This is the first restaurant in Delicious 2.


  • Ring, ring
  • Emily: Emily speaking.
  • Antonio: Hello kiddo, how are you?
  • Emily: Uncle Antonio, how nice of you to call! How are the restaurants doing?
  • Antonio: Umm. Funny you should mention that. Your cousin Marcello has disappeared again and has left the bistro in the lurch.
  • Antonio: I can’t just close the other restaurants. I’d be very grateful if you could give me a hand.
  • Emily: *Sigh* It’s about time Marcello developed a sense of responsibility.
  • Emily: I’ll be there right away. I can’t say no to my favourite uncle.
  • Antonio: Thank you kiddo. You’re too good for that old uncle of yours...


  • Antonio: Emily, I’m very glad that you’re willing to help me.
  • Antonio: I’ll quickly explain how everything works.



  • I’m glad you could help out so quickly. Shall I explain everything to you?

First customerEdit

  • Great, your first customer of the day.

Make orderEdit

  • When a customer orders, you can start making the products. Make a cup of tea and prepare a salad.

Serve orderEdit

  • When everything is on the tray, you can serve the order to the customer. Click the customer to do this.

Receive paymentEdit

  • When a customer has received their complete order, they can pay. Click the register to complete the payment.


  • There are also customers who prefer to have something at a table.

Make orderEdit

  • Prepare 2 salads and take them to your customers.

Receive paymentEdit

  • When they’re finished, one of the customers walks up to the register to pay.

Clear tableEdit

  • New customers don’t like messy tables. Click the table to clear it.

Cheese rollEdit

  • Some products, such as a cheese roll, are made in two steps. First click the roll, then click the cheese.

Order completeEdit

  • Another order complete. Serve the roll to the customer snd receive payment.

Well doneEdit

  • You did great. I hardly had to explain anything to you.

Part 1Edit

  • Freddy: Well, well, what an unexpected pleasure, Antonio. I was expecting that useless son of yours.
  • Antonio: Freddy Fries! What are you doing here? Your kind attracts vermin.
  • Freddy: Mind your tongue, Napoli. I’m here to collect a debt.
  • Antonio: A debt?
  • Freddy: If your son spends more time at the race track than in the business, the money will have to come from somewhere else.
  • Antonio: You don’t get a cent from me.
  • Freddy: I think you have no choice, Antonio.
  • Freddy: I want everything back, to the last cent. I put two of my associates in front of your door and nobody comes in until I’ve got the money.
  • Freddy: And now get lost!
  • Emily: Are you alright, Uncle Natonio?
  • Antonio: I can’t afford to have the bistro closed.
  • Antonio: I’m afraid there’s not enough money. Under Marcello, the bistro wasn’t doing very well.
  • Emily: I think I know a way to make some money.
  • Emily: I can sell lemonade in the park. You know, the way you once taught me.
  • Antonio: Those were the good old days. I already knew back then, that you’d made a great restauranteur.
  • Emily: Don’t worry, the bistro will open again soon. In the meantime, try to get your finances sorted out.
  • Antonio: Marcello also did the books for my Italian restaurant and the cafeteria.
  • Antonio: I’ll have to check the books and see where we stand.

Day 1Edit

  • Target: 700
  • Expert: 900

Part 2Edit

  • Meet Francois Truffaut, the Interior decorator.
  • Francois: Emily, what are you doing here? I thought you were working in the bistro.
  • Emily: That’s a long story. I’ll tell you later. I’m telling my best friend everything, of course.
  • Francois: I just came back from a client who wanted some decoration advice. And I can see that you can use some too. The place meeds a new coat of paint.
  • Emily: It’s old, but it’s still working well. But you’re right, a bit of paint wouldn’t hurt.
  • Francois: Girl, my schedule is practically free. I’ll help you.
  • Francois: And because of you, I’ll only charge for materials.

Day 2Edit

“I’m trying to help Uncle Antonio by selling lemonade in the park.”

  • Target: 800
  • Expert: 1,000

Part 3Edit

  • Ziggy: Hey girl. I’ve seen these people walking to and fro for days now. Those poor souls are in need for something.
  • Emily: My customers are in need of something?
  • Ziggy: Yep... the need a bit of Ziggy in their lives. I see it in their eyes. They could use a good dose of my fabulous guitar playing.
  • Emily: Fabulous? You spend all day on a bench, picking some strings.
  • Ziggy: Listen, what if I play a bit of music for your customers. It would make them happy and I’d finally have an audience.
  • Ziggy: Kind of a win-win situation.
  • Ziggy: And it would cost you mada, zilch.
  • Emily: A bit of entertainment is not such a bad idea.
  • Ziggy: Way to go. Ziggy won’t disappoint you.

Day 3Edit

“Ziggy can entertain the customers with his guitar.”

  • Target: 900
  • Expert: 1,100

Day 4Edit

  • Target: 1,000
  • Expert: 1,200

Part 4Edit

  • Francois: I know you’re a big short for money, Emily, but if I can give you one piece of advice: do something about the rotting deck.
  • Emily: You’re right. It looks pretty bad. After its fixed, I can put tables on it.
  • Francois: I’ll make sure it’s fixed right away. And if you want to change anything else, just give me a ring.

Day 5Edit

“With the new deck, we now have more room for tables.”

  • Target: 1,150
  • Expert: 1,300

Day 6Edit

  • Target: 1,250
  • Expert: 1,400

Part 5Edit

  • Ring, ring
  • Francois: Studio Francois for all your decoration and design.
  • Emily: Tell me Francois, since you’re not doing anything anyway, you could give me a hand tomorrow. Business is booming here.
  • Francois: You know my cooking skills, Emily. I wouldn’t even know what to do with an egg.
  • Emily: That’s why I was thinking of a special job for you. Even you can clear the tables.
  • Francois: *Sigh* I’ll be there tomorrow morning.

Day 7Edit

“Francois can’t cook, but he’s a champ at clearing the tables.”

  • Target: 1,300
  • Expert: 1,500

Day 8Edit

“It’s getting busier and busier. I wouldn’t make it without Francois and Ziggy.”

  • Target: 1,600
  • Expert: 1,800

Day 9Edit

  • Target: 1,800
  • Expert: 2,000

Day 10Edit

“If we make enough todsy, Uncle Antonio can open the bistro again.”

  • Target: 2,100
  • Expert: 2,250

Part 6Edit

  • Emily: Uncle Antonio, I think we now have enough money.
  • Antonio: I don’t know what to say...
  • Emily: If you open the bistro again, I’ll get rid of the stall.
  • Antonio: I’ll get on it right away. The bistro will open again tomorrow.
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