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*Angela collects votes for the prom queen election!
*Angela collects votes for the prom queen election!
===After the level===
===After the level===
*[[Principal Morgan|Mr. Morgan]]: Well, everything seems to be going swimmingly, thanks to our prom committee.
*[[Principal Morgan|Mr. Morgan]]: Now, where shall we have the coronation?
*[[Janet Morgan|Janet]]: It'll be right here, on stage.
*[[Janet Morgan|Janet]]: Of course, we both know who's won.
*[[Janet Morgan|Janet]]: If Matt wins, you can just announce Keith's name instead of his - he's my date for the evening, anyhow.
*[[Principal Morgan|Mr. Morgan]]: Perfect!
*[[Principal Morgan|Mr. Morgan]]: Now, go and enjoy your special evening.
*Janet goes.
*[[Principal Morgan|Mr. Morgan]]: Oh, and Janet...
*[[Principal Morgan|Mr. Morgan]]: Congratulations on picking the RIGHT Miller brother.
*[[Janet Morgan|Janet]]: Thanks, Dad.
*Mr. Morgan leave the prom.
==Level 40 - Crumbling Empire==
''People are getting impatient for the main event. Serve them quickly!''
*[[Kitty Jackson|Kitty]]: Angela's going to spend the whole freakin' prom waiting in the parking lot for Matt.
*[[Virginia Hills|Virginia]]: They're about to stop the dance to do the coronation - I'll go get her.
*Angela appears.
*[[Janet Morgan|Janet]]: Why Angela, don't you look adorable.
*Angela goes to Matthew.
*[[Janet Morgan|Janet]]: No Matthew, huh? What a shame - and he didn't even call to tell you he's not coming back.
*[[Janet Morgan|Janet]]: Isn't that just like him?
*[[Angela Napoli|Angela]]: Where is he, Janet? What did you do to him?
*[[Janet Morgan|Janet]]: I didn't DO anything.
*[[Janet Morgan|Janet]]: Maybe he just... came to his senses.
*[[Angela Napoli|Angela]]: This is your last chance, Janet. Tell me the truth or so help me!
*[[Janet Morgan|Janet]]: You can't threaten royalty, Angela...
*[[Janet Morgan|Janet]]: ...I'm about to be made the queen, remember?
*Janet, Kitty and Jenny leave aside.
===During the level===
*Angela earns quick bonuses by serving orders fast!
===After the level; Post-chapter===
*Angela enters the stage.
*[[Principal Morgan|Mr. Morgan]]: Everyone, it's time to announce this year's Prom King and Queen!
*The principal opens the letter.
*[[Principal Morgan|Mr. Morgan]]: Announcing your king... Ma-- er… I mean KEITH Miller!
*Keith is on the stage!
*Right fans: Boooo! Where's Matt?
*[[Principal Morgan|Mr. Morgan]]: Watch it, Kellerman.
*[[Principal Morgan|Mr. Morgan]]: Keith is a three-sport varsity letterman, and is attending Arizona State in the fall!
*[[Principal Morgan|Mr. Morgan]]: And now, I give you this year's Prom Queen...
*[[Principal Morgan|Mr. Morgan]]: [[Angela Napoli]]?
*Angela's on the stage!
*[[Janet Morgan|Janet]]: WHAT?!
*[[Janet Morgan|Janet]]: DO something!
*[[Keith Miller|Keith]]: Er… WAIT!
*[[Keith Miller|Keith]]: She can't be Prom Queen! She's pregnant!
*They're worried!
*[[Angela Napoli|Angela]]: WHAT?? That's NOT true!
*[[Angela Napoli|Angela]]: I'm not pregnant, JANET IS!
*They look at Janet!
*[[Angela Napoli|Angela]]: I saw her pregnancy test!
*Principal Morgan falls down!
*The Snuggford post newspaper appeared!
**'''Pregnancy scandal shocks Snuggford High!'''
**'''Snuggford High stripped of awards'''
**'''Snuggford High closes after lack of enrollment'''
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