This is the fourth restaurant in Emily's Wonder Wedding. After Emily decided to leave Ireland, and returned to Snuggford, Emily has to have a bouquet and a wedding dress at the same time, along with her suit for Patrick. Emily has tossed a penny into the well, and Patrick fell down into the well.

Episode 16: The Blackbird of Happiness (September 21st, 2012)Edit

Day 1Edit

  • Target: 1,450; Expert: 1,600
  • Meanwhile in the present-day wedding chapel...
  • Evelyn: And this is where you will be saying your vows. Isn't it perfect?
  • Brigid: I wouldn't say perfect, but it will do.
  • Evelyn: It still looks a little bare now, but that will change. We've taken care of everything!
  • Emily, Evelyn, and Brigid leave the chapel.
  • Brigid: Here we will do the reception. I've told them to use the special dinnerware and tablecloths.
  • Evelyn: They even have servers and sommeliers, how fancy is that?
  • "A-hem. Welcome."
  • Evelyn: Why are you alone? There were six of you last time I was here!
  • "They're all sick at home, with a cold."
  • Brigid: With this weather? It's a high summer!
  • "Yes. Very unfortunate."
  • Emily: If you'd like... I can help you out.
  • Evelyn: Emily, yo are here to get married, not to work!
  • Emily: I don't mind, Mom. Besides, keeping busy will help keep my mind off things.
  • Emily: I had such harsh words for Patrick in Ireland...
  • Evelyn: Emily, it's Patrick we're talking about. He'll be there.
  • Emily: He did make me a promise that we'd be together, forever...
  • Emily: That he wanted nothing more than to marry me...
  • "Chirp!"
  • Evelyn: Look, a magpie! If she finds a mate before your wedding, it will bring good luck!
  • Evelyn and Brigid leave the manor.


  • "Chirp!"
  • Emily: Looking for your mate took, huh?
  • Emily: Mine made a promise he'd be here, but... will he?
  • "Chirp! Chirp! Chirp chirp chirp chirp!"
  • Another magpie lands.
  • "Chirp!"
  • Emily: Two magpies!
  • Emily: This must be a good sign...

Day 2Edit

  • Target: 1,650; Expert: 1,850
  • Fresco enters the manor.
  • Emily: Fresco!
  • Emily and Fresco gave a hug.
  • Fresco: Emily, congratulations on your wedding! I'm not too late for the party, am I?
  • Emily: I'm not married yet, but you're a week early!
  • Fresco: Oh, in that case... can I help you with anything?
  • Emily: Well, now that you mention it... I could use a hand here at Snuggford Manor.
  • Fresco: After all you've done for me it's the least I can do!
  • Kate, Francois, Evelyn, Angela, and Brigid enter the manor.
  • Emily: Kate!
  • Emily gave Kate a hug.
  • Kate: Francois filled me in. Any word from my brother?
  • Emily: Not yet...
  • Emily: But he'll be here soon. His flight should land tonight.
  • Francois: Emily, we know things have been rough lately, but I think that's all the more reason to have...
  • Francois: ...a bachelorette party!
  • Emily: Oh, Francois, I appreciate it but-
  • Brigid: Oh, thank goodness! I'd much rather-
  • Emily: You know, on second thought, let's have that party after all.
  • Angela, Evelyn, Francois, and Kate had the presents.
  • Evelyn: Okay, everyone gather around! First party game- presents time!
  • Brigid left the manor, and Francois, Kate, Angela, and Evelyn enter the table.

During the dayEdit

  • Emily has to open the presents for Kate, Francois, Evelyn, and Angela.
  • Emily opens Evelyn's present. It contains a shirt earring.
  • Emily: Mom... that's a little too soon, don't you think?
  • Emily opens her sister Angela's present. It also contains Angela's perfume.
  • Emily: Angela, isn't this your favorite perfume?
  • Emily opens Francois' present. It contains Emily's dress.
  • Emily: Thanks, Francois. I didn't have this one yet.
  • Emily opens Kate's final present. It contains a portrait photo.
  • Emily: Thanks, Kate. I'll put it on my nightstand. Patrick will love it.


  • Emily: My dad is picking Patrick up from the airport, he'll be here soon.
  • Emily: I miss him so much.
  • Kate: Don't worry, he'll be here in a bit and then everything will be fine again.
  • Edward enters the manor.
  • Emily: Dad!
  • Emily: Where's Patrick?
  • Edward: I'm sorry, Emily, I waited and waited...
  • Edward: He wasn't on his flight!

Challenge 16: Fresco - Tri-customers onlyEdit

  • Emily has to check out three or more customers, 8 times in a go.
  • Requires 1,900 for Target, 2,350 for Expert.

Episode 17: Turning the Tide (September 28th, 2012)Edit

Day 1Edit

  • Target: 2,250; Expert: 2,400
  • Emily: I can't believe Patrick wasn't on his flight.
  • Francois: Maybe he missed his flight. You know how those Irish can drivers are...
  • Francois: I had one giving me a fifteen minute lecture about his favorite traffic light.
  • Evelyn and Edward enter the place.
  • Evelyn: Dear... May we talk to you for a moment?
  • Francois leave the place.
  • Evelyn: Your father and I are a bit concerned... what with the wedding coming soon and Patrick not here...
  • Edward: Are you sure we shouldn't postpone, Emily? Er... just for a few days, to give Patrick some time.
  • Fresco: You know, you could always give her a shilling, Evelyn.
  • Fresco: For the bride's mother to give the bride a shilling of her own is a powerful good luck charm.
  • Edward: Not another coin...
  • Evelyn: I'm afraid I can't... I spent all of them before leaving Ireland.
  • Emily: Could you look again, Mom? Please? For me?
  • Evelyn: Sigh... Of course, dear.
  • Edward and Evelyn leave the manor.


  • Evelyn enters the manor.
  • Emily: Did you find a shilling from our trip to Ireland?
  • Evelyn: Actually, I did not.
  • Evelyn: But I DID find an Irish shilling from my honeymoon, 34 years ago.
  • Evelyn: It was in our wedding album... Lucky I even remembered to look.
  • Emily: Lucky indeed, with this I'm sure Patrick will keep his promise to me!

Day 2Edit

  • Target: 2,650; Expert: 2,800
  • Emily: I buried that shilling just like you said, Fresco.
  • Fresco: Buried with it will be all your bad luck, believe me.
  • Fresco: I think Patrick will DEFINITELY be here in time for the wedding.
  • Emily: Thanks, Fresco.
  • Fresco: No problem!
  • The tourists and Jimmy enter the place.
  • Emily: What can I do for you, Jimmy?
  • Jimmy: I heard you was feelin' overwhelmed with all the weddin' plans and Patrick gettin' cold feet and all.
  • Jimmy: So I thought I'd help you out...
  • Jimmy: ...with the cake tasting.
  • Emily: Gee, how generous of you.
  • Jimmy: Ay, toots! Don't worry about it. Anything to help my sister-in-law.
  • Jimmy and the tourists sit at the table.

During the dayEdit

  • Emily has to serve cake to Jimmy.


  • Jimmy: Well, I've reached my verdict.
  • Emily: Oh?
  • Jimmy tastes the cake.
  • Jimmy: They all taste terrible!
  • Emily: Really? You could have fooled me.
  • Jimmy: Don't worry, toots! I'll be back tomorrow to help taste some more cake.
  • Emily: You know, I think I'll just do a cake assortment. Thanks anyway, Jimmy.
  • Jimmy and the tourists leave the manor. Evelyn enters the place.
  • Evelyn: Emily dear, we need to talk about your wedding cake.
  • Evelyn: We need to order it now if you want it on time for your wedding. Should we?
  • Emily: Yes, go ahead and order it.
  • Evelyn: Are you sure? I mean, what if Patrick doesn't show...
  • Emily: Uh-uh. He promised he'd be here. Besides, all the signs and omens have finally been pointing my way.
  • Evelyn: Well, if that's what you believe dear... I just hope you're right.
  • Evelyn leaves the manor. Emily sits at a table and thinks.
  • Emily: Maybe I should cancel the cake after all...
  • Emily goes back to the serving.

Challenge 17: Gillon & Bridin: Reservation callEdit

  • Emily has to reserve tables at the right moment without failing or missing a call.
  • Requires 2,200 for Target, 2,450 for Expert.

Episode 18: Long Distance Love Affair (October 5th, 2012)Edit

Day 1Edit

  • Target: 2,650; Expert: 2,900
  • During Emily was sleeping at the table, Francois enters the manor.
  • Francois: Emily? Have you been here all night?
  • Emily wakes up and stands.
  • Emily: Oh, Francois! Why isn't he here yet? I miss him so much.
  • Francois: Why don't you just go to Ireland?
  • Emily: I'm sure that if I go, he'll show up here. You'll see.
  • Emily: Besides, he made me a promise. I don't understand what's taking him so long...
  • Francois: Then why don't you call him?
  • Emily: Because...
  • Emily: You're right, Francois. I'll call him tonight!
  • Emily gave Francois a hug.


  • Emily: I'd better make that call now...
  • Emily makes a call.
  • Emily: IRIS?
  • Emily: Listen... Is Patrick around? Can you put him on the line?
  • Emily: No... he didn't make his flight.
  • Emily: No, I don't think it's odd that I can't find him. He probably just wanted to do some sight seeing.
  • Emily: Why? Is he with you?
  • Emily: Cut the games, Iris, just tell me.
  • Emily: What do yo mean you have to go? You'll call me tomorrow? Wait a-
  • Emily hangs up the phone.
  • Emily: He wouldn't be with her... would he?

Day 2Edit

  • Target: 3,100; Expert: 3,300
  • While Emily cleaning a table, Evelyn and Edward enter the place.
  • Evelyn: Emily, sweetheart... how are you feeling?
  • Emily: Honestly, I've been better.
  • Edward: I know something that might cheer you up.
  • Edward uses the magic wand to transform himself into the magic Edward.
  • He has the magic hat, and uses a magic wand to make Snuggy.
  • Evelyn: Edward, she's not a little girl anymore.
  • Emily: Thanks, Dad. I'm never too old for that.
  • Emily: Hey, maybe you could help me entertain the customers?
  • Emily: I'm expecting a few important calls today, so I need to keep an eye on the phone.
  • Edward: You got it sweetheart.
  • Edward is now the entertainer.

During the dayEdit

  • Emily has to answer the phone.
  • Emily answers the first time. She knows Iris.
  • Iris cries about Patrick.
  • Then, Emily speaks to Gillon.
  • Gillon was happy.
  • Next, Emily speaks to Flannery.
  • Flannery was scared.
  • Finally, Emily speaks to Ashling.
  • Ashling got a wish.


  • Edward transforms himself back to regular.
  • There was a last call for Emily. She picks it up.
  • Emily: Iris?... Iris, slow down...
  • Emily: Patrick didn't check out and Flannery found his stuff in our room?
  • Emily: Well... has anyone seen or heard from him?
  • Emily: Okay, just... call me when you hear something... all right. Thanks, Iris.
  • Emily hangs up the phone.
  • Emily: Well, at least he's not with Iris...
  • Emily: Patrick O'Malley where are you?

Challenge 18: Flannery - Balloons escapeEdit

  • Emily has to pop the escaped balloons fast enough to prevent a mess.
  • Requires 2,300 for Target, 2,450 for Expert.

Episode 19: "Dry" Run (October 12th, 2012)Edit

Day 1Edit

  • Target: 2,750; Expert: 2,950
  • Brigid and Kate enter the place.
  • Kate: Any word from Patrick?
  • Emily: No... how about you?
  • Brigid: Not a peep. He must really be enjoying himself.
  • Kate: Mom...
  • Kate: Emily, I know my brother. If he can make it here, he will.
  • Brigid: And then what? It's not like you can get married without a dress.
  • Emily: The wedding dress! I'd completely forgotten about it!
  • Emily: I'd better swing by the wedding shop tonight.
  • Brigid: Hmmph.
  • Brigid leaves the manor.
  • Kate: Oh, by the way there's a fifty-fifty chance of rain tomorrow during your rehearsal.
  • Emily: What?
  • Kate: No, you don't understand...
  • Kate: Rain on the day of your rehearsal is the best kind of luck you can have.
  • Kate leaves the manor.


  • Emily goes to cleaning the table during the rain. Francois enters the place.
  • Emily: Francois, can I ask a favor of you?
  • Francois: Sure! Name it.
  • Emily: Will you be my husband?
  • Francois: Cough! Cough!
  • Emily: I mean during the rehearsal. I need someone to stand in for Patrick... just in case.
  • Francois: THAT I can do.
  • Francois: Now let's go dress shopping! I've been looking forward to this the entire day.
  • Emily and Francois go to the wedding store. It has been changed, and they're wet.
  • Francois: Are you sure this was the place, Emily?
  • Emily: Yes! Absolutely!
  • "Ah, Emily. Are you here to buy chocolates? We have some great pralines, perfect for a wedding."
  • Emily: No... I need a dress! Where are all yor wedding dresses?
  • "Oh, I'm terribly sorry. After that horrible moth infestation, all of my dresses were ruined."
  • "So instead I'm selling chocolates! And let me tell you, they are absolutely DELICIOUS."
  • They're surprised and worried about it!

Day 2Edit

  • Target: 2,850; Expert: 3,330
  • The weather is still raining.
  • Kate: That storm is still raging outside.
  • Francois: They even say rain's expected all day and night, isn't that great?
  • Emily: Won't do me much good is I can't get a wedding dress soon.
  • Kate: I know where you can get one! My mom still has her old dress from when she got married.
  • Kate: I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you borrow it.
  • Emily: With all these good omens happening, Patrick will definitely keep his promise.
  • Francois and Kate leave the manor. Evelyn enters. There was a roof leaking from the ceiling.
  • Emily: Oh no!
  • Evelyn: Goodness gracious It's pouring out there, reminds me of our last night in Ireland.
  • Emily: Ireland... rain... wait a minute!
  • Emily: That's the last time I was together with Patrick! At the well, in Ireland!
  • Emily: That's where they should look for him!
  • Evelyn goes to pick up the water using a sponge and squeezes into the bucket.
  • Emily picks up the phone.
  • Emily: IRIS! Did anyone already look near the well?
  • Emily: Not yet? Because that's where I last saw Patrick!
  • Emily: You'll let me know? Thanks, Iris.
  • Emily hangs up the phone.

During the dayEdit

  • Emily has to empty the buckets by picking up and pouring into the bush.
  • After the last bucket, Evelyn leaves the manor.


  • The water is all picked up.
  • Evelyn: Emily, dear, the rehearsal is tonight... Are you sure you want to go through with it?
  • Evelyn: We could always postpone it, just until Patrick returns from Ireland.
  • Emily: Mom, I know it's hard to believe... but he made me a promise.
  • Emily: Let's go, I don't want to be late for my own wedding rehearsal.
  • Emily, Edward, and Evelyn leave the manor, going to the wedding rehearsal.
  • Edward, Emily, Evelyn, and he enter the chapel.
  • "Given that I need to leave a bit early, we're going to start with the vows, first..."
  • "...afterwards you can practice going through your paces."
  • "A-hem."
  • "Do you... er... um..."
  • "Emily, who is this? He doesn't look like Patrick."
  • Francois: I'm Francois, the substitute.
  • Emily: Long story.
  • "I see. Very well. Do you, um... Francois, take this-"
  • The big water dropped into Emily, Francois, and a man.
  • Brigid: The curse! It's back!
  • "Oh, my goodness, everyone out!"

Challenge 19: Desmond & Ashling - Extra helpEdit

  • Emily is just a waitress, and the staff is returned for her help!
  • Requres 2,350 for Target, 2,600 for Expert.
  • "There was nothing good on TV, so I want to try working again today."
  • Emily: Oh... In that case, can you help me prepare the food?

Episode 20: There Goes The Bride (October 19th, 2012)Edit

Day 1Edit

  • Target: 3,150; Expert: 3,400
  • Evelyn: She's been sitting there like that for hours. Someone has to talk to her!
  • Evelyn: Edward?
  • Edward: Er... um... perhaps I could try one of my magic tricks again...
  • Angela: Dad, she's too old for that.
  • Angela: I culd take her shopping, that always cheers me up.
  • Francois: Everyone, this is obviously Maid of Honor territory. I will figure out what to do.
  • The bird dropped a rose. Emily surprised! It stopped raining!
  • Emily: A rose!
  • Emily picks up a rose.
  • Evelyn: What's that dear?
  • Emily: It's a rose! Patrick used to bring them to my restaurant before we dated.
  • Emily: This must be a sign, they must have found him!
  • Evelyn: Er... sue, dear.
  • Angela, Evelyn, and Francois leave the manor.
  • Emily places a rose and picks up the call.
  • Emily: No one's answering the phone... I'll try again later.
  • Emily hangs up the phone.


  • Emily's cleaning a table.
  • Evelyn enters the place.
  • Evelyn: Emily dear, is now a good time to talk?
  • Evelyn: Are you really sure you want to go through with it?
  • Emily: Yes... I'm sure that they've found him. He'll keep his promise.
  • Emily: Two love birds building a nest, the rain, Patrick's rose...
  • Emily: Patrick will be here, I know he will!
  • Evelyn: Emily, please...
  • Emily: I'm sorry, mom, but my mind's made up... Patrick and I were meant for rech other, that's all there is to it.
  • Evelyn: Very well. If that's what you really want, we'll support you.
  • Edward and Evelyn leave the place. Francois enters.
  • Francois: All fired up for your wedding again?
  • EmilyL Yes! I just hope Kate is on time with the wedding dress...
  • Emily: ...but if need be, I'll even marry in these clothes!
  • Francois: Speaking of your marriage... You need something spectacular for the finale!
  • Choose Emily's Wedding Finale
Floral Fireworks Romantic Doves Beacons of Light
These floral fireworks put a florist's wedding in the right light. The doves from Emily's terrace now emphasize romance and love. These beacons fly with wishes from the guests attached to them.
Floral Fireworks Romantic Doves Beacons of Light
Emily: I love these floral fireworks, I’m sure Patrick will enjoy them as well! Emily: These look just like the doves from my terrace! I'll finally be able to put them to good use! Emily: Those beacons looks so romantic... I wouldn’t mind starting my marriage with so many well wishes!

Day 2Edit

  • Target: 3,050; Expert: 3,200
  • Francois: Today's the big day!
  • Emily gave Francois a hug.
  • Kate enters the place with a delivery.
  • Emily: Oh Francois, I can't wait!
  • Kate: Emily, I got the dress!
  • Francois opens up the box. There was a dress.
  • Emily: This doesn't even look like a dress!
  • Francois: Don't worry, your Maid of Honor will fix this.
  • Emily: Seriously?
  • Francois: Trust me, I know more about dresses than you do. Let's go!
  • Francois closes the box with a dress inside. Kate leaves the manor.
  • Emily picks up the phone again.
  • Emily: Still no one answering the phone... They're probably on their way here...
  • Emily hangs up the phone.

Duirng the dayEdit

  • Emily has to fit the dress by fixing the dress.


  • Edward: Okay, Emily! We'll see you at the church!
  • Edward heads out of the Snuggford Manor.
  • Emily wears a dress.
  • Francois: Well... I guess it's better than no dress at all...
  • Emily takes off a dress.
  • Emily: The key to a successful marriage is not about finding the perfect dress...
  • Emily:'s about making it work together.
  • Emily: The most important thing is that I'm getting married.
  • Francois: You ready?
  • Emily: As I'll ever be.

Back to the Present DayEdit

  • Edward and Emily enter the church. There are friends invited into the church, without invitations, nobody is here except Angela and Jimmy.
  • Edward kisses Emily!
  • Reverend Baylor: "A-hem."
  • Reverend Baylor: "Well..."
  • Reverend Baylor: "Owing to the uniqueness of this situation..."
  • Reverend Baylor: "...we'll start with the bride first."
  • Reverend Baylor: "Then pause to give the groom a chance to arrive."
  • Reverend Baylor: "Do you, Emily, take this man to be your lawfully wedded-"
  • Francois did the official check.
  • Francois: Stop the wedding! Patrick isn't coming!
  • Francois: He's still in Ireland, in the hospital!
  • Antonio, Edward, Evelyn, Brigid, Kate, Angela, and Jimmy are afraid!

Challenge 20: Iris - Leaky returnEdit

  • Emily has to keep the buckets from over-flowing by emptying the buckets in time.
  • Requires 2,000 for Target, 2,200 for Expert.
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Mortimer Beckett

Mortimer Beckett and the Time Paradox

Mortimer Beckett and the Secrets of Spooky Manor

Mortimer Beckett and the Crimson Thief

Mortimer Beckett and the Lost King

Mortimer Beckett and the Book of Gold

Kate O'Malley

Parker and Lane

Parker and Lane: Criminal Justice

Lily Parker, Victor Lane

Amber's Airline

Amber's Airline: High Hopes

Amber Hope

Hotel Ever After

Hotel Ever After: Ella's Wish

A modern Cinderella story based on animation.

Ella Centola

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