This is the fifth restaurant in Emily's New Beginning. Back in former Emily's Place was taken over by Dainton Wu!

Level 1

  • Dainton: A bit more to the right...
  • Emily and Paige enter the place.
  • Dainton: Perfect!
  • Dainton: Look at this place! Finally a Wu-restaurant dedicated to Asian Fusion.
  • Emily: ...Yes... it looks very... luxurious.
  • Dainton: I told you she would get it!
  • Dainton goes making sushi, and Richard leaves the place.


  • Patrick enters the place.
  • Patrick: Em? Are you still sure about this?
  • Patrick: It's not exactly your style...
  • Emily: I know, but it's good to be back in my own place.
  • Emily: Even if it doesn't exactly look like my place anymore...
  • Emily: Besides...
  • Emily: I get to spend all day with my little girl again!

Level 2

  • Dainton rushed into the place.
  • Dainton: What's wrong with your... baby?
  • Emily: She's getting a tooth.
  • Dainton: Ugh. Doesn't your family take her when she's like this?
  • Emily: Everyone was busy, but we'll be fine...
  • Emily: Thanks for your concern!

During the level

  • Paige is moody, because of her tooth.


  • Emily takes Paige. Dainton goes out of sushi conveyor.
  • Emily: It's okay, baby.
  • Dainton: Is that really all you can do?!
  • Dainton: She's annoying all the customers...
  • Dainton: I told you a restaurant is no place...
  • Patrick visits the place.
  • Emily: Don't you dare, Dainton...
  • Emily: I put up with that at your place, but not here.
  • Emily: Now go clean or something. Your counter looks like a mess.
  • Patrick enters the place.
  • Patrick: Wow, I'm impressed. You really told him!
  • Emily: I know, right?

Level 3

  • Edward and Antonio enter the place.
  • They're looking around.
  • Edward: Hey Emily, where's the little one?
  • Antonio: We brought her a little something...
  • Emily: No more trying to upstage each other?
  • Edward: Ha... No... I think we learned our lesson...
  • Antonio brought a Mr. Potato Head.
  • Paige's present from the grandpa's! Take a picture!
  • Paige messes up with Mr. Potato Head.
  • After that time, the Potato Head pieces were scattered. This make Emily surprised about it! Also, Paige is in a mood!
  • Paige crawls back in a spot.

During the level

  • Emily finds 8 pieces of potato head.


  • Emily gives the pieces of potato head to Paige.
  • [{Dainton Wu|Dainton]]: Coming through...
  • Paige smashes potato head again!
  • Dainton stepped on the potato head piece!
  • [{Dainton Wu|Dainton]]: Are you kidding me!?
  • Dainton: EMILY! If you insist on keeping that kid around...
  • Dainton: ...would you mind CLEANING UP AFTER HER?
  • Emily: I'm sorry, Dainton, I just didn't have the time...
  • Dainton: This place is turning into a zoo...

Level 4

  • Brigid enters the place.
  • Emily: Hi Brigid. What bring you by?
  • Brigid: It's not a crime to want to spend some time with my granddaughter, is it?
  • Emily: Of course not. She's right over there, and I lost she can't wait to see you.
  • Brigid goes to Paige's spot.
  • Brigid: Look Paige, I brought you a puzzle. Let's make it together!
  • Paige and Brigid make the puzzle.


  • Paige and Brigid is having fun puzzling time1 Take a picture!
  • Evelyn enters the place.
  • Brigid: Well done, Paige. Now let's put it back in the box!
  • Paige throws the puzzle pieces around in the room, making Emily, Evelyn and Brigid surprised!
  • Brigid: Come on, Paige. Let's clean this up together.
  • Paige laughs again!
  • Brigid: Paige... come on, you have to help too.
  • Evelyn: I'll help you clean it, I'm sure she'll do it next time.
  • Dainton leaves the conveyor belt and steps on the puzzle piece!
  • Dainton: Ouch! What the...
  • Dainton picks up the puzzle piece.
  • Dainton: Are you kidding me!? We just talked about this! How can you be so...
  • Dainton knew it! They're angry!
  • Dainton: I... er... um... found a piece. Here you go!
  • Dainton places a piece to Evelyn. Then he leaves the place.
  • They're happy!

Level 5

  • Emily and Dainton set up tables, while another Lessard brother visited the place.
  • "Ah-hem!"
  • They looked at the critic!
  • "I expect you know who I am..."
  • "My brother told me a lot about your restaurants, but tell me your vision for this one."
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