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This is the 1st episode of Emily's True Love. After the farmhouse was sold, Edward gives money to Emily and Angela, for them.


  • Delicious Emily's True Love
  • Emily is so excited with Francois.
  • He opens the box for Emily.
  • Emily has got a golden ruby ring!

Chapter 1: The Letter[]

Day 1[]

  • Target: 250; Expert: 450
  • Emily dreams about the heart ring.
  • Evelyn: Yoo-hooooo! Emily! We're down here, dear!
  • Emily stops dreaming. She heard Evelyn!
  • Emily: MOOOOM! Don't ruin my wedding!
  • Emily: Weddings... cake...
  • Emily: BREAKFAST!
  • Emily: Oh, my gosh! I overslept!
  • Emily runs downstairs.
  • The curtains raised up and Emily opens the door.
  • Patrick enters the place.
  • Evelyn and Edward enter the place.
  • Patrick: Good morning, Emily.
  • Emily: Morning, Patrick.
  • Edward places the pet on the floor, sat down and read the newspapers.
  • Patrick places flowers in each of the vases.
  • Evelyn: Emily! It's almost 8 a.m. and you just wake up?
  • Evelyn: What a way to run your own restaurant!
  • Evelyn goes to each table and cleans.
  • Emily: I guess I'm a little late this morning.
  • Emily: I'm sorry I had to cancel our date yesterday evening.
  • Patrick: It's ok, maybe next time.
  • Patrick: Oh, before I forget...
  • Patrick gives a rose to Emily.
  • Patrick: This one is for you.
  • Emily: Thank you, what a lovely rose.
  • Patrick: You're welcome. They were growing in my backyard, I just found them this morning.
  • Patrick: Funny how I, being a florist, never noticed them before.
  • Evelyn: You know, I've always said, 'Flowers are like people...
  • Evelyn: ... it's often the ones right under your nose that you fail to appreciate.'
  • Emily: Anyway...
  • Emily: I'll go over next week's order with you later?
  • Patrick: Oh... eh... talk to you then.
  • Patrick leaves the place.
  • Evelyn: So, he gave you a rose huh?
  • Emily: Mom!
  • Emily places the rose.

If you click Yes, play the tutorial. Otherwise, click No to skip and go to the "afterward" section.

  • Evelyn leaves the place.


  • Evelyn enters the place.
  • Evelyn: Will you join us for a healthy home-cooked meal?
  • Emily: No thanks Mom, I can take care of myself.
  • Evelyn and Edward leaves the place.
  • Emily closes the doors. She takes a rose upstairs.
  • Emily wakes up at night.
  • She goes to the refrigerator to find the food.
  • Emily: Ugh... not pizza again.
  • Emily closes the refrigerator and goes into bed.
  • Emily turns on the TV.
  • Emily goes to sleep. Good night, Emily!

Day 2[]

  • Target: 575; Expert: 975
  • The next morning, Evelyn delivers the letters.
  • Evelyn: Edward! You're not going to believe this! Look!
  • Edward: Looks like a love letter.
  • Edward: Who's 'Jean Paul'?
  • Evelyn: Emily's summer romance from 16 years ago! Don't you remember?
  • Evelyn: She was so in love with him, I was worried she'd go back to Paris!
  • Edward: I thought that was Angela.
  • Evelyn: No, it was Emily.
  • Evelyn: Anyway, the post office delivered it just now! Can you imagine, 16 years late?
  • Edward: Don't even think about opening it Evelyn.
  • Evelyn: Oh, I knew you'd say that!
  • Evelyn gets the letters out of the place.
  • Emily goes downstairs.
  • Emily: Oh no, I forgot to clean up last night.

During the day[]

  • Emily has to clean up the place.


  • Evelyn goes to the place.
  • Evelyn: Goodnight, dear!
  • Emily: A-hem!
  • Evelyn: Oh! Silly me, I almost forgot. A letter came for you Emily.
  • Emily: It's been opened.
  • Evelyn: Oh! A prankster must have let a hamster loose inside our mailbox. I hear that happens.
  • Emily has the letter.
  • Evelyn: What is it? What? What?
  • Emily: It's Jean Paul! He did write me back after all!

Chapter 2: I'm Getting Married![]

Day 3[]

  • Target: 1,350; Expert: 1,650
  • Patrick enters the place.
  • Evelyn: So... how you had a chance to read that letter yet?
  • Emily: I'm working up to it, Mom. How about you?
  • Evelyn: I told you, I thought it was the electric bill!
  • Emily: So it wasn't a hamster then?
  • Emily: Eeek! A mouse!
  • Edward: Now that's what I call a good catch, Patrick.
  • Patrick: Not a problem at all.
  • Patrick: You know where to find me.
  • Patrick: I hate to leave but I really should be going now.
  • Patrick: Catch you later?
  • Emily: Alligator.
  • Patrick leaves the place.
  • Emily: He's funny.
  • Evelyn: I'll help you with the cleaning.
  • Evelyn is now the cleaner.

Before the event[]

  • Emily places the letter.
  • Emily: C'mon, Emily! Whatever if says, it doesn't matter. It's ancient history.

During the event[]

  • "The Ferris Wheel turned, under a warn Paris night, I closed my eyes, I hugged you tight."
  • "Do you remember? How on a horse made crimson by the colors of the sunset, we made one rider?"
  • "And I felt that if I asked it sweetly enough. It would take us to our private world."
  • "Do you remember Emily, our first kiss? You wanted to see the Eiffel Tower- I only wanted to see you happy."
  • "Watching your train disappear, I was hollowed. Emily! Emily! I will wait forever! Come to Paris, my love! Hurry!

Love, Jean Paul."

After reading[]

  • Emily: So beautiful... so... romantic. If only I had gotten this letter sixteen years ago!


  • Edward: Goodnight, Emily!
  • Evelyn: Say, Emily... did you ever get a chance to read that-
  • Edward: Come along, Evelyn.
  • Evelyn and Edward leave the place.
  • Francois enters the place
  • Emily: Francois!
  • Emily gives Francois a hug.
  • Francois: Want to go to Roscoe's tonight? Lots of single guys hang out there after work...
  • Emily: Thanks, Francois, but I've get some more reading to do.
  • Francois: Reading?
  • Emily: Err... I'll see you tomorrow, okay? Have fun.
  • Francois leaves the place, and Emily shuts the door.
  • Emily gets back upstairs, and here's the night.
  • Emily's dreaming about Jean Paul.
  • Emily: Sigh...

Day 4[]

  • Target: 975; Expert: 1,275
  • Emily and Evelyn wipe the table.
  • Francois: So, get any good reading done last night?
  • Emily: Hm? Oh! Uh, it was just some... romance... sci-fi... er, mystery novel. Boring, actually.
  • Francois: Really? Because that sounds fascinating. What was it called?
  • Emily: The book? Uh... uh... 'Mystery of the Shirtless Astronaut'. Wouldn't recommend it.
  • Francois: You can't fool me, Emily! Let me see that!
  • Emily was so surprised when Francois took the letter.
  • Emily: Give me back my love letter!
  • Francois: Love letter? I'll give this back AFTER you share all the juicy details!
  • Francois heads to the right.


  • Francois and Evelyn goes back to cleaning.
  • Emily: Would you give me my letter back, please?
  • Francois: Okay, okay. At least tell me who it's from.
  • Emily: JEAN PAUL!
  • Francois: Jean Paul? Your summer love in France? That 'Jean Paul'?
  • Emily: Yes! His mother didn't approve of him having an American girlfriend.
  • Emily: I thought that was why he never wrote me back.
  • Emily: Turns out he DID reply after, all. He wants us to be together! Or at least, he did.
  • Francois: Oh, my gosh! Emily! You HAVE to go to Paris! This is a sign!
  • Francois: A wedding in Paris, how romantic.
  • Emily: Francois, this letter is dated sixteen years ago. We'd be strangers by now.
  • Emily: What kind of person marries someone they barely know?
  • Angela and Jimmy enter the place.
  • Angela: Hey, everyone, guess what?! I'm getting married!
  • Angela has a ring.

Chapter 3: The Dress Debate[]

Day 5[]

  • Target: 1,250; Expert: 1,650
  • Patrick enters the place.
  • Patrick: Good morning, Emily.
  • Emily: Hey, Patrick.
  • Patrick: Um... I know this is last minute, but a customer of mine gave me two tickets for the Sundance festival.
  • Emily: I would LOVE to Patrick, but I can't.
  • Patrick: Fine, I know someone else who does want to go.
  • Emily: Angela's having her wedding that day.
  • Patrick: Oh too bad... I mean, for you, not for her. Err... nevermind.
  • Emily: Maybe next time?
  • Patrick: Sure, that would be next year.
  • Patrick leaves the place, letting Emily go.
  • Emily dreams of Jean Paul.
  • Francois delivered the supplies.
  • Francois: So, Emily, I was thinking we could add a few things to the breakfast menu.
  • Emily: Mmm... Whatever you say, Francois.
  • Francois: Like... French toast... French croissants maybe... some French onion soup?
  • Emily: Sure... whatever. That sounds-
  • Emily: Very funny, Francois.
  • Francois: Emily, Paris is your destiny. How many chances at true love can one person get?
  • Emily: Francois, my life is here. I can't just move to Paris because of an old letter.

Before the event[]

  • Angela and Jimmy enter the place.
  • Angela: Mooooom! Are you ready to go dress shopping?
  • Evelyn: Are you kidding? I've been waiting for this my entire life!
  • Evelyn: Finally, one of my daughters is getting married!
  • Angela: Emily, I told Jimmy you'd take extra good care of him. He's a big eater.
  • Jimmy: Ay, I heard you was a good cook! How about a little free sample? I'm starvin'!
  • Edward: Don't worry, I'll help out in the meantime.

During the feed[]

  • Emily has to feed Angela's upcoming spouse, Jimmy.

After feeding Jimmy[]

  • Jimmy: Eh... I guess yer cookin's alright. Nothing to write home about, but not bad.
  • Emily: Of all the ungrateful-
  • Suddenly, Francois turned into a costume.
  • Francois does the pose.
  • Emily: Nice try, Francois, but I'm still not going to Paris.


  • Evelyn and Angela enter back into the place.
  • Evelyn: There, there Angela! It'll be alright!
  • Angela: Nothing ever works out for me! Ever!
  • Edward: What's wrong?
  • Angela: Jimmy, my one true love... I can't find a wedding dress anywhere! We have to postpone!
  • Francois goes to Angela.
  • Jimmy: Ay... buttercup!
  • Jimmy took the rose from Francois to Angela.
  • Jimmy: I know a tailor, trust me, he's gonna hook us up. Forget about it!
  • Angela was so happy that Angela has a rose by Jimmy.
  • Angela: I knew you'd think of something, snookum-wookums!
  • Jimmy leaves the place.
  • Angela: Isn't he wonderful?
  • Angela leaves the place.

Day 6[]

  • Target: 1,170; Expert: 1,420
  • Emily was on her bed, reading the letter.
  • Emily reads: Do you remember? How on a horse made crimson by the colors of the sunset, we made one rider?
  • Emily dreams about a horse rider with Jimmy.
  • Emily goes downstairs to the first floor.
  • Emily:Morning, Francois.
  • Emily: What are you up to?
  • Francois: Just helping out with the cleaning for Angela's reception.
  • Emily: Ah, that's nice of you.
  • Emily takes a sip of coffee.
  • Evelyn and Francois enter the place. There was a sudden of coffee malfunction.
  • Emily: WHAT?!
  • Francois: Jimmy thought it would be a nice gesture of you to throw them a reception.
  • Emily: I thought he 'knew a guy' who could cut them a deal.
  • Francois: Well, apparently you're 'the guy'.
  • Francois wore the outfit for the entertainer.


  • Chuck enters the place with a gift.
  • Evelyn: Gasp! The wedding dress is here!
  • Francois takes off the outfit.
  • Chuck places the gift.
  • Evelyn signs it.
  • Evelyn opens the gift that has a wedding dress.
  • Francois: It's hideous!
  • Emily: It's white!
  • Evelyn: Emily! Francois! It's... it's very sweet of Jimmy to... oh, my goodness, if it's hideous!
  • Edward: Not to mention way too big for her.
  • Evelyn: We can't let Angela see the dress like this! It will crush her. No one say a word!

Chapter 4: The Big Day[]

Day 7[]

  • Target: 1,200; Expert: 1,500
  • Patrick enters the place.
  • Emily: Thanks, Patrick. They look beautiful, as always.
  • Patrick: You're very welcome.
  • Emily: Trying to butter up your best customer, is that it?
  • Patrick: Something like that. Say, Emily... I was thinking... um... er...
  • Patrick: Er... um... would you like me to make a wedding bouquet for your sister?
  • Evelyn: That is so sweet of you Patrick, thank you!
  • Emily: I'm sure she'd love that, Patrick. Thank you!
  • Patrick leaves the place.
  • Edward: I'll help you out again today.
  • Evelyn: Emily, I need to alter the dress. Can you put it on for me?
  • Emily: I don't know, Mom.
  • Evelyn: Please dear, it won't take long. Just throw it on over your clothes between orders.

During the dress[]

  • Emily has to get dressed fit by Evelyn. She’ll need to take some time to let Evelyn fit Emily’s dress.

After the dress[]

  • Evelyn: Just one more minute dear, then we'll be finished, I promise.
  • Patrick enters again.
  • Patrick: Wow... h- here you are, Emily.
  • Patrick gave the bouquet for Emily.
  • Emily: Oh, this is Angela's dress. Mom's trying to fix it before Angela sees it the first time.
  • Emily: Patrick?
  • Patrick: Oh... uh...
  • Patrick: No... it's really nice. You- I mean, Angela, is going to look really beautiful.
  • Patrick leaves the place.
  • Evelyn: There, all done!
  • Emily takes off Angela's dress.
  • Evelyn: I'll just bring these upstairs.
  • Evelyn brings the bouquet and dress upstairs.


  • Edward: Here they come!
  • Jimmy and Angela enter the place.
  • Evelyn: You can't be here Jimmy, Angela is going to fit the dress.
  • Evelyn: The groom can't see the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding.
  • Jimmy: Anything for my dear, sweet ma-in-law, eh? I'll be at the bar, sweet potato.
  • Jimmy leaves the place.
  • Evelyn: Let's try on that dress, shall we dear?
  • Angela wore a dress from the outfit.
  • Angela was happy with the dress.
  • Angela: Oh, my gosh! I look amazing! I knew Jimmy would come through! Isn't he great?
  • Evelyn: A prince!
  • Emily: Yeah, right. The prince of darkness, maybe.
  • Angela: Emily, I know it's hard seeing your little sister get married...
  • Angela: ...that's why I want you to be my Maid of Honor! What do you say?
  • Angela: Please say, 'yes!'
  • Emily: Yay?

Day 8[]

  • Target: 1,300; Expert: 1,500
  • Evelyn: It's here, the wedding day is here! And before we know it... grandchildren!
  • Emily: Jeez, Mom! Give them some time, they're not even married yet!
  • Evelyn: Why should they wait? It's not like Jim's getting any younger!
  • Evelyn: Now, let's get to work so we can close up early!
  • Edward sits down on the couch, reading a newspaper.


  • Evelyn: Finally! This day took forever! Let's get ready to go to the chapel!
  • Edward gets up, and Evelyn and Edward leave the place.
  • Emily: Sigh... Let's go, Francois.
  • Patrick enters the place.
  • Emily: Patrick!
  • Patrick: Hey, Emily. Is Angela around? I wanted to congratulate her.
  • Emily: No, she's already at the chapel, getting all stressed out.
  • Kate enters the place. Meet Kate O'Malley, Patrick's baby sister.
  • Kate: Patrick! There you are! Ready for the Sundance festival?
  • Emily: Who is-
  • Emily: I see. I- I have to go, the wedding...
  • Patrick: Okay... have fun, Emily.
  • Emily and Francois leave the place, going to the wedding chapel.
  • Patrick: C'mon sis, let's go.
  • Patrick and Kate leave the place.
  • Evelyn, Edward, Emily, Angela, and Jimmy enter the place, will all dressed up.
  • Francois, and all others come to the place.
  • Jimmy: Alright, everybody! It's open bar! On the house!
  • Emily: What?!
  • Evelyn: Okay, girls... get ready to catch the bouquet!
  • "You seem sweet, bit if you get between me and this bouquet I'll crush you, understand?"
  • Angela: Here it comes!
  • Angela throws a bouquet to one of the girls and Emily caught the bouquet.
  • Evelyn: Oh, thank goodness!

Chapter 5: The Decision[]

Day 9[]

  • Target: 1,425; Expert: 1,850
  • Evelyn: Emily! Yoo hoo!
  • Emily sleeps in the bed with her pink dress and her bouquet.
  • Emily: Mooom! I want to stay here in Paris...
  • Emily: Paris... croissants...
  • Emily: BREAKFAST!
  • Emily: Oh, my gosh! I overslept, again!
  • Emily runs downstairs with her bouquet. She quickly opens the door.
  • Evelyn and Patrick enter the place. Patrick places flowers.
  • Evelyn: Emily, don't tell me you overslept again! Look who's here, darling.
  • Emily: Mom, you have your own key. Why don't you just let yourself in?
  • Evelyn: Do it? I suppose I forgot.
  • Evelyn went to clean the tables.
  • Patrick: Morning, Emily... I see you ended up with the bouquet. It looks good on you.
  • Emily: Er... thanks, how was the festival yesterday?
  • Patrick: It was fun, we had a great time.
  • Emily: I'm sure you did
  • Patrick: Uh... right... see you tomorrow.
  • Emily: Yes, see you tomorrow.
  • Emily goes back upstairs to take off her pink dress and places a bouquet, and she wears back her normal style.
  • Evelyn: Well, I suppose we should clean up all these wedding decorations...
  • Evelyn: ...of course, we may want to save some, you never know when we'll need them again.
  • Edward: That's enough, Evelyn.
  • Evelyn: Well, we don't want to be wasteful.
  • Edward: I understand, dear, but let's have that be the last of it for now, okay?

During the day[]

  • Emily has to recycle the trash. She'll need to find 9 places and place it in the correct bin.


  • Emily is tired.
  • Emily: Mom, would you mind locking up when you leave? I'm kinda tired.
  • Evelyn: Of course, dear. Take care of yourself.
  • Francois: I'll do the cleaning up tonight, don't worry.
  • Evelyn and Edward leave the place, locking the door. Emily goes back upstairs.
  • Emily sat on the sofa and reads the letter.
  • Emily reads: Do you remember Emily, our first kiss? You wanted to see the Effiel Tower- I only wanted to see you happy.
  • Emily loves the letter. She dreams of Jean Paul and Emily the first kiss.
  • Francois enters upstairs.
  • Emily: Bumping into Patrick's new date yesterday kept me awake all night.
  • Emily: The letter, the bouquet, the wedding... You were right, Francois. They were all signs.
  • Francois: I knew it! Paris, here we come! I'll get our bags packed-
  • Emily: I love you Francois, but this is something I need to do by myself.
  • Emily: Besides, I need you to look after the restaurant for me.
  • Francois: Are you sure, Emily?
  • Emily: Absolutely. What's the worst that could happen, huh?
  • Emily and Francois had a hug.

Day 10[]

  • Target: 1,350; Expert: 1,600
  • Francois sleeps in the bed.
  • Evelyn: Yoo hooo! Emily! We're down here!
  • Francois: Mooom! Use the bathroom downstairs. I'm not done moisturizing!
  • Francois: Moisturizing... clean pores... avoiding greasy foods...
  • Francois: BREAKFAST!
  • Francois takes off the moisturizing mask. He goes down stairs.
  • Edward and Evelyn enter the place.
  • Edward: Morning, Francois. Where's Emily?
  • Francois: She's um... not feeling well.
  • Evelyn: I'll go check on her.
  • Francois: No! ...er... you better not. She's uh... doing yoga... in the bathtub... naked!
  • Francois rushes upstairs to take off the outfit, and wears back the normal style.
  • Edward: Know what, I'll help you out today.
  • Edward has the instrument. He wears a paper hat.

During the day[]

  • Francois runs the place while Emily isn't feeling well, or she's gone somewhere...


  • Evelyn: At last! Now I can check on Emily.
  • Patrick enters the place.
  • Francois: No! Wait! You can't!
  • Edward: What's going on here, Francois?
  • Francois: 'Going on?' Nothing! Honest! Emily's just... uh... she's with a man!
  • Evelyn: Oh, please! We're talking about Emily, here.
  • Edward: I didn't want to do this, Francois. But you forced my hand!
  • Edward tickles Francois.
  • Francois: Stop tickling me!
  • Edward, Evelyn, and Patrick enters the upstairs.
  • Evelyn reads a letter.
  • Evelyn: She's gone, Edward! Gone to Paris! WITHOUT HER MOTHER!
  • Edward and Evelyn leave the place, going to the Terminal.
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Wei Man Chong/滿寵, Xun You/荀攸, Cao Xiu/曹休, Li Dian/李典, Cao Ren/曹仁, Yue Jin/樂進, Pang De/龐徳, Cai Wenji/蔡文姫, Zhang He/張郃, Dian Wei/典韋, Yu Jin/于禁, Xu Chu/許褚, Zhang Liao/張遼, Xu Huang/徐晃, Jia Xu/賈詡, Xun Yu/荀彧, Wang Yi/王異, Cao Pi/曹丕, Zhenji/甄姫, Cao Cao/曹操, Guo Jia/郭嘉, Xiahou Dun/夏侯惇, Xiahou Yuan/夏侯淵
Wu Two Qiaos (Xiaoqiao/小喬, Daqiao/大喬), Sun Ce/孫策, Zhou Yu/周瑜, Sun Jian/孫堅, Lu Xun/陸遜, Sun Quan/孫権, Sun Shangxiang/孫尚香, Ling Tong/凌統, Huang Gai/黄蓋, Gan Ning/甘寧, Taishi Ci/太史慈, Zhou Tai/周泰, Lu Meng/呂蒙, Xu Sheng/徐盛, Cheng Pu/程普, Ding Feng/丁奉, Bu Lianshi/步練師, Han Dang/韓當, Zhu Ran/朱然, Lu Su/魯肅
Shu Liu Bei/劉備, Guan Yu/關羽, Zhang Fei/張飛, Zhao Yun/趙雲, Zhuge Liang/諸葛亮, Zhou Cang/周倉, Guan Yinping/關銀屏, Bao Sanniang/鮑三娘, Liu Shan/劉禪, Guan Xing/關興, Zhang Bao/張苞, Fa Zheng/法正, Ma Dai/馬岱, Pang Tong/龐統, Huang Yueying/黄月英, Xu Shu/徐庶, Wei Yan/魏延, Huang Zhong/黄忠, Guan Ping/關平, Ma Chao/馬超, Jiang Wei/姜維, Guan Suo/關索, Xingcai (星彩)
Jin Sima Yi/司馬懿, Xin Xianying/辛憲英, Zhuge Dan/諸葛誕, Sima Zhao/司馬昭, Wen Yang/文鴦, Guo Huai/郭淮, Deng Ai/鄧艾, Zhang Chunhua/張春華, Zhong Hui/鍾會, Jia Chong/賈充, Sima Shi/司馬師, Wang Yuanji/王元姫, Xiahou Ba/夏侯覇
Other Forces Diaochan/貂蟬, Lu Bu/呂布, Dong Zhuo/董卓, Yuan Shao/袁紹, Zhang Jiao/張角, Meng Huo/孟獲, Zhurong/祝融, Zuo Ci/左慈, Chen Gong/陳宮, Lu Lingqi/呂玲綺
Disney Princesses (in progress)
Elsa, Anna Bjorgman, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Sofia, Snow White, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Tiana, Moana, Aurora, Fa Mulan, Merida, Pocahontas
Snow White franchise Snow White/Margaretha von Waldeck
Cinderella franchise Original Queen Cinderella, Prince/King Charming, Chad Charming, Lady Tremaine, Fairy Godmother, Drizella Tremaine, Anastasia Tremaine
Dreams Come True
A Twist in Time
Sleeping Beauty franchise Aurora, Prince Phillip
The Little Mermaid franchise Original Queen Ariel of Atlantica, Prince Eric, Flounder, Sebastian
Return to the Sea
Ariel's Beginning
Beauty and the Beast Belle, Beast, Cogsworth, Gaston, LeFou, Chip
Aladdin Jasmine of Agrabah, Prince Aladdin
Pocahontas franchise Original Pocahontas, John Rolfe
Journey to a New World
Mulan franchise Original and sequel Fa Mulan, Li Shang
The Princess and the Frog Original Queen Tiana of Maldonia, Prince Naveen of Maldonia, Charlotte La Bouff
Tiana: The Series
Tangled Original film Queen Rapunzel Fitzherbert of Corona, Eugene Fitzherbert/Flynn Rider
Tangled: Ever After
Before Ever After Cassandra
Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure
Sofia the First series Princess Sofia, Princess Amber
Brave Merida of DunBroch
Frozen series Queen Anna Bjorgman of Arendelle, Queen Elsa Frost of Arendelle (aka Elsa Frost of Northuldra), Kristoff Bjorgman, Prince Hans Westergaard of the Southern Isles, Olaf, Sven
Moana Original Chief Moana Waialiki of Montunui
The Series
Raya and the Last Dragon Raya
Original Princess Cinderella, Chad Charming, Princess Aurora, Princess Audrey, Princess (later Queen) Belle, Auradon, Ben, Lonnie, Fa Mulan, Li Shang
Mal, Evie, Carlos, Jay, Uma, Dizzy, Celia, Jane, Harry
Other animated characters
The Incredibles Series Original Elastigirl/Helen Parr, Mr. Incredible/Bob Parr, Violet Parr, Dash Parr, Jack-Jack Parr
Two Frozone, Voyd, Krushauer, Helectrix
Despicable Me series Original Felonius Gru, Vector Hawkins, Margo Gru, Edith Gru, Agnes Gru
Despicable Me 2 Lucy Gru (née Wilde), Dr. Nefario, Eduardo “El Macho” Perez, Antonio Perez
Despicable Me 3 Balthazar Bratt
Toy Story series Original Sheriff Woody Pride, Buzz Lightyear, Hamm, Sarge, Bo Peep
Two Jessica Jane Pride/Jessie
Big Hero 6 Baymax, Hiro Hamanda, GoGo Tomago, Honey Lemon
Wreck-It Ralph Series Original Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun, Fix-It Felix, Jr., Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope von Schweetz, King Candy, Taffyta Muttonfudge, Crumbelina DiCaramello, Gloyd Orangeboar, Adorabeezle Winterpop, Minty Zaki, Snowanna Rainbeau, Rancis Fluggerbutter, Jubileena Bing-Bing, Swizzle Malarkey, Candlehead, Sour Bill, Zangief, Surge Protector,
Ralph Breaks the Internet Yesss, Spamley
Star Wars Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa, Darth Vader
Mr. Peabody & Sherman Mr. Peabody, Sherman, Penny Peterson
Kingdom Hearts
Main American The Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie), LayCool (Michellle McCool), Doug Flutie, Barbie Blank Coba (Kelly Kelly), Jennifer Lopez, Anna Kendrick, Anne Hathaway, Cyndi Lauper, Auli'i Cravalho, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski, Amy Schumer, Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts, Sofia Margarita Vergara, Ariel Winter Workman, Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Landry Bender, Lauren Taylor, Miranda Cosgrove, Dana Gaier, Sabrina Carpenter, Bailee Madison, Mindy Kaling, Amy Poehler, Joanna Stern, Mindy Kaling, Katie Lowes, Carrie Underwood, Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jennifer Aniston, Grace Atwood, Kristen Wiig, Mandy Moore, Emma Stone, Jerry Springer, Sarah Kate Silverman
British Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex
Chinese Vicki Zhao Wei (趙薇), Yang Mi (杨幂), Zhou Xun (周迅), Fan Bingbing (范冰冰), Tiffany Tang Yan (唐嫣), Angelababy, Eva Huang Shengyi (黄圣依), Faye Wong (王菲), Yao Chen (姚晨), Fala Chen (陳法拉), Emily Chen Zi Han (陈紫函), Ceceila Liu Shishi (刘诗诗), Gao Yuanyuan (高圆圆), Liu Tingyu (刘庭羽)
Taiwanese Ruby Lin Xinru (林心如), Ady An Yi-xuan (安以軒), Joe Chen Qiao-en (陳喬恩), Ivy Chen Yi-han (陳意涵), Lin Chi-Ling (林志玲), Ariel Lin Yi-chen (林依晨), Jolin Tsai Yi-Lin (蔡依林), Cyndi Wang Xin Ling (王心凌), Michelle Chen Yanxi (陳妍希), Shu Qi (舒淇), Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛), Nicky Wu (吳奇隆), Vanness Wu (吳建豪), Wallace Huo (霍建華)
Hong Kong Twins (Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼), Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍), Kelly Chen (陳慧琳), Joey Yung (容祖兒), Jinny Ng (吳若希), William Chan (陳偉霆), Candy Lo (羅霖)
Japanese Miho Ohashi (大橋未歩), AKB48, Miyuki Komatsu (小松みゆき)
Norwegian Alan Walker
Others Denmark