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*[[Angela Napoli|Angela]]: Actually... A lot of people said they couldn't come.
*[[Angela Napoli|Angela]]: Actually... A lot of people said they couldn't come.
*[[Angela Napoli|Angela]]: Maybe we should just cancel the whole thing. It's not a reunion if no-one's tuens up after all!
*[[Angela Napoli|Angela]]: Maybe we should just cancel the whole thing. It's not a reunion if no-one's tuens up after all!
*[[Kitty Jackson|KItty]]: That's true... What a shame.
*[[Virginia Hills|Virginia]]: Leaving so soon, Janet?
*[[Janet Morgan|Janet]]: I've just gotta make a few calls... I'll be back before you know it.
*Janet leaves the place, followed by Angela. Kitty and Fran go back to work.
===During the level===
*Kitty doesn't serve any cookies because the cookie dough is bad.
===After the level===
*Angela enters the diner.
*[[Angela Napoli|Angela]]: Hellooooo, girls!
*[[Virginia Hills|Vriginia]]: You're a cheery one. Aren't you upset nobody wanted to show up to the reunion?
*[[Angela Napoli|Angela]]: Oh... Er, you know. It's like Fran says...
*[[Angela Napoli|Angela]]: Happiness is on your face... if you smile! Or something.
*Angela sits on the couch.
*Janet enters the diner.
*[[Janet Morgan|Janet]]: Not to worry, girls! I just finished calling up all our classmates.
*[[Janet Morgan|Janet]]: ANd guess whay? They can all make it for the reunion!

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This is the second chapter in Fabulous: Angela's High School Reunion. After Angela met Janet, the stunts are performed!

Level 11 - Cut from the Same Cloth

It's salad practice day! Prepare lots of salads!

  • Angela and Victoria enter the diner.
  • Fran: Morning, Angela! The usual?
  • Angela: Yeah... Thanks, Fran.
  • Fran: Why the long face? You know what they say Angela...
  • Fran: 'A smile is happiness you can find right under your nose./
  • Angela: I know, I know. My old high school rival is in town.
  • Angela: She's here to make my life AND my reunion miserable, I just know it.
  • Fran: Maybe she just wants to catch up?
  • Angela: Yeah, you clearly don't know Janet very well.
  • Angela: And to top it all off, the girl I've been bonding so well with is apparently her daughter!
  • Victoria laughs.
  • Angela: What's so funny?
  • Victoria: Oh, nothing.
  • Angela: WHAT?
  • Victoria: Oh, I was just thinking about something Janet said the other day.
  • Angela: Janet, Janet, Janet! It's all anyone can talk about now!
  • Victoria: Come on, Angela, don't be that way!
  • Angela leaves the diner.
  • Fran: Angela, wait! You forgot your triple pumpkin spice cappuccino with no sugar!
  • Victoria leaves the diner.
  • 3 girls of the Fab Four enter the diner.
  • Fran: Morning, Kitty! Thanks for filling in for Tom while he's on vacation!
  • Kitty: That's what friends are for!
  • Virginia and Jenny sit on the couch. Kitty wears an apron to get to work.

During the level

  • Fran prepares lots of salads because it's practice day!

After the level

  • Kitty takes off her apron and then sits down on the couch next to Jenny.
  • Janet enters the diner.
  • Janet: Hey girls! Victoria told me you were here - long time no see! Mind if I sit down?
  • Kitty: Er… Well... that's usually Angela's spot, but since she's not here I-
  • Janet: Perfect!
  • Janet sits down.
  • Janet: Oh my goodness, it's just like we're back in high school again!
  • Virginia: So, Janet... What made you decide to come back after all these years?
  • Janet: Well, THAT'S quite the story...
  • Matt enters the diner.
  • Matt: Er... Hey guys. Have you seen Angela?
  • Janet: Matt! Why don't you join us?
  • Matt: Oh, no, it's okay. I'm sure you have a lot of catching up to do.
  • Matt leaves the diner.

Level 12 - It's All About Janet

Janet wants to impress everyone by cleaning tables quickly!

  • In the Victory store, Angela and Victoria are in a conversation.
  • Angela: Janet was at Fran's?!
  • Victoria: Sure, why not?
  • Angela: How could you take HER there, knowing how I feel about her?
  • Victoria: Don't be silly, Angela...
  • Victoria: She asked if any of your high school friends had joined you in new York.
  • Victoria: I said you all hang out at Fran's quite often.
  • Victoria: I couldn't NOT tell her.
  • Angela: That's just like her...
  • Angela: ...trying to insert herself into MY group of friends, so she can steal them away from me.
  • Victoria: It's just a coffee shop, Angela…
  • Victoria: I'm sure you've got nothing to worry about.

During the level

  • Janet clean 5 tables quickly.

After the level

  • Angela touches the register.
  • Victoria: …I think you're wrong about Janet.
  • Victoria: She told me she was so happy to see you again after all these years.
  • Angela: Trust me, you don't know her.
  • Angela: She hasn't changed at all since high school...
  • Angela: ...she's still this self-centered-
  • A phone call of Victoria from Janet!
  • Victoria's phone: Bzzzzzzz!
  • Victoria: Oh hi, Janet! We were just talking about you!
  • Angela: You're all we talk about...
  • Victoria: Yep, uh-huh. That special item you ordered just came in!
  • Angela: I'm going to Fran's. You coming?
  • Victoria: One sec...
  • Victoria gets a box from the counter.
  • Victoria: If you're going to Fran's, do you mins giving this to Janet?

Level 13 - Reunion Reservations

Serve customers as fast as you can!

  • Angela enters the diner with a box. Suddenly, Angela reveals Janet's in her seat!
  • Devil: She's in our seat!
  • Angel: She probably doesn't know it's ours...
  • Devil: Janet is in OUR SEAT!
  • Angel: Can we please handle this like adults?
  • Janet stands up to see Angela.
  • Angela: I believe this is yours?
  • Janet: Why thank y...
  • Angela dropped the box!
  • Angela: Whoops! Clumsy me. Let me get that for you.
  • Angela stomps on the box angrily! Her friends look at Angela!
  • Angela: Here's your precious box!
  • Janet disappears and the background go back in time.
  • Janet: Angela?
  • Angela: Huh, what?
  • Janet: How kind of you for bringing that over.
  • Angela: Yes, of course.
  • Angela gives the box to Janet.
  • Angela: Sooo… I've been thinking.
  • Angela: High school reunions are so overrated, aren't they?
  • Angela: I mean, why bother?
  • Angela: Actually, I was thinking about cancelling the whole thing.
  • Janet: What? Canceling? Why?
  • Janet leaves to the storage. Angela sits down, Kitty goes back to work.

During the level

  • Kitty serves 8 customers quickly.

After the level

  • Chloe enters the diner.
  • Chloe: Hey guys, anybody seen my mom?
  • Angela: She's out back, why don't you take a seat?
  • Chloe takes a seat. Janet appears. She takes off her coat to reveal a dress!
  • Janet: What do you think?
  • Angela stands up.
  • Angela: It... It...
  • Kitty stands up.
  • Kitty: It's very nice, Janet...
  • Kitty: It's just... Don't you think it's a little risqué? I mean, we're not seventeen anymore.
  • Chloe: Risqué? It's practically lingerie! Don't you think you should wear something more like... I don't know... a mom?
  • Janet: Chloe, think of it this way - for one night, we can all be seventeen again. I don't see the problem?
  • Chloe: I'm almost seventeen, and you said you hated that dress I liked. It would draw too much attention, remember?
  • Janet: That's different.
  • Janet covers the dress.
  • Chloe: Is it?
  • Janet: Of course. This dress is PERFECT. It reminds me of the one I wore to senior prom.
  • Janet: I remember Matt ESPECIALLY loved me in dresses like these.
  • Janet: My dad... not so much.
  • Angela: That makes two of us.
  • Chloe: Make that three.

Level 14 - Pink with Envy

Angela is bursting with anger - calm her down before she loses her temper!

  • Matt enters the diner.
  • Angela goes to Matt.
  • Matt: Hey, Angela. I was hoping you'd be here.
  • Matt: Mind if we go somewhere and talk?
  • Angela: I'd like that.
  • Janet appears.
  • Janet: Oh, good! Matt - you're here. I wanted to get your 'expert' opinion on something.
  • Angela: We're in a hurry.
  • Janet: It'll only take a second.
  • Janet reveals her dress.
  • Janet: Well?
  • Matt: It's... Er…
  • Janet: Oh, I'm sorry Matt. I didn't mean to put you on the spot like that.
  • Janet drops the coat.
  • Janet: Why don't wo go someplace else...
  • Janet: ...where there's no Angela around?
  • Matt takes off and drops his jacket.
  • Matt: Chica.
  • Matt goes to Janet.
  • Matt: I towe you ever asth…
  • Matt and Janet with a kiss, and a fall in love.
  • Janet: What's that, my love?
  • Matt: I thought you'd never ask...
  • With a deep kiss of Janet and Matt, Angela is bursting with anger!
  • Angela: Stop it! You little...
  • Matt and Janet disappears, and the background changes!
  • Angela: ...mouse! Didn't you see it?
  • Matt leaves the diner.
  • Virginia: Hey! What about this trench coat? Is this CASHMERE? Wow!
  • Angela follows Janet, Virginia returns to couch.
  • Kitty goes back to work.

During the level

  • Kitty calms Angela down before she loses her temper.

After the level

  • Back in Victory store, Angela enters the store.
  • Angela: Everything was perfect until SHE showed up.
  • Devil: We need to find a way to keep her out of the reunion!
  • Angel: Nonsense... She has every right to be there.
  • Devil: Why, so she can make it all about her? It'd be better to cancel the whole thing.
  • Angel: But the invitations have been sent! Preparations have been made!
  • Angel: Besides which, if we canceled the whole thing, we'd lose our chance to shine like a diamond!
  • Devil: Okay, fine. We'll just poison her then.
  • Angel: Be serious now! People are looking forward to this reunion.
  • Angel: It wouldn't be fair on them.
  • Devil: Fair? Is it fair that we're doing all the work just so she can hog the spotlight?
  • Devil: Let someone else organize it. We're through!

Level 15 - A Time for Listening

Make Fran proud by checking out customers with a heart!

  • Janet enters the diner.
  • Janet: Hello there, Fran. Are the girls here?
  • Fran: Kitty should be here in just a moment for her shift. Can I get you anything?
  • Janet: Er, no, thank you...
  • Fran: All the way here from France and you don't want an authentic New York coffee?
  • Janet: I prefer tea.
  • Fran: One tea coming right up!
  • Fran makes the tea.
  • Fran: So, tell me, what bright you to New York?
  • Janet: That's... quite a long story.
  • Fran: Well, long stories are the ones worth listening to! And people say I'm a good listener.
  • Kitty enters the diner.
  • Kitty: Hey Fran! Oh... Hey, Janet.
  • Fran: Hey Kitty! Can you take over the kitchen while I talk with our new friend?
  • Kitty: Yeah... No problem.
  • Kitty takes over while Fran talks with Janet by sitting.

During the level

  • Kitty checks out 10 customers with a heart!

After the level

  • Fran: You won't always be able to find a reason to postpone telling Chloe the truth.
  • Fran: I know it's hard, but you'll just have to bite the bullet.
  • Janet: But I can't tell her before her own prom.
  • Janet: My girl deserves a pristine and uncomplicated prom night.
  • Janet: Like the one I envisioned... and never got.
  • Janet: I can't deny her that!
  • Janet: So the talk will just have to wait until after the event.
  • Janet: I'll have ample time to explain everything to her then.
  • Fran: If it's important for you, you'll find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse.
  • Janet: But her prom is the whole reason we came to the USA.
  • Fran: Are you really sure of that?
  • Janet: Why wouldn't I be?
  • Fran: That might once have been true...
  • Fran: But don't forget, 'You cant assume things will always be the sane, because things change...'
  • Fran: '...especially people!'

Level 16 - A Big Help

Murray's dropped by for some donuts. Serve them fast so he can continue his shift!

  • Virginia: No offense, Janet, but I'm not sure we should be talking about this with you.
  • Janet: Oh, I understand. I just want what's best for everybody, including Angela.
  • JennyL She ahs been acting kinda… 'tense' lately.
  • Virginia: She even said she wanted to cancel the whole thing...
  • Janet: Even going to a reunion can bring back all kinds of emotions and things...
  • Janet: ...nevermind PLANNING one.
  • Virginia: And this night be the last chance we get to see our old high school...
  • Janet: Well, I think we've decided.
  • Janet: Angela's obviously overwhelmed, she needs help, and I'm happy to stop in.
  • Kitty stands up.
  • Kitty: Well, it's time for my shift...
  • Janet stands up.
  • Janet: Please, Kitty, allow me! You can relax - I'll help Fran out today.
  • Kitty: Really? Well... If you insist.
  • Janet wears an apron to run!

During the level

  • Janet serves Murray on time by giving him donuts!

After the level

  • Meanwhile back in Victory...
  • Angela: SIGH...
  • Angela: I'm going to the back to get us something to drink.
  • Angela leaves to the back. Matt enters the store.
  • Chloe: You! Do you remember who I an?
  • Matt: Er… Yes, of course - Janet's daughter.
  • Chloe: Oof!
  • Chloe goes to Matt.
  • Chloe: You're to stay away from her, sous-comprendre?
  • Matt: Whoa, whoa, whoa! What's this about?
  • Matt: If anything, she's the one who can't seen to stay away from me.
  • Chloe: A likely story!
  • Chloe: Just because my father's missing, it doesn't mean I'll let you steal my mother away from him!
  • Matt: Chloe, wait, don't go.
  • Matt: Let's have a talk.
  • Matt: You know... my dad wasn't around much either when I was your age.
  • Matt: And when he was around, we used to butt heads... A LOT.
  • Matt: He wanted me to be a big football star at state, like him.
  • Matt: But he never cared about what I wanted to be - an artist.
  • Chloe: Really?
  • Chloe: I am a photographer. I want to be like Irina Ionesco.
  • Matt: Bold choice of role model... Fancy showing me your work sometime?

Level 17 - Father Material

Kitty needs to take care of the plants by keeping them well trimmed!

  • Kitty works on tea.
  • Janet: You really know how to connect with Chloe.
  • Matt: Eh, it's easy when you're not their parent.
  • Janet: Speaking of... Why didn't you have any children of your own, Matt?
  • Chloe: Mom, how do you know he doesn't have children?
  • Matt: Actually, I don't. I thought about having kids... but it just never worked out.
  • Chloe: Oh... That's too bad. Who wouldn't want to have a father like you?
  • Matt: Thanks, Chloe. But truthfully, I don't think it would have worked out for me anyway.
  • Matt: I'm way too involved in my work.
  • Matt: I wouldn't want to start a family now under any circumstances.
  • Janet and Kitty go back to work. Virginia enters the diner and sits.

During the level

  • Kitty trims the plants!

After the level

  • Kitty leaves the place.
  • Janet: Matt, can I talk to you for a minute? Privately?
  • Matt stands up.
  • Janet: Well, I um... Actually, it's about us...
  • Janet: About what happened back in high school...
  • Matt: Listen, Janet.
  • Matt: It's great to see you again...
  • Matt: But for me, high school is a part of my past that I've closed the door on.
  • Janet: Matt, wait!
  • Matt: A first live will always be special for Janet, but it's been fifteen years.
  • Matt: I've moved on - so should you.
  • Matt leaves the diner.
  • Janet: If only it were that easy...

Level 18 - The Excuse

The cookie dough's gone bad - make sure you don't serve any cookies today!

  • Janet enters the diner.
  • Janet: Hey Fran, The usual, please.
  • Fran makes the usual.
  • Janet: Angela! All going well with the reunion plans?
  • Jenny: Oh yeah! Oh, it's gonna be so much fun!
  • Angela: Er… The reunion...?
  • Devil: Now's the time! We've gotta tell them we're canceling the reunion!
  • Angel: We can't do that! We need to stick to our guns.
  • Devil: No way, sister! We are not going to let Janet take out rightful place as queen again!
  • Devil: We've just got to think of an excuse for why we need to cancel it...
  • Angela: Actually... A lot of people said they couldn't come.
  • Angela: Maybe we should just cancel the whole thing. It's not a reunion if no-one's tuens up after all!
  • KItty: That's true... What a shame.
  • Virginia: Leaving so soon, Janet?
  • Janet: I've just gotta make a few calls... I'll be back before you know it.
  • Janet leaves the place, followed by Angela. Kitty and Fran go back to work.

During the level

  • Kitty doesn't serve any cookies because the cookie dough is bad.

After the level

  • Angela enters the diner.
  • Angela: Hellooooo, girls!
  • Vriginia: You're a cheery one. Aren't you upset nobody wanted to show up to the reunion?
  • Angela: Oh... Er, you know. It's like Fran says...
  • Angela: Happiness is on your face... if you smile! Or something.
  • Angela sits on the couch.
  • Janet enters the diner.
  • Janet: Not to worry, girls! I just finished calling up all our classmates.
  • Janet: ANd guess whay? They can all make it for the reunion!