This is the fourth chapter in Fabulous: Angela's High School Reunion. During the High School in 1998, Angela reveals Janet's pregnant.

Level 31 - Rules and Regulations Edit

Play as perfect as you can by only serving full orders!

  • Mr. Morgan: Whether you realize it or not, the rest of the student body looks up to this group.
  • Mr. Morgan: If other students see you adhering to a proper code of conduct at prom, they will too.
  • Matt: Are you sure this has nothing to do with the reporter from the Snuggford Times being there?
  • Mr. Morgan: Need I remind you, Mr. Miller, what happened to Christine Friedman last year?
  • Matt: You mean the girl you kicked out of school on the day of the prom 'cause you found out she was pregnant?
  • Mr. Morgan: I did NOT expel her for getting pregnant!
  • Mr. Morgan: She had... er… other disciplinary problems.
  • Angela: Dress code violations?
  • Mr. Morgan: Make light if you wish...
  • Mr. Morgan: Myself and the other chaperones will be keeping a sharp eye on you.
  • Mr. Morgan: ONE slip from any of you, and you can kiss prom goodbye!
  • The students leave, but Angela.
  • Mr. Morgan: Angela, a moment, please.
  • Mr. Morgan: I want this prom to run as smoothly as possible. As such, I expect you to serve food to the rest of the students.
  • Mr. Morgan: Just think of it as an extension of your work at our school store.
  • Janet and her dad leave the prom. Angela gets to work.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela serves full orders only!

After the levelEdit

  • The girls from Fab Four and Mr. Morgan enter the prom.
  • The principal goes to distract singer.
  • Mr. Morgan: Good afternoon, everyone.
  • Mr. Morgan: I'd like to say a few words about the prom.
  • Mr. Morgan: First - there will be no congregating in the school parking lot!
  • Mr. Morgan: Anyone discovered to have been drinking, smoking or otherwise acting inappropriately...
  • Mr. Morgan: ...will be removed from the premises immediately.
  • Mr. Morgan: As will anyone who's dresses inappropriately.
  • Mr. Morgan: Now, on to more positive things.
  • Mr. Morgan: Don't forget to vote for your Prom King and Queen...
  • Mr. Morgan: The students with the most votes will be crowned personally, by ME.
  • Virginia: Vote for Angela!

Level 32 - Bring It On!Edit

Show off Angela's skills by not popping any balloons.

  • Janet enters the prom.
  • Janet: Oh HEYYYY, Matt.
  • Matt: Hey, Janet.
  • Janet: You know... I still have those Sound Doctors tickets I bought.
  • Matt: Angela and I already have tickets.
  • Janet: First you steal my boyfriend, now you think you're gonna take Prom Queen from me, too?
  • Angela: I didn't STEAL anything from you - and I have as much right to be Prom Queen as anyone.
  • Janet: You're gonna crash and burn so hard, you're gonna leave a crater behind.
  • Angela: Bring it.
  • Janet leaves the prom, Matt leaves aside.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela doesn't let any balloons pop!

After the levelEdit

  • Meanwhile in the Main School Lobby, Keith comes out of hallway.
  • Keith: Uh... Hey, Janet...
  • Janet: What is it, Keith? Can't you see I'm busy?
  • Keith: Uh... I just wanted to tell you that I think it's totally uncool the way Matt's treating you.
  • Keith: If I were him, I would like... totally do anything to get back together with you.
  • Janet: It's all because of Angela. He'll get sick of her scrawny behind soon enough.
  • Janet: You know what? I'm glad Matt and I broke up.
  • Janet: Like, he's OK and all, but he's so self=centered, it's BNORING.
  • Janet: After all this time, I've finally realized that I totally had feelings for someone else.
  • Keith: W-Who?
  • Janet: Isn't it obvious...?
  • Janet leaves the school.

Level 33 - In the Grand SchemeEdit

The band's made a bit of a mess - find all their belongings!

  • Keith enters the school.
  • Keith: Er, hey, Janet...
  • Keith: I was thinking... Um, maybe the two of us... You know, maybe we could...
  • Janet: Yes...?
  • Keith: I was wondering if, um... You wanted to-
  • Janet: Yes, okay! I'll go out with you!
  • Keith: Y-Really?
  • Janet: There's just one little thing... We have to save Angela from Matt.
  • Keith: I thought you like, hated her guts?
  • Janet: I'll admit, at first, I was totally bugging...
  • Janet: But now I realize she's a victim of Matt's charms, just like I was.
  • Janet: It'd be a MAJOR bummer to see them leave prom together.
  • Janet: You don't want me to be sad on our special night, do you?
  • Keith: Of course not! I can totally take care of it...
  • Keith and Janet walk in the hallway.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela finds all hidden objects for the band!

After the levelEdit

  • Angela leaves aside. Janet and Keith enter the prom.
  • Janet: I'm having SO much fun tonight.
  • Janet: I... I just hope that Matt isn't doing to Angela what he did to me...
  • Janet: I'd hate for the evening to end on a sour note...
  • Keith: Er… I've been thinking a lot, and I think you're right, Janet.
  • Keith: My brother really HAS screwed up Angela's like.
  • Janet: Already?
  • Keith: Once he finds out just how bad he's messed up, he'll likely split on her anyhow.
  • Keith: I'll take care of it - I promise.
  • Keith leaves the prom.
  • Janet: Perfect... Looks like everything's going according to plan!

Level 34 - Pink, Purple and OrangeEdit

Strange people keep calling Angela throughout the day.

  • Janet enters the prom.
  • Virginia: Uh oh, girls. The claws are coming out!
  • Angela: What do you want, Janet?
  • Janet: Do you like my dress?
  • Janet: Matt bright it for me... It's his favorite.
  • Angela: He sure has good taste.
  • Janet: Well, more like HAD.... But he'll come to his senses soon enough.
  • Janet: You might want to do yourself a favor and get lost before then.
  • Janet: It wouldn't hurt your popularity to break up with the coolest boy in school, before he dumps you...
  • Angela: You know what else wouldn't hurt?
  • Angela: Matt and I being voted Prom King and Queen...
  • Janet looks mad!Kitty and Jenny leave aside.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela answers phone calls during the day!
  • Angela: How did you get this number?
  • Angela: No, I don't want to be your girlfriend!
  • Angela: I don't even know you!
  • Angela: Sorry, you ain't good enough for me.
  • Angela: You want what?! How rude!
  • (Repeats any of the defense statements)

After the levelEdit

  • Jenny and Kitty appear.
  • Jenny: Hey girls! Having fun?
  • Angela: I dunno… Having to work through the whole prom isn't exactly what I expected.
  • Angela: On top of that, I've been getting calls from random boys for the past hour!
  • Jenny: Random boys...?
  • Angela: Jenny... Did you give my number to anyone?
  • Jenny: Er… No?
  • Virginia: Jenny!
  • Jenny: Okay, fine, I did! But only to the cute ones, I swear!
  • Angela, Virginia and Kitty laugh!

Level 35 - Pretty PerfectEdit

Show off how fabulous Angela is by making 4 Fabulous combos!

  • Keith: Hey, Janet. So, like... uhm… Would you be willing to dance with -
  • Janet: Yeah sure, later, whatever. So, what are you going to do about Matt and Angela?
  • Keith: Uh... Well, I'm working on it.
  • Janet: Well you need to work faster! The evening's almost over!
  • Keith: Well...
  • Janet: Well what? You're not backing out, are you?
  • Keith: Well... Matt's my brother... I just need to be sure-
  • Janet: Did you tell him I'm here as your date?
  • Keith: Not yet.
  • Janet: Good. I wanted to tell him myself anyway.
  • Janet: I just want EVERYTHING to be perfect.
  • Virginia and Angela go back to work.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela makes Fabulous combos by having 5 customers pay at the same time!

After the levelEdit

  • Angela and Virginia leave aside.
  • Matt appears and Janet enters the prom.
  • Janet: Hey Matt, do you still have my 'Best of Prom' CD?
  • Matt: Janet, I really don't want to talk to yo-
  • Keith enters the prom.
  • Janet: Matt, how DARE you?!
  • Janet: I told you, Keith and I are together now!
  • Matt: What? My brother?!
  • Matt: You're crazy, Janet! Don't EVER talk to me again.
  • Matt hides aside.
  • Keith follows Matt.
  • Janet: There... That ought to speed things up.
  • Janet: Now that Keith's mad at Matt, he'll do anything to make sure Matt and Angela won't be Prom King and Queen!

Level 36 - Brotherly Love?Edit

Make sure the Miller brothers don't start a fight!

  • Keith enters the prom.
  • Keith: You just couldn't leave it alone, could you?
  • Matt: What are you talking about?
  • Keith: Why didn't you just take the whole cheerleading squad to prom?
  • Keith: Then we could all just sit back and bask in the Great Matthew's glory.
  • Matt: You don't feeling sorry for yourself? I gotta go.
  • Keith: You're the only one I feel sorry for.
  • Keith: You've always gotta be the MAN, no matter who you stop on... Even your own brother.
  • Matt: You'd better watch your mouth, little brother.
  • Keith: Why? Afraid people might see you for who you really are?
  • Matt: Whatever.
  • Angela and Virginia go to work.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela keeps Keith from starting a fight with Matt!

After the levelEdit

  • Keith and the principal come out.
  • Mr. Morgan: I understand this was difficult for you, Keith...
  • Mr. Morgan: ...but you did the right thing in coming for me.
  • Mr. Morgan: Though I wish you'd reveal the identity of the girl in question.
  • Keith: She uh.... She doesn't go here.
  • Keith: Still, once everyone finds out it was Matt - our school's going to look pretty bad.

Level 37 - Heir ApparentEdit

Angela's not getting any help with the cleaning, so she'll have to clean three tables in a row all by herself!

  • Keith appears.
  • Keith: Hey... Can I talk to you for a sec?
  • Keith: I know you're like, really into Matt and stuff... But you should know he's only going to break your heart.
  • Angela: Aren't you his brother?
  • Keith: Yeah... That's how I know.
  • Angela: What's happened to you two? You were all, like, best buds the other day?
  • Keith: You haven't told him yet, have you?
  • Angela: Told him what?
  • Keith: If I were you, I wouldn't even bother.
  • Keith: Matt only cares about one person...
  • Keith: Himself.
  • Keith leaves the prom.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela cleans 3 tables in a row, four times.

After the levelEdit

  • Matt appears, and Keith enters the prom. Angela leaves aside.
  • Matt: Dude, you wanna tell me what your problem is?
  • Keith: Like you don't know.
  • Keith's trying to leave.
  • Matt: Wait!
  • Keith: You know, I can't wait for you to be expelled!
  • Matt: Why would I be expelled?!
  • Keith leaves the prom.
  • Matt: What have you been telling Principal Morgan?
  • Matt: Grrrrr!

Level 38 - Just a ToolEdit

Time to get this party started - make lots of balloons!

  • Matt comes out, while Janet enters the school!
  • Janet: Where's the fire, tiger?
  • Matt: Why is my brother so mad at me, Janet?
  • Matt: You didn't tell him any lies, did you?
  • Janet: I didn't do anything!
  • Matt: I don't believe you.
  • Janet: Maybe he just didn't like the way you treated me, I don't know!
  • Matt goes to the principal office door.
  • Janet: Hey, Matt.
  • Janet: It's not too late for us, you know...
  • Janet: ...we could still be Prom King and Queen together.
  • Matt goes into principal's office.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela makes lots of balloons!

After the levelEdit

  • Virginia leaves aside. Keith appears.
  • Angela: Where's Matt?
  • Keith: I don't know, and I don't care.
  • Angela: His car's still in the parking lot, but I haven't seen him in a while.
  • Angela: Kitty said she saw him go to the principal's office, but that was, like, an hour and a half ago.
  • Keith: I wouldn't worry about it.
  • Angela: You 'wouldn't worry about it?' What does that mean?
  • Keith: I'm doing you a favor, Angela! Matt is a JERK. He's not going to take care fo you or the-
  • Angela: Janet's behind all this, isn't she? She's driven a wedge between you guys somehow.
  • Keith: No.
  • Angela: She's angry at Matt and she's using you to get back at him, and you're too dumb to see it.
  • Angela: She will NOT get away with this.
  • Keith: We're just trying to help you!
  • Angela leaves the prom.

Level 39 - A King's DownfallEdit

The votes are pouring in - collect as many as you can!


  • Matt and the principal come out.
  • Matt: You can't just kick me out of school without telling me why!
  • Mr. Morgan: Make sure you do a good job of cleaning out your locker, Mr. Miller.
  • Mr. Morgan: You are no longer a student here, effective immediately!
  • Mr. Morgan: If I see you anywhere within school grounds, you'll be charged with trespassing.
  • Mr. Morgan: That's the inglorious end of prom for you, Matthew Miller.
  • Matt: But I didn't DO anything!
  • Mr. Morgan: Your list of conduct violations at this school is as long as my arm.
  • Mr. Morgan: Even if this latest allegation turns out to be false, I'm only doing something I should have done a long time ago.
  • Mr. Morgan: In any case, I'm confident that my source in this matter is impeccable.
  • Matt: This is personal... Janet made you do this, didn't she?
  • Mr. Morgan: Get out of my school...
  • Mr. Morgan: ...OUT!
  • Matt Miller is out of school!

During the levelEdit

  • Angela collects votes for the prom queen election!

After the levelEdit

  • Mr. Morgan: Well, everything seems to be going swimmingly, thanks to our prom committee.
  • Mr. Morgan: Now, where shall we have the coronation?
  • Janet: It'll be right here, on stage.
  • Janet: Of course, we both know who's won.
  • Janet: If Matt wins, you can just announce Keith's name instead of his - he's my date for the evening, anyhow.
  • Mr. Morgan: Perfect!
  • Mr. Morgan: Now, go and enjoy your special evening.
  • Janet goes.
  • Mr. Morgan: Oh, and Janet...
  • Mr. Morgan: Congratulations on picking the RIGHT Miller brother.
  • Janet: Thanks, Dad.
  • Mr. Morgan leave the prom.

Level 40 - Crumbling EmpireEdit

People are getting impatient for the main event. Serve them quickly!

  • Kitty: Angela's going to spend the whole freakin' prom waiting in the parking lot for Matt.
  • Virginia: They're about to stop the dance to do the coronation - I'll go get her.
  • Angela appears.
  • Janet: Why Angela, don't you look adorable.
  • Angela goes to Matthew.
  • Janet: No Matthew, huh? What a shame - and he didn't even call to tell you he's not coming back.
  • Janet: Isn't that just like him?
  • Angela: Where is he, Janet? What did you do to him?
  • Janet: I didn't DO anything.
  • Janet: Maybe he just... came to his senses.
  • Angela: This is your last chance, Janet. Tell me the truth or so help me!
  • Janet: You can't threaten royalty, Angela...
  • Janet: ...I'm about to be made the queen, remember?
  • Janet, Kitty and Jenny leave aside.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela earns quick bonuses by serving orders fast!

After the level; Post-chapterEdit

  • Angela enters the stage.
  • Mr. Morgan: Everyone, it's time to announce this year's Prom King and Queen!
  • The principal opens the letter.
  • Mr. Morgan: Announcing your king... Ma-- er… I mean KEITH Miller!
  • Keith is on the stage!
  • Right fans: Boooo! Where's Matt?
  • Mr. Morgan: Watch it, Kellerman.
  • Mr. Morgan: Keith is a three-sport varsity letterman, and is attending Arizona State in the fall!
  • Mr. Morgan: And now, I give you this year's Prom Queen...
  • Mr. Morgan: Angela Napoli?
  • Angela's on the stage!
  • Janet: WHAT?!
  • Janet: DO something!
  • Keith: Er… WAIT!
  • Keith: She can't be Prom Queen! She's pregnant!
  • They're worried!
  • Angela: WHAT?? That's NOT true!
  • Angela: I'm not pregnant, JANET IS!
  • They look at Janet!
  • Angela: I saw her pregnancy test!
  • Principal Morgan falls down!
  • The Snuggford post newspaper appeared!
    • Pregnancy scandal shocks Snuggford High!
    • Snuggford High stripped of awards
    • Snuggford High closes after lack of enrollment
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