This is the third restaurant in Delicious 2.

Day 1

“Uncle Antonio is very happy that his Italian restaurant is open.”

  • Target: 900
  • Expert: 1,000

Day 2

  • Target: 1,200
  • Expert: 1,300

Day 3

  • Target: 1,300
  • Expert: 1,500

Part 1

  • Emily: Francois, I’m almost afraid to ask.
  • Francois: No, I don’t want to hear it!
  • Emily: But I really need your help. Nobody clears tables the way you do.
  • Francois: You know I can’t say no. But this is really the last time. I have a business to run as well.
  • Francois: Next time, find yourself another victim.
  • Emily: This is really the last time, I promise you.

Day 4

“I think this is really the last time I can call upon Francois.”

  • Target: 1,300
  • Expert: 1,500

Day 5

  • Target: 1,800
  • Expert: 2,000

Part 2

  • Emily: Uncle Antonio, I remeber you always used to play the violin.
  • Antonio: Oh my, that was so long ago. I’m wondering if I haven’t become quite rusty.
  • Emily: Why don’t you give it a go? What’s an Italian restaurant without romantic violin music?

Day 6

“I had forgotten how well Uncle Antonio plays the violin. The customers are swooning.”

  • Target: 1,900
  • Expert: 2,100

Day 7

  • Target: 2,000
  • Expert: 2,200

Day 8

  • Target: 2,100
  • Expert: 2,300

Part 3

  • Freddy: Well, wel,, still searching for a dime here and there?
  • Antonio: If you want to do business honestly, it’s going to take time and effort.
  • Freddy: Do you tell the bank that as well, when they get impatient?
  • Freddy: It won’t be long now, until you and the rest of your family close the joint.
  • Antonio: Please leave my place.
  • Freddy: It’s been a pleasure again, Antonio. Goodbye.
  • Emily: He’s only trying to scare you. Don’t listen to him.
  • Antonio: He’s right. The bank is calling me every day now. I won’t last much longer.
  • Emily: Just hang in there a bit longer. We’ll be alright.

Day 9

“I hope Uncle Antonio isn’t too upset by what Freddy Fries is saying.

  • Target: 2,200
  • Expert: 2,400

Day 10

“A bit longer and we will have made enough to also open the cafeteria.”

  • Target: 2,300
  • Expert: 2,500

Part 4

  • Antonio: If we can keep going on like this, we’ll soon be debt free.
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