Fabulous Angela's Fashion Fever 4K

Fabulous: Angela's Fashion Fever is a show film in the Fabulous Angela series, after Angela leave Jimmy behind the boutique. Angela gave up on her dreams, but she was picked to enter the show.


Character Played by Description
Angela Napoli Zhao Wei The main character, Wildcard fabulous fashion designer.
Jenny Garcia Jolin Tsai Angela's #1 Best Friend.
Amber "Kitty" Jackson Ariel Lin Angela's #2 Best Friend.
Virginia Hills Zanilia Zhao Liying Angela's #3 Best Friend.
Truly The announcer of Become Truly.
Bob The annoying host, for Angela and Become Truly.
Eric Angela's #2 boyfriend, Jenny Garcia, formerly Truly's boyfriend.
Lori From New York, same as Angela, ends in the final show, and ending scene with Angela.
Celine From Paris, France, ends in Milan.
Viola Comes from Italy. She missed her family, but her family decided to go home from the show, in Tokyo, Japan.
Bruna From Rio de Janiero. Ends in her country.
Victoria From Alabama, USA. Victoria is the only character wins the contest, but Angela left the show in Las Vegas, after dating Eric. She is Angela's new friend in Fashion.
Yuna From Tokyo, Japan. She is a speaker which Viola left us from the contest. Ends in the visit of Las Vegas, when Angela comes back.
Magic Max Special appearance. Everyone wants happiness.
Cindy In New York, watching the contest. She is Peter's wife.
Sally In New York boutique.
Peter He is Cindy's husband.


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