This is the sixth chapter of Heart's Medicine: Hospital Heat. Days after saving Mathilda, the hospital has set on fire by explosions of I.C.U. We're moving!

Level 51 - Promoted Edit

  • George and Sam enter the ward.
  • George drinks the coffee.
  • George: So... we're pretty sure Prof. Myers won't be returning after his breakdown.
  • George: That's why this will now be your department.
  • George and Sam interact with paperwork.
  • Sam: But...
  • George: Your desk is over there...
  • Sam: Yeah, OK, but I don't...
  • George keeps drinking coffee.
  • George: If you need anything...
  • George: Keep it to yourself...
  • George: No one cares.
  • Sam: Wait... Isn't there someone…
  • George constantly drinking coffee.
  • George: Oh, yes. Don't forget you'll also have to do an evaluation of all the Little Creek staff.
  • George: We need to know if they're fit for work here.
  • George: I expect that won't be a problem.
  • Sam: I don't think...
  • George: Great, good luck!
  • George leaves the ward.
  • Sam: I guess I got a promotion...
  • Sam: But get started on the work. Looks like there's a lot of it...

During the levelEdit

  • Sam finishes all of the paperwork.

After the levelEdit

  • Daniel enters the ward. Sam looks at him.
  • Sam: You're here to bring me more work, right?
  • Daniel: Err... no? Why?
  • Daniel: This is the psychology department, right?
  • Sam: Er, yes, I'm sorry. What was it you wanted?
  • Daniel: I used to work in...
  • Daniel: Well, actually I used to own Little Creek Hospital.
  • Daniel: I've arranged for all my friends to come and temporarily work at Queensburrow…
  • Daniel: But only if they get cleared by the head of psychology... Which is you...
  • Daniel: Can you take it easy on them? They've been through a lot.
  • Sam: Sure.
  • Daniel: Thank you.
  • Sam: Err, Daniel... while you're here...
  • Sam: You're on my list too.
  • Daniel is on the bed and Sam is sat there.
  • Daniel: So I rushed over to Little Creek in my car as soon as I heard.
  • Daniel: Then I took one of the fireman's hammers...
  • Daniel: And then I saved Allison and her mom.
  • Sam: I feel like you might be skipping over some of the important bits here, Daniel.
  • Sam: Can you tell me step by step how you got to the room with Allison and her mother?
  • Daniel takes a flashback at the burning Little Creek.
  • Daniel: I totally forgot. I have this thing - we'll have to talk some other time...
  • Daniel rushes out from the ward.

Level 52 - FeelingsEdit

  • Meet Aubrey Nakama, a Queensburrow Intern.
  • Aubrey: ...and that's why you'll have to fill in these forms by tomorrow.
  • Aubrey: Thanks, doll.
  • Allison enters the ward.
  • Aubrey: Oh, look - it's the girl who drives ambulances off cliffs and runs into burning buildings...
  • Aubrey: Just so you know, THIS hospital is MY hospital.
  • Aubrey: And we can totally do without a bad luck magnet!
  • Aubrey: So maybe do us all a favor and fail your psych eval, OK?
  • Aubrey leaves the ward.
  • Allison: Well... Well! Maybe you should fail your... psych... eval…
  • Allison's a loser.
  • Sam: Don't worry about her, she's like that to everyone.
  • Sam: I'm Sam.
  • Allison: Allison...
  • Sam: Sit down, we'll do your evaluation during my shift...
  • Allison goes to bed and sits down.

During the levelEdit

Part 1Edit

  • Sam: Okay, let's start with the fire, do you know how it all started?
  • Allison: Yes. The fire started because of Victor. He replaced all our equipment with faulty equipment.
  • Allison: It almost felt like it was intentional...

Part 2Edit

  • Sam: You then ran into a burning building. Not a lot of people would do that. Why did you?
  • Allison: I had to get the machine I picked up here to my mom in Little Creek Hospital, or else she'd die.
  • Allison: I wasn't just going to give up. I only just had her back in my life...

Part 3Edit

  • Sam: You and your mom don't have a normal mother-daughter relationship. Can you tell me a little about that?
  • Allison: I could... Do you have a couple of hours?
  • Allison: Honestly, I think what matters is that we're okay now.

Part 4Edit

  • Sam: Can you at least tell me how things changed for you and your mother?
  • Allison: I just didn't want to be angry any more...
  • Allison: It wasn't helping anyone. In fact, it was only making things worse.
  • Allison: No one ever lost anything by forgiving someone.

Part 5Edit

  • Sam: Lastly, do you think you're ready to get back to work?
  • Allison: I really, really want to get back to work.
  • Sam: I understand, but that isn't really the question I'm asking.
  • Sam: Do you think the fire has in any way impaired your judgment or skills?
  • Allison: Honeestly… I... I don't know...

After the levelEdit

  • Sam goes to Allison. Allison gets up.
  • Allison: So? How did I do?
  • Sam: I can't really tell you yet...
  • Ruth enters the ward.
  • Ruth: So there's no trace of Victor anywhere... It's like he's disappeared...
  • Sophia walks pregnant!
  • Allison: Ruth! Sophia!
  • Allison runs to Ruth and gives a hug!
  • And Allison gives Sophia a hug too!
  • Allison: You look like you're ready to pop[1].
  • Sophia: I FEEL like I'm ready to pop...
  • Sophia: If raising this kid is half as hard as carrying it, I don't know how I'll manage it alone...
  • Allison: Yeah, about that...
  • Allison: I heard your house is still for sale.
  • Allison: Maybe if we pool all our money together, we can try and buy it back.
  • Allison: You wouldn't lose the house, I'd be out of my crummy apartment and we'd all be able to help with the baby.
  • Ruth: That just might work...
  • Ruth: I mean, it's plenty big enough... We'd still have a spare room.

Level 53 - Active DutyEdit

  • Stan is on the bed.
  • Stan:'s just... sometimes I feel totally insignificant...
  • Stan: I'm a side-character in some sort of weird game...
  • Stan: the writers keep forgetting I exist.
  • Stan: Sure, they gave me some lines, THIS TIME.
  • Stan: But I never do anything of any significance.
  • Stan: So? What do you think, doc?
  • Sam: Well...
  • Sam: I think our time is up...
  • Stan leaves the ward.

After the levelEdit

  • Sam gets the books.
  • Chance sneaks into the ward.
  • Chance: Ah, here it is...
  • Sam: Chance?
  • Chance: Yes, that's me...
  • Chance is on the bed and Sam's is near him.
  • Chance: I'm not sure where to start...
  • Sam: We can start wherever you want to start...
  • Chance: Is this confidential?
  • Sam: It is...
  • Chance: Okay...
  • Chance takes a look at flashback. Victor is extinguishing flames.
  • Victor: Thank God, Chance. Help me, please!
  • Chance appears.
  • Chance shuts the door of Victor.
  • Victor: Chance?... Chance?!… What are you doing?!…
  • Chance locks the door.
  • Victor: Chance?... Help!...
  • Victor tries to open but it's locked now.
  • Chance leaves Victor.
  • Chances: Is it normal to have these kinds of dreams after something traumatic?
  • Sam: It was a dream?
  • Chance: Oh, yeah, sorry, I should have started with that, shouldn't I?
  • Chance: Whoopsie…

Challenge 27 - Emily's Canteen Challenge VIEdit

  • Emily begins to work on the final challenge before fires are happened.

After the levelEdit

  • Ruth runs into the canteen to warn Emily.
  • Ruth: Emily!!! We need to get out of here!
  • Emily: But... but... I was making a chocolate soufflé...
  • Ruth: I'm afraid it's either that gets burned, or we do...
  • Emily leaves the canteen, followed by Ruth, and evacuates the hospital!

Level 54 - New BeginningsEdit

  • Sam: Oh my...
  • Allison enters the ward.
  • Allison: I'm not interrupting important reading, am I?
  • Sam: No, not at all...
  • Sam: Allison, what can I do for you?
  • Allison: I kind of wanted to know if you'd made up your mind about my work status?
  • Allison: I really want to get back to work, and being at home is driving me up the walls.
  • Sam: How about we compromise and you come and work for me for a while?
  • Sam: It's not like I haven't got enough work to go round...
  • Allison: Great! Thanks Sam, you won't regret it!
  • Sam: Well, let's get started then!
  • Sam leaves the ward, letting Allison go.

After the levelEdit

  • Allison gets the compass and Sam gets the book.
  • Connor and Aubrey approach into the ward and started kissing.
  • Connor: I'll see you later...
  • Aubrey leaves the ward.
  • Connor: Can we do this quickly, because I'm fin...
  • Connor: Allison?
  • Allison: Hey Connor…
  • Connor is shocked.
  • Allison: New girlfriend?
  • Connor: Yeah... Something like that...
  • Sam: Let's start your evaluation, Connor.
  • Allison goes out.
  • Allison: Good luck.
  • Connor: You too...
  • Allison leaves the ward. Sam gets Connor.

Level 55 - Cloud NineEdit

  • Allison gets the books while Daniel enters the ward.
  • Daniel: Ah, you're already studying up on the job!
  • Allison: Daniel!
  • Allison runs to Daniel and gives him a kiss!
  • Allison: I was just coming to see you...
  • Allison: Tonight - you and me, dinner and a movie, my treat.
  • Daniel: That sounds amazing, but I'd never let you pay for me. After all, I'm a gentleman.
  • Allison: You've already arranged for us to work at this hospital...
  • Allison: On top of... Oh, yeah... saving me and my mom.
  • Allison: It's the least I can do... I mean...
  • Allison: It's already going to be impossible to pay this off... like... ever!
  • Daniel: Are you enjoying the new job? I know it isn't Little Creek...
  • Allison: It's great! I have a lot to learn when it comes to psychology.
  • Daniel: Awesome.
  • Daniel: Guess I'll see you tonight!
  • Daniel and Allison kiss, then Daniel leaves the ward.

After the levelEdit

  • Sam enters the ward while Allison gets the books.
  • Daniel enters the ward, makes Allison's happy to see him.
  • Allison goes to Daniel and hug! Then they're off to a dinner and movie!
  • Mason enters the ward and sits at a souch.
  • Mason: Ah-hem...
  • Sam threw a book!
  • Sam: Oh, I'm sorry - I didn't see you there!
  • Mason: I figured...
  • Sam: You're... Mason...
  • Sam: It says here you're the son of Victor...
  • Mason: That's right... And no, I have no clue where he is...
  • Mason: In fact, I was hoping you might be able to shed some light on that.
  • Mason: You can accuse my dad a lot of things, but leaving quietly into the night...
  • Sam: So, what do you think happened?
  • Mason: I don't know - but something is very wrong...
  • Mason: I'm sure at least one of the people who were in the fire must know something!
  • Daniel and Allison are in the movie, while Connor and Aubrey are kissing.
  • Allison: I'm sorry... I didn't know he'd be going to this movie too...
  • Daniel: Don't worry. That guy, he was your past.
  • Daniel: I get to be part of your present, and hopefully to your future!
  • Allison leans on Daniel.

Level 56 - Down to EarthEdit

  • In the Queensburrow hallway...
  • Allison: when I woke up this morning, I heard the voicemail you left me...
  • Daniel: Yeah... turns out, you can't delete those things from the caller's side...
  • Allison: It was sweet... I've never had someone sing to me before...
  • Allison: You were a bit flat on the chorus, what was it again...
  • Allison: "Al-li-son, we've had so much fun"
  • Daniel: Everyone's a critic...
  • Allison: Dork.
  • Daniel: A dork with a pretty girlfriend.
  • Daniel and Allison give a kiss.
  • Allison leaves to the left, and Aubrey appears from the right.
  • Aubrey: Ah-hem...
  • Aubrey: Daniel, I need to talk to you about these tests you ordered...
  • Aubrey: I can't find the patient file...
  • Aubrey: Walk with me, I was about to get a SMOKE.
  • Inside his flashback, Daniel is trapped in the fire!
  • Daniel runs to the left!
  • Aubrey: Guess we'll have to do that some other time...

After the levelEdit

  • Ruth and pregnant Sophia enter the ward. Ruth and Sophia sit down on the couch, while Sam enters the ward.
  • Allison: Glad you guys could make it...
  • Sophia: No worries - this place has the best chairs and sofas in the hospital.
  • Allison: Yeah, Queensburrow isn't really patient-friendly when it comes to...
  • Allison: Well... Everything...
  • Ruth: Honey, I think most inner-city hospitals are like this.
  • Ruth: We were just spoiled by the beauty of Little Creek.
  • Allison, Ruth, Sophia: ...Little Creek...
  • ALlison: I guess we'll just have to make do, until it's rebuilt.
  • Ruth: I don't want to make things any worse, but I crunched the numbers on us buying my mother's house...
  • Jenny enters the ward.
  • Ruth: We're short...
  • Ruth: Like a full person short...
  • Jenny steps up.
  • Jenny: What are you guys talking about?
  • They're surprised! It was nothing.
  • Jenny is optimistic.

Level 57 - Co-operationEdit

  • Sam gets the books while Allison gets the paperwork. Meet Leon Vinson,
  • Leon goes to Allison.
  • Leon: Aha! So this is where they've been hiding all the pretty ladies!
  • Sam: Oh, stop it...
  • Allison: Yeah, seriously, stop it...
  • Leon: Don't frown, it creates wrinkles...
  • Leon: I come bearing gifts...
  • Leon: George... You know, the head of Queensburrow…
  • Leon: He's a very hard guy to impress.
  • Leon: But the one thing that never fails to impress him is helping out other departments.
  • Leon: The man loves to see the departments working together to one common goal.
  • Leon: So, I thought, let's do these girls a favor and bring them some of my work...
  • Allison: Now wait a minute...
  • Sam: We'll do it!
  • Leon: Thanks, girls...
  • Sam dances! Leon leaves aside.
  • Allison: What?
  • Allison: You know he just suckered you into doing his work, right?
  • Sam: He can sucker me into doing anything...
  • Allison: Okay...
  • Sam goes to the chair.

During the levelEdit

  • Allison finishes all the paperwork for Sam, again.

After the levelEdit

  • George enters the ward.
  • George: Well... I'm here. What's so important?
  • Allison: Tomorrow, I'm moving, and I was wondering if I could get a day off?
  • George: Sam... will you tell Miss Heart, she doesn't have to ask me for free days.
  • Sam: It's okay, Allison, you can have the day off.
  • George: Can I leave now?
  • Allison: You can...
  • Allison: By the way, did you see we finished all this work for Leon?
  • George: If you did work for Leon, then why are you bothering me about it?
  • George: All I want if for you people to leave me alone.
  • Allison: LEON...
  • Sam: Didn't you have a dinner to get to?
  • Allison dashes out of the ward and goes to Daniel's place to see Mathilda.
  • Allison: Sorry I'm late...
  • Daniel: No problem at all, I had very good company.
  • Daniel: I'll go check on my food.
  • Mathilda: I knew he was funny, but you never told me how cute he was.
  • Daniel goes to check the food.
  • Allison: Mom...
  • Mathilda: Just saying...
  • Daniel has pancakes.
  • Allison: Browned Butter Blueberry Pancakes...
  • Daniel places the pancakes.
  • Daniel: Yes, I'm sure they aren't as good as your mom's...
  • Daniel, Mathilda and Allison sit down.
  • Daniel: But your mom is a treasure trove of information about you.
  • Allison: Mom?
  • Mathilda: Daniel, these... er… these candles...
  • Mathilda: You want me to get some matches to light them on fire?
  • Daniel's on the flashback and posed covered!
  • Allison: Daniel?
  • Daniel: I think we've all seen enough fire for a while...

Level 58 - Moving DayEdit

  • Sam: Daniel? Allison won't be here today, she's moving...
  • Daniel: Yes, I know, I came to talk to you...
  • Sam: Oh... Then please, take a seat...
  • Daniel and Sam take a seat.
  • Sam: What's up?
  • Daniel: This… This is hard for me...
  • Daniel: Ever since the fire, I haven't been sleeping at all...
  • Daniel: Every time I try, I see a wall of red, and I can feel the heat of the fire again...
  • Daniel takes a flashback seeing standing alone.
  • Daniel: I get anxious just thinking of fire - but seeing fire...
  • Sam: Don't worry, that's normal. You've been through a very traumatic event.
  • Sam: We should plan a weekly appointment to talk, though.
  • Allison: Okay...
  • Sam: For now, I could prescribe you some pills for the anxiety.
  • Daniel: Oh, err... no... no pills...
  • Daniel: It's... err... against my religion...
  • Daniel: Look at the time, I have to go...
  • Daniel leaves the ward, letting Sam go.

During the levelEdit

  • Sam walks more than 1,800 steps.

After the levelEdit

  • At the girls place, Mathilda washes the objects.
  • Ryan: I think this is the last of them! Where do you want it?
  • Allison: Upstairs, please...
  • Ryan goes upstairs to place. Allison goes to Mathilda.
  • Allison: I'm so grateful you and Ryan could help out, mom.
  • Allison: I'm kind of used to having to do these things alone.
  • Mathilda: No problem, we're here whenever you need us.
  • Ryan comes downstairs.
  • Mathilda: In fact, we'll be here even when you don't want us too.
  • Allison gives Mathilda a hug!
  • Family in one hug!
  • Ryan: Yeah, I now have a big sister who lives in the city...
  • Ryan: ...finally someone who can take me out to bars!
  • Mathilda: Don't you dare!
  • Allison: Don't forget to take your medication, Ryan.
  • Allison: I don't think I have it in me to perform another brain surgery...
  • Ruth: That reminds me, dear - you'll have to get yourself tested too.
  • Sophia keeps drinking coffee.
  • Ruth throws the kit to Allison.
  • Ruth: Take this kit. You can bring me your blood samples after your shift tomorrow.

Level 59 - Check UpEdit

  • Daniel enters the room.
  • Daniel: I'm happy you called me in, Olivia...
  • Daniel: Even though we lost the vote to keep me in Little Creek, two to one.
  • Daniel: I still appreciated your support.
  • Olivia: Oh, I didn't vote to keep you around...
  • Daniel: What?!
  • Olivia: In fact, if it were up to me, I'd take your medical license and have you removed completely.
  • Olivia: But your family still has some connections.
  • Olivia: I called you in to warn you. I've got my eyes on you!
  • Olivia: You'd better behave like a choirboy on Sunday.
  • Olivia: Because if I see you so much as take a q-tip home, you'll not only be out of this hospital...
  • Olivia: You'll be out of the medical field completely!
  • Daniel: I don't know what to...
  • Olivia: We're done - consider yourself warned.
  • Olivia: No one gets away with any of that malarkey on my watch!
  • In the Psychiatry, Allison gets the book, while Daniel enters the ward.
  • Allison goes to Daniel.
  • Allison: You look kind of confused...
  • Daniel: Yeah, I just had a pretty weird conversation.
  • Daniel: But that's not important right now.
  • Daniel: Both Ruth and your mom called me...
  • Daniel: I need to make sure you don't forget about the samples you have to send in today.
  • Allison: First I had no mother, now I have two...
  • Daniel: Hey, be careful what you wish for.
  • Daniel and Allison hug, then Daniel leaves the ward.

During the levelEdit

  • Allison helps Ruth collect all the test samples.
  • First one - ouch!
  • Second one - share!
  • Third one - testing!
  • Fourth one - syringe shot!
  • Last one - share!

After the levelEdit

  • Allison gets a compass, while Sam uses the computer - but suddenly a call...
  • Sam answers the call.
  • Sam: Okay... We'll be right there...
  • Sam hangs up.
  • Sam: The hospital board has called all new employees in for a meeting.
  • Allison: Sounds serious...
  • Sam: I wouldn't know, I've never had a meeting with the board.
  • Allison and Sam leave for a meeting.
  • In the meeting, the employees are in! Allison and Sam are in!
  • Olivia: If you can all quiet down, please.
  • Olivia: We're holding this meeting because we have to talk about the future.
  • Olivia: Let's not dance around the matter...
  • Olivia: The board is looking into the costs of getting Little Creek rebuilt...
  • Olivia: Bot as of now, this is exploratory only.
  • John: Exploratory?! Does that mean Little Creek might not be rebuilt?
  • Olivia: That is correct...
  • Connor: But what about our jobs?
  • Olivia: As of this moment, Queensburrow has gracefully accepted to take all of you on as its employees.
  • Olivia: You can thank George for that.
  • George: NO! Err... No, that won't be necessary...
  • George: Please, don't come by my office to thank me.
  • Mason: And what about my dad?
  • Olivia: We've set up a commission to find out what happened to Victor.
  • They're all depressed!
  • Olivia: I'm sure that the subject matter of this meeting has come as a surprise to you all...
  • Olivia: But for now, let's call this meeting to an end, and you can all start your work fresh in the morning.

Level 60 - FinaleEdit

  • Sam enters the ward.
  • Sam: This is becoming quite the spot to hang out.
  • Allison: Oh, I'm sorry, I should have asked...
  • Sam: No worries, I kind of like the company...
  • Ruth: That was quite the meeting yesterday.
  • Sophia: Yes - it looks like we'll be working at Queensburrow for the foreseeable future.
  • Jenny: I don't mind, I like it here!
  • Ruth: Naturally…
  • Allison: Well, maybe Jenny's right. I mean it isn't Little Creek...
  • Allison: But the city may have its charms, and who knows, it could be kind of exciting.
  • Ruth: Like we normally don't have enough excitement...
  • Allison: Talking about excitement...
  • Allison: It's our house warming party tonight - did you all send out your invitations?
  • They agree!
  • Allison: Okay, then I'll see you all there!
  • They're happy, and Jenny, Ruth and Sophia leave the ward!
  • Allison: Oh, I almost forgot...
  • Allison has an invitation card.
  • Allison: Sam, here's your invitation.
  • Allison gives the invitation letter to Sam.
  • Sam: I... I'm invited?
  • Allison: Of course! You're the only one who knows the ins and outs of Queensburrow.
  • Allison puts away the card and books.
  • Sam: She said friend...
  • Sam leaves the ward, letting Allison work for the final day.

After the levelEdit

  • Allison interacts with computer and Sam enters to get a card.
  • Allison: Hey Sam...
  • Allison: A couple of us are driving to the housewarming together, you want to join us?
  • Sam is confident.
  • Sam: Sure... Sure...
  • Sam: Go ahead, I just need to finish up this one thing...
  • Allison leaves for the housewarming party. Sam dances!
  • And something, Allison comes back for a speak.
  • Allison: You coming?
  • Sam: Yeah, sorry...
  • Allison and Sam are leaving the hospital and going to the party!

Ending: Housewarming Party!Edit

  • In the party, Sam, Sophia, Jenny, Ruth and Allison are in!
  • Ruth: So girls, are we ready for a new adventure?
  • They agree.
  • Allison: All the Little Creek women living together...
  • Sophia: together with a little man.
  • Jenny: It's going to be so AWESOME!
  • Jenny goes to fill the cups.
  • Ruth: I might be going mad, but I think I actually agree with Jenny for once...
  • Allison: Me too...
  • Jenny finishes filling the cups.
  • Allison: I finally feel like I'm right where I belong…
  • Ruth: Ah, honey...
  • Jenny starts the music!
  • Jenny: Time to get this party started!
  • Ruth continues filling the cups, Sophia goes to sit down, and Allison and Jenny dance together!
  • It's the true ending of Hospital Heat!


  • During the party, Robin, John and Chance are in.
  • Ryan and Mathilda enter the place!
  • Allison: Mom, Ryan!
  • Allison gives Mathilda a hug! So does Ryan!
  • Allison: I'm so happy you're here!
  • Mathilda: Still not going anywhere.
  • Ryan: Can I give it to her?
  • Mathilda: Sure.
  • Allison has an empty frame.
  • Allison: An empty frame?
  • Mathilda: I thought maybe we could take a picture together as a family...
  • Allison: I love it!
  • Mathilda: Now you just have to decide if you want it to be just us, or with your other siblings?
  • Allison: I... I forgot about my other siblings...
  • Mathilda: That's understandable, with everything that happened...
  • Ryan: Allison, come on, I'll tell you all about them.
  • Mathilda, Allison and Ryan sit down on the couches.
  • Daniel is here.
  • Connor: DING DONG!
  • There is Connor!
  • Allison: I... I didn't know if you were coming...
  • Connor: I'm not...
  • Connor: I mean.. I'm just here to drop off a little housewarming present...
  • Connor gives a present to Allison and opens it.
  • Allison: A luchador apron and some matching oven mitts...
  • Connor: I just thought...
  • Allison: It's perfect...
  • Allison: ...and oddly enough, I didn't have them yet.
  • Allison: You sure you don't want to come in?
  • Connor: I'll see you at Queensburrow…
  • Connor leaves the place and Daniel goes to Allison.
  • Daniel has nothing happened, but saw Allison gifts.
  • Ruth bakes a cake!
  • Ruth: Okay, lovebirds, there'll be plenty of time for that later!
  • Ruth places the cake!
  • Ruth: Who wants to light the candles?
  • Jenny: I will!
  • Jenny lights the candles!
  • Daniel: You... You have fun... I'm going to get a glass of water...
  • Daniel's getting a glass of water and John appears.
  • Daniel finishes getting water.
  • Daniel: Sam?
  • Daniel: You think you can still prescribe me something for my anxiety?
  • Sam: Sure...
  • Sam: So, you changed religions?
  • Sam: Here, I always carry some anti-anxiety medicine with me...
  • Daniel receives anti-anxiety medicine from Sam.
  • Allison goes to Daniel.
  • Allison: Where'd you go, I didn't see you there for a minute...
  • Daniel: Yeah, I don't...
  • Sophia's expecting.
  • Sophia: It's happening.
  • Allison: What's happening?
  • Sophia's having a baby!
  • Allison: It's happening now?
  • Allison: What do we do? I'll go get the car!
  • Allison runs to get the car! But she comes back.
  • Allison: I don't own a car...
  • Daniel: Take mine.
  • Allison: Okay.
  • Sophia leaves first before Allison.
  • Allison: Thanks, Daniel.
  • Allison gives Daniel a kiss before leaving for a delivery.
  • Here is the blooper after the party.
  • Stan cleans after the party and dances.
  • Ruth comes downstairs.
  • Ruth: That was very nice of you... offering to help clean up.
  • Stan: No problem. I like helping out wherever I can...
  • In the bedroom, Ruth and Stan are on.
  • To be continued...


  1. A baby shower quote
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Delicious: Emily's True Love Jimmy, Jean-Paul, Chuck, Carmen, Carlos, Fresco, Philippe Durand, Amelie, Nadia

Patrick O'Malley, Paige O'Malley, Brigid Duffy, Kate O'Malley, Paddy O'Malley, Sharon Stepford, Grace Miriam Stepford

Delicious: Emily's Big Surprise n/a
Delicious: Emily's Wonder Wedding Officer Jackson, Reverend Baylor, Flannery, Gillon, Desmond, Ashling
Delicious: Emily's Honeymoon Cruise (Coming soon)
Delicious: Emily's New Beginning
Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home Sharon Stepford, Grace Stepford, Billy Beauford, Billy Beauford Jr., Aaron Mahoney, Marissa Mahoney, Enid Templeton, Earnest Templeton, Samantha Beauford, Moon Blossom, Hemingway, Sun Lotus
Delicious: Emily's Hopes and Fears Allison Heart, Daniel Summers, Connor McCoy, John Summers
Delicious: Emily's Message in a Bottle Gino Napoli, Marco Napoli, Vinicio Napoli, Vittorio Napoli, Bianca Napoli, Arabella
Delicious: Emily's Christmas Carol Mary Claus, Jenny Garcia, George, Holly, Brad, Myra, Amanda
Delicious: Emily's Miracle of Life Mary-Lynn, Andy, Stacey
Delicious: Emily's Moms vs Dads Nora, Bob, Levi, Mike, Chad Stepford
Delicious: Emily's Road Trip
Delicious World
Delicious: Emily's Bed and Breakfast
Fabulous Angela Fabulous: Angela's Sweet Revenge Angela Napoli, Virginia Hills, Amber "Kitty" Jackson, Jenny Garcia, Killian Murrray, Yum-mee, Sally
Fabulous: Angela's Fashion Fever Cindy, Peter, Magic Max, Lori, Celine, Viola, Bruna, Victoria, Yuna, Truly, Eric, Bob
Fabulous: Angela's High School Reunion Chloe Morgan, Emily O'Malley, Evelyn Napoli, Edward Napoli, Fran Handford, Janet Morgan, Matt Miller
Fabulous: Angela's Wedding Disaster Sebastian Worth
Fabulous: Angela's True Colors Noemie
Fabulous: Angela's New York to LA Kelly Harper
Heart's Medicine Heart's Medicine: Season One Allison Heart, Ruth Phelps, Daniel Summers, Chance Foley, John Summer, Robin Fisher, Connor McCoy
Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal Emily O'Malley, David Quinn, Jenny Pope, Joe Albright, Sophia Gomez, Michael Owen, Mason Hamilton, Lisa Asher
Heart's Medicine: Hospital Heat Victor Hamilton, Mathilda Heart, Ryan Maples, Sam, Stan Theman
Heart's Medicine: Doctor's Oath (Coming soon)
Dr. Cares Dr. Cares: Pet Rescue 911 Dr. Amy Cares, Emily O'Malley, Paige O'Malley, Lisa Fox, Jack Hawkins, Newton, Crystal Upton, Killian Murray, Jasper Kingsley, Sherman, Regina Kingsley, Mr. Kingsley, Jade Kingsley, Patrick O'Malley
Dr. Cares: Amy's Pet Clinic
Dr. Cares: Family Practice Heather Fox, Maria, Alice Cares
Dr. Cares Season 4 (coming soon) (TBA)
Amber's Airline Amber's Airline: High Hopes Amber Hope, Elise Derno, Pamela Idalgo, Karen Scottfield, Emily O'Malley, Allison Heart
Amber's Airline: 7 Wonders Angela Napoli, Jenny Garcia
Parker and Lane Parker and Lane: Criminal Justice Lily Parker, Victor Lane
Parker and Lane: Twisted Minds
Sally's Salon Sally's Salon: Beauty Secrets Sally Milligan, Francois Truffaut, Emily O'Malley, Patrick O'Malley, Paige O'Malley, Angela Napoli, Allison Heart, Evelyn Napoli, Edward Napoli, Jenny Garcia
Sally's Salon: Kiss and Make Up
Maggie's Movies Maggie's Movies - Camera, Action Maggie Welles
Maggie's Movies: Second Shot
Primrose Lake Welcome to Primrose Lake Jenny Carlyle, Jessica Carlyle
Others Cathy's Crafts Cathy Bradford, Emily O'Malley, Paige O'Malley
Mary le Chef: Cooking Passion Mary Vanderworth, Emily O'Malley, Richard Vanderworth, Topsy Vanderworth, Jennifer, Peter, Sophie Vanderworth, Tony, Dorothea Lowery, Luigi, Morey
The Love Boat Angela Napoli, Captain Stubing, Dr. Adam Bricker, Burl "Gopher" Smith, Isaac Washington, Julie McCoy, Emily O'Malley
The Love Boat: Second Chances
Mortimer Beckett and the Book of Gold Mortimer Beckett, Kate O'Malley
Hotel Ever After: Ella's Wish Ella Centola
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