This is the third chapter in Heart's Medicine: Hospital Heat.

Level 21 - Good BeginningsEdit

  • John, Victor, Mason and Daniel enter the burn unit.
  • John: And this is where I'll be starting out - our brand new burn unit.
  • Mason and Daniel run around.
  • Victor: Wow.
  • Victor: We can make loads of money here!
  • John: Er, don't you mean, we can help loads of people here?
  • Victor: That's exactly what I said.
  • Mason and Daniel run!
  • Victor: Kids! Daniel, Mason! Please!
  • Victor: Sorry, Dad!
  • Victor: This is a hospital, not a playground!
  • Daniel and Mason leave the unit.
  • Victor: I'm glad we got into this venture together, John.
  • John: Me too. Who knew that being assigned to the same room in med school would lead to us opening a hospital together!
  • Victor: And not just any hospital - the biggest one for miles around.
  • Victor: Time to make us some money, John.
  • Victor leaves the unit.

After the levelEdit

  • John: That was a great first shift.
  • Victor enters with Mathilda and Allison!
  • Victor: We've got two females, both suffering some smoke inhalation and burns.
  • John takes Mathilda.
  • John: I'll take it from here!
  • John treats Allison. Victor leaves the unit. And Donald enters.
  • Donald: A... are they okay?

Level 22 - Time to HealEdit

  • Donald: Are they okay?
  • John: It's too early to tell for sure, but honestly, it's not looking good...
  • John: We'll give them both some oxygen, but beyond that, we'll just have to hope they pull through.
  • John: For now, you're going to have to let me get to work.
  • Donald: Please, help them. They're all I have left...
  • John: I'll do everything I can.
  • Donald leaves the unit.

During the levelEdit

  • John uses all treatments of Allison and Mathilda without losing the minigame.

After the levelEdit

  • John uses the computer while Donald enters.
  • Donald: H-how are they doing?
  • John: ...I just don't know...
  • John: The treatment needs to activate the lung tissue, only then...
  • Mathilda: Whe… *COUGH*… Where... am I?
  • John and Donald go to Mathilda.
  • Donald: Y-you're in the hospital...
  • John: You were in a fire...
  • Mathilda: A... fire?
  • Mathilda: A FIRE?! Where's Alli?
  • Mathilda covers her eyes.

Level 23 - WorryEdit

  • John: Alli inhaled more smoke than you, and with her small lungs...
  • John: These next few days are going to be critical. The medicine should start working...
  • John: ...but if it doesn't... You'll need to prepare for that outcome as well.
  • Mathilda hugs Allison.
  • Donald: Is there anything we can do?
  • John: Aside from being here for her if she wakes up, not really.
  • John: It's up to her to do the hard work now.
  • Mathilda sits down.

After the levelEdit

  • Mathilda: Donald... Could I have a moment with Alli, please?
  • Donald: Uhm… Sure... I... Err... I'll go get a drink.
  • Donald leaves the unit for a drink.
  • Mathilda: Honey, what happened...?
  • Mathilda: I... I can't remember anything...
  • Mathilda: Did… Did...
  • Mathilda: Did I do this?
  • Donald brought one of everything.
  • Donald: I didn't know what you wanted, so I brought you one of everything.
  • Donald: Mathilda?
  • John enters to see Allison and Mathilda.
  • John: Has this happened before?
  • Donald: Yes, it has.
  • Donald: Ever since her husband... my son, died...
  • Donald: ...she's been having these episodes every now and then.
  • Donald: Psychosomatic loss of time, they call it.
  • Donald: The psychiatrist hoped it would pass, but they didn't have a clue how much Mathilda loved my son.

Level 34 - A Matter of OpinionEdit

  • Victor places the boxes of new cream after entering.
  • Victor: From this point on, I want you to start using this cream on your burns patients.
  • Victor: Turns out the company who makes it are willing to pay us to use it - literally.
  • John: I can guess why!
  • John: You know this cream can cause a heavy allergic reaction and respiratory problems, right?
  • John takes a cream.
  • John: I'm not using this, Victor.
  • John: This is a burns unit - there are enough people with respirator problems in here without this cream making everything worse!
  • Victor: But it's FDA approved!
  • John: Just because some corporate lobby somehow pushed this through, it doesn't mean it's right!
  • Victor: John, I'm ordering you to use this cream. It'll make this hospital money!
  • John: Ordering?!
  • John: We're partners - you can't order me, and I can't order you.
  • John: Now how about you order yourself out of this room!?
  • Victor pushes John and runs to leave the unit.

After the levelEdit

  • Daniel enters the unit.
  • Daniel: Daddy, why is this girl here?
  • John: This little girl was in a fire, Daniel.
  • Daniel: I hope so, she looks nice.
  • Donald enters.
  • Daniel leaves and Mathilda enters.
  • Victor enters.
  • Victor: I see you received the shipment of the new cream.
  • John: Yup - and you can take it all with you again, 'cause I'm not using them.
  • Victor: ARGH! I promised the salesmen we'd take these boxes! WHY ARE YOU BEING SUCH A PAIN?!
  • John: ME?!
  • John: Take your dangerous cream, and get out of here!
  • John throws the cream onto Victor's head.
  • Allison: Mo... *COUGH*… Mom.
  • John comforts Allison.
  • Mathilda gives Allison a hug.

Level 25 - Sleep NowEdit

  • Mathilda: You had us worried there, kiddo...
  • Allison coughs.
  • Allison: I... *COUGH* I'm sorry, mom...
  • Allison: Are you... *COUGH* okay?
  • Mathilda: I'm fine, honey.
  • Mathilda: I... just don't know what happened...
  • Mathilda: I hope it wasn't my fault.
  • Donald: Can you remember what happened, Alli?
  • Allison: I... Err...
  • Allison: I was making dinner with mom...
  • Allison: And... *COUGH*…
  • Allison: I knocked over the paper towels, and the house caught fire so quickly we couldn't get out.
  • Mathilda: Jeez, that's what we get for living in a wooden house...
  • Mathilda: It's still weird I can't remember any of it...
  • Donald: Yeah, weird...
  • Mathilda: Well, accidents happen, and at least we're all OK now.
  • John appears.
  • John: I'm sorry, but Alli is going to need her rest. She still has to recover quite a bit.
  • Donald and Mathilda leave the unit.

After the levelEdit

  • Donald enters the unit.
  • Donald: Alli?
  • Allison: Grandpa?
  • Donald: Alli, the story you told us about what happened...
  • Donald: I know you want to protect your mom...
  • Donald: But is that really what happened?
  • Allison: ...yes...
  • Donald: You know you can talk to me, right?
  • Allison: I told you what happened, OKAY?!
  • Allison coughs and stands up.
  • Donald: Okay...
  • Donald: I won't mention it again. I just want to make sure you and your mom are safe.
  • Allison: I'd like to go to sleep again...

Level 26 - CraftsEdit

  • Mathilda scattered the fabrics! She cleans up.
  • John: She's doing better than anyone could have expected.
  • Johm: We'll need to keep applying this cream to her burns.
  • John: But if her readings keep going up like this, she could go home in a couple of days.
  • John: You have a strong daughter, Mrs. Heart!
  • Mathilda: That doesn't surprise me at all.
  • John puts the cream away.
  • Mathilda: Hey Alli, you know what I brought you?
  • Mathilda reveals objects.
  • Allison: Sewing materials!
  • Mathilda: I thought we could make some stuffed animals, like we do at home.
  • Allison: YES! And you bought some new fabrics too!
  • Mathilda: I guess it's appropriate to be stitching in a hospital...
  • Allison: Mom, you're so lame...
  • Mathilda: Careful, or I'll make these stuffed animals all by myself.

During the levelEdit

  • Mathilda cleans up fabrics and helps Allison creates 4 animals.

After the levelEdit

  • Allison: Mom? I don't really need this many stuffed animals...
  • Allison: But maybe we could give them to the other kids in the hospital?
  • Mathilda: That's a great idea, honey.
  • John: That's vert generous of you, Alli! Why don't you follow me, and I'll take you to the other children.
  • Allison: I can walk around the hospital?
  • John: I think we can make a small exception.
  • Mathilda cleans up the animals. John, Allison and Mathilda leave for a walk.
  • Victor appears with a box. He sneaks to the cream.
  • He replaces with a brand product.

Level 27 - The Whole TruthEdit

  • Allison, Mathilda and John enter the unit.
  • Allison: That was great, right mom?
  • Mathilda: It sure was, honey.
  • Allison returns to the bed. Mathilda picks up the animal.
  • Mathilda: Honey... Why did you keep this one?
  • Allison: I dunno, I kind of like the way he looks...
  • Allison: He's got these dopey eyes, just like dad had.
  • Allison: I'm sorry, mom... I didn't...
  • Allison: Mom?
  • No answer.
  • Allison: I really wish we could talk about him. I just miss him sometimes...
  • Donald enters.
  • Donald: I miss him too, honey.
  • Donald gives Allison a hug.
  • Donald: You've had to cope with a lot of responsibility from a very young age, Alli…
  • Donald: Losing your dad, taking care of your mom...
  • Donald: A child shouldn't have to worry all about that.
  • Allison: Grandpa, can I tell you something?
  • Allison: But you have to promise you won't tell mom.
  • Donald: I promise.
  • Allison: I... I wasn't cooking...
  • Donald: I know, honey. Your mom had one of her episodes, didn't she?
  • Allison: It... it was so scary... I... couldn't get her to move.
  • Allison: There were flames everywhere and them... everything just went black.
  • Allison: You can't tell her...
  • Allison: Mom! Grandpa's here!
  • Donald sits down.

After the levelEdit

  • John uses the computer while Victor is here.
  • John: What are you so happy about?
  • Victor: I know we've had our differences, but I just found another way for us to maximize our hospital's profits.
  • Victor: I've struck a deal with all the ambulance drivers in the city...
  • Victor: Now anyone suffering from burns in Snuggford will be brought to the Little Creek burn unit.
  • John: That's not only irresponsible, Victor - that's illegal.
  • Victor: At worst, it's frowned upon...
  • Victor: John, I don't want to fight you over every decision. A hospital needs to make money.
  • John: Okay, Victor, okay. But can we even handle that capacity?
  • Victor: Don't be so modest - I'm sure you can handle it!
  • John is modest.

Level 28 - MayhemEdit

  • John: One at a time, please!
  • John: I'll get to you all as soon as I can, but I just need you to be a little patient, and please bear with me.
  • Mathilda: Is there anything I can do to help?
  • John: If you could put the cream on Alli today, that would help me a lot...
  • John: As you can see, the "sudden" influx of patients is going to keep me more than a little busy...
  • Mathilda: No problem, I'll take care of it!
  • Mathilda walks to Allison.
  • Mathilda: The cream's in that cupboard, right?
  • John agrees. Mathilda gets the cream and John gets a patch for patients.
  • Mathilda treats Allison.

During the levelEdit

  • Mathilda treats Allison burns 8 times.

After the eventEdit

After the levelEdit

  • Donald enters while John uses the PC.
  • Mathilda: Ah, Donald - can you keep an eye on Alli while I'm washing my hands?
  • The patients enter, Mathilda leaves to the bathroom.
  • Allison: *cough* *COUGH!!*
  • John guides the patient to the bed.
  • Donald: Is everything alright, Alli?
  • Allison: C... Can't... *GASP* breathe…
  • Allison falls.
  • Donald: John, something's happening over here!
  • John: Sorry, it's going to have to wait...
  • Donald: This can't wait!
  • Allison coughs!
  • John: This... This can't be...
  • John gets something to save Allison.
  • Allison: *GASP*
  • John: It's an allergic reaction...
  • Donald: To what? Where are you going?! HEY!
  • Mathilda enters the unit.
  • Donald: First my daughter-in-law nearly kills Alli, and now I have to worry about you doctors too?!
  • Mthilda: I... I almost k... k... killed Alli?!
  • Allison: You promised...

Level 29 - No End to Them...Edit

  • John: Well, the allergic reaction's gone now... So, there's that...
  • John goes to Allison.
  • John: Hey Alli - how about we take a look at how your stuffed animals are doing with their new owners?
  • Donald: It's going to be okay, honey.
  • Allison stands up while Mathilda cries.
  • John leads Allison leave the unit.
  • Mathilda: It...
  • Mathilda: It was all my fault...
  • Mathilda: Alli could have died, and it was all my fault...
  • Donald: Those episodes aren't anyone's fault, Mathilda.
  • Mathilda falls to the floor.
  • Mathilda: But what if the firemen hadn't been on time...?
  • Mathilda: What if the next time I have an episode it's even worse...?
  • Mathilda: I... I'm a danger to my own daughter...
  • Allison and John came back.
  • John: We got about halfway to pediatrics before she forced me to turn around.
  • Allison runs to Mathilda to hug.
  • Allison: Are you okay, mom?
  • Mathilda: I am now...
  • John: Why don't you go get some food in the cafeteria? My treat!
  • John waves the Heart family leaving to the cafeteria.
  • John: And that's just the start of my day...
  • John pushes the bed away.

After the levelEdit

  • Victor enters the unit.
  • John: I'm really tired, Victor, but we do need to talk...
  • John: Secretly replacing that cream, illegally paying off ambulance drivers...
  • John: …a little girl have gotten seriously hurt... OR WORSE!
  • Victor: Come on, you can't pin the blame for that on me, John.
  • Victor: I know your priority has always been your patients...
  • Victor: ...but you can't fault me for at least wanting to make this hospital profitable.
  • John: My priority IS my patients, and that is why we're having THIS CONVERSATION!
  • John: YOU! YOU put someone's life in danger today! You at least have to admit to that!
  • Victor: I admit nothing. Maybe you should have been paying more attention to the girl.
  • Victor: Don't get your panties in a bunch, John. Nothing bad happened, and we make a lot of money.
  • John: Nothing bad happened TODAY, Victor. But what about tomorrow, or the day after?
  • Victor: You just focus on saving patients, John. It's clear that only one of us has any business sense.
  • Victor left the unit.
  • John: ...just focus on saving patients...
  • John gets a letter and calls the board.
  • John: I'd like to speak to the hospital board, please.

Level 30 - Happy Ending?Edit

  • John: It's your last day today, Alli. Are you excited to be going home?
  • Allison: Yes! My mom and I are going to do all sorts of fun things this afternoon.
  • Allison: We're going to the movies, then to the mall, and tonight we're going to eat at Betty's diner!
  • Allison: It's going to be so cool, right mom?
  • Mathilda: Oh... err... yes!
  • Mathilda: Very cool!
  • John: Sounds like a great plan!

After the level; Post-chapterEdit

  • Allison and her mom are having fun. Victor knocks John out!
  • Victor: I guess you got what you wanted. Now you're running this place alone.
  • John: I never wanted...
  • Victor: It doesn't matter - this isn't over.
  • John stands up.
  • Victor: I'll be back.
  • Victor leaves the unit.
  • John: Well, that was a lot of excitement...
  • John: On to something much more fun. Alli, you're ready to be discharged!
  • John: What are you waiting for? Time to start that fun afternoon!
  • Allison and Mathilda leave the hospital, waving.

Cutscene: A Day with MomEdit

  • In the pre-crash site, Allison and Mathilda had fun at the picnic.
  • Allison had fun walking around the beach with Mom.
  • Allison and Mathilda had fun watching movies.
  • Afterwards, Allison and Mathilda are in Betty's Diner.
  • Allison: This was the best day ever, mom!
  • Mathilda cries.
  • Allison: Mom, why are you crying?
  • Mathilda: It-it's nothing... I'm just... just going to get some fresh air...
  • Mathilda gets out of the table.
  • Mathilda: I love you, Allison.
  • Mathilda heads out of the diner. Donald appears.
  • Then Mathilda gets into the car. Donald enters the diner.
  • Allison: Grandpa?
  • Donald looks at Allison.
  • Allison: MOM?!
  • Everyone's scared!
  • Allison runs away from the diner to try to chase Mom.
  • Mathilda starts driving away from Allison.
  • Allison runs rapidly to chase Mathilda!
  • Finally, Mathilda turns left, leaving Allison.
  • Allison's lost in the middle of nowhere.
  • Allison: MOM!?
  • Allison cries. What a tragic past memories!
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