This is the fifth chapter in Fabulous: Angela's High School Reunion. In the past, Angela voted for Prom King and Queen, but then, Janet's pregnant! The past years made Snuggford High closed by pregnancy scandal!

Level 41 - Some Things Stay the Same Edit

That tenacious break dancer won't stop trying to crash the party!

  • Back to the current fashion...
  • Into the present-day (2016).
  • Fab Four and Janet enter the place.
  • Angela: Isn't it AMAZING! It's like we're in high school all over again!
  • Virginia: Yeah, except unlike US, this place hasn't aged very well.
  • Kitty: Angela, I have to tell you - the lawyer in my is seeing lawsuits everywhere.
  • Kitty: Slip n' fall, lead paint poisoning - I almost want to hand out business cards.
  • Janet: Well, I think it's AMAZING.
  • Janet: Although, I think we should move the drinks closer to the hors d'oeuvres.
  • Angela: What?! Absolutely not - people will just park themselves by the food and dink instead of mingling!
  • Janet: If the party has a competent HOSTESS, that wouldn't be an issue.
  • Angela: What are you trying to say?
  • Janet: I believe I already said it, dear.
  • Angela: Grrrrr!
  • Kitty and Virginia back them up.
  • Jenny: Well, they're right about one thing - it sure IS like high school all over again.
  • The girls from Fab Four and Janet leave the place.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela doesn't let the breakdancer get in.

After the levelEdit

  • Angela goes to the DJ stage.
  • Angela: Oh my gosh! You love me! You REALLY love me!
  • Angela: No, no, no - too 'Oscar-winner'.
  • Angela: Thank you all! Today, you have righted a grievous wrong!
  • Janet enters the place to the DJ.
  • Angela: No, no - too negative.
  • Janet: Wishful thinking, Angela?
  • Angela surprised!
  • Angela: Just doing a sound check.
  • Janet: Allow me.
  • Janet: Testing, testing - one, two, three.
  • Janet: Please remember to vote 'Janet' for prom queen!

Level 42 - Muddy the WaterEdit

Angela is just going to clean all the water puddles, and no one will be any the wiser!

  • DJ appears!
  • DJ: Everybody!
  • DJ steps up on the machine.
  • DJ: Let's get this party started!
  • DJ starts the music! The classmates dance!
  • Emily appears.
  • Emily: Angela... We've got to move this party somewhere else.
  • Emily: I've got almost no water pressure because the pipes are so leaky. This place is dangerous!
  • Angela: Move somewhere ELSE? You're kidding me, right?
  • Emily: We could even do it at my place!
  • Angela: Oh, great - might as well have it a senior home.
  • Angela: Er… You know what I mean.
  • Emily: Angela, this place isn't SAFE.
  • Janet appears.
  • Angela: Of course it's safe! Janet's father have gotten us permission to be here if it wasn't.
  • Angela: RIGHT, Janet?
  • Janet: Oh! Er… Of course!
  • Angela walks on the slippery puddle and slips, but almost fell down! So she makes a great counter!
  • Angela: See? Perfectly safe.
  • Angela goes back to work, while Emily and Janet leave aside.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela cleans up all the water puddles!

After the levelEdit

  • Matt and Chloe enter the place. Angela leaves aside.
  • Matt: So, er… Having fun?
  • Chloe: THIS? This is what prom is like in America?
  • Matt: I'm not sure, actually. Mine was cut drastically short.
  • Chloe: Yes, I know the story... Not exactly a night to remember, eh?
  • Matt: Oh, it was a night to remember alright.
  • Matt: Afterwards, I got into a huge flight with my dad, packed up my stuff and moved out.
  • Chloe: At least you had a father, Mine was apparently tired of me before I was even born.
  • Matt: Did your mother every try to track him down? Seek child support? Anything like that?
  • Chloe: I don't know. She never talks about him.
  • Chloe: I've never even gotten a postcard from him...
  • Chloe: ...and for all I care, I hope it stays that way FOREVER.

Level 43 - Second ChancesEdit

Here comes Fran* with some last minute supplies!

  • Janet appears.
  • Janet: Having a nice time?
  • Matt: Yeah, I s'pose. Hopefully I'll make it to the end of this one.
  • Janet: Aren't second chances wonderful?
  • Matt: Speaking of, Janet... I know it's none of my business...
  • Matt: ...but Chloe and I were talking, and boy - she seems to have A LOT of anger about her biological father.
  • Matt: I don't know the history there, but... Would it help if I tried to mediate? Talk to him?
  • Janet: He's... He's in the Alps right now! He's a mountain climber - no phone.
  • Janet: I... I need some air! I'll be right back.
  • Fran enters the school. Janet encountered Fran!
  • Fran: Janet!
  • Fran: So? Did you tell her yet?
  • Janet: I'll tell her after the reunion, I swear!
  • Chloe: Tell who what?
  • Janet and Fran leave the place. Angela goes back to work, while Chloe and Matt leave aside.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela collects all the boxes that Fran brings!

After the levelEdit

  • Angela leaves the school. Matt and Janet appear.
  • Janet: Matt! I... I need to tell you something.
  • Janet: Er… Do you remember Elaine Whizzlemeyer?
  • Matt: Er… Yeah. Debate team captain, chess team, chief hall monitor, right?
  • Janet: Well, Elaine has a secret room from her past, one born of fiery passion and love that could prove devastating to people she cares about.
  • Matt laughs.
  • Matt: This is Elaine we're talking about? 'Hall Cop'?
  • Janet: She's torn between keeping her mouth shut and letting the truth out...
  • Janet: …even though she could lose those people, possibly forever.
  • Janet: So, er… Do you have any advice for her? Uh... Elaine, I mean.
  • Matt: Ah... Well... I think she's got to tell them.
  • Matt: The sooner the better. Secrets are poison, Janet. They've gotta be purged.
  • Janet: Er… You... I... I...
  • Janet: I've gotta go to the bathroom!
  • Janet goes to the bathroom.

Level 44 - Spoken Like a True TherapistEdit

Both Virginia and Chloe are in a state of shock. Tend to them both!

  • Chloe appears.
  • Chloe: So, how did you get along with my mother during high school?
  • Virginia: Well, we were kind of polar opposites back then.
  • Virginia: I wasn't really popular... nor slim for that matter.
  • Virginia: She, on the other hand, made all the boys' heads spin.
  • Virginia: TO be honest, I was kind of non-existent to her.
  • Virignia: And when she DID notice me, it sure wasn't for my benefit.
  • Chloe: But...
  • Virginia: You know what...!?
  • Chloe: Virginia...
  • Virginia: Your mother wasn't a very nice person, and that's putting it mildly.
  • Virginia: She was vindictive, manipulative and a schemer!
  • Virginia: She pitched two brothers against each other, and even got PREGNANT by one of them.
  • Chloe shouted: WHAT!?
  • Virginia: Oh my... I'm so, so sorry.
  • Chloe: Who were those brothers?!
  • Virginia: Wait... that means... YOU'RE that baby!?
  • Virginia: You should talk to your mother, Chloe... I've already said far too much...
  • Chloe goes to the corner, and Virginia goes to the door.
  • Virginia: Wow, Virginia, some relationship therapist you are...
  • Angela goes back to work.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela tends to Virginia and Chloe!

After the levelEdit

  • Janet enters the place to get Chloe.
  • Chloe: Who is my father, Janet? Tell me!
  • Janet: "Janet"?!
  • Janet: No, no, no! Chloe, this really isn't the right time to talk about this!
  • Chloe: Tell me! Tell me or I will go to every man here and ask them myself!

Level 45 - Family ResemblanceEdit

Chloe wants to do a thorough investigation!

  • Janet: You wouldn't embarrass me, would you? Not tonight! Tonight is my-
  • Chloe: Your big moment, eh?!
  • Chloe: Is that more important than me getting to find out who my father is?
  • Janet: Don't be ridiculous! You're acting like a spoiled child!
  • Chloe: Me, a spoiled child! You're the one who reams of being a stupid prom princess!
  • Janet: Prom QUEEN! And there's more to it than that! You wouldn't understand.
  • Chloe: You're right, I wouldn't - because I'm not like you, and I never will be.
  • Janet: Where are you going?
  • Chloe leaves aside.
  • Janet: CHLOE?!
  • Janet goes after Chloe, and then Chloe reappear. Angela goes back to work.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela makes sure Chloe interrogates every table group!

After the levelEdit

  • Angela leaves aside, and Virginia appeared.
  • Chloe: Virginia!
  • Virginia: Oh, er… Hi there, Chloe!
  • Virginia: Are you... having a good time?
  • Chloe: No! I'm looking for my father, but none of these men look anything like me!*Virginia: Really? Because I thought I saw...
  • Virginia: Er, nevermind!
  • Chloe: So you DO know! You know who my father is!
  • Virginia goes to leave aside.
  • Chloe: Hey! Get back here!

Level 46 - To Discover Warm WaterEdit

Angela is trying to fix the problems in the utterly safe reunion hall!

  • Angela and Matt appear.
  • Angela: Er… What's up, Chloe?
  • Chloe: I have reason to believe that one of the men in this room is my father!
  • Angela: Did... Did Janet tell you this?
  • Chloe: I had an enlightening talk with Virginia.
  • Chloe: My mother doesn't even deny it.
  • Angela: Chloe… You really should talk to her. I mean, this is... This is...
  • Matt: Not something to be taken lightly...
  • Chloe: She's far too busy living out her dream of becoming prom queen.
  • Chloe: As far as I am concerned - I have no mother!
  • Matt and Chloe leave aside. Angela goes back to work with Emily.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela fixes the problems that pop up during the day by putting out fires!

After the levelEdit

  • Emily leaves aside, and Kitty and Jenny appear.
  • Angela: Girls! Chloe just figured out that SOMEONE here is her biological father!
  • Virginia appears.
  • Virginia: Girls! I've just ACCIDENTALLY let slip that Chloe's real father is at the reunion.
  • Jenny: Who is it?
  • Virginia: Well... Chloe kinda helped me put two and two together.
  • Virginia: Chloe is the kid Janet was pregnant with during prom night.
  • Kitty: And she only hooked up with the Miller brothers.
  • Virginia: Angela... I'm...
  • Angela: She was hooking up with Keith just to break me and Matt up...
  • Angela: OH my...
  • Angela: NO, no, no, this cannot be true!
  • Angela: That leaves... MATT!
  • Kitty: It has to be!
  • Angela: Everything makes SO much more sense now!
  • Matt appears.
  • Matt: What makes more sense now?

Level 47 - Bursting at the SeamsEdit

Give Angela some time to talk to Matt by keeping Chloe occupied!

  • Angela: Er, Matt, sweetheart - could you get us some more drinks?
  • Matt: But I've only just got us some?
  • Angela: I know, but I'm really thirsty.
  • Matt leaves aside.
  • Angela: Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! This can't be happening, can it?
  • Jenny: I'm surprised we didn't figure it out sooner. Denial at work.
  • Angela: He doesn't know!
  • Angela: And neither does Chloe - but she's trying to find out, right now!
  • Angela: Janet! I'm going to strangle her!
  • Virginia: Later.
  • Angela: You're right... I need to talk to Matt first while you guys distract Chloe, okay?
  • Jenny: But... but what are you going to say?
  • Jenny and Kitty leave aside.

During the levelEdit

  • Kitty keeps Chloe distracted to give Angela some time to talk to Matt.

After the levelEdit

  • The girls leave aside. Chloe and Virginia appear.
  • Virignia: Hey, there Chloe! How'd you like to hit the dance floor?
  • Chloe: No thank you - I have to talk to Matt.
  • Virginia: Matt?!
  • Chloe: So far, no one has been able to name a single other boy my mother was interested in during her last year of high school.
  • Chloe: Unless you know better?

Level 48 - Clear as DayEdit

Keep Matt company while he's on the lookout for Chloe!

  • Matt appears.
  • Matt: Hey Angela. Have you seen Chloe lurking around?
  • Angela: Chloe?! N-no way! Why would I have seen Chloe?
  • Matt: Well... She seemed to be acting a little weird.
  • Matt: She's been interrogating random men for some reason. You sure you haven't seen her?
  • Devil: No way! Do you really want Janet and Matt to start raising Chloe together?
  • Devil: We should just lie and make sure Matt stays as FAR away from Chloe as possible.
  • Angel: Are you kidding me? Chloe needs our help! She deserves to be with her real father!
  • Angel: Chloe is our friend. And Angela Napoli never abandons her friends!
  • Angela: Chloe is... looking for her father.
  • Angela: Apparently he's here, at the reunion. Maybe you should help her find him.
  • Matt: Er, okay. I'll stick around and try to talk to her.
  • Angela goes back to work.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela keeps Matt company!

After the levelEdit

  • The Napoli sisters leave aside. Chloe enters the place.
  • Matt: Chloe! I've been looking for you everywhere.
  • Matt: Angela told me your father was here. Did you manage to find him?
  • Chloe cries.
  • Matt: Chloe? What's wrong?
  • Chloe: You're... you're...
  • Chloe hugs Matt.
  • Chloe: Dad...
  • Matt: Dad...? Wait, what?!
  • Chloe: I-I'm sorry...
  • Matt: Chloe... Are you sure?
  • Chloe: You're the only one my mother dated during high school...
  • Matt: I... She told me she met someone in France...
  • Chloe: She really never told you...?
  • Matt: I swear, she didn't.
  • Chloe hugs Matt again.
  • Matt: C'mon, Chloe. Let's go talk to your mother.
  • Matt and Chloe leave aside.

Level 49 - Walking on Thin IceEdit

Carl and his family have also been invited to the reunion - find as many of them as you can!

WARNING: This level may contain adult language. Viewer discretion advised!

  • Kitty enters the place.
  • Kitty: Well, guess who I just got an earful from?
  • Kitty: Monster Morgan himself! Our ol' principal.
  • Jenny: He's here!? Wait - what'd you do? Make out with a jock in a closet?
  • Kitty: No!
  • Kitty: Well, yes - but that's not the point.
  • Kitty: Apparently, Janet lied. He DIDN'T get us permission to be here.
  • Kitty: He's also blaming Janet and Matt for some reason - the Fab Four, too.
  • Kitty: That's why I has to hear about it...
  • Kitty: I've got to find Angela and tell her the news...
  • Kitty: ...then she can tell matt - he's going to lose his mind.
  • Janet appears.
  • Janet: Tell Matt what?
  • Virginia: C'mon now, Janet - I think it's pretty obvious what we're talking about, here.
  • Janet: ANGELA knows?! That B***H!
  • Janet: I won't let her ruin my life again with her big mouth - not tonight!
  • Janet leaves aside.
  • The girls from Fab Four leave after Janet.
  • Angela and Emily go back to work.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela finds as many mice as she can!

After the levelEdit

  • Angela leaves the place and Emily leaves aside.
  • Matt, Janet and Chloe appear.
  • Janet: Good, you're both here.
  • Matt: Janet, we HAVE to talk.
  • DJ: Alright, everyone!
  • DJ: It's ALMONST time for your class to FINALLY choose a Prom King and Queen.
  • DJ: Hey, better late than never, right? Kind of like that science project. Yuk yuk!

Level 50 - Dry up Your DripEdit

Make sure the stage is set for the coronation!

  • Janet: We will talk, I promise, but right now I'm needed on the stage.
  • Chloe: You're joking!
  • Matt: Janet. I'm not asking. We-
  • Janet: We will have ALL the time in the world to talk later.
  • Janet: But right now is the ONE moment I've been waiting FIFTEEN YEARS for.
  • Chloe: What a coincidence! I have been waiting fifteen years to hear the truth about WH MY FATHER IS!
  • Janet: I should have told you sooner. I'm sorry - I am - but I can't change that now.
  • Janet: I'll be right back - and we'll work everything out, I swear.
  • Chloe: If you leave, I won't be here when you get back.
  • Matt: Janet... when are you going to grow up?
  • Janet: Don't lecture me, Matt. You've been a parent for five minutes...
  • Janet: ...try doing it on your own for fifteen years and then tell me you don't deserve a moment to yourself.
  • The Morgan and Miller family leave aside. Angela enters the place, and gets back to work for final day. Emily does too.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela makes sure the stage is set!

After the level; Post-chapterEdit

  • The fans are here, Janet appears!
  • DJ: Hey, hey everyone! Time for the big announcement...
  • DJ steps down the machine.
  • DJ: Could the lovely Angela and Janet please come forward.
  • Angela and Janet hold together to forward into the stage.
  • DJ: Bu the way folks... I'm single again! Ha ha!
  • DJ: I wish I could say I was joking.
  • Angela and Janet: GET ON WITH IT!
  • DJ: Anyhow, as for that OTHER announcement...
  • Angela: YES! Yes, yes, yes!
  • Angela jumps ecstatic!
  • Janet: After fifteen years, I'm FINALLY going to be named prom queen!
  • DJ: And our fabulous reunion queen is...
  • Janet: Whatever happens I just want you to know I really respect you.
  • Angela: Me too.
  • DJ opens the results.
  • DJ: Janet...
  • Janet's the winner! Janet jumps! The fans are surprised!
  • Janet: I know it! Take THAT Napoli!
  • Janet touches the crown!
  • DJ: ...and Angela, it's a tie!
  • The fans are so shocked!
  • Angela and Janet: WHAT?!
    • Angela is fancy! Janet is shocked!
  • Angela holds the crown, and now the fight ahs begun!
  • DJ: Ladies, ladies...
  • Angela and Janet: SHUT UP!
  • The girls made DJ scared!
  • The fans are also scared because DJ backed up and hit the speaker!
  • The electric shock lost! Electric sparkles released!
  • DJ: It's OK people, we just blew a fuse. It's all under control.
  • People calm down.
  • The speaker's on fire!
  • DJ: We're doomed! Run for your lives!
  • The fans are running away, especially DJ!
  • Virginia: Er… guys?
  • Janet: I'M QUEEN, do hear me? ME!
  • Angela: NO! My reunion, my crown!
  • The DJ music is on flames!
  • Emily gets closer to Angela and Janet!
  • Emily: Angela! Janet! Stop this insanity, NOW!
  • Angela and Janet: NEVER!
  • The sprinklers are activated, putting out the flames!
  • The wood floors cracked down and destroyed, reveals the water, makes Angela is near falling into water!
  • Janet: Angela, I've changed my mind...
  • Janet: can have it.
  • Angela has the crown, and falls down into water.
  • Janet cleans the hands.
  • Janet: It was nice seeing you again.
  • Janet also falls down after wood floor cracks.
  • The reunion stage is gone!
  • Jenny: So that's where all that water went!
  • The police cops are here!
  • Kitty: The police are here! Nobosy say or do anything.
  • The Snuggford news! Arrests made as Snuggford High School is destroyed by illegal reunion party
  • What a dangerous, tragic moment![1]


  1. Just like Taiwan's Queen of Dramas 'Joe Chen' got arrested for drunk-driving, almost one year after Snuggford High School Reunion Queens 'Angela Napoli and Janet Morgan' made a disaster
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