This is the 1st episode of Emily's Taste of Fame.


  • Emily: ...and now on to the next part of our show. Let’s bring out our first guest of the evening...
  • Emily: Oh... I forgot... what was your name again?
  • A player types the name.
  • Emily: Ah, of course, WELCOME [Player]!
  • Emily: At which difficulty would you like to play?
If you find the difficulty too hard or too easy, you can always change it later in the Settings
  • Emily: Let’s see how our soup is doing, shall we [Player]?


  • One month ago, Emily is in the drive thru at Betty's Restaurant.
  • There was a car crashed at the sign.
  • Emily and Francois are going inside.

Day 1Edit

  • Target: 200; Expert: 425
  • Emily: What are we going to do now?
  • Francois: We'll work something out.
  • Betty: Now, what's all this consternation about?
  • Emily: I'm sorry, but our car just crashed.
  • Betty: Oh my, I'll give you some drinks.
  • Betty: I'm afraid the nearest garage in my nephew's in Snuggford Village and towing your car there will cost a small fortune.
  • Emily: I don't have that kind of money!
  • Betty has an idea.
  • Betty: What if you stay here and work for a few days, just until you make enough to tow your car?
  • Emily: Really? Thank you so much.
  • Emily: You're so kind... and I don't even know your name!
  • Betty: The name's Betty and it's no bother really, you'd be helping me out.
  • Betty: You two rest up now, we'll start in the morning.
  • Emily and Francois left the restaurant, while Emily returns to the restaurant.
  • Betty: Where's your friend?
  • Emily: Francois hurt his knee and he can't work today.
  • Betty: That's too bad, do you want me to help you get started?
  • Betty: Do you think you can handle this on your own? It would be nice to get some paperwork done.
  • Emily: Go do your paperwork, I'll handle the restaurant.
  • Betty leaves the restaurant.

Day 2Edit

  • Target: 1,100; Expert: 1,500
  • Francois re-enters the restaurant.
  • Francois: Emily could you please look out for some packages I've mail-ordered?
  • Emily: Of course Francois, how many packages should I expect?
  • Francois: Around eight, but it's my clothes and they are super important to me.
  • Emily: Eight?! This rural life really isn't for you is it?
  • Francois: Make fun all you want, at least I will have some decent clothes!
  • Francois leaves the restaurant.

During the dayEdit

  • Emily receives 8 packages.


  • Francois: MY CLOTHES!!!
  • Francois: Thank you for looking out for them.
  • Emily: No problem at all Francois.
  • Francois: Cool, they also brought this catalog, I'd really like to spruce up the place.
  • Emily: You never change Francois.

Day 3Edit

  • Target: 1,300; Expert: 1,850
  • Betty enters the restaurant.
  • Betty: My paperwork is finally done...
  • Betty: ...and I've heard you've been doing a great job.
  • Emily: Thank you, I really like working in a Drive-thru.
  • Betty: Let me help by cleaning the tables for you.
  • Emily: That would be wonderful.
  • Betty has an opportunity to clean tables for Emily.

During the dayEdit

  • A woman enters the restaurant.
  • Woman: Oh no, my pearl necklace broke!
  • Woman: Could you please help me find all 8 pearls?
  • Emily: I'll try, but it's really busy today.
  • Emily finds all 8 pearls.
  • Woman: Thank you so much Emily, I'll never forget this.
  • She leaves the restaurant.

Day 4Edit

  • Target: 1,200; Expert: 1,700

A callEdit

  • Ludwig: Emily?
  • Emily: Yes, this is Emily.
  • Ludwig: You were supposed to be here three days ago!
  • Emily: Yes I'm sorry, but my car broke down...
  • Ludwig: Did I sound like I care? You were supposed to be tested of the studio.
  • Ludwig: No use lingering in the past, I've sent the postman to pick up the items I call out...
  • Ludwig: You have 2.5 minutes to give them to the postman and after that he'll leave.
  • Bill: Hey Emily, I'm here to pick up some products.
  • Emily: How am I supposed to do that? I'm still working my normal shift?!
  • Ludwig: Two and a half minutes should give you plenty of time to make the products for me AND for your customers.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily has 2.5 minutes to give the postman products he wants.

After the delivery productsEdit

  • Emily: I did it!
  • Postman leaves the restaurant.
  • Ludwig: You expect applause?
  • Ludwig: Just make sure you are here in three weeks.
  • *Click*
  • Betty goes to the telephone.
  • Betty: Who was that? He didn't sound too nice.
  • Emily: That was Ludwig Green. He's the Channel Four studio boss and you can't blame him - he's a really busy guy.
  • Betty: ???
  • Emily: You're looking at the hostess of the new cooking show "Emily's Taste of Fame".
  • Betty: Really?! How cool!
  • Betty: So THAT, was where you were going!
  • Emily: Yes, it's all so exciting!

Day 5Edit

  • Target: 1,300; Expert: 1,800
  • Betty goes around to clean the tables. There was a broken table spotted.
  • Emily: What happened?
  • Betty: We've had a break-in...
  • Betty: ... but nothing was stolen... probably just some kids.
  • Betty: They did break a table though, and I can't seem to fix it.
  • Emily: I'll have a go at it today.

During the dayEdit

  • Emily fixes the broken table.

Day 6Edit

  • Target: 1,200; Expert: 1,800
  • Francois: Emily!
  • Emily: What's the matter Francois?
  • Francois: I just realized, you haven't had any media training.
  • Emily: I think I'll manage, Francois.
  • Francois: Oh, no, that just won't do.
  • Francois: I'll pretend to be the press.
  • Emily: But I'm working, Francois.
  • Francois: No excuses.
  • Francoist: Follow me around so I can take your picture.

During the dayEdit

  • Francois have to take 8 pictures of Emily.


  • Francois: Wow, you're going to be fabulous.
  • Emily: Really?
  • Francois: Yes, you're a natural.
  • Emily: Thank you Francois, I'll have to get back to work now, though.
  • Francois leaves the restaurant, letting Emily go.

Day 7Edit

  • Target: 1,300; Expert: 1,550
  • Betty: He's coming here!!! Of all places, here!!
  • Emily: Who is coming here?
  • Elvis comes into the place
  • Betty: The best Elvis impersonator in the world!
  • Elvis: I'm no impersonator, I'm the real Elvis!
  • Betty: Doesn't he look handsome?
  • Emily: Betty, control yourself!
  • Emily goes to Elvis.
  • Emily: Mr. Elvis, what brings you here?
  • Elvis: I'm here to entertain your guests, of course.
  • Emily: That sounds great, let's get you started.

During the dayEdit

  • Betty drops cloth wipes during the day.

Day 8Edit

  • Target: 1,600; Expert: 2,050
  • Postman: Emily, Ludwig sent you this contract, Could you sign in?
  • Emily O'Malley: Sure, in the meantime can I get you something to eat?
  • Postman: I'd love one of your chocolate waffles.
  • Postman: Don't tell my wife, though... she put me on a diet.
  • Emily: I'm really bad at keeping secrets.
  • Postman suffers something.
  • Postman: Can't... breathe...
  • Emily: I was only kidding!
  • Emily: Stand back, I know the Heimlich.

During the dayEdit

  • Emily do 6 or more times to stop the postman from choking.


  • Postman: Phew... I thought I was going to die! Thanks a lot Emily.
  • Emily: No problem... luckily I knew the Helmlich!

Day 9Edit

  • Target: 1,000; Expert: 1,350
  • At the start of the day, Emily is sleepy, so she walks slow.
  • Betty: You look tired.
  • Emily: I am...
  • Emily: I couldn't sleep last night, I'm just too excited.
  • Betty: Then you should really taste these chocolates.
  • Emily: Wow, they're great. I feel more energetic already.
  • Betty: Yes, it's too bad that the candy shop might close soon.
  • Emily: Why?
  • Betty: The owner really can't run it anymore since his son left.
  • Emily: That's a shame! These are really good!
  • Betty: You keep 'em.
  • Betty: Take them when you feel tired throughout the day.

During the dayEdit

  • Whenever Emily is tired, she has to eat chocolates. She has only 3 to eat.

Day 10Edit

  • Target: 1,500; Expert: 1,925
  • There were tool scattered all over the restaurant.
  • Betty: I just got off the phone with my nephew Mo and he'll be here today to collect the car.
  • Emily: That's great news! Thank you so mich for letting me work and stay here.
  • Emily: Come to think of it, where am I going to stay now?
  • Betty: No worries, my nephew has an old farm where you can stay till your car is fixed.
  • Emily: That's a relief, I'm sure I'll like it there.


  • Mo arrives in the diner.
  • Mo: Hey cousin.
  • Betty: Mo, you're here!
  • Mo: Yes and that's a good thing...
  • Mo: ...because that scrapheap out front isn't going anywhere without some major repairs.
  • Mo: I will need some tools.
  • Betty: And I will need to keep that doormat clean...
  • Betty: ...the customers seem to lose their appetites when it's dirty.

During the dayEdit

  • Emily has to find 8 tools and to keep the doormat clean.


  • Mo: All fixed and ready to go.
  • Emily: Thank you so much, Emily.
  • Betty: Don't be silly, I'll miss you around here...
  • Betty: ...but at least I'll still have Elvis around.
  • Betty: Emily?
  • Emily: Yes?
  • Betty goes to Emily.
  • Betty: Could you maybe help Mo get his farm up and running while you're there?
  • Emily: That sounds like it could be fun.
  • Betty: Goodbye, Emily.
  • Emily: See you later, Betty.
  • Emily leaves the restaurant along with Mo, going to Mo's farm.
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