This is the third chapter in Angela's Fashion Fever. When Viola isn't talented and misses her family a lot, she was homesick, and she's the first to drop out of the contest.

Level 31 - Welcome to Rio! Edit

  • The plane arrived at Rio de Janeiro.
  • Aircraft door open.
  • Contestants leave the plane and greets the fans!
  • Victoria: Angela, wait up!
  • Victoria: Are you and Eric really dating?
  • Angela: No! Er… Yes, er… No...?
  • Angela: Look, don't worry about it. We were just having fun.
  • Victoria: Well, I sure hope so. For your sake.
  • Angela: Don't be such a worrywart!
  • Angela enter the stage.
  • TV's on!
  • Truly: Darlings - welcome... To RIO DE JANEIRO!
  • Truly: What better place to turn up the heat, as it were!
  • Truly: You and Mr. Right have been flirting heavily for days...
  • Truly: ...and tonight, you have your first big date.
  • Truly: Design an outfit that will keep his eyes on YOU...
  • Truly: Only you...
  • Angela: Is she talking to... me?
  • Truly: One more thing!
  • Truly: Someone NEW will be joining our panel of judges for this challenge.
  • Eric enters the stage.
  • Angel: Oh, boy...
  • Truly: Say hello to Eric.
  • Eric shakes "yes".
  • TV turns off.
  • They're off to work except Angela and Eric. The Show TV ascends.
  • Angela: Eric! We have got to stop this - I'll be thrown off the show!
  • Eric: Not if we don't get caught.

After the levelEdit

  • Angela makes a dress. Eric enters the design stage.
  • Eric: Breathtaking.
  • Angela: Thanks!
  • Eric: I wasn't talking about the dress.
  • Eric leaves the design stage. Lori enters the design stage.
  • Lori: It's going to be hard staying away from Eric - especially now that he's a judge, eh?
  • Angela: What do you mean?
  • Lori: If it gets back to Truly that you and Eric are breaking the rules by being an item... Well...
  • Angela: Well what?
  • Lori: Well... Are you?
  • Angela: Listen to me - I don't know what you're talking about.
  • Lori: We'll see...
  • Lori leaves.

Level 32 - Truly on the floor!Edit

  • They're working on the dress.
  • Lori enters.
  • Lori: Hmm... Interesting choice.
  • Bruna: Mind your own business!
  • Lori: Okaaaay… Good luck.
  • Bruna: Wait - what do you mean, 'interesting choice'?
  • Lori: Well, it's a bit blend, don't you think?
  • Bruna: No, I DON'T think so.
  • Lori: Hmm - I suppose you won't be interested in these gold accents I have left over then.
  • Lori has gold accents.
  • Bruna: Gold accents!
  • Bruna has the gold accents from Lori.
  • Bruna: Why would you give them to me?
  • Lori: I'm not using them. Besides...
  • Lori: We've got to hand together if we want to oust Angela...
  • Lori: She's already got one judge under her spell - who knows what she'll do next?

After the levelEdit

  • Angela: Wanna see the sights with me later? I could use a break.
  • Bruna: Be sure to visit the beach! It's sooo romantic! If you have someone to spend the night with, that is...
  • Bob enters.
  • Bob: Attention! Truly on the floor!
  • Truly's on the floor!
  • Truly thinks.
  • Truly: Ooh! That's interesting.
  • Truly: The gold accents. They're bold - but I love the risk-taking here.
  • Truly: What gave you the idea?
  • Bruna: I drew my inspiration from the many colorful people and pieces in my native Rio...
  • Bruna: ...from the magnificent street art to the colorful carnival floats. I-
  • Bruna: She got them from Lori. Where is she?
  • Truly: Well, hear that, everyone?
  • Truly: I guess you really can make friends on your way to the top.

Level 33 - Create your dressEdit

Eureka! Time to sketch out Angela's ideas for the dress.

  • Choose a new design for the contest:
    • Exotic Seduction
    • Extravagant Sexy
    • Radiant Colors
  • Create the first several sketches for the dress.

Level 34 - How do you know?Edit

Be smart, and give each model all the products they need in one go.

  • Angela enters the design stage.
  • Angela's looking at designs.
  • Angela: Eric?
  • Eric shown from closet!
  • Eric: Boo!
  • Angela's scared!
  • Angela: Eric!
  • Angela: What are you doing here?
  • Eric: I just like being around you.
  • Angela: Eric, don't toy with me - I've got too much at stake here...
  • Angela: And my life has been very complicated the past few months.
  • Eric: With Jimmy, right?
  • Angela: How do you know about Jimmy?
  • Eric: Hope you don't mind... I checked your profile online.
  • Angela: Oh you did, did you?

During the levelEdit

  • Angela serves each model full orders only.

After the levelEdit

  • Lori enters the design stage angrily. She's looking for gold accents.
  • Lori: Has anyone seen my gold accents?
  • Lori: Did you take them.
  • Lori: I saw you snooping around my workstation!
  • Victoria: I've had enough of your ear bashing! I didn't take anything!
  • Angela: OK, OK, ladies... We're all under a lot of stress...
  • Lori: Well, you're not! In fact, you've been in a REAL good mood, lately.
  • Angela: I'm sure your accents will turn up.
  • Lori: They BETTER...
  • Lori: Or people around here are going to PAY.
  • Lori leaves the design stage angrily.

Level 35 - Spinning flax into goldEdit

  • Angela enters the design stage.
  • Angela: Psssst!
  • Angela: Psst! Eric?
  • Eric: Hey.
  • Angela: Don't DO that!
  • Eric: Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you - guess I'm just really good at hiding.
  • Angela: I really don't think you...
  • Eric: I completely agree - let's get out of here!
  • Angela: Where to?
  • Eric: A carnival ball at the Copacabana Palace!
  • Eric: I've got a limo waiting outside with champagne and oysters on ice.
  • Eric: The show's a bit, Truly's sales are up and people love you...
  • Eric: Let's celebrate!
  • Phone Buzz!
  • Angela: One sec...
  • Angela turns off phone.
  • Angela: There, good to go.
  • Angela and Eric go.

After the levelEdit

  • Truly: This show has been an even bigger success than even I thought possible.
  • Truly: My little discount store starlet has become the darling of the people.
  • Truly: I need to get closer to her to take advantage - that means you'll have to take a step back.
  • Eric: Er… You know, Truly. I really don't MIND spending time with Angela.
  • Eric: I mean, it's... actually kind of fun. Refreshing.
  • Majestic on the floor.
  • Truly: Why Eric... Are you developing feelings for our little five and dime darling?
  • Eric: Me? Of course not-
  • Truly: Because I can always terminate your contract so you can be together...
  • Eric: Please, no! Truly, I'm really grateful!
  • Truly: You see, I spin flax into gold here, my little piece of arm candy...
  • Truly: I did it with my designs, I did it with you, and with that no-talent, never-will-be, Angela.
  • Truly: I can just as easily turn that gold back into flax if I so choose.
  • Truly makes a make-up.
  • Truly: There's no room for disloyalty here, Eric...
  • Truly: No room at all.

Level 36 - Create your dressEdit

A heavy box of fabric and tools has been delivered - but it's in the wrong place! You'll have to move it to the correct spot.

  • Move the box of fabric and tools to the correct spot, from four locations.

Level 37 - Don't bite the hand that feeds youEdit

Bad Majestic, bad! Leave the models alone!

  • Angela: Eric?
  • Angela: If you startle me again I swear I-
  • Truly seek!
  • Truly: Why, whatever is the matter darling?
  • Angela: Er… Nothing!
  • Angela: I was, er, just doing some thinking.
  • Truly: Hmm... Yes - I've been doing some of that myself lately, too.
  • Truly lets Majestic go to Angela.
  • Truly: Majestic likes you.
  • Truly: …Of course, EVERYONE seems to like you these days.
  • Angela: Oh, er… I think it's just the granola in my picket he likes.
  • Truly: Angela, I'd like us to spend some time together...
  • Truly: …after all, you may be the future me.
  • Angela: I would love that, Truly - but for now I should probably get back to work.
  • Truly: Of course...
  • Truly: Majestic!
  • Truly: Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
  • Majestic follows Truly leaving the design stage.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela gets Majestic to leave models alone.

After the levelEdit

  • Angela's at the station.
  • Angela: Eric - Where are you?
  • Lori enters the station.
  • Lori: Waiting for someone?
  • Angela: NO.
  • Angela: Anyways, what are you doing? Following me?
  • Lori: Please, I have better things to do with my time.
  • Majestic enters the station.
  • Majestic touches Lori.
  • Angela: That's Truly's dog...
  • Angela: ...though if I didn't know any better, I'd say he belonged to you.
  • Lori: Nonsense - the dig is a good judge of character, that's all.
  • Lori: Go away dog! Go home, okay?
  • Lori: Back! Go home!
  • Lori and Majestic go back.

Level 38 - Oysters and champagneEdit

  • Angela: So, what did you do before coming on the show, Victoria?
  • Victoria: I'm a professional fashion designer.
  • Victoria: Not too long ago, I even designed a dress for a Japanese princess!
  • Victoria: And you?
  • Angela: Working retail for a friend of mine.
  • Lori enters the design stage.
  • Angela: It's just temporary - I needed a place to land after my divorce.
  • Lori: RETAIL? How can somebody who claims to want to be a fashion designer waste their time to retail?
  • Angela: Actually, its not a bad place to start at all.
  • Angela: You got a good sense of who people really are - what sells, what doesn't.
  • Lori: And you'll have something to fall back on when I win this contest.

After the levelEdit

  • They're busy working at it.
  • Bodyguard are at the design stage.
  • Boris: Truly wants to know if you'd like to have lunch.
  • Angela: Well... I do have a lot of-
  • Boris: Truly insists, miss.
  • Angela follows the guard.
  • Boris: Cinderella's on the move!
  • Victor: Roger that!
  • Angela follows the guards, heads to the station.
  • Angela's in the trailer.
  • Truly: Thank you for accepting my invitation.
  • Angela: I, uh... came as quick as I could.
  • Truly: I had these oysters flown in fresh from Cape Cod.
  • Truly: Please, try one.
  • Angela: I'm good, thanks.
  • Truly: Now, now! If you want to be a famous fashion designer, you'll have to learn to eat like one.
  • Devil: Oysters, yuck!
  • Angel: You heard what Truly said, what about our dream?
  • Angela: Maybe just one.
  • Angela eats the oyster and champagne.
  • Truly: You like?
  • Angela: Er… Um... They're delicious!
  • Truly: Please, have some more.
  • Angela have more oysters.

Level 39 - Feeling better?Edit

Ugh... Angela feels a little sick. Make sure she stays hydrated.

  • Bob: With our time in Rio almost over - our designers are REALLY under the gun.
  • Victoria: Are you okay?
  • Angela: No... I think I ate too much shellfish.
  • Bob: Let's see how they're faring under pressure.
  • Bob: Angela! You've been a rock so far, and the people's favorite...
  • Bob: What can fans expect from you at this stage of the competition?
  • Angela: Oysters... Don't feel...
  • Angela rushes away from design stage.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela's feeling a little sick, so she drinks water to keep hydrated.

After the levelEdit

  • Angela and Truly are in trailer.
  • Truly: Feeling any better?
  • Angela: My stomach's okay - not sure when my ego will recover.
  • Truly: Perhaps this will help - ratings are up. Fans LOVE your 'raw, unfiltered' personality.
  • Phone ring!
  • Truly: Is that your agent? If you don't have one yet, I can give you some names.
  • Angela: It's one of my friends - Virginia... I forgot her birthday.
  • Truly: Ahem.
  • Angela: I'll get that later.
  • Truly: A little advice, Angela...
  • Truly: When you get to where I am, your friends - let alone birthdays, are a luxury you can't afford.

Level 40 - Create your dressEdit

Angela's tools have been scattered. You'll have to find them all again!

  • Find all the tools scattered to work on the dress.

Level 41 - HOT! HOT! HOT!Edit

Extra assignment for Angela: grab as many feathers as you can!

  • Bob: Designers - let's see what you've come up with so far!
  • Bob: Only one of you can win - and one will get a one-way ticket home.
  • Bob looks at Bruna.
  • Bob: Bruna - all of Rio is cheering for their native daughter.
  • Bob: What will you be wearing to keep Mr. Right's eyes from roaming?
  • Bruna: No one at the carnival will have eyes for anything else when they see THIS!
  • Lori: That's because it's mine!
  • Lori: The gold accents - she stole them from me!
  • Bruna: What are you talking about - you GAVE them to me!
  • Bruna: Tell her, Celine! You were there!
  • Celine: I don't know what you're talking about...
  • Celine: You said you got them from Lori - you never said how.
  • Bruna: LIARS!
  • Bob: Well, things are getting HOT, HOT, HOT here in Rio!
  • Bob: Stay tuned while we get to the bottom of this ACCENT ALTERCATION.
  • Not they go back to work.
  • Bob: Alright, let's give them some time to stew and then we'll stir up the pot some more.
  • Bob leaves the design stage.

During the levelEdit

  • Angels picks up 8 feathers.

After the levelEdit

  • Lori: Give me back my accents, NOW.
  • Bruna: Or what?
  • Angela looks at Bob.
  • TV director directs at them.
  • Lori: Or I'll take them - that's what!
  • Lori takes the dress with accents.
  • Then the war begins with Bruna.
  • They pulled the dress and ripped apart!
  • Lori: If you don't let go right now I swear I'll... I'll...
  • Now the parts are apart of dress!
  • Lori: Whoops!
  • Bruna: RRRRRR!
  • Now Lori began running away, while Bruna is chasing around!
  • Others are shocked!
  • Angela: Now, now Bruna! I'm sure we can fix it!
  • Bruna: I'll fix her - that little con artist!
  • Lori: You stay away from me, you delinquent!
  • Lori runs away.
  • Lori: Truly's going to hear about this - and when she does she'll send you packing!
  • Lori goes away
  • Bob applause!
  • Angela touches Bruna.

Level 42 - Create your dressEdit

Bruna is trying to sabotage Angela's dress! Keep her away or you'll have to start over!

  • Keep Bruna away to protect Angela's dress.

Level 43 - Don't trust Truly?Edit

Get 3 'Fabulous' combos! Send 5 models to the catwalk to get one.

  • Angela and Eric are at design stage.
  • Eric: Listen, Angela - I've been thinking about what you said...
  • Eric: This is a once in a lifetime opportunity you have.
  • Eric: I'd hate to be the reason you have to give up on your dream.
  • Angela: Really?
  • Angela and Eric hug.
  • Eric: There'll be plenty of time after the competition.
  • Angela: Oh really? What if I get eliminated?
  • Eric: Yeeah! Then I guess I'll have to date Bruna.
  • Angela touches Eric, and they laugh.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela makes 3 'Fabulous' combos.

After the levelEdit

  • They're making a dress, while Eric enters the design stage. Eric looks at designs.
  • Angela: Er…. Thanks?
  • Eric looks around.
  • Eric: Angela - I just wanted to warn you, before it's too late.
  • Eric: DON'T trust Truly.
  • Angela: Eric... I know she's eccentric and all but, why shouldn't I trust her?
  • Angela: I mean - I've got just as much of a chance of winning this thing as anyone, don't I?
  • Eric: I don't know, Angela... When I talk to her it's...
  • Eric: It's like I'm talking to two different people.
  • Angela: Yeah, I know what you mean.
  • Lori enters the design stage.
  • Eric leaves the design stage.
  • Lori: Well, guess who just had a looong talk with Truly.
  • Victoria: Her shrink?
  • Lori: No, Victoria. It was me.
  • Lori: And there's going to be some changes around here as a result.

Level 44 - Create your dressEdit

Time to put the final touches to your dress!

  • Finish the dress by taking some time for final touches!

Level 45 - Woof! Woof!Edit

  • At the station, Eric enters.
  • Lori comes out of the trailer.
  • Eric: Late again?
  • Lori: Why hiiii, Eric.
  • Eric: Another talk with Truly?
  • Lori: I wish - she is so great, isn't she? I can't wait to fill her shoes.
  • Lori: You know... We should talk about your future here, once I'm in charge.
  • Eric: You even smell like Truly.
  • Lori: Of course! If you want to be the best, you've got to smell like the best.
  • Lori leaves the station.

After the level; Post-chapterEdit

  • In the trailer, Truly hosted.
  • Truly: Now that Bruna is out, we need to find a way to deal with Angela.
  • Truly: Everybody has a weak spot. Even the popular ones.
  • Majestic: Woof! Woof!
  • Truly: Hmm, that's not a bad idea Majestic. Not bad at all!
  • Now that contestants are back to stage, here comes results...
  • The show TV descends.
  • Bob: So, Truly... Eric and I have given you our recommendations.
  • Bob: You've seen the dresses...
  • Bob: One of these designers will win the challenge... And one...
  • Bob: … must go home.
  • Bob: Let's not keep our contestants waiting any longer. Truly, your decision please.
  • Truly: Bruna, you took a risk with your design. I admire that...
  • Lights to Bruna.
  • Truly: But there is no room for imposters in my company - you're out of the contest!
  • Lights off from Bruna. Bruna is eliminated, and now, Bruna is angry! Lori laughed at Bruna!
  • Bruna angrily heads out of the show, going home.
  • Bob: Well folks, that'll save us a plane ticket.
  • Bob: While I was impressed with all your efforts, darlings, one outfit stood out amongst the rest.
  • Lights to Angela's outfit!
  • Truly: It's out fan favorite, Angela. Congratulations!
  • They applause.
  • Truly: We'll see you in our next fashion capital: Milan!
  • TV's off!
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