This is the 4th episode of Heart's Medicine: Season One. After Libby's parents are apologized, Allison heads out of Pediatrics, and into the lobby.


  • Allison enters the lobby, and sits down on the bench.
  • Connor goes to the lobby, following after Allison.
  • Connor: Allison... Are you alright?
  • Allison cries.
  • Connor: I used to care about my patients just as much, but you can't...
  • Allison and Connor gave them a kiss.
  • Daniel and John saw Allison and Connor are kissing each other.
  • Allison: I... I have to...
  • Allison rushed into somewhere.
  • John: The reason that I called you all in here...
  • John: because I am happy to announce, that Daniel has FINALLY decided to work alongside me here at the hospital.
  • John: I will be training him as my replacement for when I eventually retire.
  • John: Thank you! That'll be all!.
  • Connor leaves the lobby.
  • And eveyone except Robin, Allison, John, and Daniel, leave the lobby.
  • Allison: Hi, John. It's good to see you.
  • John: Allison, this is Daniel. My son.
  • Daniel: Yes, dad. We've met. Come on, let's head to your office.
  • John and Daniel head to the office.
  • Allison follows Robin into the Plastic Surgery.

Shift 1Edit

  • Target: 100/?; Expert: 125/?
  • Allison: Good morning Dr. Fisher.
  • Robin: Welcome to the plastic surgery and cosmetics ward, Allison.
  • Robin: And please, just call me Robin.
  • Allison go.

Before the eventEdit

  • Connor enters the Plastic Surgery.
  • Connor: Hey, how are you holding up? You wanna come over tonight? ...I can't really cook, but...
  • Allison: I'm sorry, Connor, but yesterday... was a mistake.
  • Connor: Personal or professional?
  • Allison: That's not what I mean! Can we talk about this later?
  • Connor: Uh-oh. No, we're going to talk about this now...
  • Allison: I'm sorry I can't. It's my first shift here at plastics and on top of that I just need to reareange my thoughts...
  • Connor: No need!!! I hope you and wonderbot have a nice life together...
  • Connor leaves the room.
  • Allison: I'm sorry you had to hear that...
  • Robin: Don't worry about it, John and I have fights in the hospital all the time and we're not even in a relationship anymore.
  • Allison: I don't know how it all got so complicated...
  • Robin: I'm afraid you're asking the wrong person for relationship advice. Believe me, you're better off reading one of those trashy magazines than asking me.

During the shiftEdit

  • Allison has 4 questions in the magazine to answer.
Question 1Edit

You overslept and have only a few minutes before your date arrives, you...

  • ...look in the mirror and adjust your hair and make-up. (Correct)
  • to say you're running late.
  • ...research how you can get to the date's location. (2nd)
  • ...Cancel because this is way to stressful.
Question 2Edit

On a saturday night, when you're in a relationship, you like to...

  • ...hang on the couch together and watch a movie.
  • ...go out with friends together.
  • ...go out with your friends without your partner.
  • ...go to a fancy restaurant together. (Correct, 2nd)
Question 3Edit

If you could be anything in the world, you would be...

  • ...a millionaire!
  • ...working with animals.
  • ...famous for something you've created.
  • ...exactly who you are right now. (Correct, 2nd)
Question 4Edit

If a cute guy walks up to you in a bar, you...

  • ...tell him you're not interested. (2nd)
  • ...engage him in conversation. (Correct)
  • ...are too embarrased to speak.
  • ...I don't go to bars.
  • 1st: Your ideal boyfriend is Good-Looking and takes you out every now and then.. He has a steady job and you will meet him very soon.
  • 2nd: Your ideal boyfriend is Smart and takes you out every now and then.. He has a steady job and you will meet him if you open yourself up for the possibility.


  • Allison: Hmmm, I don't think that helped at all...

Shift 2Edit

  • Target: ?/120; Expert: ?/140
  • Brie and her mother are in the plastics.
  • Denise: Dr. Risher! I am sooo excited to get started! Where do you want us?
  • Robin: Hello, Denise. Well, for starters I'm going to have Dr. Heart here handle the pre-op work for the rhinoplasty.
  • Allison: Certainly. What kind of nasal dysfunction are you experiencing?
  • Denise: My dysfunction. My daughter is having a few... imperfections removed.
  • Allison: But... but she's beautiful. Why would you let her get a nose job?
  • Robin: Ahem. Dr. Heart, would you like to help young Brie here with her pre-op work or shall I?

During the shiftEdit

  • Allison is choosing a nose for Brie.


  • Denise: Ooh! What do you think of that one, dear? Dot has a nose like that and she's won four pageants this year.
  • Brie: Sounds like a winner.
  • Denise: Excellent! Then we'll see you tomorrow!
  • Denise and Brie leave the Plastic Surgery.


  • Allison goes to the make-up table.
  • Robin: If there's something on your mind, I'd be happy to listen.
  • Allison: Rhinoplasty is a complicated surgery. Why undergo one for cosmetic reasons?
  • Robin: I understand. However, it is not our place to judge.
  • Allison: Don't you think that woman is sending entirely the wrong message to her daughter?
  • Robin: Perhaps, but as doctors we are accountable only for our own ethics, our own behavior. Understand?
  • Allison and Robin leave the surgery.

Shift 3Edit

  • Target: ?/110; Expert: ?/140
  • Denise and Brie enter the Plastics.
  • Denise: Helloooooo! Guess who again?
  • Robin: Hello, there. How is our patient today?
  • Denise: She is just SO excited! Aren't you, dear?
  • Denise: So um... who will be performing the surgery?
  • Robin: Allison will be performing the rhinoplasty under my supervision.

During the shiftEdit

  • Allison does 14 gestures to Brie, for surgery.
  • Robin: Check out the data on this vitamin read-out.
  • Robin: Find which color has the highest peak.
  • Robin: Click the vitamin bottle that matches the color of the highest peak on the read-out.
  • Allison finds the highest peak.
  • Robin: Nice work. At higher levels you will be required to do the same for each color on the read-out, from highest to lowest peak.


  • Robin: The surgery was successful. Your daughter needs to rest for a while however before she can go home.
  • Denise makes a call.
  • Denise: Hello? ...Yes! Hand on just a minute, Betty.
  • Denise: It's the pageant doctor. I'm on the steering committee. I'll just be in the lobby.
  • Denise runs to the hallway, to the lobby.


  • Allison: How are you feeling? Well enough to go home?
  • Brie: Where's my mom?
  • Allison: She's raking a phone call in the lobby... Brie, can I ask you something?
  • Brie: As long as it's not 'smelling your perfume', go ahead.
  • Allison: What's the deal with your mom and these pageants?
  • Brie: You didn't know? My mom is a former Miss Billxi, Mississippi. Ask her, she'll tell you all about it.
  • Denise runs into the Plastic Surgery room.
  • Denise: My poop\r baby! Let's get you home right now!
  • Denise puts Brie back into hone.

Shift 4Edit

  • Target: ?/120; Expert: ?/145
  • Daniel is in the Plastic Surgery, while Allison and Robin enter the room.
  • Daniel: Hey, Allison! Um... have you seen Stan?
  • Allison: The janitor? No, why?
  • Daniel: Well... because I noticed a bunch of rose petals scattered about the room...
  • Daniel: 'Someone' really ought to clean them up. See you late.r
  • Daniel leaves the Plastics.
  • Robin: I believe this is yours?

During the shiftEdit

  • Robin finds a petal for Allison. Allison needs 9 more rose petals to find.
  • The other day I got the "Filler Up" achievement is that "Fill up every station in a room".


  • Daniel: I see you found all the rose petals! Did you discover my hidden message yet?
  • Daniel: Each petal has a letter on it. Here, let me show you.
  • Allison: 'start over?'
  • Daniel: What do you say?
  • Allison: I suppose...
  • Daniel: Great! I'll talk to you later then.
  • Daniel leaves the Plastics, letting Allison go.

Shift 5Edit

  • Target: ?/130; Expert: ?/155
  • Denise and Brie are back in the hospital, back in the Plastics.
  • denise: Yoo hoooo! Guess who's here for their follow up?
  • Denise: I have a call to make, girls. Be back in a jiff!
  • Denise leaves in the other way.
  • Allison takes off Brie's mask.
  • Robin: Hmm... we've got some heavier than normal bleeding here.
  • Robin: Brie, are you taking any medicarions besides the antibiotics I prescribed?
  • Brie: Er... just some diet pills.
  • Robin: The pills are acting as an anticoagulant.
  • Robin: Allison, I can stop the bleeding, but it's essential she stay hydrated until the pills are out of her system.
  • Allison goes, trying to get Brie to keep hydrated.

During the shiftEdit

  • Allison tries to keep Brie hydrated.
  • Suddenly, during my day, Brie was dehydrated.


If Brie's still hydratedEdit
  • Robin: The bleeding looks to have stopped. I think we're out of the danger zone.
  • Denise: 'Danger Zone'? What's going on here?
  • Allison: Diet pills! That's what's going on here!
  • Denise: Diet pills?
  • Allison: Just another risky endeavor you forced upon your daughter so she could compete in pageants, like her nose job!
  • Denise: But- But my daughter doesn't compete in pageants.
  • Denise: My daughter broke her nose playing volleyball. The rhinoplasty was her birthday present. SHE asked for it.
  • Denise: Come on, Brie. We're getting out of here. We'll talk about these diet pills of yours later.
  • Brie and Denise leave, and-
  • Allison: Robin, about what happened...
  • Robin: Allison, I can't tell you how to live your life, but can I give you some advice?
  • Allison: Of course.
  • Robin: As a physician it can be easy to focus on other people's problems as a way of avoiding our own.
  • Robin: My door is always open if you want to talk. I'll be in my office.
  • Allison and Ruth leave the Plastic Surgery.
If Brie's dehydratedEdit
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