This is the first episode of Heart's Medicine: Season One.



  • Goal: 9
  • It started at the beginning, there was a victim dying in the traffic jam crash, in the rain.
  • John: Could I get some help over here?!
  • John: Anyone?!
  • Allison gets out of the car.
  • John: Oh Miss, please help me!!!
  • Allison: ...I ...I ...don't think I can...
  • John: Please... Can you just get my bag? I need to apply pressure to the wound.
  • Allison gets the bag for John.
  • This bag is heavy, and it's flipped, so things are scattered.
  • Allison: I... I..didn't mean to...
  • John: That doesn't matter now, just help me get the tools I need?
  • Allsion gets the tools he needs. Start with bandage.
  • Then the bottle.
  • Next the stitching needle.
  • After that is heartbeat.
  • John: That's all of them. Now, you'll have to help me out even more, sit down next to me?
  • Allison goes down next to Allison.
  • John: I... don't think I can do this!
  • John: ...miss! ...miss! Are you okay?
  • Allison: I think so...
  • John: It's okay, miss! you only need to hold pressure on the wound!
  • John: HOLD DOWN on the wound when I say NOW! Ready?
  • John: Three! Two! One! NOW!
  • Allison holds down the pressure.
  • Allison: Uhm... I... I don't feel his heartbeat anymore...
  • John: Then I'm really going to need your help!
  • John: Hold this. Every time I say "PUMP!", PRESS TWICE on the pump!
  • Allison hold the pump.
  • John: PUMP!
  • John: PUMP!
  • John: PUMP!
  • He wakes up.
  • John: We did it!
  • John: Take a look... miss...
  • Allison: ...Allison Heart....
  • John: Well, take a look, Allison, you just saved this man's life!
  • Allison: Well... I... I... just did what you told me to...
  • John: Nonsense, I can reginize talent when I see it!
  • Allison and John head into the Little Creek Hospital, into the lobby.
  • John: Ah, there you are!
  • Allison: John!!!
  • Allison and John gave a hug.
  • John: Has it been 6 years already?
  • John: I can't believe you're already starting your residency today.
  • John: You'll see many specialties here, like pediatrics, plastic surgery, lab-work amd even a prenatal specialist...
  • John: ...but we'll start with my specialty. Come, walk with me...
  • Allison follows John into the diagnosis.

Shift 1Edit

  • Target: 25/??; Expert: 40/??
  • Allison and John enter the Diagnosis.
  • John: Go on and get dresses behind the dressing screen and then we can get started.
  • Allison goes to the dressing screen to get dressed. She is wearing a doctor coat.
  • John: It aleady suits you...
  • John: Now, then. Shall I refresh your memory as to basic diagnosis?


  • John: Every patient who comes in will sit first in one of these waiting chairs.
  • John: The hearts above each patient represent their overall health. You want them to leave with as many hearts as is possible.
  • John: First, click on the patient...
  • John: Then, click on the station that is represented in the patient's speech bubble.
  • John: Good!
  • John: Click on the patient again, then on the station in the picture.
  • John: Excellent!
  • John: Now it's time to examine the patient. Go ahead and click on them.
  • John: This patient has a sore spot. Normally you'll need to find these with your magnifying glass, though we'll point this first one out for you.
  • John: You found a sore spot, now click it to make note of it.
  • John: That was easy, right? But pay attention, next time you'll be asked to find two sore spots.
  • John: There are other treatments, but I will refresh your memory as to those when the time comes.
  • John: This patient is feeling much better. Let's get them on their way.
  • John: The more hearts a patient leaves with, the better your evaluation score.
  • Allison: Do patients need to be checked out individually?
  • John: Not at all. In fact, discharging several patients at once gives you bonus points for efficiency.
  • John: One more important thing, Allison...
  • John: If a patient loses all of their hearts I will have to intervene, and will be forced to deduct from your evaluation score.
  • John: Fear not! It happens to the best of us from time to time. I'm sure you'll do great!
  • John: Let's get started, shall we?
  • Allison gets started.
  • John: See... you're doing great! I told you you were a natural!

Shift 2Edit

  • Target: 40/??; Expert: 60/??
  • John enters the diagnosis, while Allison is bringing a tray of cookies to the desk.
  • Allison: I thought I;d bring in cookies for everyone, I made them from scratch.
  • John: How sweet! Are they um... sugar free?
  • Allison: No, sorry.
  • John: No matter, we'll bring them around to the rest of the stall, later.
  • Allison go.

Before the eventEdit

  • Connor enters the room.
  • Connor: It's been three weeks, John. Where are my flu vaccines?
  • Connor: My kids are some of the most at risk in the city!
  • John: I am well acquainted with the community my hospital serves, Dr. McCoy!
  • Connor: I want those vaccines by the end of the week or you can find yourself another pediatrician!
  • Connor walks to the tray, bumped, and make the cookies scattered.
  • Connor: DARNIT!
  • Connor leaves the room.
  • Allison: It'a my fault, John. I shouldn't have left them on the counter. I'll get them.

During the shiftEdit

  • Allison picks up 10 cookies scattered around the room.


  • Allison: That's all of them!
  • Allison: Though maybe we shouldn't eat them anymore...

Shift 3Edit

  • Target: ??/45; Expert: ??/70
  • There was a person going into the room and lays down.
  • Allison walks to the person laying in the bed.
  • Allison: John, could you take a look at this, please?
  • Dex: "Cough. Is it serious?"
  • John: You have a very nasty staph infection. Mr...
  • Dex: Call me 'Dex'.
  • John: Well, Des. You should have come to us weeks ago.
  • John: We'll need to treat this immediately. Dr. Heart, take the lead if you would.

During the shiftEdit

  • Allison does 7 gestures in the order:
  • First
    • Counterclockwise
    • Moving back and fourth
  • Second
    • Goes left
    • Counterclockwise (3 times)
    • Goes down


  • John: This will do for now, Allison. Dex, I'm going to admit you for observation.
  • Dex: I'll take my chances. Now you just send me the bill and I'll be on my way.
  • John: Don't be ridiculous! You could lose your leg, or worse.
  • Dex: You just send me the bill and I'll pay it. The rest is none of your business.
  • Dex leaves the room.
  • Allison Shouldn't we do something?
  • John: You'll meet quite a few patients like these, I'm afraid.
  • John: Patients that just can't accept they are sick and need treatment.

Shift 4Edit

  • Target: ??/50; Expert: ??/75
  • Robin enters the Diagnostics.
  • John: Good morning, Robin. Are those the patient history files?
  • John walks to Robin.
  • Robin: No, actually Daniel sent these over.
  • John: Aha! So, he does need my help. Let me have a look.
  • Robin: Actually, John. Daniel asked ME to consult his patient.
  • Robin and John pulls the folders.
  • The papers dropped.
  • John: I'm- I'm sorry, Robin.
  • Robin: Sigh. I have a patient waiting for me, John.
  • Allison: Please, let me help.

During the shiftEdit

  • Allison tidys up the papers.


  • Robin: Thank you, Allison. We didn't get a chance to formally meet.
  • Robin: I'm Robin Fisher, head of plastic surgery.
  • Robin: John and I were once married, in case that wasn't obvious.
  • Robin: I have some things to take care of right now...
  • Robin: But if you ever need someone to talk to I've posted my schedule in the break room.
  • Robin leaves the Diagnosis, letting Allison go at a normal day.

Shift 5Edit

  • Target: ??/60, Expert: ??/80
  • Ruth and the surgeon enter the Diagnosis.
  • Ruth: Here's the outpatient ward.
  • Gabriel: Yes, sam eplace it was last time.
  • John: Allison, this is Dr. Gabriel Holt, he's the head of Cardiology at Mercy Health, the largest hospital in the area...
  • Gabriel: ...but not as easy as this one! John tells me you have an interest in cardiology after your residency.
  • Allison: I... er... I want to make heart attacks much less common.
  • John: We'll just be over here, observing.

Before the eventEdit

  • "He collapsed in the shower! Please, help us!"
  • John: He's going into toxic shock!
  • John: We'll need to stabilize him before we can get him into surgery.
  • Dex gets into the bed and lays down.
  • John: Hold him down while I sedate him!

During the shiftEdit

  • Allison helps Dex, tapping him.
  • John: Dr. Heart, please continue with the other patients, I'll call you when I need your help.
  • Dex starts to shake.
  • John: Dr. Heart, some help please!
  • Allison taps Dex again.
  • John: Dr. Heart, some help please!
  • Allison taps Dex once again.


  • John: Your husband will be fine... for now.
  • Dex's wife: I told him to come back...He'd been out of work for a while. The bank...
  • John starts to shake.
  • John: oh... wo...
  • And John fell down to the ground because of seizure.
  • Gabriel: He's having a seizure
  • Gabriel: Dr. Heart!
  • Allison: ...
  • Gabriel: RUTH!!!
  • Ruth enters the room, surprising.
  • Gabriel: Call Mercy Health!! John's having a heart-attack!!!
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