This is the sixth and a bonus restaurant in Emily's Wonder Wedding. After Emily and Patrick in a wedding ceremony was a victory, Emily and Patrick are ending off the park into the night.

Back before the marriage, Emily has left the penny behind.

Episode 26: Edwardo's Place

Day 1

  • Back in Emily's Terrace...
  • Patrick: Oh no! She forgot the penny!
  • Patrick: Edward, the penny! What should we do!?
  • Edward: You could send it by post or...
  • Patrick: We've got to go after them!
  • Edward: But... I can't just leave the restaurant...
  • Patrick takes a ride.
  • Patrick: Quick, get on my bike!
  • Edward: Wait! Hey Jimmy can you look after the terrace for as long as we're gone?
  • Jimmy: Sure Dad, will do. Not a problem.
  • Edward hops into the bike.
  • Jimmy wears a hat.
  • Jimmy: Now then... It's Jimmy-Time!
  • Now time goes at night. Entering Edwardo's Place.
  • Jimmy arrived at Edwardo's Place.
  • Edward: Holy-moly Jimmy, what happened here?
  • Jimmy: I welcome you to Edwardo's Place!
  • Edward: It looks, uhm... well, it's uh...
  • Jimmy: This will be great for business!
  • Jimmy: High five!
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