This is the fourth chapter in Angela's Fashion Fever. During the show, Lori and Bruna steal the dress fight. On a shame, Lori took the accents, and this makes Bruna out of the contest!

Level 46 - Welcome to Milan!Edit

  • The plane arrived at Milan.
  • Aircraft door opened and contestants are getting off the plane!
  • Angela: First Japan, then Brazil, now Italy...
  • They greet to fans.
  • Angela: And all these people! Wow, I could get used to this!
  • Celine: Meh, it doesn't seem so special after a while.
  • Celine: My name is already known throughout Europe.
  • Celine: Just par the course for someone as famous as moi.
  • Angela: Victoria… If I ever end up like that, please stop me.
  • On the third city of Become Truly, they enter the stage!
  • Angela: Can you believe we're in MILAN!
  • TV's on!
  • Truly: Buongiorno! Welcome to Milan!
  • Truly: Passion is in the air in this amazing city.
  • Truly: You know what THAT means, darlings.
  • Truly: Design an outfit your prince charming will find IRRESISTIBLE.
  • Truly: That is your challenge.
  • TV's off and contestants go!

After the levelEdit

  • Truly's on the floor! The guards are here!
  • Boris: Bird of Paradise has landed. Repeat - Bird of Paradise has landed!
  • Truly: As you know, Angela was the winner of our last challenge.
  • Truly: It's time to show her what she won!
  • Jenny, Kitty and Virginia enter the design stage!
  • Angela: NO. WAY.
  • They gave Angela a hug! The Fabulous Four!
  • Truly: But that's not all.
  • Truly: Tonight, you will wine and dine together at Milan's hottest nightspot!
  • Angela: I missed you guys so much!
  • Virginia: Really? You could have fooled us.

Level 47 - Someone you know wellEdit

  • Kitty, Angela and Virginia enter the design stage.
  • Kitty: Oh my GOSH that was fun.
  • Angela: I still can't believe you guys are here!
  • Virginia: Where's Jenny?
  • Truly, Bob and guards are here!
  • Truly: Darlings.... I'm throwing a new wrinkle into this week's challenge.
  • Truly: Anyone can design an awe-inspiring dress for an awe-inspiring figure...
  • Truly: …but your designs need to sell on Main Street as well as Rodeo Drive.
  • Truly: So, as an added challenge, Angela will be given a non-model to work with.
  • Truly: You will have the pleasure of working with someone you know well.
  • Jenny walks into the design stage. She is a model!
  • Celine: Where's the challenge in that?
  • Angela: Hey, I can't help it if my friends are hot!

After the levelEdit

  • Jenny enters the scene.
  • Jenny: We are SO proud of you, Angela!
  • Jenny: You did it!
  • Angela: Well, not yet I didn't.
  • Angela: There's a lot that happens behind the scenes.
  • Jenny: Anything I can help with?
  • Angela: No thanks. Nothing I can't handle.
  • Jenny: Good to see reality TV hasn't changed you...
  • Jenny: ...though I heard about the oyster incident.
  • Angela laughs.
  • Jenny: Seriously, I thought you didn't like...
  • Angela: If you want to be a top fashion designer, you have to eat like one...

Level 48 - Create your dressEdit

Eureka! Time to sketch out Angela's ideas for the dress.

  • Create a new design for this contest:
    • Fancy Skirt
    • Lavish Lavender
    • Deep Blue
  • Create the first several sketches for the dress.

Level 49 - My killer dressEdit

This time Celine's left a mess behind... Clean up in aisle 3!

  • Jenny: Ugh! The men here - they really know how to flirt.
  • Kitty: And those accents! I know where we're going tonight!
  • Jenny: GASP! I know!
  • Jenny: We'll go out tonight, and I'll wear my killer party dress!
  • Angela: I'd love to, but I have to work on my design.
  • Angela: You guys go - REALLY. I want you to.
  • Jenny: Okay! Let's go get ready.
  • Kitty and Virginia leave.
  • Angela: Is Virginia ok?
  • Jenny: Her birthday? You still haven't congratulated her, right?
  • Angela: You wouldn't believe how crazy things have been - and not just with the show.
  • Angela: I'll make it up to her. I promise.
  • Jenny: Just don't forget who your biggest fans are, okay?
  • Jenny and Angela gave a hug!

During the levelEdit

  • Angela cleans up the mess Celine left behind in aisle 3.

After the levelEdit

  • Jenny makes up the killer dress!
  • Kitty: Wow - Jenny! You go girl!
  • Virginia: C'mon, let's go dancing!
  • Eric enters the design stage.
  • Eric: Did someone say 'dancing'?
  • Eric: I know all the best places.
  • Kitty: Thanks, but we'll manage.
  • Jenny: Don't listen to her. Where are YOU taking us?
  • Eric hooked up with Jenny, taking her out of design scene.

Level 50 - Ohhhhh, boyEdit

  • Virginia, Kitty and Jenny enter the design stage.
  • Angela: Are you guys JUST getting in now?
  • Virginia: Oh my gosh - you really missed out, Angela!
  • Angela: Hey Jenny, how did your dress work out?
  • Virginia: Oh, I'd say it worked pretty well, alright!
  • Angela: Who's the lucky guy?
  • Jenny: Well, he's...
  • Eric enters the design stage.
  • Jenny: Speak of the devil, there he is. Yoo hoo, Eric?
  • Eric: J-Jenny?
  • Angela: Eric?!
  • Eric: Angela...!
  • Angela: ERIC!
  • Jenny: You and...
  • Jenny wears back her glasses.
  • Jenny: Ohhhhh, boy.

After the levelEdit

  • Angela walks back and forth.
  • Jenny: Honestly, I didn't know you two were involved.
  • Jenny: Besides, you aren't allowed to date him, right?
  • Angela: DETAILS.
  • Virginia: We were just about to leave...
  • Jenny: He came up to US!
  • Kitty: He hit on her ALL night.
  • Angela: And he didn't say a WORD about me?
  • Virginia: Not ONCE.
  • Jenny: I am SO sorry, Angela - honest.
  • Angel: Don't let Eric come between you and Jenny - she couldn't possible have known.
  • Devil: First she gets herself on the show... Now she's hooking up with Eric?
  • Angela: You couldn't have known...
  • Jenny and Virginia touch Angela.
  • Kitty: Luckily, there's plenty of fish in the sea!

Level 51 - Create your dressEdit

  • A heavy box of fabric and tools has been delivered - but it's in the wrong place! You'll have to move it to the correct spot.
  • Move the box of fabric and tools to the correct spot after 5 locations.

Level 52 - Simply stunningEdit

What's Truly discussing with Jenny? Let's have a listen...

  • While Jenny reads a catalog, Truly, Bob and guards are on.
  • Truly: Stunning - simply stunning!
  • Angela: Thank you. I took inspiration from-
  • Truly: I wasn't talking about the dress, darling.
  • Truly: Jenny - how would you like to model for me?
  • Jenny looks.
  • Jenny: Me?
  • Angela: Of course not, Jenny. Truly's joking.
  • Angela: Aren't you, Truly?
  • Truly: Do you hear anyone laughing?
  • Bob laughs.
  • Truly: Are you laughing Bob?
  • Bob stops laughing.
  • Bob: Nope! Not laughing.
  • Truly: Walk with me, Jenny.
  • Jenny walks with Truly.
  • Devil: See what I mean? Jenny's taking over.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela listens to Truly speaking to Jenny.
  • Truly: Modeling is a fine talent, Jenny.
  • Truly: It's about more than just looking pretty.
  • Truly: But darling, you make it look easy.
  • Truly: I think you have the talent to become a true star!
  • Truly: Of course! I know talent when I see it.

After the levelEdit

  • Truly leaves the scene.
  • Kitty, Jenny and Virginia enter the scene.
  • Angela: Soooo... Did you have a nice talk with Truly?
  • Jenny: I think so... I mean, she's a hard person to read.
  • Angela: Great... Juuuust 'great'.
  • Jenny: What?
  • Angela: It's just - this contest means the world to me, Jenny...
  • Jenny: OBVIOUSLY.
  • Angela's burst with anger!
  • Virginia: Guys - c'mon, stop it.
  • Kitty: We're here, together. In MILAN.
  • Kitty: Let's have some FUN.
  • Angela: Fine.
  • Kitty, Jenny: Fine.

Level 53 - Friendly competitionEdit

Majestic is a dog of high stature who needs a little grooming.

  • Truly: And...?
  • Eric: And what?
  • Truly: Are Jenny and Angela still best friends?
  • Eric: Well... I...
  • Angela: Hold still.
  • Jenny: I AM.
  • Eric enters the design stage.
  • Eric: Angela, Jenny - Hi!
  • Jenny and Angela look at Eric.
  • Eric: Look, ladies... I er…!
  • Eric: You look amazing by the way.
  • Angela and Jenny: Thanks.
  • Eric leaves the design stage.
  • Angela halts the Jenny design.
  • Devil: That's it - we gotta rip this Jenny thing in the bud!
  • Angel: Don't be ridiculous! Jenny is a friend - she's trying to help!

During the levelEdit

  • Angela needs to groom Majestic.

After the levelEdit

  • Jenny enters with the killer dress.
  • Jenny shows off, the she leave!
  • Devil: Why don't we just borrow Jenny's dress... And have some fun with it?
  • Angel: We can't do that! It's her favorite dress.
  • Devil: Of course it is - it's how she got Eric, right?
  • Angel: But you'll be putting your friendship with Jenny at stake! Over Eric?
  • Devil: We'll confront the pair of them. Then we're even.

Level 54 - Create your dressEdit

Angela's tools have been scattered. You'll have to find them all again!

  • Find all the tools scattered.

Level 55 - Have you seen my dress?Edit

  • Jenny enters the scene.
  • Jenny: Have you seen my dress, Angela?
  • Angela kicks the bag.
  • Angela: Er… I... haven't seen it. Why?
  • Jenny: I was planning on wearing it tonight...
  • Angela: Any particular occasion?
  • Truly, Bob and director are in the scene.
  • Truly: Controversy, ladies?
  • Angela: Nothing really.
  • Truly: I'm glad. So Jenny, darling. I heard you and Eric got acquainted?
  • Truly, Jenny, Bob and director leave the scene.

After the levelEdit

  • Truly: Ah Eric, there you are...
  • Truly: So... Are you planning on seeing Jenny again tonight?
  • Eric: Yes, but I'm...
  • Truly: GREAT! That will be all for now...
  • Eric leaves the trailer.
  • Angela shows from fitting room.
  • Angela walks with Jenny's dress.
  • Eric: Are you going somewhere, Angela?
  • Angela: Oh, hi Eric. I didn't know you'd be here.
  • Angela: Are you...
  • Angela: Going somewhere?
  • Eric: Isn't that Jenny's dress?
  • Angela: Who?
  • Eric: Listen Angela, Jenny didn't mean anything to me... In fact...
  • Jenny enters the design stage.
  • Jenny: I see you FOUND the dress.
  • Angela: Oh... Jenny!

Level 56 - Here she comes...Edit

Get 3 'Sparking' combos! Clean 3 things in a row to get one.

  • Kitty, Virginia and Angela are at scene.
  • Virginia: Honestly, Angela, how could you?
  • Angela: What?
  • Kitty: All this over Eric? He cheated on you, Angela.
  • Angela: Yeah - with Jenny!
  • Angela: Besides, he and I aren't serious. I'm just having fun.
  • Virginia: Of course you are...
  • Angela: And why is everyone getting SO in my business lately?
  • Kitty: Because we're your friends.
  • Angela: Well, I can handle yourself.
  • Kitty and Virginia leave the scene.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela gets 3 sparking combos by cleaning 3 things in a row, 3 times.

After the levelEdit

  • Here comes the Fab Four.
  • Bob and director enter the scene.
  • Jenny: fancy explaining last night to me?
  • Devil: Here she comes...
  • Angel: Stay calm - we can sort this out.
  • Angela: Maybe this was a bad idea.
  • Jenny: Stealing my dress and then flirting with Eric sure was!
  • Angela: I mean Truly inviting you guys to the show.
  • Angela: You were supposed to be here as a FRIEND - here to support me.
  • Angela: Instead you turned into a scene-stealing model who stole my BOYFRIEND!
  • Jenny: Tell me, Angela - are you mad because you think what happened with Eric is MY fault...
  • Truly: ...or because you thought dating a judge would help you become the next Truly?
  • Angela: HOW. DARE. YOU?
  • Angela leaves the scene!

Level 57 - Create your dressEdit

Celine is trying to sabotage Angela's dress! Keep her away or you'll have to start over!

  • Protect Angela's dress by keeping Celine away!

Level 58 - To the airportEdit

Truly's curious to see your collection. Show her the dresses she asks for!

  • Angela's creating the dress. Jenny enters.
  • Jenny: Angela, we need to talk.
  • Angela: You know what? I've been distracted enough already...
  • Angela: ...what I NEED, is to get back to work.
  • Jenny: So that's what we are to you now - a distraction?
  • Jenny: You know what, Angela?
  • Jenny: I said before that 'TV hadn't changed you'...
  • Jenny: …I think I spoke too soon.
  • Jenny: Enjoy your oysters and champagne, Angela.
  • Jenny leaves the design scene.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela shows Truly the dresses from Angela's collection.

After the levelEdit

  • Guards are on.
  • Victor: Yes, miss Truly?
  • Victor: Copy that.
  • Jenny, Kitty and Virginia enter the design stage.
  • Kitty: I don't know... It doesn't feel right to leave without saying goodbye.
  • Jenny: Go ahead - I've had quite enough of Angela for one trip.
  • Kitty: She's under a lot of stress, Jenny...
  • Viirginia: We'll make it quick, okay?
  • Boris: Party en route.
  • Victor: Copy that.
  • Kitty: Excuse me, we would like to say goodbye to our friend Angela.
  • Victor: Sorry folks, you've been banned from the set.
  • Virginia: By WHOM?
  • Victor: We're not at liberty to say, ma'am.
  • Jenny: Never mind, I think we all know who did this.
  • Jenny: Well girls, there's your 'goodbye'.
  • Jenny leaves Become Truly stage.
  • Virginia: Let's just get to the airport.
  • Kitty and Virginia are off from Become Truly stage. Jenny, Virginia and Kitty are now leaving to the airport.

Level 59 - Create your dressEdit

Time to put the final touches to your dress!

  • Finish the dress, to win!

Level 60 - Eric, wait!Edit

  • Here comes the results!
  • TV's on!
  • Truly: I an TRULY impressed with how Milan brought out the best in each of you...
  • Victoria: Are you okay?
  • Angela: Of course - I'm just... Nervous.
  • Truly: With the exception of Celine.
  • Lights to Celine.
  • Truly: Your dress looks uninspired.
  • Lori laughs, and others shocked. There goes guards to Celine!
  • Celine: What? Is that all? Are you kidding me?
  • Guard sends Celine out of the show!
  • Truly: The rest of you...
  • Truly: ...I'll see you in Paris, the City of Love!
  • TV's off!

After the level; Post-chapterEdit

  • Eric enters the design stage.
  • Angela: Eric… What are you doing here?
  • Eric: Angela, I heard about what happened with your friends...
  • Eric sits on the table.
  • Eric: I just wanted to say that... I'm sorry, and I get it. I really do.
  • Eric: The strange thing about being a celebrated model...
  • Eric: that all of a sudden, I got all the attention. All eyes were on me...
  • Eric: ...even when I was invited to someone else's birthday.
  • Bob and director seek!
  • Eric: People stopped inviting me over, and blamed me for having changed...
  • Eric: I felt terrible about it, but I guess it comes with the territory.
  • Angela: What are you trying to tell me?
  • Eric: I know I was wrong - but if you need someone to talk to, I'm here.
  • Eric gets off the table.
  • Angela: Eric, wait-
  • Now it directs to Angela and Eric kiss.
  • Bob: You getting all this? FINALLY!
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