This is the third chapter in Fabulous: Angela's High School Reunion. After the Fran's Diner, we are traveling back to 1998.

Level 21 - New Kid on the Block Edit

If Angela has to work here, she might as well clean up the place!

  • Many hairstyles ago...
  • The news said: Snuggford East sets high bar for high schools - School set to receive award for outstanding performance
  • The school bell rings!
  • Angela and her mom Evelyn enter the school.
  • Mr. Morgan: Mrs. Napoli, welcome!
  • Evelyn: Principal Morgan! Thank you for taking the time to show Angela around the school.
  • Mr. Morgan: Oh no, it's no problem at all! It's important to make new students feel at home.
  • Mr. Morgan: Especially if they're the younger sister of one of my favorite students!
  • Mr. Morgan walks to the store.
  • Mr. Morgan: Here's our school store! Students can learn all about what it's like to work for a business here.
  • Angela: Sounds boring.
  • Mr. Morgan: It's real work experience! In fact...
  • Mr. Morgan: Ever since your sister graduated, there's been an opening. Why don't you follow in her footsteps?
  • Angela: Ugh. Thanks, but...
  • Angela: ...Fine.
  • Evelyn: Good luck, honey!
  • Evelyn leaves the school and Mr. Morgan goes to principal office.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela clears the litter!

After the levelEdit

  • Janet enters the school.
  • Janet: Hey you. Gimme that calculator.
  • Angela gets a calculator and gives it to Janet.
  • Angela: That'll be $13.99.
  • Janet: Er, like, seriously? Don't you know who I am?
  • Angela: Since I just go there today, no, I don't.
  • Janet: Ohhh, right. I know you! You're Emily's little sister.
  • Janet: Perfect little Emily... Valedictorian, thespian, yearbook coordinator...
  • Janet: More like #1 Girl Scout!
  • Janet: I'm Janet Morgan - my dad runs this place.
  • Janet: I'm sure Emily's precious little sister doesn't mind if I just take these, right?
  • Angela: Actually, I--
  • Janet: I'm glad we understand each other.
  • Janet leaves the school.

Level 22 - Role ModelEdit

Search for all the basketballs that have been scattered around the room!

  • Mr. Morgan: Oh, Angela, I meant to talk to you earlier.
  • Mr. Morgan: Angela, in this world there are people who make assumptions based on our appearance.
  • Mr. Morgan: In our school, we want to make sure people think the best of us!
  • Mr. Morgan: Looking at your outfit, you might understand some people may get the wrong impression.
  • Angela: Excuse me?
  • Mr. Morgan: I'll allow it for today. But if you don't improve your attire by the next time I see you, you can expect to receive detention.
  • Mr. Morgan: Why don't you try to dress more like my darling daughter, for instance?
  • Janet: Aww, daddy!
  • Mr. Morgan: In fact... Janet, why don't you help Angela out at the shop?
  • Mr. Morgan: You'd be a perfect role model for Angela, and you can gain some work experience yourself.
  • Janet: Oh, er… Sure! Whatever you say, Daddy!
  • Mr. Morgan goes back into his office.
  • They look mean.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela finds all the basketballs! After Angela serves the student a basketball, she drops one and Angela picks up the last one!

After the levelEdit

  • The Miller Brothers come out. Brothers dribble and pass the basketball.
  • Mr. Morgan comes out.
  • Mr. Morgan: Matt and Keith Miller! How many times have I told you two not to play basketball in the hallways!
  • Matt: None!
  • Matt: You've told us not to play baseball, tennis, soccer...
  • Keith passes to Matt.
  • Keith: Don't forget lacrosse, dude!
  • Matt: Lacrosse, badminton, bowling... but you never mentioned basketball!
  • Mr. Morgan: Take it outside, now! And if I see you two playing around in the hallways again, you'll both get detention!
  • Keith takes the ball outside. Matt goes to Janet and Angela.
  • Matt: 'Sup babe.
  • Matt: Love the outfit.
  • Angela: Thanks!
  • Matt leaves to outside.

Level 23 - New Toys Are ExcitingEdit

Make sure the principal gets the products he wants!

  • Janet: I saw the way you looked at him.
  • Angela: ...Who?
  • Janet: Matt! He's MY boyfriend, so you'd better stay away from him if you know what's good for you!
  • Angela: I can stay away from him just fine. But maybe HE won't be able to stay away from ME.
  • Janet: Just because you're new. After all, new toys are exciting.
  • Janet: But in the end, he ALWWAYS comes back to me.
  • Now they go back to work.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela serves the principal!

After the levelEdit

  • Angela leaves to the right.
  • Keith enters the school.
  • Keith: 'Sup Janet.
  • Janet: Oh. Er, hi, Keith.
  • Keith: So, uh, T.J.'s parents are out of town this weekend...
  • Keith: A bunch of us were gonna like... hang out at their pool, you know…
  • Janet: Keith, I'm your brothers' girlfriend. I don't--
  • Keith: I know, I know! It's just that, you know, if you're bored or whatever...
  • Janet: Urp… Keith...
  • Keith: Just hear me out! We can just chill together as, like, friends or something.
  • Janet goes into the restroom.
  • Meith: Albright, alright, jeez... Whatever...

Level 24 - A Fabulous Friendship?Edit

Get those girls' attention by serving them lots of products!

  • Meet the 'Fabulous Three' girls: Jenny Garcia, Virginia Hills and Kitty Jackson.
  • Jenny: I got it!
  • Jenny: How about 'Fabulous Three?'
  • kitty: Jenny! Three doesn't start with an F!
  • Virginia: Girls, come on, let's focus.
  • Virginia: I'm sure we can think of a nice name for our group if we put our heads together.
  • Jenny: You know, if we make another friend, we could be the Fabulous Four!
  • Janet appears.
  • Jenny: ...Four starts with an F, right?
  • Virginia: It does, Jenny.
  • Virginia: Oh! Hi Janet!
  • Janet: I couldn't help but overhear your... predicament.
  • Janet: And frankly, I'm shocked! We were already the best of friends, weren't we?
  • Jenny: We were? But you're not-
  • Kitty: Uh, yeah! Of course! What were you thinking?
  • Janet: That's okay, girls. If you vote for me, maybe you'll have a prom queen for a friend too!
  • Janet: That way 'Fabulous Four' won't sound so ironic.
  • Angela enters the school, so the Fabulous Three sit on the table.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela serves the Fabulous Three!

After the levelEdit

  • The Fabulous Three leave the table.
  • Jenny: Hey, new girl, over here!
  • Jenny: Your outfit's amazing! Where did you get it?
  • Angela: Actually, I made it myself!
  • Virginia: For real?! Wow, you've really got a gift!
  • Angela: Thanks! I want to be a fashion designer after I graduate.
  • Angela: Jeez, you girls are the fist people at this school who've bene nice to me.
  • Angela: That other girl is such a...
  • Kitty: You mean Janet?
  • Virginia: She's a little... complicated. But who's the most popular girl in school.
  • Jenny: Just say it, Virginia! She's just mean.
  • Virginia: Jenny!
  • Angela laughs.
  • Angela: It was nice to meet you all, but I've really got to get back to work.
  • Angela gets a soda can!
  • Jenny: You know, she'd look great in our group.
  • Virginhia: But what about Janet?
  • Jennt: No way! All she wants from us is our votes so she can become prom queen!
  • Kitty: Girls, I think we found our Fabulous number 4...

Level 25 - Quest to QueenhoodEdit

Get the prestigious trophy cabinet set up to make the principal happy!

  • Virginia: The new girl's nice... But Janet is way more popular.
  • Virginia: If we're friends with her, we might just end up being even less popular than we already are!
  • Jenny: Ugh, who cares?
  • Kitty: You know what...
  • Kitty: What if we can make the new girl become prom queen?
  • Kitty: She'll be just as popular as Janet! Maybe even more!
  • The Fab Three leave the school. And Angela and Janet go back to work.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela sets up the trophy cabinet!

After the levelEdit

  • The Fab Three appear and sat down on a table.
  • Janet: Het girls! Don't forget to vote for Matt and me as your prom King & Queen!
  • Janet walks to the hallway.
  • Angela: Mind if I sit down?
  • Angela sits down.
  • Angela: Thanks. Are least you girls are nice to me. I'm Angela, by the way, Angela Napoli!
  • Jenny: I'm Jenny!
  • KItty: I'm Kitty.
  • Virginia: And I'm Virginia!
  • Angela: So, why were you hanging out with Monster Morgan?
  • The girls laugh.
  • Virginia: Well... We're not exactly the most popular girls in school...
  • Kitty: We thought id we grouped up and stuck together, we could become more popular.
  • Jenny: Janet's popular, but she's not really what you'd call a good friend...
  • Kitty: Luckily, we've got a plan... We're going to beat her at her own game!
  • Kitty: Angela - if you became prom queen instead of her...
  • Kitty: We'd be the most popular girls in school!
  • Kitty: What do you say?
  • Angela: I love it. Let's do it!

Level 26 - Earth to MattEdit

Angela and Janet are running for prom queen! Help them put up their posters!

  • Matt's playing a basketball.
  • Janet: Prom night's gonna be so wonderful for us, Matt...
  • Janet: Can you imagine it? The whole school's gonna be at our feet!
  • Janet: We're a shoe-in for king and queen, buuuut…
  • Janet gets the poster strips.
  • Janet: We'd better try our best to gather votes with these posters, just in case.
  • Janet: Uh... Earth to Matt! Are you...
  • Janet: Are you... urp… listening...?
  • Matt: You okay there, babe?
  • Matt throws his basketball to T.J. The principal appeared!
  • T.J.: OW!
  • Mr. Morgan shouts to Matt: Matt Miller! In my office, NOW!
  • T.J. leaves with his basketball and Angela, Jenny and Janet go to work. Jenny's now the cleaner.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela and Janet put the prom queen posters.

After the levelEdit

  • Jenny leaves to the right.
  • Mr. Morgan: So the bell just FLEW out of your hands and into another student's face?! Do you think I'm stupid, mister Miller?!
  • Mr. Morgan: In this school, we aim only for perfection! For the best results and the best students! And your behavior is a far cry from perfect!
  • Mr. Morgan: You've just earned yourself a detention, young man. That'll give you plenty of time to think about what you've done.
  • Matt leaves for detention! Principal comes out!
  • Mr. Morgan: And don't let me see you with my daughter again, or so help me!

Level 27 - Crumbling RelationshipsEdit

Some poor guy's been hurt by a ball. Take good care of him!

  • Keith: Dude! You hit him in the face with a football?
  • Matt: No I didn't!
  • Keith: Man, you gotta slow your roll, bro. Do you want the principal to expel you?
  • Matt: If that means I don't have to come back to this prison, then that's fine by me.
  • Keith: Just chill, okay? I've got at least another year to go!
  • Matt: What I do has nothing to do with you.
  • Keith: Yeah right, whatever. It's not like I'd be the first time you ruined something for me by being a selfish jerk.
  • Matt: What's that supposed to mean?
  • Matt: Look, just help me graduate so wo can leave and never come back.
  • Keith and Matt leave the school.
  • They go back to work.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela takes care of T.J.

After the levelEdit

  • Matt comes out.
  • Janet: Where were you this morning? You were supposed to be helping me put up these posters?
  • Matt: I have more to heal with than just prom, okay?
  • Janet: Like what? We're SENIORS - it's our last chance to be prom king and queen, like EVER.
  • Matt: Why is that so freakin' important to you?
  • Janet: Excuse me? It's important for both of us!
  • Matt: You're the one who keeps dragging me along! You don't even care about what I think!
  • Matt: But you've never cared about anybody else...
  • Matt: All you do is lie and manipulate people, just to keep up appearance!
  • Matt: We're through, Janet! In fact...
  • Matt takes a poster off the wall and crumbles to throw.
  • Janet: Fine! I'll just... find someone else to go with!
  • Matt: FINE!
  • Matt leaves the school. Janet looks depressed.

Level 28 - News Travels Fast...Edit

Matt’s playing in the hallway – again… Be sure to give him the basketballs he needs quickly!

  • Jenny appears.
  • Jenny: Girls! You won't believe what I just heard!
  • Virginia: What is it?
  • Jenny: So Caroline told me, that Susan told her...
  • Kitty: Uh-huh...
  • Jenny: ...that Nicole has mentioned, that Alexa has heard...
  • Virginia: Yeah?
  • Jenny: ...that Janet and Matt broke up!
  • Virginia: Oh, please. They break up every other week!
  • Virginia: I'm telling you, it's always on and off again with those two.
  • Jenny: No way! It's for real this time, trust me. Have I ever been wrong?
  • Jenny: Besides, Matt's a hottie. It's only a matter of time until somebody makes a move on him.
  • Virginia and Kitty leave aside. The others go back to work.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela gives Matt basketballs!

After the levelEdit

  • Jenny leaves aside.
  • Angela: Oh! Hi there...
  • Matt: Hey.
  • Angela: You're Matt, right?
  • Matt: Sure am.
  • Angela: I'm Angela! The new girl.
  • Matt: Yeah, I've seen you before! You're hard to forget.
  • Angela: Did you just come from the art classroom?
  • Matt: Yeah, I'm trying to make... well, something. I just don't know what yet.
  • Angela: Why not try fashion? I could help! I made this outfit, you know.
  • Matt: You made that by yourself? That's amazing!
  • Janet makes Angela and Matt break apart.
  • Janet: ENOUGH!
  • Janet: Matt, you need to stay away from Angela!
  • Matt: Why?! I don't have to listen to you!
  • Janet: Just... Just...!
  • Janet shouted: Just LEAVE!
  • Janet and Matt leave.

Level 29 - ...Gossip Travels FasterEdit

Janet doesn't want to think about Matt today - keep her occupied!

  • Angela appears.
  • Angela: Hey girls... Have you seen Jenny at all?
  • Kitty: No... She's probably out enjoying some juicy gossip again.
  • Angela sits.
  • Jenny appears.
  • Jenny: Girls, you'll never guess what I just heard!
  • Kitty: Told you.
  • Angela and Virginia laugh.
  • Jenny: So Nicole told me she heard from Susan…
  • Virginia: Yeah?
  • Jenny: ...that Alexa told Caroline...
  • Kitty: Uh-huh...
  • Jenny: ...that Matt likes Angela!
  • Angela: Really?!
  • Kitty: So do you like him too, Angela?
  • Angela: Maybe...
  • Virginia: You'd better be careful, Angela. You don't wanna mess with Janet...
  • Jenny: Who cares about her! You and Matt should, like, totally date!
  • Angela: I guess I'll think about it while I'm at work.
  • Virginia and Kitty leave the school.

During the levelEdit

  • Janet makes her merchandise to keep her occupied.

After the levelEdit

  • Angela enters the bathroom, followed by Janet.
  • Janet: You'd better stay away from Matt from now on.
  • Angela: Didn't you two break up?
  • Janet: I'm warning you, Angela. Stay out of our business.
  • Angela: Sounds to me like you're scared of the competition...
  • Janet: Scared? Of you? Keep dreaming.
  • Angela: Then you won't mind if I, say, run for prom queen as well?
  • Janet looks angry!
  • Angela: What's the matter, Janet? Cat got your tongue?
  • Janet: As if. You won't stand a chance against me.
  • Angela: We'll see about that.

Level 30 - You Don't Look So GoodEdit

Janet's not feeling well - give her water before she becomes too ill!

  • Inside the restroom, Virginia enters.
  • Janet flushes the toilet. And she gets out of toilet.
  • Janet: Ugh...
  • Virginia: Hey Janet, you okay? You don't look so good...
  • Janet: Virginia! No, I'm fine. Don't I look fine?
  • Janet: Urp.
  • Virignia: You know, I heard you've been puking almost every morning...
  • Virginia: If I didn't know any better, I'd say you have morning sickness!
  • Janet: Ugh, not a chance! My dad would kill me...
  • Virginia leaves the restroom.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela gets Janet water in time!

After the levelEdit

  • Janet flushes the toilet in the bathroom.
  • Janet: I'm not pregnant... I can't be pregnant... Can I?
  • Janet: Please please please pleeeeaaaase, say no!
  • Janet: One line so far... Ugh, how long an I supposed to wait to be sure?
  • Angela enters the restroom. Therefore, Janet's scared and threw her pregnancy test!
  • Janet: What are YOU doing here?
  • Angela: This is the bathroom... Take a wild guess?
  • Angela: Also, I think you, uh, 'dropped' something.
  • Janet: No I didn't! Just... Just get out of my way, loser!
  • Janet leaves the bathroom.
  • Angela: Uh-huh...
  • Angela picks up her pregnancy test.
  • Angela: A pregnancy test? So this is what Janet was trying to hide...
  • Angela: Oh my gosh! Two lines! Janet's pregnant?!
  • Keith entered the bathroom.
  • Keith: Dudes! Uncool...
  • Keith: Oh, hey! You're the new girl who's going out with my brother, aren't you?
  • Angela leaves the bathroom.
  • Keith: Ugh, It's always the same.. It's all about Matt.
  • Keith: Seriously, what do they even see in that self-absorbed...
  • Keith: Hey, what's this...?
  • Keith picks up the pregnancy test.
  • Keith: Woah, dude! Angela's PREGNANT?!
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