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  • Angela's at her home, calling her sister Emily.
  • Angela: ...Emily please don't tell mom just yet will you?
  • The best friends from high school enter Angela's apartment.
  • Jenny: We're here!!! Time to set the town on fire!
  • Angela: Oh...sorry Em, I have to go! Tell Paige, auntie Angela said 'hi'!
  • Amber: Why aren't you dressed Angela? It's ladies' night, remember?
  • Virginia, Amber, and Jenny: What's up with your ankle?
  • Angela: Sigh... something terrible happened...
  • Jenny: What do you mean? And what's up with all these boxes?
  • Angela: Well...remember my boss Yum-Mee?
  • Angela goes back to July 10th, 2015.

Day 1 - Fabulous designEdit

  • Angela started his career as a fashion designer, and creates new design for the boutique:
    • Oriental Green
    • Sunset Orange
    • Wild Black
  • Angela creates the one you chose.
  • Then, she stitches the dress.
  • One woman saw a new dress!
  • Yum-mee enters the boutique.
  • Angela: Hi Yum-Mee, what do you think of my new fabulous design for your boutique?
  • Yum-mee didn't like the dress she made, so she cut it short.
  • Yum-Mee: There. A lady of fashion needs to show her beautiful legs!
  • Yum-Mee: It's not your fault, darling. Not all of us are born with fashion instincts...
  • "Hi miss, where is that beautiful long dress I just saw?"
  • Yum-Mee: You see, Angela? I told you not to change anything.
  • Yum-Mee: And get that doll a wig. A beautiful woman needs beautiful hair!
  • One customer leaves the boutique. Jimmy visits the boutique.
  • Angela: Can you believe it, Jimmy? She just ruined my creation by cutting it short!
  • Jimmy: Well... I like sexy legs!
  • Yum-Mee: I rest my case.
  • Yum-Mee leaves to the right.
  • Angela: Thanks for that Jimmy. Support the one you love, will you?
    • She points to Jimmy, then he scared back
  • Jimmy: Yeah... uh... well... I have a surprise for you.
  • Angela: Aah, I knew you wouldn't forget our anniversary! Is it a romantic holiday in Paris?
  • Jimmy: You'll see when I get back.
  • Jimmy leaves, but he drops his phone.
  • Angela picks up his phone.
  • Angela: Jimmy, you dropped your phone!
  • Angela gives phone to Jimmy.
  • Jimmy: Oof! You almost got me there!
  • Angela: What do you mean?
  • Jimmy: Well... I... uh... Don't want you to... discover my... surprise!
  • Now Yum-Mee goes into boutique, asking Angela for a tutorial.
  • Yum-Mee: Should I explain how to run a boutique?
Yes (Play tutorial) No (Skip ahead)
Yum-Mee: Thought so... Listen up! Angela: No, I got this!
Yum-Mee: First your find and pick up what the customer wants. Yum-Mee: Alright... go for it!
Yum-Mee: You are holding the product. Now hand it to the customer ...
Yum-Mee: ...and hit the register to seal the deal.
Yum-Mee: Pretty easy, right?
Yum-Mee: Oohh she's asking for my design!
Yum-Mee: Customer who want clothes will try before they buy.
Yum-Mee: Don't forget to let customers pay for their clothes.
Yum-Mee: Clean the fitting room for the next customer.
Yum-Mee: Looks like we're out of stock! Let's restock before someone wants to buy it.
Tutorial complete!
Yum-Mee: That's it! So... do you feel ready to start?
If you press Yes, start the game, or press No to repeat the tutorial.
Yum-Mee will leave the place after starting the game.


  • The car arrives at the boutique.
  • Jimmy visits.
  • Jimmy: Ready for the surprise? Follow me!
  • Angela follows Jimmy.
  • Jimmy: Tadaaa!
  • Angela: You're giving me your car, so I don't have to walk to work anymore?
  • Jimmy: WHAT? No, of course not!
  • Jimmy: I got my baby a new sunroof. Isn't she lovely?
  • Angela: You've got to be kidding me!
  • The bird lands on the car roof, and places the bird poop!
  • Jimmy: Oh no!
  • Jimmy scares the bird away and wipes the sunroof.
  • Jimmy: Bird crap! STUPID BIRD, you're ruining my expensive new roof!!
  • Angela: Well, there goes Paris...
  • Jimmy starts to cheat on Angela with her new boss, Yum-Mee, heads to Jimmy's car.
  • Yum-Mee: Love the roof! How about giving me a ride home?
  • Angela: A ride home?
  • Jimmy: I don't mind really. I'll try to persuade Yum-Mee to give you a raise.
  • Jimmy heads to the car, allowing Yum-Mee to get into the seat. Then they drive out of the boutique.
  • Angela was scared. There was a sudden police investigating a couple.
  • Murray The couple that just visited your shop...
  • Angela: They're not a couple.
  • Murray: You sure?
  • Angela: He's my husband!
  • Murray: Ow... Anyway... Tell them next time I'll cite them for parking on the sidewalk.
  • Then the officer rides off.
  • Angela starts emojis.
  • Devil: "... and we can't build our dreams, on suspicious minds..."
  • Angel: "Nonsense. Don't listen to him. A good marriage is all about trust!"

After the dayEdit

  • Virginia: Man and their midlife crisis...
  • Jenny: OMG! I love men in uniform!
  • Jenny: So... then what happened?

Day 2 - The coffee trickEdit

  • Angela creates new top design for the boutique:
    • Oriental Green
    • Star Night Blue
    • Wild Black
  • Angela creates the one you choose.
  • Then she stitches the dress.
  • Angela: So... You're telling me your husband cheated on you?
  • Sally: Yep. With his 21-year-old secretary. He is old enough to be her dad.
  • Angela: How did you find out?
  • Sally: I checked his phone. Nothing to be proud of, but sometimes they just leave you no other choice.
  • Jimmy visits the boutique.
  • Jimmy: Where's Yum-Mee? I was supposed to give her a ride home.
  • Angela: What? Again??
  • Devil: Sally's right. You need to check his phone. Do the coffee trick!
  • Angel: Don't! That coffee trick could burn him alive!
  • Angela goes to get a cup of coffee.
  • Angela: Let me get you a cup of coffee while you're waiting, hon.
  • Angela gets a coffee, then she does the coffee trick.
  • Jimmy's burned by coffee.
  • Jimmy: AAAAH! That's HOT!!
  • Angela: Whoops. Let me clean that for you.
  • Angela places coffee back and Jimmy goes to the fitting room.
  • Jimmy gives the dirty rug to Angela.
  • Angela has the phone, so she uses the napkin to clean that.
  • Then she gives the rug back to Jimmy.
  • Jimmy goes out of fitting room.
  • Angela: There. Sorry about that.
  • Jimmy: I'm off. Thanks for 'the coffee'.
  • Jimmy heads off from the boutique.
  • Angela: Mission accomplished. I got his phone!
  • Angela places the phone and goes to emojis.
  • Angel: Leave the phone be. He was just here to give Yum-Mee a ride...
  • Devil: Do it! You need to know if he's cheating on you!

During the dayEdit

  • Angela checks the phone to see what Yum-Mee is saying.


  • Now, Sally enters the boutique, and Angela puts cash in the register.
  • Sally: So... Are Jimmy and Yum-Mee... you know...?
  • Angela: Well I'm sure about one thing: Yum-Mee's using Jimmy to take her home... a lot.
  • Sally: I hope he isn't taking her 'all the way home'?
  • Angela: He better not!
  • Sally: I'd make sure, if I were you.
  • Devil: You know he is!
  • Angel: Don't! If you keep digging, all you'll get is dirty hands!
  • Devil: You're not taking advice from 'goody two shoes' are you?
  • Angel: Whatever Mr. 'Forked Tongue'!
  • Angela overcontrols!
  • Angela: Shut up!
  • Sally: Excuse me?
  • Phone *BZZZ*
  • Angela picks up the phone.
  • Yum-Mee: Thanks for driving me all the way home yesterday.
  • Devil: Told you so!
  • Angel: That doesn't have to mean anything...

After the dayEdit

Day 3 - The VIP eventEdit

  • Sally enters the boutique.
  • Sally: You okay? Did you confront Jimmy?
  • Angela: I'd planned to, but... He didn't come home from poker last night!
  • Yum-Mee enters her boutique.
  • Angela: Hey Yum-Mee, have you seen Jimmy today?
  • Yum-Mee: No. Why would I?
  • Sally leaves the place, Angela follows Yum-Mee.
  • Yum-Mee's making the list.
  • Angela: Why would you? Is there anything going on between you and -
  • Yum-Mee: Look, Angie. I have a lot on my mind because of the VIP event tomorrow, so I need you to stay focused for me.
  • Angela: VIP event?
  • Yum-Mee: Fifty guests and the presentation of the new clothing line. I told you before.
  • Angela: No you didn't!
  • Yum-Mee: Anyway... I wrote you a list of things you need to do right away.
  • Yum-Mee gives the list to Angela, then leaves the boutique. It's a LONG list!
  • Devil: I've got to hand Yum-Mee one thing: she sure knows how to change the subject!
  • Angela: Let's start with the first thing: another design to complete the clothing line...
  • Angela goes to pick the final design:
    • Oriental Green
    • Dazzling Razz
    • Wild Black
  • Angela creates the bottom skirt you choose.
  • Then she goes back to work.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela sets up the stage for the VIP event.


  • Angela serves the customer.
  • Angela: Thank you for shopping at Yum-Mee's.
  • Jimmy visits the boutique.
  • Angela: So mister, where were you last night?
  • Jimmy: Playing poker with the boys. Got late, so I stayed there.
  • Angela: And it didn't occur to you to call me?
  • Jimmy: Didn't want to wake you up. Also, I can't seem to find my phone.
  • Angela: I wonder where you left it.
  • Devil: Nice touch!
  • Jimmy: Got to get going...
  • Jimmy: And don't stay up for me. We're finishing the poker game tonight and I'm feeling lucky.
  • Jimmy leaves the boutique.
  • Angel: Poker night, that makes sense!
  • Devil: Nonsense! Use Jimmy's phone to throw out some bait. See is Yum-Mee bites!
  • Angela uses Jimmy's phone to throw some messages, as a bait.
  • After the phone is Emoji revenge!
  • Devil: Sounds like payback time to me!
  • Angel: Don't listen -
  • Angela punched the good emoji, the angel, out of her mind!
  • Angela is now to Devil Zone!
  • Angela: No more Mrs. Nice Girl!
  • Angela calls Sally.
  • Angela to Sally: Oh.. Hi Sally, Angela here. Listen, can you do me a favor?

Day 4 - Showtime!Edit

  • Angela: Sorry Wendy, the VIP event is cancelled. We'll be in touch. Bye!
  • Yum-Mee enters her boutique.
  • Yum-Mee: Where's my stylist?
  • Angela: Wendy? She just called in sick, so she can't make it.
  • Yum-Mee: OMG! I can't do the VIP event looking like this!
  • Sally delivers the items Angela asked.
  • Sally: Here's the crème, the lotion and uhh... the bird seed?... you asked for.
  • Angela puts her glasses on.
  • Angela: Uuuhm... Look what I brought. Some conditioner for your beautiful hair and some moisturizing lotion for your shiny legs!
  • Angela: Everything you need for an unforgettable impression!
  • Yum-Mee: Oh, Angela. Thank you, I won't forget this!
  • Only Devil emoji appears.
  • Devil: She's right. She'll NEVER forget this!
  • Angela: You're right. You'll NEVER forget this!
  • Yum-Mee goes into fitting room. Angela sets her glasses up to hair.
  • The car parked on sidewalk, near boutique. Jimmy enters the boutique!
  • Angela: Jimmy! I made some fresh coffee.
  • Jimmy: Thanks. I'll get it myself this time, if you don't mind.
  • Jimmy pours coffee into the mug.
  • Jimmy: If anybody needs me, I'll be in the back.
  • Jimmy leaves to the right.
  • Angela has the bird seed!
  • Angela throws lots of bird seeds in the roof to feed the birds!
  • Angela: Come and get it!
  • Sally: Smells like revenge.
  • Angela: You betcha!
  • Sally heads out of Yum-Mee's boutique.

During the dayEdit

  • Angela gives Yum-Mee the lotion, creamer and hairdryer without missing.


  • The guests are coming into the boutique, after lots of bird poop placed on Jimmy's car roof!
  • Angela: Welcome everyone, the show's about to start.
  • Angela tells Yum-Mee to come out.
  • Angela to Yum-Mee: Yum-Mee, time to come out. Everyone's here!
  • Yum-Mee: What did you just give me? I'm itching all over!
  • Angela: Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for! Here she is...
  • Angela pulls the curtain out, but the top collapsed!
  • This revealed: Yum-Mee's bald head, and hairy legs!
  • Angela: The Fabulous Yum-Mee!
  • This makes guests surprised!
  • Angela has the scissors to shorten out.
  • Angela: There. A lady of fashion needs to show her sexy legs!
  • Angela: Dear guests, next season's style, bald head, hairy legs!
  • Jimmy: Nooo, my car!
  • Jimmy storms to his car!
  • He scares all the birds away!
  • He was outraged!
  • Jimmy: #@*! (CENSORED)
  • Angela: By the way; I found your phone... POKERFACE!
  • Jimmy saw his phone!
  • Jimmy: POKERFACE? Wait a minute... You did all this?
  • Jimmy: Please forgive me! It was a mistake. She's a lousy kisser anyway. You're my true love!
  • Yum-Mee: Lousy kisser? You... We're through!
  • Yum-Mee slaps Jimmy! This makes guests surprisingly scared!
  • Yum-Mee storms out of her boutique!
  • Jimmy stands up.
  • Angela: You Know Jimmy... We're through as well![1]
  • Angela: So... Take this...
  • Angela takes off her wedding ring [2] and throws at Jimmy.
  • Angela: ...And THIS!
  • Now, Angela REVENGELY STEPS on Jimmy and made a successful REVENGE! Therefore, Jimmy's foot has been damaged, and Angela's ankle has been hurt!
  • Angela's high heels are also ruined!
  • Jimmy: #@*! (CENSORED)
  • It leaves guests stunned in the boutique!
  • Angela: Ouch! My ankle...
  • Officer Murray goes to the boutique. he takes off his helmet.
  • Murray: Who's the owner of that car?
  • Angela: That would be my EX-husband Jimmy!
  • Murray: Seems like you messed with the wrong girl.
  • Murray puts a ticket fine to Angela's ex-husband Jimmy.
  • Angela: Officer, any chance giving this single girl a ride home? My ankle's killing me.
  • Murray takes his goggles off and takes Angela.
  • The guests applause to the stage!
  • Finally, Murray is now taking Angela back to her home, and now, Angela's job is gone[3]!


  • Amber: So... All good things happen in threes.
  • Virginia: You quit your job...
  • Jenny: You had your revenge...
  • Amber: ...And you're officially single now. I can't see why you're still crying.
  • Angela: It's not that. I ruined my high heels.
  • Virginia: So what's the lesson you learned from all this?
  • Angela: Never wear high heels when you take revenge!
  • Angela shows her high heels to Fab Four group.
  • Kitty, Jenny, and Virginia laugh!
  • And Angela... deeply cry!
  • They touch Angela to stop crying.
  • Angela wipes her tears.
  • Angela: But there's more...!
  • Angela: ...I think I'm pregnant!
  • What a revengeful story!


  1. Angela now revenges over Jimmy.
  2. Angela has wedding ring on 2011 to 2015
  3. After Angela's through with Jimmy, Murray puts a fine and Angela's got a legal divorce!
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