This is the fourth chapter in Heart's Medicine: Hospital Heat. After the past was a tragic moment, Allison tries to be with her mother. It's depressing!

Cutscene: Kidney Transplant OperationEdit

  • Back in January 2017, The body shaking is happening!
  • Jenny: What's happening?!
  • Quinn: I don't know why, but somehow both patients are having some kind of episode!
  • Quinn: We need to finish this transplant quickly, Jenny!
  • Quinn: I'll need you to hold this one, while we finish up.
  • Jenny: But what about Allison?
  • Quinn: Highest priority problems first!
  • Jenny tries to hold Mathilda shaking.
  • And Quinn tries to stitch Mathilda's Kidney!
  • Quinn: Jenny!
  • Jenny: I can't hold her...
  • Quinn: This isn't going to work - give her 2cc of Penpodephrine…
  • Jenny: Isn't that dangerous!?
  • Quinn: Leaving her open like this is more dangerous!
  • Jenny gets the tools, such as Syringe.
  • And she gives to Quinn to give Mathilda.
  • Mathilda stops shaking and the problem fixed.
  • Then, Quinn goes back to stitching.
  • Allison's stitches are reopened!
  • Quinn: You can close her up now - I'll get to work on Allison.
  • Quinn: NO! The shaking's re-opened her stitches.
  • Jenny's scared!
  • Quinn runs to the monitor.
  • Quinn: Her oxygen levels are already way too low, and she's losing blood!
  • Jenny's going to close Mathilda up while Quinn applies to Allison.
  • Allison stops shaking.
  • Quinn suction Allison's liquid!
  • Quinn: Jenny, can you hook up Allison while I stitch her up?
  • Jenny: Is it that bad?
  • Quinn: It isn't great...
  • Jenny hooks up Allison while Quinn stitches back up.
  • Jenny interacts with Allison while Quinn looks at the monitor.
  • Quinn: I really don't know what happened...

Level 31 - The Waiting GameEdit

  • Sophia and Chance are having fun. Chance is hearing the baby.
  • Sophia: So? Am I already showing?
  • Chance: No, if you wear your doctor's coat you can hardly see a thing.
  • Sophia: Thanks. I just don't want to tell anyone yet.
  • Sophia: I was kind of hoping to tell Allison first... How's she doing?
  • Chance: Neither her nor her mother have woken up yet.
  • Chance: There were some complications during surgery...
  • Chance: ...and they need to give them some tine to stabilize before they bring them back round.
  • Chance: If everything had gone as planned, she would have started here today...
  • Sophia: I hope she's okay.
  • Chance: Me too -but try not to worry, it's not good for the baby.
  • Sophia: When did asking someone 'not to worry' actually work?
  • Chance: Sorry.
  • Sophia: It's okay...
  • Sophia leaves the ward.

After the levelEdit

  • Daniel goes to the Intensive Care.
  • Mathilda and Allison are in the Unit.
  • Sophia: Daniel...
  • Sophia: Allison's not doing great...
  • Daniel: I know...
  • Daniel: I brought her some cards.
  • Sophia comforts Daniel.
  • Daniel hangs up the cards for Allison.
  • Then Daniel goes to sit down for Allison.
  • Daniel: Come back to me, Allison...

Level 32 - Messes Will Be MadeEdit

  • In the tea party...
  • John: I don't know if I'd advise an angry daughter to give up her kidney.
  • Sophia: Well, she did make the choice herself...
  • Sophia: And no matter their history, it is still her mother.
  • Chance: Yeah... Even though she'd never admit it, Allison wouldn't be the person she is today without her mom.
  • John: I'm just saying that it won't get any easier from here on out.
  • Ruth: Well, I'm not worried.
  • Ruth: I've got a feeling Allison will wake up and forgive her mother.
  • John: I hope so...
  • John: Let's get back to work!
  • John, Robin and Ruth leave the mess after the party.
  • Chance: Sophia, did you like the cookies?
  • Sophia: Actually, there were really good.
  • Chance: They're organic, from the local farmers market. That means they're doubly good for the baby!
  • Chance: You can take them, if you want.
  • Sophia gives Chance a hug.
  • Sophia: Thanks, Chance.
  • Sophia eats the cookies and leaves.
  • Chance saw the messes. Let's clean up!

During the levelEdit

  • Chance cleans up the messes from the tea party.

After the level: Cutscene: Allison's recoveryEdit

  • Daniel: ...which is irritation of the joint; this in turn can cause pain in the lower knee.
  • Daniel moves Allison's hands to wake her up. Allison respond. She gets up!
  • Then Allison falls down.
  • Allison: Wrr… Wh...
  • Daniel: Try to stay calm, you've been laying here for quite some time.
  • Allison gets up.
  • Daniel: I'm gonna get Quinn, he'll explain it to you.
  • Allison finally wakes up and recovers. Daniel gives her a hug!
  • Daniel: I'll be right back...
  • Daniel leaves to get Quinn.
  • Some time later, Quinn checked on Allison.
  • Quinn is skeptical.
  • Allison gets to stand up. But she falls down!
  • Daniel tries to stand her up.
  • Allison got her crouches. She is handicapped.
  • Allison got pains! Daniel and Chance are scared!
  • Daniel goes to comfort Allison!
  • Ryan and Mathilda are hugging. But Allison walked slowly!
  • Mathilda and Ryan saw Allison!
  • Then Allison goes back to the bed. And shades back.
  • Now then, Allison is fully recovered. She walks slowly without crouches.
  • Now Allison returns to original form, along with her clipboard!
  • Allison places the run on Mathilda.
  • Mathilda: I...
  • Mathilda: Thank you, Alli, for saving my life.
  • Mathilda: I...
  • Allison gets angry.
  • Allison: Stop!
  • Allison: I didn't do this for you, I did it for Ryan.
  • Allison: I did this so I can finally get you out of my life!
  • Allison: So why don't you just leave me alone!?
  • Allison wipes her tears.
  • Allison: We both know that's something you're pretty good at.
  • Mathilda cries. Allison leaves with basket.

Level 33 - Good NewsEdit

  • Allison enters the ward.
  • Chance: I know you're just a baby, but a little help would be nice...
  • Allison's fabulous!
  • Allison: Chance!
  • Chance: Allison! I'm glad to see you back on your feet.
  • Allison: Me too! Let me help you with that!
  • Allison helps the baby by placing on the mat.
  • Chance: You're a natural!
  • Allison: Thanks! I'm just happy to go back to work. Back to my normal life!
  • Chance: Are you sure you're ready, Allison?
  • Chance: No one would blame you if you took a little time off.
  • Allison: Please, no - I really want to keep myself busy, and forget the last couple of weeks.
  • Chance: Well, let's get to it then!
  • Chance leaves the ward, letting Allison go.

During the levelEdit

  • Allison walks 600 steps.

After the levelEdit

  • Chance enters the ward.
  • Chance: So? Did you have a good day?
  • Allison: Perfect!
  • Chance: Well, it isn't over yet...
  • Chance: We have one more customer.
  • Sophia enters the ward.
  • Allison: Err... Sophia... You... What are you doing here?
  • Sophia confirms that she is pregnant.
  • Allison: You... You're pregnant?
  • Sophia: I am... Turns out Joe left me one more present, besides an enormous amount of lollipops.
  • Allison: It's Joe's?
  • Sophia: Err, yeah? Who else would it be?
  • Chance: Sophia's here for an echo, and she thought it would be nice to have you with her.
  • Allison: Really?
  • Sophia goes to the bed, leading Allison and Chance.
  • Allison finds her baby.
  • Sophia: It has Joe's nose...
  • Chance: I know you wanted to know, so I can tell you...
  • Chance: HE has Joe's nose!

Level 34 - Peek-a-boo!Edit

  • The baby is having fun!
  • Daniel enters the ward.
  • Allison: Well, are you going to join in?
  • Daniel and Allison peek-a-boo! Very fun!
  • Daniel: How are you doing?
  • Allison takes a breath.
  • Allison: Finally, everything's perfect.
  • Allison: Nothing to worry about any more.
  • Connor enters the ward.
  • Daniel: That's great, Allison.
  • Allison looks at Connor, seeing him leave.
  • Peek-a-boo again!
  • Allison: Hey, didn't you want to tell me something before I had my surgery?
  • Daniel: Err, yeah, but... It's not important...
  • Daniel: I can see you're about to start your shift.
  • Daniel: I'm glad you're feeling good, Allison.
  • Allison waves to Daniel, and Daniel leaves the ward to start Allison's shift.
  • Allison moves the baby to the crib.

During the levelEdit

  • Allison cheers up the sad baby.

After the levelEdit

  • A customers visits for a baby.
  • Allison's phone: *RING RING*
  • Allison answers while a customers takes a baby.
  • Allison: Hello, Allison speaking.
  • Allison: Quinn... I really don't feel like going back to that room...
  • Allison: I've closed that chapter now.
  • Allison: I understand you need to run your tests...
  • Allison: Hello?
  • Allison hangs up after it hung up. Mathilda is gone after clean-up. Allison enters the ICU.
  • Allison: One test, Quinn, but then I'm out of here...
  • Quinn: So you saw her leave with the kid?
  • Stan: Yup - they took all their things with then as well.
  • Stan leaves.
  • Allison: She… she's gone?
  • Quinn: She just up and left - and we haven't even done all the post-op tests!
  • Allison: She's gone...
  • Quinn: I don't think you're hearing me, Allison. We need to do those tests.
  • Allison: Those tests are a formality, Quinn. On top of that, we can't keep people here against their will.
  • Quinn: During the operation there were several abnormalities, Allison.
  • Allison: Quinn, was the operation a success?
  • Quinn: Yeah, but...
  • Allison: Then she's no longer our problem.
  • Allison leaves the unit.

Level 35 - MissingEdit

  • Allison passes the broom closet.
  • Daniel: Come on, you've got to be around here somewhere...
  • Allison looks at the closet.
  • Allison: Daniel?
  • Allison enters the closet.
  • Daniel: I'm sorry, Allison. I didn't want to burst your happiness bubble...
  • Daniel: The file... It... It's gone...
  • Allison: Well, it has to be somewhere...
  • Daniel hasn't.
  • Allison: I'll come and help you look after my shift.
  • Daniel: Thank you, Allison.
  • Allison returns to the shift.

After the levelEdit

  • Allison leaves to Daniel's office. Allison comforts Daniel to wake up.
  • Daniel: I've looked everywhere in the closet, Allison. It's not there.
  • Allison: Hmm... What would you do if you found a random file?
  • Daniel: I'd take it to THIS office.
  • Allison: Well, maybe that's exactly what someone did...
  • Allison: Let's search your office.
  • Allison goes through every stack of paper she can find!
  • Allison and Daniel puts the files away. Daniel has it.
  • Allison: This is the last one.
  • Daniel: Fingers crossed...
  • Daniel gives the files to Allison to read.
  • Victor enters Daniel's office.
  • Victor: Looking for this?
  • Allison and Daniel see Victor!

Level 36 - No WorriesEdit

  • Victor: I was starting to doubt myself, but seeing how sheepish you two are looking...
  • Victor: I know you were up to something!
  • Daniel: Victor...
  • Victor: No need for that - you'll have your fair chance with the board.
  • Victor: I've already alerted them to the situation, and we'll be having a hearing in four days.
  • Allison was frowned!
  • Victor: Good luck! You're going to need it...
  • Victor left the office.
  • Allison: So... what do we do now?
  • Daniel: Let's just try to get some sleep.
  • Allison enters the sleepy way while Chance uses the telephone.
  • Chance: Don't take this the wrong way, but you don't look so good, Allison.
  • Allison: I haven't been sleeping very well, Chance...
  • Allison: Is it okay if we just get to work...
  • Chance leaves.

After the levelEdit

  • Allison walks sleepy. Daniel enters the ward.
  • Daniel: Did you get any sleep last night?
  • Allison: Not really - I just kept thinking about Victor and the file.
  • Allison: What does the file actually say?
  • Daniel: It shows that under my watch, a large shipment of amphetamines disappeared, and that many more amphetamines were ordered than normal.
  • Allison: But there's nothing showing you had anything to do with their disappearance?
  • Daniel: Not really... No...
  • Daniel: But I did give Quinn that bottle of medicine...
  • Allison: But without Quinn's testimony, Victor can't prove anything.
  • Daniel: I guess you're right.
  • Daniel: But how are we going to convince Quinn not to testify without letting him know what's going on?
  • Daniel: I mean, it's Quinn.
  • Allison: I'll order us some food - it's going to be a long night...
  • Allison orders some food.

Level 37 - Hold the PhoneEdit

  • Allison looks at the telephone while Daniel enters to convince Allison.
  • Daniel: Maybe Victor won't fond out about Quinn...
  • Allison: Daniel! Look at this!
  • Daniel looks at the computer after Allison stands up.
  • Daniel: Well, it sounds nice, but it's not really the time to go to a convention, Allison.
  • Daniel: A surgical convention! And it overlaps with the board meeting!
  • Daniel is happy and gives Allison a hug!
  • Allison: I'll start arranging it today.
  • Daniel goes aside. Chance enters.
  • Chance: He looks happy.
  • Allison: Err... yeah. A day without a smile is a day you haven't lived.
  • Chance: Couldn't have said it better myself. You know, it sounds like my teachings are starting to rub off on you.
  • Chance leaves the ward.

During the levelEdit

Allison makes the necessary phone calls.

1st callEdit

  • Allison: I'd like to book a single no smoking room in your hotel in Helsinki, please.
  • Allison: Perfect, thank you.

2nd callEdit

  • Allison: I was hoping to get one ticket to the surgical convention at the Messukeskus this weekend.
  • Allison: You still have a couple spare? That's great!

3rd callEdit

  • Allison: Are there any seats left on the flight to the Heisinki-Vantaa airport this Friday at all?
  • Allison: Hmmm, only on the red eye...
  • Allison: Well, that'll have to do.

Last callEdit

  • Allison: Yes, the convention ticket, hotel room and flight have been taken care of!
  • Allison: No need to thank me - I know I'm amazing, Daniel!

After the levelEdit

  • Daniel enters the ward.
  • Allison: This is all the information you need - let's go save your job!
  • Daniel and Allison go to surgery. They agree.
  • Daniel: Ah-hem...
  • Daniel: Oh... Err, Yes, Quinn… Allison here has uncovered a great opportunity for us.
  • Quinn goes to Daniel and Allison.
  • Daniel: There's a big surgical convention coming up in Finland...
  • Daniel: ...and we both thought it would be great if you represent our hospital there.
  • Allison: I mean, how can you have a surgical convention without one of the world's best surgeons?
  • Daniel: We've printed out all the information you'll need for the hotel and convention...
  • Quinn takes Daniel's info. He reads through.
  • Quinn: Normally, I would definitely do this.
  • Quinn gives it back to Daniel.
  • Quinn: But Victor's asked me to testify in front of the board on that same day.
  • Quinn: Sorry, guys, but I need to stay in with the board if I want to receive any grants in future.
  • Quinn leaves the room.

Level 38 - MotherhoodEdit

  • Allison's having fun with a baby.
  • Allison: You're still so innocent and free...
  • Allison: All you need is a little attention, and you give us your great big smile!
  • Allison: Maybe you should just stay like this. Life gets complicated way too quickly...
  • Chance enters and Allison peek-a-boo!
  • Chance: It seems like motherhood is something that's in your DNA.
  • Allison: I'm not too sure about that...
  • A customer take a baby and Chance leaves to make Allison go to work.

After the levelEdit

  • Daniel enters the ward.
  • Allison: I've had an idea about who might be able to help us, but you're not going to like it...
  • Allison and Daniel leave the ward, and go to Pathology. Ruth's on the phone!
  • Daniel: I don't know, Allison. Ruth's kind of scary.
  • Allison: Don't be a wuss... We're all out of ideas, and she's the only other person who knows the truth.
  • Now Ruth breaks the phone! She hung up!
  • Ruth: If you're both here, this can't be good. Let's have it.
  • Allison: Well...
  • Some time later...
  • Ruth: I understand...
  • Ruth: I understand, but I can't help.
  • Ruth: Id I don't find a way to pay the mortgage om my mother's house, they're going to throw me out.
  • Ruth: Then there's the institution my mom's in, which isn't covered by her insurance...
  • Ruth: I've got a while set of problems of my own to deal with.
  • Ruth: It's not like we were running some medical trial which required the extra medication.
  • Ruth: You know, one of those trials run by the interns...
  • Ruth: And even if you made one up, you'd have to find an intern dumb enough to testify she'd filed the paperwork incorrectly...
  • Ruth: An intern so clumsy she accidentally used all the medicine, instead of just the medicine for the trial.
  • Allison: Thank you, Ruth.
  • Ruth: Oh no, don't thank me. This isn't my idea - I'd never suggest anything so stpid.
  • Daniel leaves the lab.
  • Ruth: Are you sure he's worth lying for, Allison?
  • Allison: I'd do the same for you.
  • Allison: After the hearing, we'll figure something out for your problems as well, I promise!
  • Allison leaves the lab.
  • Ruth: Stupid kids...

Level 39 - Look on the Bright SideEdit

  • Allison walks in the hallway while there's something in closet.
  • Sophia: Sniff sniff…
  • There's Sophia in the closet!
  • Allison: Sophia?
  • Sophia: Allison? What are you doing here?
  • Allison: I... Well, I heard you crying...
  • Allison: You don't have to hide your crying from me. I mean, I'm pretty sure I've got you beat...
  • Sophia: It's just, people expect me to be so happy... And, I mean, I am...
  • Sophia: But I'm also worried...
  • Sophia: I'm going to have to raise a child... alone... in my crappy apartment.
  • Allison: If you want me to, I'll be there with you every step of the way[1].
  • Sophia: Thanks, Allison. I could really use your help.
  • Allison: Let's go to the maternity ward, and her you some of the Chance's tea to help you relax...
  • Allison and Sophia hug!

During the levelEdit

  • Allison cheers up Sophia during the day.

After the levelEdit

  • Sophia is cheered up!
  • Sophia: Thanks Allison, I really needed that.
  • Allison: No problem, just know I'm here for you!
  • Sophia and Allison leave the ward.
  • Allison enters Daniel's office.
  • Daniel: I've written up the reports, and the fake trial request form, but they still need your signature.
  • Allison took Daniel's file for a signature.
  • Daniel: Stop!
  • Daniel: You don't have to do this for me.
  • Daniel: If they find out...
  • Daniel: I... I did this. Maybe I should be fired...
  • Allison gets a signature.
  • Allison: Nonsense... We need to do this.

Level 40 - Living a LieEdit

  • Inside the hospital meeting...
  • Mason: I could join in this meeting, if you want me to, dad?
  • Victor: No - I don't need anybody else.
  • Mason leaves the meeting room.
  • Victor: This will be my moment.
  • Victor sits down.
  • "Welcome, everyone. Victor has brought forth a nation of no confidence."
  • Olivia: These are serious allegations, which we certainly aren't taking lightly. I hope you can back them up, Victor.
  • Victor: I most certainly can...
  • "Okay. We'll start with the opening statements, and then review the evidence."
  • "At the end of the day, each party can bring forth witnesses to corroborate their case.
  • Allison looked afraid.
  • Allison: I'm sorry, I really thought I had handed in the trial request.
  • Allison: I know it was a mistake, but it's more a clerical error than anything else.
  • Allison: I guess that'll have to do...
  • Chance enters the ward.
  • Chance: Ready for your last day on the maternity ward?
  • Allison: Wow, with everything that's been going on, I'd almost forgotten.
  • Allison: Yup, I'm totally ready.
  • Chance leaves the ward, letting Allison begin for the last day.

During the levelEdit

Question 1Edit

So, why didn't you turn in your research request?

  1. I think I just misplaced the paperwork?
  2. I did, but something must have gone wrong at the archives.
  3. My dog ate it.

Question 2Edit

What did you hope to gain from the drug trial?

  1. I was hoping to find a new cure for... well, for something that's cured by amphetamines.
  2. Eternal fame?
  3. To better understand the side effects of the drug.

Question 3Edit

Ms. Heart, what is your relationship with the defendant?

  1. We're just colleagues.
  2. I've never seen that mean before in my life!
  3. He and I are madly in love!

Question 4Edit

Did you really think you'd get away with this?

  1. This is all just a big misunderstanding!
  2. Yes, and I would have gotten away with it, if it wasn't for Victor and his bloodhounds!
  3. No, I knew we were guilty, throw me in jail!

Question 5Edit

You understand you can no longer be a doctor, right?

  1. ...but I only ever wanted to be a doctor.
  2. (no other choices)

After the levelEdit

  • Chance enters the ward.
  • Allison: Chance, is it okay if I go a little early? I have somewhere I need to be.
  • Chance: No problem - as long as you promise to join my clay workshop that's coming up.
  • Allison: I promise.
  • Chance: Our time always flies by so quickly, but I do enjoy what little time we share.
  • Allison: Me too, Chance...
  • Allison: Ooh, I've got to go!
  • Allison leaves the Maternity Ward to the meeting.

Cutscene: Car Crash OperationEdit

  • Allison takes a breath, but an encounter happened!
  • Quinn: Look out, Allison!
  • Allison maneuvered after Quinn with Mathilda.
  • Jenny and Ryan appeared!
  • Ryan: AAAaaaAAaaRgg!
  • Ryan: It hurts so much!
  • Ryan: A...Alli…Allison...
  • Allison: Ryan!? What happened!?
  • Quinn appears.
  • Quinn: There's no time to talk - we need to get them into surgery!
  • Ryan: D-don't... leave me...
  • Ryan: H... help... us...
  • Ryan barely moves. They're urgent to Ryan!
  • Allison: But...
  • Quinn: This is going to be a tough one, Allison, so I could really use your help!
  • Quinn: But you're going to have to decide now. We're in OR3.
  • Quinn and Jenny go to OR.
  • Now in the surgery.
  • Quinn: Patient: Mathilda Heart, she's been in a car crash.
  • Quinn: Lost control of the wheel for as yet unknown reasons.
  • Quinn: Lots of abrasions and lacerations, no internal bleeding.
  • Allison runs into the surgery.
  • Allison: Ryan will be okay, he's in the emergency room now.
  • Quinn: That's good news.
  • One surgeon washes the hands.
  • Quinn: But I need your help quick, Allison...
  • Quinn: That car crash really did a number on her.
  • David: Let's start be disinfecting and stitching every wound we find.
  • Allison now begins the operation.
  • First, Allison sprays Mathilda's burns!
  • Second, Allison stitches Mathilda's wound!
  • About 1 hour later...
  • A surgeon goes a reader.
  • Allison: I've never seen so many lacerations...
  • Quinn: I know, but we're almost there.
  • Next part of Mathilda!
  • Third, Allison and Quinn spray the burns!
  • Fourth, Allison and Quinn stitch!
  • Allison: Looks like that's all of them...
  • Quinn: Good - let's check the read out.
  • Quinn sees while Allison goes to the reader.
  • Allison focuses the readout!
  • Allison: This is really bad, Quinn...
  • Quinn: Organ failure due to high levels of unknown toxins - this has nothing to do with the car crash...
  • Quinn: We're going to have to hook her up to a machine...
  • Quinn: ...and keep her in a coma for now.
  • Quinn: Waking her up will only make things worse.
  • Quinn hooks up the cables for Mathilda!
  • Allison goes to Mathilda.
  • Allison: What should I do?
  • Quinn: I'm going to take a look through the data...
  • Quinn: There's nothing more you can do for now.
  • Allison looks down.
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Maggie's Movies Maggie's Movies - Camera, Action Maggie Welles
Maggie's Movies: Second Shot
Primrose Lake Welcome to Primrose Lake Jenny Carlyle, Jessica Carlyle
Others Cathy's Crafts Cathy Bradford, Emily O'Malley, Paige O'Malley
Mary le Chef: Cooking Passion Mary Vanderworth, Emily O'Malley, Richard Vanderworth, Topsy Vanderworth, Jennifer, Peter, Sophie Vanderworth, Tony, Dorothea Lowery, Luigi, Morey
The Love Boat Angela Napoli, Captain Stubing, Dr. Adam Bricker, Burl "Gopher" Smith, Isaac Washington, Julie McCoy, Emily O'Malley
The Love Boat: Second Chances
Mortimer Beckett and the Book of Gold Mortimer Beckett, Kate O'Malley
Hotel Ever After: Ella's Wish Ella Centola

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