This is the 5th and final episode of Heart's Medicine: Season One.


  • Allison goes past the lobby and into the lab.
  • Allison's in the lab, seeing Ruth.
  • Allison: Ruth... I'm sorry about my behavior at Robert's party. I had no right to lash out at you like that.
  • Ruth: It doesn't matter, dear, this job can be a bit heavy at times...
  • Ruth: ...and even more so when it hits close to home.
  • Allison: It's just...
  • Allison: I couldn't lose anyone close to me again...
  • Ruth: Was it your father?
  • Ruth: Oh, dear...
  • Ruth: ... you must have loved your dad a great deal for it to still hurt so much...
  • Allison: Remember that in the end that's all that matters.
  • Ruth and Allison gave a hug.
  • Allison is depressed;
  • Ruth: I wish I could tell you this under better circumstances, but...
  • Ruth: Robert passed away last night in his home...
  • Ruth: He was surrounded by fanily and friends. He kept them laughing until the very end.
  • Ruth: I know he'd still want you to have this,
  • Allison unwraps and opens the present.

Shift 1Edit

  • Target: 120; Expert: 140
  • Robin took Allison to the Prenatal.
  • Robin: Allison, you've met Chance before. He is our prenatal specialist.
  • Robin: Chance, can you show Allison around today?
  • Chance: Sure, Robin. Good morning, Allison. How has your residency been going so far?
  • Allison: In a word, 'eventful'.
  • Chance: Ah! I've just the 'stress reliever' for you, then.
  • Chance: I bought some herbal peppermint vapor odorizers for the ward.
  • Chance: Perhaps you could activate them for me? Though I don't quite remember where I put them all...
  • Allison; How about, 'I'll do my best and if I can't get to all of them I'll ask for help?'
  • Chance: Wonderful! That's all I can ask.

During the shiftEdit

  • Allison lights up 10 candles.
  • Chance: Take a look at the pose in the top right corner.
  • Chance: Match the pose by clicking on the limb that isn't in the correct position.
  • Chance: Keep clicking until you've found the correct position.
  • Chance: That's it! Now click on the 'ready' button to check if you did it correctly.
  • Chance: Great! You've shown the patient how to do a yoga move.


  • Allison: Wow! That is nice.
  • Chance: Aromatherapy can have a powerful effect on our psychological and physical well being.
  • Chance: I find it as essential to my daily routine as yoga, meditation or even getting enough sleep.
  • Chance: Please, take one home.

Shift 2Edit

  • Target: 135; Expert: 155
  • Pregnant Mrs. Henriquez and Mr. Henriquez are in the prenatal.
  • Chance: Oh, my! How far apart are the contractions?
  • Mrs. Henriquez: They're ten minutes apart still but...
  • Mr. Henriquez: "Darling... you're just worried! Let's come back when the contractions are closer together...
  • Mrs. Henriquez: You're probably right...
  • Chance: Hmm... let's have a look...
  • Chance, and Allison take a pregnant girl to the bed, and the man stands.
  • Chance is scanning for a baby.
  • Chance: The baby's umbilical cord is wrapped around it's neck. We need to deliver her now.
  • Chance: Allison, I'm going to need your assistance.
  • Allison: I- I can't. I've never-
  • Mrs. Henriquez: Ughhhhhhhh!
  • Chance: Quickly! Just follow my lead...

During the shiftEdit

  • Allison and Chance do 13 gestures.
  • After 6 gestures done, it will take a while.
  • 6 hours later...
  • After the last 7 gestures, the baby is delivered.
  • Allison grabs a baby out of her tummy.
  • Welcome new baby to the Enriquez family!
  • Chance: Mr. and Mrs. Henriquez, you have yourselves a healthy baby girl!
  • Henriquez's baby: Waaaaaaaa!

Shift 3Edit

  • Target: 120; Expert: 150
  • Allison: Chance, about yesterday... how did you know something was wrong with that woman's baby?
  • Allison: I mean... if she had listened to her husband, there's no telling what could have happened.
  • Chance: The truth is I didn't know if anything was wrong...
  • Chance: ...but the patient did.
  • Chance: Everyone has an 'inner nurturer' that knows how to take loving care of 'you'. Sometimes we just need to learn how to listen to that voice.
  • Chance: I actually have a personality form for finding out more about you
  • Chance: Here... you might find it useful...

During the shiftEdit

  • Allison has 4 questions about her personality.
  • Chance: Move your mouse into the middle square to find a baby's heart rate. Babies won't stop moving, so you'll need to keep the heart in the square by countering the little tyke's movements.
  • Chance: Keep up the good work!
  • Chance: Great! You've recorded the baby's heartbeat.
Question 1Edit

Imagine a landscape with a cube in it, how big is the cube?

  • Very big, like an elephant. (2nd)
  • As big as I am.
  • Small, like a strange box.
  • Really small, like an ice cube. (Correct)
Question 2Edit

In that landscape imagine a ladder, where is it in relation to the cube and how big is it?

  • It's close to the cube and very high. (2nd)
  • It's far away from the cube and very high. (Correct)
  • It's close to the cube and low.
  • It's far away from the cube and low.
Question 3Edit

Next to the cube is a horse, what is the horse doing?

  • The horse is looking at the cube. (Correct)
  • The horse is actively jumping around.
  • The horse is calmly eating grass. (2nd)
  • The horse is carrying the cube.
Question 4Edit

There is a storm on the horizon. How close is it and are you in danger?

  • It's far away and is harmless.
  • It's close, but harmless. (2nd)
  • It's far away, but dangerous. (Correct)
  • It's near by and dangerous.


  • Your ego is a lot smaller than the average person.
  • You have high aspirations, but feel far away from achieving them.
  • Your ideal partner only has eyes for you.
  • The problems you will face are large, but thankfully still far away.


  • Your ego is larger than the average person.
  • You have high aspirations and feel really close to achieving them.
  • Your ideal partner is nurturing and calm.
  • The problems you will face are small, but close.


  • Allison: Thanks for the questionnaire, Chance.
  • Chance: Remeber: knowledge comes from other people. Wisdom comes from yourself.
  • Allison: Chance, I have a concern of my own. We're seeing lots more patients with severe flu-like symptoms.
  • Allison: I'd like us to have the flu station in here tomorrow. I know it's expensive, but I'm concerned, especially about our newborns.
  • Chance: Alright, if you feel it's important, I'll make sure to request it.
  • Allison and Chance leave the Prenatal Care.

Shift 4Edit

  • Target: 125; Expert: 155
  • Chance brought a flu station.
  • Chance: We received the flu station, but it still needs to be set up correctly.
  • Allison: I'm on it, Chance. We need you on the ward.
  • Allison goes.

During the shiftEdit

  • Allison sets up the flu station, to make it correctly.



  • Chance leaves the Prenatal Care.
  • Allison follows Chance, leaving the Prenatal Care.

Shift 5Edit

  • Target: 140; Expert: 160
  • Back in the lobby, Little Creek Hospital Family was speaking.
  • John: Everyone, please! There's simply no evidence to suggest an outbreak of any new influenza subtype.
  • Allison: It's true.
  • Everyone looking at Allison.
  • Allison: Expectant mothers are usually the most susceptible due to their weakened immune systems.
  • Allison: We saw a lot of severe flu-like symptons in prenatal.
  • Connor: So you guys have the flu station? What about my kids?
  • Allison: Any patients with flu symptons can be sent to our ward, tomorrow.
  • Allison: We'll send our healthy newborns and expectant mothers to pediatrics or basic diagnosis, keeping only those patients showing symptoms.
  • Robin; Sounds very sensible.
  • Chance, Allison, Robin, John, and Daniel, are in the Prenatal Care.
  • John: I said I'm fine, Daniel!
  • Robin: Chance, Allison: while I was interim medical director I was able to order some H9N9 vaccines.
  • Robin: They've only just arrived and there's only six, so we're one short.
  • Allison: John, we need you to go home.
  • John: May I remind you, young lady, whose hospital you're standing in? Who brought you here?
  • Allison: John, you've been a great mentor to me, and I'm grateful...
  • Allison: ...but you're in no shape to receive a vaccine of this sort, and the flu poses a real risk to your life.
  • Daniel: She's right, Dad. Let me drive you home.
  • John: I'll drive MYSELF home when I'm good and ready!
  • John walks out of the Prenatal Care.
  • Robin: I'll inoculate the rest of staff.
  • Daniel and Robin leave the Prenatal, letting Allison go.

During the shiftEdit

  • Allison has to watch out for the flu.


  • Allison: We did it!
  • Allison and Chance gave them a high five.
  • There was a car going driving to crash.
  • Allison and Chance are seeing somewhere, looking for the car crash.
  • Ruth enters the Prenatal, warning Allison and Chance.
  • Ruth: John's been in an accident!


  • At the car crash, John was knocked out by an accident.
  • Daniel cries very sadly.
  • Allison was so surprised.
  • Robin was seeing Daniel crying.
  • Daniel: We tried, it's no use...
  • Allison does 27 gestures for John.
  • Allison does the first 2 gestures.
  • Robin: Allison... please... it's too late.
  • Allison: I'm sorry Robin, but I have to try...
  • Allison does the final 25 gestures, making John wakes up, and revive.
  • Daniel: Dad!
  • Allison: Let's get him to the hospital!


  • Daniel is walking around, after he's back in the hospital.
  • Allison and Gabriel are in the hospital.
  • Allison: John is stable and awake.
  • Allison: ...he suffered a major heart-attack in his car and it could be a while until he returns to work.
  • Daniel: Can we go see him?
  • Allison: ...actually, he's already been asking for a wheelchair...
  • Allison: ...but I don’t think he's ready for that just yet...
  • Ruth takes John, into the wheelchair.
  • John: ...not ready?! Pffffffffff...
  • Ruth: I'm sorry, Allison, but he threatened to fire me...
  • John: Good... you're *cough* all here, I've got an announcement to make...
  • John: of today my function he... here is strictly of an "advisory" nature...
  • John: ...I've decided to retire and leave the clinic to my son.
  • John: ...and as for you, Allison...
  • John: 'Thank you' just doesn't seem to cut it...
  • John: saved, not just my life, but a few others along the way...
  • John: ...and on top of that you fit perfectly in our little family.
  • Johnr: ...That's why you should know whenever you finish your residency there will be a spot waiting for you here...
  • Allison and John gave a hug.
  • Allison: Thanks John, I'd like that very much...
  • John: Now go and take the rest of the week off, because next week you're meeting the rest of the staff...
  • Allison, Daniel, and Connor are about to leave.
  • Daniel: Can I give you a ride when you're done, Allison?
  • Connor: Don't be ridiculous, you live on the other side of town. I'll give her a ride.
  • Allison: Actually, it's a beautiful day outside, I think I'll walk home.
  • Allison is walking home, heads out of the Little Creek Hospital.
  • Allison received a letter.
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