This is the first chapter of Hospital Heat in Heart’s Medicine series. Almost a year later, the hospital was on fire.


  • GameHouse Presents.
  • The fire trucks are going to flaming hospital.
  • A Blue Giraffe game.
  • Now, in the news, where Jenny Garcia is near the hospital.
  • Jenny Garcia: I’m standing in front of Little Creek Hospital...
  • Jenny Garcia: ...where despite the firemen’s best efforts, it looks like the fire has yet to be contained.
  • Jenny Garcia: Oh no... Some people are still stuck inside!?
  • In the Pediatrics, is where there’s fire and smoke everywhere.
  • Connor: Kids - we need to evacuate the building. Quickly and calmly, let’s get moving.
  • The kids are making them leave while Ryan is staying.
  • Connor: Ryan - let’s go!
  • He tries Ryan again.
  • Connor: Ryan, come on, we HAVE to go - now!
  • Connor: I’m sure one of our staff will be taking good care of her...
  • Connor: ...but as of right now, we really need to go!
  • Ryan rushes out of the flaming hospital. Connor follows him too.
  • In the flaming hallway, is where the glass shattered to Sophia. Sophia seems to be lied down and can’t get up...
  • Chance is going to help Sophia.
  • Connor touches Sophia’s hands.
  • Chance: I’m afraid this might sting a little...
  • Chance removed the glass parts from Sophia’s wound.
  • Chance: Sophia, please stick with me!
  • Chance puts a bandage to Sophia.
  • Chance: Time to go...
  • Chance takes Sophia up from floor.
  • Then they leave the building.
  • The people are leaving the hospital.
  • Jenny Garcia: We can see people are starting to make their way outside
  • Jenny Garcia: We can only hope that everyo...
  • Jenny Garcia looks at the helicopter.
  • Jenny Garcia: I... I’m... not sure what’s happening now...
  • Helicopter tries ro land, but it’s unable to reach.
  • Jenny Garcia: It... it appears someone...
  • Jenny Garcia: trying to get into the hospital?
  • ”I can’t get any closer, Allison”
  • Allison opens the helicopter door.
  • Allison gets down.
  • ”You have to jump now!”
  • Allison tries to jump down, but she can’t.
  • ”The flames are getting higher, I need to pull up!”
  • Allison’s now jumping down to the roof.
  • The helicopter goes away.
  • Allison reads: OK - you can do this!
  • Allison jumped over the hole.
  • Allison opens the metal door very hard - makes her fall down into the building!
  • Heart’s Medicine: Hospital Heat

Level 1 - New BeginningsEdit

  • Princess, Allison, and Connor enter the Pediatrics.
  • Allison: ...It’s going to be ON FIRE!
  • Connor: Yeah, the party for the new wing is gonna be pretty great.
  • Allison looks in the riim.
  • Allison: Wow!
  • Connor: I know, the new pediatrics department’s looking hot, right?
  • Connor: A hot room for a smoking hot doctor.
  • Allison: Ooh! A smoking hot doctor! Can you introduce us at the party tomorrow?
  • Allison is very happy! She kisses Connor.
  • Allison: You know I love my new boss...
  • Allison: ...although I kind of have to say that, now that we’re daing.
  • Connor: Yes...
  • Connor: Yes, you do...
  • Connor: Talking about being your boss...
  • Connor: Do you need some instructions?

Press Yes, to start instructions. Press No to skip.

  • Allison: I got this, Mr. Boss Man.
  • Connor: Perfect!
  • Connor points to Allison, then bumped into the trashcan! He moves the trashbin to the stairs. The he leaves.

After the levelEdit

  • A kid enter the Pediatrics. She gets on the bed.
  • Allison gets a thermometer.
  • Allison reads the thermometer.
  • Allison: There you go.
  • A mother enter the Pediatrics.
  • ”Mom!”
  • ”You wanna get some ice cream?”
  • Connor enters the Pediatrics.
  • Mother leaves the Pediatrics.
  • ”I got the bestest mommy in the whole world!”
  • Connor goes to Allison.
  • Connor: You okay, Allison?
  • Allison: I’m perfect...
  • Allison: So? How did I do, my first day back in Pediatrics?
  • Connor: You did amazingly!
  • Connor: Although...
  • Connor: ...although I guess I kind of HAVE to say that now that we’re dating...
  • Allison: I guess I deserved that.
  • Connor points to Allison.
  • Connor: Oooh! I got you something, as it’s your first day here...
  • Connor gets a tea.
  • Allison: Dr. Chance’s Herbal Tea!
  • Allison gets a tea!
  • Connor: To the first of many great days!
  • Connor and Allison bump the tea to each other!

Level 2 - Man the FortEdit

  • Ruth and Sophia enter the pediatrics. Allison and Connor are working.
  • Sophia: Allison, are you ready to help us set up the party?
  • Ruth: My girls, all together! This is going to be so much fun!
  • Allison: Do you think you'll survive without me?
  • Connor: I guess I'll have to manage somehow...
  • Ruth and Sophia leave the pediatrics.
  • Allison: I'll save you a dance.
  • Connor: You better!
  • Allison leaves the pediatrics. Princess goes to Connor.
  • Connor: Just you and me today, Princess.
  • Princess: WOOF!

After the levelEdit

  • In the New Wing, the party is on.
  • Connor: You were right, this party is awesome!
  • Allison: Told you!
  • Allison: Finally, everything is perfect!
  • Allison and Connor kiss, before interrupted!
  • Ruth: Allison!
  • Ruth appears!
  • Ruth: It... it's your mother...
  • Ruth: You have to take it, dear... She's ill... She's being moved to the hospital as we speak...
  • Allison takes the call.
  • Allison: Mom...??
  • Allison takes a flashback.
  • Allison goes to the car.
  • Allison: Mom...??
  • Mom leaves Allison.
  • Mathilda: Alli…
  • Allison: Don't call here again...
  • Ruth: Allison… Are you sure about this?
  • Allison: Yes, I'm sure...
  • Allison: Right now, it's late, and I need to get some sleep...
  • Connor: I'll walk you out.
  • Connor walks Allison out.

Level 3 - Plenty to Think AboutEdit

  • In the hallway...
  • Allison: Ruth?
  • Ruth: I... well... here...
  • Ruth has a note.
  • Ruth: I don't want to meddle, but...
  • Ruth: This is your mom's room number. You never know - maybe just keep it around.
  • Alllison: I... I... need to get back to work...
  • Connor: Well, what are we waiting for?!
  • Allison and Connor go to work!

After the levelEdit

  • Allison reads a note. Connor appears to see.
  • Connor: I know you don't really want to talk about it, but... Are you okay?
  • Allison: It's just not FAIR!
  • Allison: I used to want nothing more than to have a family... but that just didn't happen...
  • Allison: And now that I have everything in order...
  • Allison: ...a good job...
  • Allison: ...a good guy...
  • Allison: THAT'S when she re-renters my life...
  • Allison: No. I just want to focus on my job, and my relationship - that's way more important.
  • Allison: At lease with them I'm somewhat in control...
  • Daniel enters the pediatrics!
  • Allison: Daniel?!
  • Daniel: ALLISON! I finally found you! I'm so sorry I left...
  • Daniel: I'm not putting this off any longer...
  • A love triangle is caught!

Level 4 - Trouble in ParadiseEdit

  • Connor saw Allison and Daniel kiss.
  • Allison: Daniel! I'm with Connor now...
  • Daniel: I... I... didn't...
  • Allison scoots away for Daniel, having Connor grabs Daniel.
  • Connor: You and me are going to take this outside, RIGHT NOW!
  • Ryan and Ruth appear.
  • Ruth: NO YOU ARE NOT!
  • Connor and Daniel let go. Ryan sits at the chair.
  • Ruth: I don't know what's going on, but this is a hospital...
  • Ruth: I'm sure you have important work to get to, so why don't you go to your office...
  • Daniel leaves the pediatrics.
  • Ruth: And as for you - why don't you start examining this boy? He's been vomiting all day!
  • Ruth: That is still what you do, right?
  • Connor touches Ryan. Ruth leaves Pediatrics.
  • Connor: Allison? Can you keep...
  • Ryan: Ryan...
  • Connor: Can you keep Ryan hydrated during the day?
  • Allison: I will.
  • Connor leaves Pediatrics.

During the levelEdit

  • Allison keeps Ryan hydrated.

After the levelEdit

  • Connor enters the room while Allison looks at Ryan.
  • Connor interacts at table.
  • Ryan: I'm feeling much better, thanks...
  • Allison: That's great news, Ryan.
  • Allison: ...and how are you?
  • Connor: How do you think I am!?
  • Connor: You didn't have to kiss him back, you know...
  • Allison: I pushed him away and told him you and I were together.
  • Connor: Took you long enough...
  • Allison: You're being unreasonable, Connor...
  • Allison: I have a lot on my mind now my mom's suddenly here...
  • Allison: But if it'll make you feel better, I'll talk to him.
  • Connor leaves the room.
  • Ryan:
  • Allison goes into the office.
  • Allison: Daniel? Do you have a minute to talk?
  • Daniel: Don't worry Allison, it was just a huge mistake...
  • Daniel: Connor's a great guy - I'm happy you found someone...
  • Allison shuts the door.
  • Allison: You left, Daniel. You left me here, all alone...
  • Daniel: You're right Allison - and I'll have to live with that.
  • Daniel: I'm sorry.
  • Allison: You've changed...
  • Daniel: I have, haven't I?
  • Robin and Victor appear.
  • Robin: Victor! I told you, he's not here...
  • They're surprised.

Level 5 - ComplicatonsEdit

  • Robin: Oh, I guess he is here...
  • Victor: That's good, because you've been stalling me for long enough!
  • Victor: I almost started thinking Daniel wasn't here...
  • Daniel: Nope, been here the whole time, just very busy...
  • Daniel: We'll have to continue this conversation later, Allison...
  • Daniel: ...but for now, just know that I'm sorry. And please, let Connor know too.
  • Allison leaves the office.
  • Daniel: Now, what can I do for you and the board, Victor?
  • Victor: You can tell me what the heck has been going on in this hospital.
  • Victor: Rumors have been flying around... An intern performing operations by himself, medicine disappearing - the head of the hospital vanishing without a trace...
  • Daniel: Nothing but rumors... I mean, I'm standing right here.
  • Daniel: But if the board's still worried, feel free to look around.
  • Victor: I was hoping you'd say that.
  • Allison enters the room.
  • Connor: How did it go?
  • Allison: He's really sorry, Connor...
  • Allison: He told me to tell you that, just before our conversation got cut short by Victor.
  • Connor: Victor? Hmmmm, that means something's up...
  • Connor: Board members never come down here.
  • Connor: Thanks for talking to Daniel, Allison.
  • Connor: Let's get back to work.
  • Connor leaves the room, letting Allison go to work.

After the levelEdit

  • Connor enters the room and they interact.
  • Ruth enters the toon.
  • Ruth: Daniel just called a staff meeting in the hall.
  • Allison, Connor and Ruth leave the room.
  • Daniel: ...and that is why we're currently under audit.
  • Allison, Connor and Daniel appear.
  • Daniel: Please provide Victor and his son Mason with anything they might need.
  • Daniel: After all, we've got nothing to hide.
  • Daniel: Thank you...
  • Jenny: An audit! How exciting!
  • They go aside.
  • Michael: You're an odd girl, Jenny...
  • Jenny and Michael go aside.
  • Allison: Daniel?
  • Allison: You and I both know that we DO have something to hide...
  • Allison: The stolen medicine...
  • Daniel: We can't talk about that...
  • Daniel: There's nothing to worry about right now, okay?
  • Connor appears!
  • Connor: Time for us to get back to work...
  • Connor holds Allison's hand.

Level 6 - The PlayEdit

  • Connor and Allison enter while Ryan is making a play.
  • Allison: Connor, you didn't have to do that...
  • Connor: I'm sorry, Allison, but...
  • Julie: Mr. Connor! Mr. Connor! Look at my mask - doesn't it look great? Ryan helped!
  • Connor: Wow, Julie, that looks fantastic! You're going to make an awesome wrestler!
  • Allison: What's going on here?
  • Connor: I thought we could use the distraction, so I organized a play with the kids.
  • Connor: We've just started making the costumes, it's called "Superhero Wrestlers 4: The Wreckoning!"
  • Connor: I even got Ryan to join in and help out...
  • Ryan: Jury's still out on that one, McCoy...
  • Connor: Shut up and sew, Ryan.
  • Allison: Guess I'd better help out then!
  • Connor leaves the room.

During the levelEdit

  • Allison helps Ryan build the décor.

After the level; Cutscene: BalletEdit

  • The Wrestling is on!
  • Connor: Enter... Enter... Please take a seat.
  • They take a seat. Connor leads to free seats.
  • Connor: These seats here are still free...
  • Donald's wife: Honey, these seats here are still free...
  • Allison: No, my mom's sitting there!
  • Donald's wife: Oh, I'm sorry.
  • Donald: Honey, I'm afraid I don't think your mother's coming. Maybe we should let those people sit there?
  • Donald: Your mother hasn't called or sent a letter in years.
  • Allison: I know she's coming! She promised she'd be here...
  • Allison: When I first started ballet, she told me that when I passed my final exam, she would be there.
  • Allison: She'd get her old ballet outfit, and we'd take a picture together...
  • Donald: Honey...
  • Allison: She'll be here!!!
  • Allison enters the ballet and dance! The cheerleaders led Allison dancing!
  • With Allison aside of the stage, the cheerleaders dance.
  • The Cheerleaders make Allison spread. Until Allison falls.
  • Allison gets a diploma.
  • With the certificate of diploma, Allison and others have a pic!
  • But then... Allison is alone with her grandpa.
  • Donald: I'm sorry, honey.
  • Donald: You did amazing, through...
  • Then flashes back to September 2016. Ryan cleans up.
  • "You did amazing!"
  • The viewers, Connor leave the room.
  • Allison: So... your parents didn't show up?
  • Ryan: No surprise there - I didn't even invite them. They have their own things to worry about.
  • Ryan: Who needs 'em… I can take care of myself.
  • Allison: Yeah... But still...
  • Allison: You did a great job helping the little kids today.
  • Ryan: Thanks, Allison.
  • Allison looks at her note, throws it into the garbage can, and leaves the room.

Level 7 - Ryan to the RescueEdit

  • Allison treats the kid while Victor enters the room.
  • Victor: I'm here to pick up every file from 2000 until now!
  • Allison: Umm, did we have an appointment?
  • Victor: The board doesn't need appointments.
  • Victor: The files?
  • Allison: As you can see, we're pretty busy, but I might be able to get them for yo by tomorrow evening?
  • Victor: EVENING?!
  • Ryan: I could help out? It's not like I've got anything better to do...
  • Allison: Thanks, Ryan.
  • Victor: Then Mason will pick them up tomorrow morning.
  • Victor leaves the room.
  • Ryan: So... Victor's a pretty calm and collected guy, isn't he?
  • Allison: Thanks again, Ryan.
  • Connor, the kid and Ryan leave the room.

During the levelEdit

  • Allison gather all files from Ryan delivery.

After the levelEdit

  • Allison: Wow, Ryan - those are all the files we need!
  • Allison: Now we just need to go through them to check that everything's there.
  • Ryan: Again... I've got nothing better to do here...
  • Allison: Guess we're working late together then.
  • Connor: I'd love to help out, but Victor wanted to talk to me.
  • Connor: Don't get any ideas, Ryan. I'm watching you!
  • Connor and Allison hug.
  • Some time later, Allison takes a file.
  • Allison: It's done! Phew, look at the time! It's almost 1AM.
  • Allison: Are you sure your parents won't mind?
  • Ryan: They won't even know.
  • Ryan: You know my mom's in this hospital as well, right?
  • Allison: Well, then that's something we both have in common...
  • Ryan: Moms...
  • Allison: Moms...
  • Ryan: Actually, the hospital food isn't all that bad compared to my mom's cooking.
  • Allison and Ryan leave the room.

Level 8 - Mind Your StepEdit

  • Alison delivers food to Ryan.
  • Allison: Hey Ryan - I sweet talked my connection in the kitchen and nabbed you an extra pudding...
  • Ryan gets the pudding food and leaves the room.
  • Allison: Okay... Thanks, Allison, you're awesome...
  • Allison: What's up with him?
  • Connor: Don't know, he's been extra mopey all morning.

During the levelEdit

  • Allison cleans up all the toys in pediatrics.

After the levelEdit

  • Allison puts the blocks on and drops. Ryan tripped over it!
  • Ryan: #$*@ ALL THESE $#&*#@ TOYS!?
  • Allison: Ryan?! What's going on?
  • Ryan: It's all these toys, they're... they're so annoying...
  • Allison: Ryan... I don't think this has anything to do with the toys...
  • Ryan: It's my mom...
  • Ryan: The doctors just told us it's not looking good.
  • Ryan: I might complain about my mom, and we might fight a lot...
  • Ryan: But she's still my mom.
  • Ryan: She's still the one that takes care of me when bad things happen...
  • Allison takes a look at flashback.
  • Mathilda appears.
  • Mathilda: Honey, I came as soon as I heard...
  • Allison: MOM!
  • Mathilda: Where's your dad? Is he with the doctors?
  • Allison cries when Dad's gone.
  • Mathilda: Oh... oh no...
  • Mathilda goes to hug and comfort Allison.
  • Mathilda: It... It's going to be alright, honey…
  • Mathilda:'s going to be alright...
  • Then goes back to present.
  • Ryan: Allison?
  • Allison: Maybe just go give her a hug and tell her you love her...
  • Allison: You can't go wrong with that.
  • Ryan leaves to get Mathilda, and Allison looks tiring.

Level 9 - RevelationsEdit

  • Allison wonders around and she picks up a note from a trashcan. Then she wonders, and goes to work.

After the levelEdit

  • Allison wonders and looks at the note.
  • In the hallway, Allison is near the ward. She takes a deep breath, and enters to see her mother.
  • Mathilda is happy to see her mother.
  • Mathilda: A... Alli?
  • Mathilda stands up.
  • Ryan: You... You're Alli?
  • Mathilda: I guess you've met already...
  • Mathilda: This is Ryan... he's your half-brother.
  • Mathilda: I can't believe how much you've grown.
  • Allison: I... I need some time to process this.
  • Mathilda: I understand...
  • Mathilda: But please, please sit down.
  • Allison goes to the chair and sat down.
  • Allison: Tell me how you've been?
  • Allison: I've been okay... and you?
  • Mathilda: I've been okay as well.

Challenge 5 - Emily's Canteen ChallengeEdit

  • Emily is working in the hospital canteen. Allison and Ryan enter the canteen.
  • Allison: Emily?
  • Emily: Don't ask...
  • Emily: The cafeteria's chef came down with something... I was in the hospital...
  • Emily: ...and now I'm running this place again.
  • Allison: Why were you in the hospital?
  • Emily: Just... Just another check-up.
  • Emily: And who's this?
  • Allison: Emily, this is Ryan, my little brother…
  • Emily: Your brother? Wow, nice to meet you...
  • Emily: You guys must be hungry, I'll whip something up for you!
  • Now Emily goes to prepare and serve Delicious meals, and Allison and Ryan leave the canteen.

Level 10 - It Takes Some TimeEdit

  • Allison: So, as it turns out, I have even more siblings.
  • Allison: This is all so weird.
  • Allison: I thought the hardest part was going to be talking to my mom.
  • Allison: And, mean, it WAS pretty awkward - but it wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be.
  • Allison: She seems to really want to get to know me.
  • Connor: I'm proud of you, babe. Going in there took guts.
  • Ruth: It sounds great, Allison. Everyone needs their mom.
  • Ruth: Did you ask her why she's in the hospital?
  • Allison: Oh, no... I forgot...
  • Connor: Doesn't matter - I'm sure you can ask her after your shift.

After the level; Post-chapterEdit

  • Allison leaves the pediatrics to the hallway for a search of Mom...
  • David: I can't tell her yet...
  • David: We need to test her compatibility as soon as possible...
  • Allison enters the ward.
  • David: You need that organ transplant now, Mathilda...
  • Allison: A-an.. organ transplant!?
  • Mathilda: Allison?!
  • Mathilda stands up.
  • Allison: You... You need an organ transplant...
  • Allison: ...from me...
  • Allison: So... the only reason you came to this hospital...
  • Allison: me...
  • Mathilda: Allison, that's not true!
  • Ryan: Stop, please...
  • Allison: Tell me, would you have looked me up otherwise?
  • Ryan: M... Mom... A... Allison...
  • Allison: I thought you finally wanted to get to know me...
  • Mathilda: I do...
  • David: Ladies! This is going to have to wait!
  • Ryan fell!
  • Allison: Ryan!?
  • Allison goes to Ryan and Mathilda does.
  • Mathilda: Ryan!? Are you okay? Talk to me!
  • David: Don't worry, Mathilda, He's in a hospital.
  • David: And hospitals are the safest places in the world.
  • And a flash to sneak peek: First Jenny Garcia in the news, then Allison goes out of helicopter, and tires to open the roof door, and lastly, Allison falls down!
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Sally's Salon: Beauty Secrets

Francois Truffaut, Emily O'Malley, Patrick O'Malley, Paige O'Malley, Angela Napoli, Allison Heart, Evelyn Napoli, Edward Napoli, Jenny Garcia



Mud Spa

Luxury Yacht


Steam Spa

Sally's Salon: Kiss and Make Up

Maggie's Movies

Maggie Welles

Maggie's Movies - Camera, Action

Louisiana Studio

Movie Theater

Louisiana Set

Al Junior's Residence

Studio Lot

Theater Lobby

Past days...

Maggie's Movies: Second Shot

Glamorous Kate (doesn't exist)

Glamorous - Kate's Wedding Journey

Kate O'Malley

Mortimer Beckett

Mortimer Beckett

Mortimer Beckett and the Time Paradox

Mortimer Beckett and the Secrets of Spooky Manor

Mortimer Beckett and the Crimson Thief

Mortimer Beckett and the Lost King

Mortimer Beckett and the Book of Gold

Kate O'Malley

Parker and Lane

Parker and Lane: Criminal Justice

Lily Parker, Victor Lane

Amber's Airline

Amber's Airline: High Hopes

Amber Hope

Hotel Ever After

Hotel Ever After: Ella's Wish

A modern Cinderella story based on animation.

Ella Centola

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