This is the 5th and final episode of Emily's Taste of Fame.


  • Shortly after Francois and Emily left the TV studio and returned to the car and left the city, they past the candy shop, going to the fair.
  • Then, they arrived at the Snuggford Fair.

Day 1Edit

  • Target: 800; Expert: 1,200
  • Emily and Francois enter the fair..
  • Emily: I'm so glad we got away from the TV studio...
  • Francois: ...Emily?...
  • Emily; feels great to be back in Snuggford...
  • Francois: ...Emily?...
  • Emily: ...and now we can even enjoy the Town Fair...
  • Francois: EMILY!
  • Emily: Yes?
  • Francois: Look around, isn't something missing?
  • Emily: Where is everyone?
  • Francois: Ah, you noticed.
  • Maggie: "Hey, Emily, right?"
  • Emily: Yes, and you're the lady who lost her pearls.
  • Maggie: Call me Maggie.
  • Emily: Maggie, where are all the people?
  • Maggie: It's so sad.
  • Maggie: Because of city cutbacks, we weren't able to hire anyone to operate the stands.
  • Maggie: I should have seen this coming; I'm the mayor, you see...
  • Emily: Coudn't we help out?
  • Maggie: I know it's a lot to ask after all you did for this town, but...
  • Emily: Sure, we'd love to!
  • Maggie: Really? You don't know what that means to everyone!
  • Emily: Let's get started then!!!!
  • Maggie leaves the place, letting Emily go.

Day 2Edit

  • Target: 1,100; Expert: 1,400
  • Maggie enters the fair.
  • Emily: Hey Maggie, did you see the crowd yesterday?
  • Emily: Things have been going very well...
  • Maggie: They've been going TOO well.
  • Emily: What do you mean?
  • Maggie: If we keep being this successful, we'll run out of products before tomorrow morning.
  • Emily: Oh no!!!
  • Emily thinks and had an idea.
  • Emily: We could hold a fundraiser.
  • Francois: Maybe you could even sing to raise a little money.
  • Maggie: Sounds like a great idea!!! I'll spread the word.
  • Emily: You know I don't sing in front of people!
  • Francois: Now is as good a time as any to learn.

During the dayEdit

  • Few seconds later after the trophy: Emily makes a mystery ding.
  • Emily has to make 1500 funds by singing.


  • Emily: We did it!!! We have enough money to keep the fair open till next week.
  • Francois gave a clap to Emily.
  • Francois: You did a great job, Em.

Day 3Edit

  • Target: 1,300; Expert: 1,800
  • Maggie enters the fair.
  • Maggie: We're getting FIREWORKS!!!!
  • Emily: Fireworks?
  • Maggie: Yes, I was talking to the supplier and he knew you from television.
  • Maggie: He decided to sponsor us.
  • Emily: It's a strange coincidence, but I have some fireworks too.
  • Emily: A stranger kept coming them to me whenever I accomplished something special.
  • Maggie: Well, the more, the better.
  • Maggie: Bill, my husband, will be bringing the packages today.
  • Emily: Your husband?
  • Maggie: Yes, you've met him...
  • Maggie: ...better yet, you saved his life.
  • Emily: You've married to the postman?
  • Maggie: Yes, have been for quite some time.
  • Maggie: So, can you accept those fireworks packages?
  • Emily: Sure, no problem.

During the dayEdit

  • Emily accepts 12 firework packages from Postman Bill.

Day 4Edit

  • Target: 1,500; Expert: 2,000
  • Betty, Elvis and the tourists enter the fair. Guess who's back?
  • Betty: I heard you were back.
  • Emily: Betty! How have you been doing?
  • Betty: I got married to Elvis!!!
  • Betty and Elvis are married.
  • Elvis does the trick.
  • Emily: Congratulations!
  • Betty: Thank you.
  • Betty: But that's not why we're here.
  • Betty: I hope you are well-rested.
  • Emily: Why?
  • Betty: Because of the annual eating contest, of course.
  • Emily: Annual eating contest? Francois?
  • Francois: I didn't know.
  • Betty: Just keep the food coming and you'll be fine.
  • Betty and Elvis sit on a table, starting the contest.

During the dayEdit

  • Emily has 5.5 minutes in the contest.
  • Few minutes later...


  • Emily: ...and the winner is Betty!!!
  • Betty: I just beat all the boys.
  • Emily: Not only that, but you've also won two tickets to Getaway Islands.
  • Betty: Really?
  • Betty: Tom...I mean...Elvis and I can then have a real honeymoon.
  • Elvis does the trick again.
  • The tourists leave the fair.
  • Following after that, Elvis and Betty leaving the fair, letting Emily go at a normal time.

Day 5Edit

  • Target: 1,400; Expert: 1,800
  • Ted: ...and here we are: the Snuggford Fair.
  • Ted: This is where Emily last seen.
  • Emily goes to Ted, the Co-Host.
  • Ted: And there she is...
  • Emily: Hi, Ted.
  • Emily: You're not here to take me back to the studio, are you?
  • Ted: No, I'm here for an item for my show "Ted Dorton's Taste of Fame".
  • Ted: We're looking into your story from beginning to end.
  • Emily: I don't know what to tell you.
  • Ted: Let's start at the end. Why did you leave your life of fame?
  • Emily: I love cooking, making people happy with the products I make...
  • Emily: ...on TV it's all about commercials, gimmicks, and selling stuff.
  • Emily: It wasn't the life for me.
  • Ted: Would it be ok if I stay here to interview some of the people you've met in Snuggford?
  • Emily: Sure, I'll point them out for you.

During the dayEdit

  • Ted has 3 interviews for Emily.
  • Mo and Tashi came to the fair.
  • Ted: How do you two know Emily?
  • Mo: Emily stayed on my farm, while I was fixing her car...
  • Mo: ...while she was there, she fixed up my farm...
  • Tashi: ...and she was the one that brought us together.
  • Ted: There you have it, folks! Emily is Snuggford's own little Cupid.
  • Mo and Tashi leave the fair.
  • Maggie and Bill are at the fair.
  • Ted: How do you two know Emily?
  • Maggie: I don't think you have enough tape in that camera for all the good things Emily has done for us.
  • Maggie: She found my pearls after I lost them.
  • Maggie: She helped raise the money for the Snuggford Fair,
  • Bill: Don;t forget that she saved my life when I was choking on a waffle.
  • Bill: Did I say waffle...?
  • Bill: ...I meant salad.
  • Maggie: Sure you did.
  • Ted: Would you say Emily is your hero?
  • Maggie: She most certainly is.
  • Bill and Maggie leave the fair.
  • Charles and Matthew are at the fair.
  • Ted: How do you two know Emily?
  • Charles: She saved my shop and on top of that gave me my boy back.
  • Ted: Emily sure touched a lot of lives in this little town.
  • Matthew: That's why we're really glad that she's back!
  • Matthew and Charles leave the fair.


  • Ted: That's a wrap!!!
  • Ted: I can't believe how many people have beautiful stories to tell about you Emily.
  • Ted: You can be proud about that!!!
  • Ted: I'm going to have to leave now.
  • Ted: Bye Emily.
  • Emily: Bye Ted, good luck with your show.
  • Ted and the director leave the Snuggford fair, letting Emily go at a normal time.

Day 6Edit

  • Target: 1,400; Expert: 1,800
  • Francois: Hey Em, it's going to be a slow day today.
  • Emily: Why? It's been busy all week.
  • Francois: You haven't heard?
  • Francois: There's a few shows around town, so most people will be attending those.
  • Emily: Well, that's no fun.
  • Emily: What are we going to do during the slow hours?
  • Francois: I thought I'd teach you that dance you wanted to learn.
  • Emily: Really?
  • Francois: Sure, there's no reason why we can't have our own show over here.

At the start of the danceEdit

  • Francois: Just follow my lead and repeat the steps.

During the dayEdit

  • Emily has to do 3 dances, accurately and carefully.
  • The sequence is in the following order:
  • First dance:
    • First: Blue, Purple
    • Second: Blue, Purple, Purple
  • Second dance:
    • First: Blue, Purple, Purple, Blue
    • Second: Blue, Purple, Purple, Blue, Green
  • Final dance:
    • Blue, Purple, Purple, Blue, Green, Green


  • Emily and Francois are dancing together.
  • Francois: Wow, you did it!
  • Emily: Thank you Francois, that was a lot of fun.
  • Francois: Don't thank me, I was having just as much fun as you were.
  • Emily: I know I said it before, but I'm really glad I took this trip with you.
  • Francois: Who are you kidding, you couldn't survive without me.

Day 7Edit

  • Target: 1,400; Expert: 1,800
  • Emily: What have you got there?
  • Francois: It's the fireworks.
  • Francois: The mayor asked me if we could keep them here.
  • Francois: Where can I put them?
  • Emily: Put them next to the lantern.
  • Francois pit the firework package next to the lantern.


  • Jacob Miller go the firework and light up, while Emily cleans the counter.
  • Francois: Hey kid, what are you doing?
  • Francois goes in a rush to the firework.
  • Francois was blown up by the Fireworks.
  • Emily was surprised by fireworks blown up by Jacob Miller.
  • Emily: FRANCOIS!?!?
  • Emily runs to Francois.
  • Emily goes to revive Francois 6 or more times by massaging his heartbeat.
  • Betty, Charles, and Matthew enter the fair.
  • Betty: Emily?
  • Betty: He's gone, Emily.
  • Emily: No, I can still save him...
  • Matthew: You have to let him go, Emily.
  • Emily is crying.
  • But Francois opens his eyes popped.
  • Francois has something wrong with his body.
  • Francois: You'd better let me go...
  • Francois: ...TO A HOSPITAL!!!
  • Emily: FRANCOIS!!!
  • Emily: I thought I lost you.
  • Francois: Impossible...
  • Francois: ...who else is going to clean the tables in these crazy adventures you keep going on.
  • Emily: I'm so glad you're alive.
  • Francois: Me too...
  • Francois: ...but that happiness won't last if you don't TAKE ME TO A HOSPITAL.
  • Emily: Hold on Francois, I can see the ambulance driving into the parking lot...

Day 8Edit

  • Target: 1,500; Expert: 2,100
  • Maggies enters the fair to see what happened to Emily's best friend, Francois.
  • Maggie: I heard about what happened yesterday.
  • Maggie: How is Francois doing?
  • Emily: He has a couple of broken bones...
  • Emily: of his lungs collapsed...
  • Emily: ...and some cuts and bruises...
  • Emily: ...but other than that he's stable and healthy.
  • Maggie: You don't know how happy I am to hear that.
  • Maggie: And how are you doing?
  • Emily: I'm a bit shook up, but other than that I'm fine.
  • Maggie: Well, if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask.
  • Maggie: I totally forgot!!!!
  • Emily: What?
  • Maggie: We have no fireworks anymore...
  • Emily: Yes, we do, we still have the fireworks that are in the trunk of my car.
  • Maggie: You keep on saving the day, don't you?
  • Emily: I guess it's what I'm meant to do.
  • Maggies leaves the fair, letting Emily go.

During the dayEdit

  • Jacob Miller: Ma'am, are you angry with me?
If Pressed YesEdit
If Pressed NoEdit
  • Emily: No, I'm not angry, but you should be more careful.
  • Jacob pays $500 to Emily.
  • Emily: My friend is in the hospital now.
  • Jacob Miller: I'm really sorry!!!
  • Jacob Miller cries.
  • Jacob Miller: I just wanted to get some of the fireworks...
  • Jacob Miller: ...but your friend scared me and I dropped my match.
  • Jacob Miller: I really didn't mean to hurt your friend.
  • Emily: It's alright.
  • Emily: I do have a problem, though...
  • Emily: ...I have to run all the stalls AND clean the tables now.
  • Jacob Miller: I could help!!!
  • Emily: That sounds like a good plan.
  • Jacob becomes the cleaner, as Francois is in the hospital now. He'll recover in the next few months.

Day 9Edit

  • Target: 1,500; Expert: 2,100
  • Maggies goes to the fair.
  • Emily: Hey Maggie, what are you doing here?
  • Emily: You know the fireworks are tomorrow, right?
  • Maggie: Yes, I know.
  • Maggie: I'm here an official business.
  • Maggie: I'm giving a speech at the end of the day.
  • Maggie: I've got my notes right here.
  • Maggie got the notes, but she dropped.
  • Maggie: Oops!
  • Emily: No worries, I'll help you find your notes.
  • Emily: But you've got to stop losing all of your stuff.

During the dayEdit

  • Emily finds 10 notes for Maggie.


  • Emily: That's the last one.
  • Maggie: Thank you again, Emily, without my notes I would have forgotten everything.


  • The tourists go to the fair.
  • Maggie goes to the stage.
  • Maggie: Welcome everyone to our 49th annual fair.
  • Maggie: I hope everyone is enjoying this Snuggford tradition.
  • Maggie: You all know there's a celebrity in our midst.
  • Maggie: But what you might not know is, that without her this fair wouldn't have happened.
  • Maggie: Emily is a part of our town forever; I know for a fact that she helped some of you out.
  • Maggie: Each year we get to reward one key to our city...
  • Maggie: ...and this year the key to our city goes to Emily!
  • Maggie: Be sure to enjoy the fair while it lasts!
  • Maggie: Don't forget to come see the fireworks tomorrow.
  • Maggie: See you all there.

Day 10Edit

  • Target: 1,900; Expert: 2,400
  • Maggie: I have this question, which I'm kind of scared to ask.
  • Emily: Don't be, you can ask me anything.
  • Maggie: Would you...
  • Maggie: ...despite what happened...
  • Maggie: Set-up-the-fireworks-for-the-show-tonight?
  • Emily: You're going to have to repeat that.
  • Maggie: Set up the fireworks for the show tonight.
  • Maggie: It really shouldn't be that dangerous.
  • Emily: I'm not sure if Imknow how to set up fireworks.
  • Maggie: The instructions should be quite simple...
  • Maggie: ...and we marked the spots where the fireworks should be set up.
  • Emily: Sure, I'll do it.
  • Maggies leaves the fair, letting Emily go and set up.

During the dayEdit

  • Emily is setting up the fireworks for the grand finale.


  • Betty and Elvis enter the fair.
  • The tourists are entering the fair to view the fireworks.
  • Mo and Tashi enter the fair for the view.
  • Charles and Matthew enter the fair to view fireworks.
  • Maggie and Bill enter the fair for the view.
  • Everyone is entering the view.
  • Emily: *Sigh*
  • Maggie: I've got a small surprise for you.
  • Emily: A surprise?
  • Maggie: Yes after all you've done, it's the least I could do.
  • Maggie: I'll give you a hint.
  • Maggie: It's pink and has wheels.
  • Francois enter the fair with the wheelchair.
  • Emily: Francois!!!
  • Emily: I'm glad you're here.
  • Francois: I'm glad to be here tooo...
  • Francois: ...althought I would appreciate it if you'd stop squeezing me.
  • Emily: I'm sorry.
  • Francois: No problem at all.
  • Emily: How are you feeling?
  • Francois: The doctors told me that there is no permanent damage...
  • Francois: ...and that I will be as good as new in a matter of weeks.
  • Francois: Which is super, because white isn't my color.
  • Emily: Do you have the same feeling I have?
  • Francois: Like you've been blown up by a box of fireworks?
  • Emily: No, I mean...
  • Emily: It's nice to be at the end of our journey...
  • Emily: ...but at the same time kind of sad that it come to an end.
  • Francois: You shouldn't be too sad though.
  • Emily: Why not?
  • Francois: I'm pretty sure our next adventure is right around the corner.
  • Emily thinks.
  • Emily: Now you've just made me curious.


  • The day goes to night.
  • Everyone is seeing the fireworks launching to the air.
  • Francois: Hey, Em?
  • Emily: Yes?
  • Francois: Isn't it about time you got yourself a man?
  • Emily: Well, I don't know about that!
  • To be continued...
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