Part 1Edit

  • Emily: I'm feeling a little nervous - I've never been my own boss before.
  • Emily: But lots of hard work will make the tea garden a success.

Day 1Edit

“It’s finally complete. Even in my dreams it didn’t look as beautiful as this.”

  • Target: 1,100
  • Expert: 1,300

Part 2Edit

  • Emily: Hi, Francois. Why are you so down?
  • Francois: I have a confession - I accidentally told Brad that I wasn't really your boyfriend. Me and my big mouth!
  • Emily: I'm sure you didn't mean any harm. I should have been honest with him all along. I'll apologize to him later.
  • Francois: Still, I'd like to help you out with the tea garden.
  • Emily: Thanks, Francois.

Day 2Edit

“Francois has already been really supportive, yet he still wants to help out some more.”

  • Target: 1,200
  • Expert: 1,400

Part 3Edit

  • Emily: Hi, Francois. Would you really like to help me out?
  • Francois: Of course. Do you want me to clear your tables for you?
  • Emily: I want to be my entertainment.
  • Francois: Thank you, Emily. I've always wanted the chance to perform my pipes in public.

Day 3Edit

  • Target: 1,300
  • Expert: 1,500

Day 4Edit

“I never knew Francois could play the pan flute so well.”

  • Target: 1,400
  • Expert: 1,600

Part 4Edit

  • Emily: Ms. Sleezley, are you here as a customer?
  • Ms. Sleezley: Most certainly not! I'm here to tell you the Restaurant Inspector will be dropping by over the next few days.
  • Emily: You're very kind to give me advance warning - I'll make double sure that everything runs smoothly.
  • Ms. Sleezley: What?! That's not what I...
  • Emily: Be sure to come again, now.
  • Ms. Sleezley: I... why you... Really!

Day 5Edit

“I must make sure my restaurant is top class. I don’t want to lose the tea garden after all my efforts.”

  • Target: 1,500
  • Expert: 1,700

Day 6Edit

  • Target: 1,600
  • Expert: 1,800

Part 5Edit

  • Brad: Hi, Emily.
  • Emily: Brad, it's great to see you. I'm ever so sorry about our misunderstanding. I should have never deceived you.
  • Brad: That's okay... I should be thanking you.
  • Emily: Why? It was my fault.
  • Brad: You made me think - and I'm not exactly the kind of thing I'm used to.
  • Brad: For too long I've been obsessed with myself, so I'm going back to college, part time, to make amends.
  • Emily: Cool! I have a feeling you'll do great.
  • Brad: I'll see you around. Perhaps we can have a coffee sometime...
  • Emily: Perhaps so...

Day 7Edit

“I’m glad that Brad isn’t angry with me, now.”

  • Target: 1,700
  • Expert: 1,900

Day 8Edit

  • Target: 1,800
  • Expert: 2,000

Part 6Edit

  • Ms. Sleezley: The Restaurant Inspector has finished her inspection. She'll be delivering the report to her superiors tomorrow.
  • Emily: I never expected the bank to offer such a complete and thoughtful service.
  • Ms. Sleezley: Don't be clever with me! You could find yourself shut down before the final payment is due.
  • Emily: I'm sure that won't happen after all my hard work.
  • Ms. Sleezley: You optimists always spoil my fun.

Day 9Edit

“I really hope the inspection went well; my customers seem to love the tea garden.”

  • Target: 2,000
  • Expert: 2,200

Day 10Edit

  • Target: 2,200
  • Expert: 2,400


  • Emily: Hi, Ms. Sleezley. I have the final installment for you.
  • Ms. Sleezley: This can't be happening! Taking this payment is my finsl task here?
  • Emily: Are you leaving the bank?
  • Ms. Sleezley: You impressed the Restaurant Inspector so much she reported me to my superiors for trying to cause trouble.
  • Ms. Sleezley: The idiots decided I wasn't fit to be a bank manager and fired me!
  • Emily: Oh, no! What a dreadful situation. If I can help in any way...
  • Ms. Sleezley: Help?! Why would I want your help?
  • Emily: I have the perfect hebal situation to relieve your stress.
  • Francois: All your hard work was paid off, Emily.
  • Emily: Yes, Francois. Owning my Tea Garden feels truly delicious.
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