • Catherine: It's my character, Hester. She's vastly underwritten.
  • Maggie: I agree.
  • Catherine: I've tried to bring her more substance.
  • Catherine: But every time I stray from the script I get shut down by Frank and Clyde.
  • Maggie: I'll have a word with Clyde.
  • Catherine: Would you? That'd be SO great.
  • Catherine: He can be... a tad difficult.
  • Maggie: Really? I hardly noticed.
  • Maggie and Catherine laugh.

During the levelEdit

  • Hester: Oh Robert, I'm happy to see you again!
  • Robert: I told you that we are destined to each other, it's written in the stars - look to the sky!
  • Hester: Oh! You are so wise!
  • Robert: Shush, my dear! Let's enjoy this moment!

After the levelEdit

  • Andrea enters the set.
  • Andrea: Maggie!
  • Andrea: How ARE you?
  • Andrea: It's so good to see you!
  • Andrea: Susan wanted me to check in to see how I could help.
  • Maggie: Well, there is one thing you could do...
  • Andrea: Anything - name it.
  • Maggie: Go back to L.A.
  • Andrea scared!
  • Andrea: B-b-but why?
  • Maggie: We're over budget and behind schedule.
  • Maggie: I can't afford to have someone 'helping me' that I can't trust.
  • Andrea: Okay... Look, I'm REALLY sorry.
  • Andrea: Please, give me a second chance.
  • Maggie: Oh yeah? Why would I do it?
  • Andrea: Because I want to help you save this film.
  • Andrea: And I know that only YOU can do it...
  • Maggie: OK... You have your chance...
  • Andrea: I won't let you down, Maggie.
  • Andrea: I PROMISE.

Level 23Edit

  • Maggie: Clyde, may I speak to you for a moment?
  • Maggie: We have a problem with Hester, our female lead.
  • Maggie: Right now she's coming off as merely a sounding board for the male lead.
  • Clyde: Ah, I thought you said we had a problem.
  • Maggie: I don't know if you've noticed...
  • Maggie: ...but our audience for this film is over seventy percent female.
  • Maggie: They want a strong female lead.
  • Maggie: Lose them, and this film tanks at the box office.
  • Maggie: Maybe you can see you way to taking a few cues from Catherine?
  • Clyde: Actors are children!
  • Clyde: You order them around, you don't ask for their opinion.
  • Clyde leaves the set.
  • Hitchcock touches Maggie.
  • Maggie: Well, at least you're happy to see me, Hitchcock.
  • Maggie takes care of Hitchcock.

During the levelEdit

  • Hester: Is something is wrong, my beloved?
  • Robert: I'm worried about my Mother.
  • Hester: Why? Is she sick?
  • Robert: No. But she is up to something - and I don't like it.
  • Robert: I think she wants me to marry Ann Bradley for some reason known only to her and my father.
  • Hester: I hope not - I wouldn't survive without you!
  • Robert: Don't bother your head with that matter - I will figure something out.

After the levelEdit

  • One person delivers the items.
  • Maggie: Thanks! Please leave it in the storage room.
  • "OK."
  • One person places in the storage room.
  • Maggie answers the phone.
  • Michael: Hi? Maggie? It's Michael!
  • Maggie: Michael! How are you?
  • Michael: Great, actually. Thanks to you.
  • Michael: I mean, I heard Al Jr. was a generous man...
  • Michael: ...but one mill?!
  • Michael: Now he tells me he's been talking to Jennifer and Leo for the leads.
  • Michael: I mean, WOW! I don't know WHAT to say.
  • Michael: Anyway, look, next time you're in LA...
  • Michael: ...I'd love to take you to dinner to celebrate.
  • Maggie: Oh! Um... Yeah, that sounds great. I'll talk to you soon.
  • Maggie hangs up.
  • Maggie: My directorial debit is at a million dollars and it's not even out of pre-production.
  • Maggie: Al Junior - I hope you know what you're doing...
  • Maggie: Heck- I hope I know what I'm doing.

Challenge 7Edit

  • Hester: Something is wrong, my beloved?
  • Then repeats Level 23 scene.

Level 24Edit

  • Maggie enters the set.
  • Vicki: Maggie, have you seen Frank?
  • Maggie: He's not on the set yet?
  • Vicki: No...
  • Maggie: He's in every scene today!
  • Vicki: He didn't report to make up and he isn't in his trailer.
  • Maggie goes to Clyde.
  • Maggie: Clyde, have you seen Frank yet?
  • Clyde: No, thank goodness I have not.
  • Maggie: ATTENTION! Has anyone seen Frank?
  • Robert's dad: Haven't seen him nor his car today.
  • Maggie: I can't believe it...
  • Maggie: Let's shoot this scene with double until we find Frank.

During the levelEdit

  • Maggie asks people about Frank.
  • Maggie: Seen Frank?
  • "I thought he was here."
  • "I'm also looking for him."
  • "No, I haven't."
  • "He is probably with Andrea."


  • Robert's mom: Maid told me that you've met with Hester.
  • Teddy: Oh, Mother... that's nothing, don't worry about it.
  • Robert's mom: You were supposed to talk with Ann Bradley.
  • Robert's mom: Your father would be angry if he'd knew you talked with Hester instead of her...
  • Teddy dad: So don't let him know about it, Mom...

After the levelEdit

  • "Maggie, I saw Frank."
  • Maggie: What? Where is he?
  • "He just entered Café around the corner."
  • Maggie: You are kidding me...
  • Maggie: FRANK!!!
  • Inside the Café...
  • Frank: C'mon, what's the problem?
  • Andrea: I... just - I'd rather keep things professional.
  • Maggie enters the café.
  • Maggie: What's going on here, Frank?
  • Andrea: It's nothing, Maggie. It's fine.
  • Andrea I was just about to bring Frank back on the set.
  • Maggie: No, it's not fine. Half of the crew is wasting time looking for you, Frank!
  • Frank: How dare you talk to me like that!
  • Frank: What about I pack up, go back to LA, and leave this movie without a star?
  • Maggie: What about you honor your contract or face Sure Shot Pictures in court?
  • Frank leaves the café.
  • Andrea: I know how it works. I was just trying to find him.
  • Andrea: I.. I...
  • Maggie: Andrea, it's fine. We both know Frank.
  • Maggie: Let's get back on the set.
  • Andrea: Hey, Maggie...
  • Andrea: Thanks...
  • Andrea: I mean it...

Level 25Edit

  • Maggie: Where should I start?
  • Maggie answers the phone.
  • Maggie: Ted?!
  • Diego: Nope.
  • Maggie: Sorry, Diego! How are things of the theater?
  • Diego: It's actually getting even better. Would you imagine?
  • Diego: Speaking of Ted - I ran into him the other day.
  • Maggie: Oh, yeah?
  • Diego: He was with what's her face. Still WITH her, I guess.
  • Diego: How's Hollywood?
  • Maggie: No idea - I'm in a Louisiana swamp right now herding cats.
  • Diego: Oh... well… watch out for alligators, I guess.
  • Maggie: Thanks, Diego - talk to you later.
  • Maggie takes a breath. A technician entered and falls down with a package of movie rolls!
  • Maggie: Oh Great!
  • "I'm so sorry..."

During the levelEdit

  • Maggie cleans the mess left by technician.
  • Teddy: Do you know how disobedient you are? After so many things I have done for you!
  • Robert: Pap, this is nothing, really... Listen I just like her, that's all.
  • Teddy: I can see through your lies. You are my son! And as my Son, you cannot meet with those peasants!
  • Robert: First of all - they are not peasants, they are merchants, and wealthy ones.
  • Robert: And second, no matter how much money you gave on my education, you cannot tell my heart what to do!

After the levelEdit

  • Catherine: Hester would be more assertive here.
  • Clyde: Hmm...
  • Clyde: I suppose you MAY have a point.
  • Catherine: In this scene she is on the spotlight.
  • Clyde: Well, I must agree.
  • Catherine: And what about the farewell scene?
  • Clyde: You are right.
  • Clyde: Her character creates the emotional value.
  • Catherine: Thank you, Clyde.
  • Andrea: Is it possible this is going this well?
  • Maggie: He seems to actually be listening to her.
  • Maggie: Though it won't make much difference if Frank won't play ball during their scenes together.

Level 26Edit

  • Maggie enters the set.
  • Frank: You can't be serious!
  • Clyde: Lower your voice - you're upsetting Hitchcock.
  • Hitchcock barks.
  • Frank: Who's the director here? You?
  • Farnk: Or Catherine?!
  • Clyde: Frank, this film requires two equally compelling leads.
  • Clyde: I refuse to the pin hopes on this film your questionable charisma alone.
  • Frank: I'm warning you - I'll call Al Junior!
  • Clyde: Call the Pope for all I care! My contract gives me full creative control.
  • Frank: This is YOUR doing, I'll bet!
  • Hitchcock barks. Frank leaves the set.

During the levelEdit

  • Maggie serves Frank 3 times.
  • Teddy: Listen, girl, you are not allowed to see my Son. If I see him with you again...
  • Teddy: You will be punished! Maybe your dad was too soft on you, but I won't be!
  • Hester: Yes Sir!
  • Teddy: Good! Now go and consort with people of your sort.
  • Hester laughs.

After the levelEdit

  • Frank drinks. Then he stands up.
  • Frank: VICKI!
  • Frank: What is this?
  • Vicki: A pine nut?
  • Frank: Guess where I found it.
  • Vicki: I... I think they were in one of the dishes...
  • Frank: And WHAT am I allergic to?
  • Vicki: I have no idea.
  • Maggie enters the set.
  • Frank: PINE NUTS!
  • Frank: Just one of them can put me in the hospital!
  • Vicki: Frank, I asked at the beginning of the shoot if anyone has any dietary restriction.
  • Frank: Another slip-up like this and you'll be back waiting tables in Los Feliz, hear me?
  • Vicki leaves the set.
  • Maggie: Vicki, wait!
  • Maggie goes to Frank.
  • Maggie: Are you proud of yourself, Frank?
  • Frank: She got what she deserves.
  • Maggie is mad.

Challenge 8Edit

  • Robert's dad: Listen, girl, you are not allowed to see my Son. If I see him with you again...
  • Then repeats Level 26 scene.

Level 27Edit

  • Frank: ...we were shooting in amazing palace in Italy.
  • Frank: Nothing like this stinky ruin in the middle of nowhere.
  • Maggie and Hitchcock enter the set.
  • Maggie: Frank, we need to talk.
  • One person leaves after the bark.
  • Frank: OH? What is it?
  • Hitchcock Barks
  • Maggie: About the way you've been treating people around here.
  • Barks again.
  • Frank: Let me remind you. I'M the star.
  • Frank: You're an Assistant Director - a glorified go-fer.
  • Frank: One phone call to my agent and...
  • Maggie: You're fired.
  • Frank: You can't be serious.
  • Maggie: You're done.
  • Hitchcock barks.
  • Maggie: Leave! GET. OUT.
  • Frank: All right. Have it your way...
  • Frank: Enjoy the rest of your time here - it's the last film you'll ever be a part of.
  • Frank now leaves the set, enjoying Maggie this film.
  • Maggie calms Hitchcock down.
  • Maggie: You're not going to leave me - are you, you little stinker?
  • Hitchcock jumps and leaves the set. Maggie goes back to work.

During the levelEdit

  • Maggie catches Hitchcock 16 times.
  • Teddy: This Hester and Robert thing cannot continue! I won't let those snakes take my soil and my son!
  • Robert's mom: Calm down, Teddy! Nerve aren't good for your heart. Our son is reasonable.
  • Teddy: I'm not afraid about my son. But I cannot tell the same about Hester.
  • Teddy: These corrupted Perkins blot caused us plenty of problems already!
  • Robert's mom: I will talk to her senses - don't worry, my dear!
  • Susan enters the set.
  • Susan: MAGGIE!
  • Susan: Who gave you the authority to fire our male lead?
  • Maggie: You did.
  • Susan: Never mind.
  • Susan: I need to think damage control here.
  • Susan: Like I didn't have enough problems already...
  • Susan: Budget is outstretched and Al Jr. just ordered flock of trained alligators.
  • Susan: Maybe I should cover this using your salary?
  • Susan: Honestly, I should fire YOU.
  • Andrea: Fire Maggie?
  • Andrea: She's the only thing keeping this film together.
  • Susan: Not anymore she isn't. We can't finish the film without a male lead.
  • Maggie: I'd thought this out - we have more than enough footage of Frank.
  • Maggie: With some rewrites, we can shoot the rest with Catherine...
  • Maggie: ...AND make it more appealing to our female audience.
  • Susan: Oh? And did you have someone in mind to fix the script?
  • Maggie: Yeah. I know somebody.

Level 28Edit

  • Inside the trailer, Maggie and Michael are speaking.
  • Maggie: Michael, I can't thank you enough for coming out here.
  • Michael take off his camera.
  • Michael: Of course. After you put my script said, I figured it's the least I could do.
  • Michael: Also, Al Jr.'s paying me I-don't-wanna-say-how-much for the rewrite.
  • Maggie: So did you read Catherine's notes I sent you?
  • Michael: I did. They'll give me a good jumping-off point as I delve into the new draft.
  • Maggie: Great... I'll make sure you're not distracted.
  • Michael: This is a sleepy town, isn't it?
  • Michael: What do you guys do for fun around here?
  • Maggie: We don't really.
  • Maggie: It's... been kind of a contentious shoot.
  • Michael: Sounds like you could use a cold beverage, later.

During the levelEdit

  • Maggie shows Clyde as many movie shoots as possible after the script rework.
  • Robert's mom: Listen, Hester, I think we might be misunderstood!
  • Hester: Yes? How's that?
  • Robert's mom: I know that you and Robby see life different, but you can't be together.
  • Robert's mom: Such misalliance... You don't want to you ruin his reputation, do you?
  • Hester: I think that our misunderstanding lies elsewhere.
  • Hester: This is a new land - people don't care where is your money coming from.
  • Hester: It doesn't matter anymore whether you have queens blood in your veins.

After the levelEdit

  • Clyde and Hitchcock enter the set with a new script.
  • Clyde: WHAT is this?
  • Maggie: I take it you don't like the latest script changes.
  • Clyde: It's utter dreck!
  • Clyde: Can't believe that Al Jr. paid so much for it.
  • Clyde: Tell your boyfriend not to quit his day job.
  • Maggie: He's not my BOYFRIEND.
  • Maggie: He happens to be one of Hollywood's most talented young...
  • Clyde: I won't put my name on this. I'll quit.
  • Maggie: Clyde... please. Al Jr. organized some test readings and...
  • Clyde threw the script and stomps it.
  • Clyde: Et tu, Hitchcock?
  • Clyde: FINE.
  • Clyde: Just don't expect the doggie door to be open when you come crawling back home.
  • Clyde left the set.
  • Hitchcock jumps.
  • Maggie: It's okay, boy. I'll miss you, too.
  • Hitchcock leaves the set.

Level 29Edit

  • Inside the trailer was Catherine and Maggie.
  • Catherine: Forget Clyde - he was an abusive egomaniac.
  • Maggie: Sure, but now we don't have a director.
  • Catherine: That's why I wanted to talk to you: I want YOU to direct.
  • Maggie: I... I don't think I'm quite ready.
  • Catherine: Maggie, you've proven yourself a natural leader.
  • Catherine: We can all attest to that.
  • Catherine: And you want to direct, don't you?
  • Catherine: Well... this is your shot!
  • Maggie: Okay. Okay, I'll do it!
  • Catherine: Wonderful!
  • Catherine: Now let's get back on the set.

During the levelEdit

  • Maggie receives papers from Andrea.
  • From now on, Clyde has quit his job as a director. Maggie has to direct shootings on the set.
  • Maggie: Actors on scene!
  • Maggie: ACTION!
  • The scene begins!
  • Hester: Jane, I'm worried Mary and Theodore Wellington constantly beset me. I don't know what to do.
  • Jane: Why do you bother? They are old, stubborn, and afraid of this old soil thing that your father nearly forgotten.
  • Hester: Forgotten? How it could be?
  • Jane: It was old argument fueled by your stubborn grandpa, God bless upon his soul, and Theodore Wellington.
  • Jane: Your father has no interest in this infertile heap of dirt.
  • Maggie has to finish the shoot!
  • Maggie: CUUUT!

After the levelEdit

  • Hester: Can't you just let your son choose what he wants?
  • Hester: My family has no claims to your soil!
  • Robert's mom: My dear, I think out pride and prejudice has blinded us whole time.
  • Teddy: You are right, let this dispute be gone with the wind and let our son be happy.
  • Hester: Thank you Sir and Ma'am, I know you are noble people!
  • Maggie: And... CUT!
  • The scene finishes.
  • Maggie: Guys, that was great!
  • Catherine: It was, wasn't it?!
  • Catherine: I know you would be a great director.
  • Catherine and the actors leave the set.
  • Michael: Hey!
  • Michael: Nice work, Scorsese.
  • Maggie: Do you like the way your scenes are playing out?
  • Michael: Maggie, I think it's going great! I mean it - we make a good team.
  • Maggie: Thanks. I just hope Al Jr. agrees.
  • Maggie: I'm starving. Want to hit craft services?
  • Michael: Not at all.
  • Maggie: Oh...
  • Michael: You're a big director now...
  • Michael: ...let's at least go find a roadhouse where we can get some good gumbo.
  • Michael: And later we could have some drinks in a nice quiet place.

Challenge 9Edit

  • Repeat Level 25 scene.

Level 30Edit

  • Susan enters the set.
  • Susan: Maggie, I applaud your effort here, stepping in for Clyde...
  • Susan: But there's too much money on the line to just hand the keys to a first-timer.
  • Susan: That's why I think it's best to let someone with a little more experience take over.
  • Susan applaud.
  • Susan: Everybody! Can I have your attention?
  • Everyone gets attention.
  • Susan: I will be directing the remainder of this picture.
  • Vicki: Hey, that's not fair!
  • Vicki: You can't just slide in and take the credit since things are going well.
  • Susan: I'm the most senior person on the set.
  • Susan: I can do whatever I want.
  • Vicki: Well, you can do hair and make up, too...
  • Vicki: ...'cause I won't work for you!
  • Susan is mad, Maggie is surprised!
  • Teddy: You can be the key grip too, while you're at it!
  • Robert's mom: Provided you're a senior member of Film Industry Association.
  • Catherine/Hester: I won't agree to this, Susan.
  • Catherine/Hester: Maggie and I have been collaborating on this since before Clyde.
  • Susan: I see... Well...
  • Susan: I guess I'm not needed then.
  • Susan leaves the set.
  • Maggie: Thanks, everyone.

During the levelEdit

  • Hester: Listen to yourself! You call us smokes - but you are the one who plots the intrigues!
  • Hester: My family has no interests in your sail anymore! We just want to live peaceful lives.
  • Hester: But you've chosen to remain stubborn in your pride and prejudice. It clouded your judgement.
  • Hester: You've almost rejected your son - the most reasonable person I've even known, and for what?
  • Teddy: I think we might have been wrong this whole time... I'm too old for this
  • Robert's mom: I think that she is suitable for our son, she just proven it. We are sorry...
  • Robert's mom: ...let our families be together in peace! Let this dispute gone with the wind!

After the level; Post-chapterEdit

  • The Al's enter the set.
  • Michael: Is it...
  • Maggie: Yes, it's Al Senior himself.
  • Michael: What is he doing here?
  • Al Sr.: On time and only a ten percent over budget, eh Susan?
  • Al Sr.: How'd you pull it off?
  • Susan: Well... effective leadership is all about how you perform when the pressure's on.
  • Susan: I know Frank and Clyde had to go.
  • Susan: After that it was a simple..
  • Al Sr.: Is it so!?
  • Al Sr.: We both know you're this reason we got into this mess in the first place.
  • Al Sr.: Take the first flight back to LA.
  • Al Sr.: You're FIRED.
  • Everybody's worried! Susan left the set.
  • Al Sr.: Hey, everybody! Can we huddle?
  • Everyone gets closer.
  • Al Sr.: I got some bad news.
  • Al Sr.: Thanks to my son, the 'Sultan of Brunel' here...
  • Al Sr.: ...Sure Shot Pictures is broke.
  • Al Sr.: Now, we're gonna try and find a distributor to open up the cash flow spigot again.
  • Al Sr.: But at least for now, everybody here's out of a job.
  • Michael: What about my script?
  • Maggie: What about my directorial debut?
  • Al Sr.: Sorry, kids...
  • The Al's leave the set.
  • Some time later...
  • Vicki: That's it...
  • Vicki: It's all over now...
  • Maggie: Let's think...
  • Al Jr. enters the set.
  • Al Jr.: Eh... girls... I know I messed things up.
  • Vicki: Oh yeah? We didn't notice!
  • Al Jr.: Listen, I'm really sorry...
  • Al Jr.: I have a plan.
  • Maggie: Seriously?! Just look where you got us so far!
  • Al Jr.: I can get us out from it. I promise.
  • Al Jr.: But I will need some help.
  • Vicki: You ask us after all of this?
  • Al Jr.: We are on the same boat...
  • Maggie: Gosh... Maybe Al is right...
  • Vicki: What are you talking about Maggie?
  • Maggie: This might be the only way to keep our careers running...
  • Maggie: Otherwise we walk away with nothing.
  • Maggie: I'm in! Vicki?
  • Vicki: I don't know, Maggie...
  • Vicki: Let me think about it...
  • Vicki thinks.
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Dr. Cares Dr. Cares: Pet Rescue 911 Dr. Amy Cares, Emily O'Malley, Paige O'Malley, Lisa Fox, Jack Hawkins, Newton, Crystal Upton, Killian Murray, Jasper Kingsley, Sherman, Regina Kingsley, Mr. Kingsley, Jade Kingsley, Patrick O'Malley
Dr. Cares: Amy's Pet Clinic
Dr. Cares: Family Practice Heather Fox, Maria, Alice Cares
Dr. Cares Season 4 (coming soon) (TBA)
Amber's Airline Amber's Airline: High Hopes Amber Hope, Elise Derno, Pamela Idalgo, Karen Scottfield, Emily O'Malley, Allison Heart
Amber's Airline: 7 Wonders Angela Napoli, Jenny Garcia
Parker and Lane Parker and Lane: Criminal Justice Lily Parker, Victor Lane
Parker and Lane: Twisted Minds
Sally's Salon Sally's Salon: Beauty Secrets Sally Milligan, Francois Truffaut, Emily O'Malley, Patrick O'Malley, Paige O'Malley, Angela Napoli, Allison Heart, Evelyn Napoli, Edward Napoli, Jenny Garcia
Sally's Salon: Kiss and Make Up
Maggie's Movies Maggie's Movies - Camera, Action Maggie Welles
Maggie's Movies: Second Shot
Primrose Lake Welcome to Primrose Lake Jenny Carlyle, Jessica Carlyle
Others Cathy's Crafts Cathy Bradford, Emily O'Malley, Paige O'Malley
Mary le Chef: Cooking Passion Mary Vanderworth, Emily O'Malley, Richard Vanderworth, Topsy Vanderworth, Jennifer, Peter, Sophie Vanderworth, Tony, Dorothea Lowery, Luigi, Morey
The Love Boat Angela Napoli, Captain Stubing, Dr. Adam Bricker, Burl "Gopher" Smith, Isaac Washington, Julie McCoy, Emily O'Malley
The Love Boat: Second Chances
Mortimer Beckett and the Book of Gold Mortimer Beckett, Kate O'Malley
Hotel Ever After: Ella's Wish Ella Centola
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