This is the fourth restaurant for Emily's New Beginning. During Emily worked at the garden, her place was destroyed by Edward and Antonio!


  • Emily's place has been destroyed by fire!
  • Emily: What happened?!
  • Edward: Well...
  • Back before the place destroyed, Antonio and Edward set up the electric vehicles to play.
  • Edward: Don't tell me you also brought a car for Paige!?
  • Antonio: Well... At least my car doesn't look like it was around in 1956!
  • Edward: That's it! Let's see which of these cars is faster.
  • Antonio and Edward start the engines!
  • They're driving inside the apartment!
  • And they started to chase!
  • The red car bumped into blue car, set a fire on the oven!
  • The fire is spreading!
  • Red car stopped. Blue car bumped into red car!
  • Edward: We're so sorry...
  • Emily: What am I going to do now?
  • Richard: I might have an idea...

Level 1Edit

  • Now entering Dainton Wu's Cuisine. They're taking.
  • Richard: You have the job!
  • Dainton: I'll do you good to work in a real restaurant. You can finally see how professional chefs work.
  • Dainton: Oh, and though it should go without saying, absolutely no kids are allowed here!
  • Richard: Good luck!


  • Angela enters Wu's Cuisine to bring Paige.
  • Angela: So, how was your first day?
  • Emily: It's not the same as running my own place...
  • Emily takes Paige from Angela.
  • Emily: ...but at least you were here to help!
  • Angela: Yes, you were lucky I was in town to take care of the little one...
  • Dainton: Ladies, please. Let's move the tea-party outside.
  • Emily: I'm sorry, Dainton, we were just leaving...
  • Angela: What?! You're just gonna let him talk to you like that?
  • Emily: Until I can come up with money for a new place, he's the boss.
  • Angela: HMPF! I wouldn't last a day with Mr. Attitude over there...

Level 2Edit

  • Angela brings Paige into the cuisine.
  • Angela: I'm sorry Em, but I have to go...
  • Angela: One of my outfits had been selected for Glam magazine!
  • Angela: We're shooting in Morocco today!
  • Emily's so surprised while Angela leaves the cuisine.
  • Emily: I guess it's you and me kiddo.
  • Them Emily so scared.
  • Dainton: Emily? Who are you talking to?
  • Emily places Paige to the spot.
  • Emily silences.
  • Emily: No one...


  • Dainton comes out of the kitchen. He stepped into something.
  • Dainton: AARRRG!
  • Makes Emily so surprised!!!
  • Dainton: How come this place is always such a mess?!
  • Dainton: I thought I told you to clean the kitchen...
  • Emily sat down to the floor. Paige crawls to Emily.
  • She sneaks to Emily.
  • Paige's first steps to Emily. Take a picture!
  • Emily: Good girl! That was amazing.
  • Emily: Well, are least I've got you here with me now.

Level 3Edit

  • Emily cleans the counter while Francois enters the cuisine.
  • Emily: Francois, what are you doing here?
  • Francois: I thought I'd check out your new gig and grab a bite.
  • Dainton: Hmmm, you're a bit common, but we'll be able to fix that...
  • Francois: I beg your pardon?!
  • Dainton: You're here for the Mai tre D' opening, right?
  • Francois: Yeah... of course!
  • Dainton: Well... Don't just stand there. It's time to open.
  • Emily scared!

During the levelEdit

  • Francois is clumsy with the delivery. Emily has to clean up after him.


  • Francois drops the glass again!
  • Dainton saw what happened to the small sparkles!
  • Dainton: In my entire career I've never seen a more incompetent Mai tre D'. It's like you've never worked in a restaurant before!
  • Francois: Well, uhm, funny you should say that...
  • Dainton: Please. That's not all I've got to say: you're fired.
  • Francois and Emily are happy!
  • Francois: Thank god!

Level 4Edit

  • Dainton picks up something.
  • Dainton: Emily... Where did this come from?
  • Dainton: Well?
  • Emily: Ok, thanks. It's... uhm... my new hairclip.
  • Emily puts on a hairclip.
  • Emily: Do you like it? The girl at the store said it was all the rage.
  • Emily has the baby fashion! Take a picture!
  • Dainton returns to the kitchen and Emily takes off a hairclip.


  • Paige crawls to Emily making her surprised!
  • Dainton goes out of the kitchen.
  • Dainton rushes to take a look.
  • Francois enters the cuisine.
  • Emily puts Paige into the bag. Then, she carried the bag to Francois.
  • Emily: Here sir, here's your take-out.
  • Francis: What are you talk...
  • Emily: It's kind of heavy. Here, let me help you carry it to your car!
  • Dainton thinks again.
  • Dainton: Do we have take-out?1

Level 5Edit

  • "You're her, aren't you?"
  • "You're the one who made those delicious pies!"
  • "I really hope you will reopen soon..."
  • "I mean, this place is okay, but I liked the atmosphere of your old place a lot more!
  • "You think you could whip me up one of those pies?"
  • Emily: I'm sorry, but we're only allowed to serve Dainton's menu here.
  • "That's too bad..."


  • Dainton comes out of the kitchen
  • Emily: Dainton, I'm not sure you know, but the pies at my old restaurant were selling like hot cakes.
  • Dainton: Pie? Please. That should only be served in my grandmother's living room.
  • Dainton: Really, Emily, we're not just some hole-in-the-wall...
  • Dainton goes back in the kitchen.
  • Francois enters the cuisine.
  • Francois: You're looking... uhm...
  • Emily: Annoyed, Francois... I'm annoyed!
  • Emily: That... That... Man! He won't even let me have the smallest influence on the menu.
  • Emily: I just wanted to sell some pies to customers, but no...
  • Francois: Well, you could sell them anyway...
  • Francois: It can't be much harder then hiding a baby.

Level 6Edit

  • Edward delivers the box to the Cuisine.
  • Edward: Where do you want me to put this first box of pies?
  • Emily: Shush! Dad we have to keep this quiet...
  • Emily looks around.
  • Emily: Dainton doesn't know...
  • Edward: So... I'm like a spy!
  • Edward: Edward, pie-baker by day, International man of mystery by... um... day.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily accepts 8 packages of pie from Edward.


  • Dainton comes out of the kitchen.
  • Emily: Dainton...?
  • Emily: I was wondering... Paige turns one tomorrow...
  • Emily: Could I get a day off?
  • Dainton: Days off?! That's something only three-star restaurants can allow...
  • Dainton: And how many stars do we have again...?
  • Dainton: Oh, yeah... We have four... So... no... no way.

Level 7Edit

  • Francois delivers presents to cuisine- But suddenly, he walked to the stairs and the presents scattered!
  • Emily: Francois? What are you doing?
  • Francois: I thought, if you can't come to Paige's party, we will bring it to you!
  • Emily: But what about Dainton?
  • Francois: Don't worry, I have that covered too...
  • Francois: Although we do need to get these presents out of sight.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily has to find 8 presents.


  • Dainton comes out of kitchen.
  • Dainton: Emily, I'm going to be out of town for a couple of days...
  • Dainton: I expect you to take good care of this place, while I'm gone.
  • Dainton leaves the cuisine.
  • Emily: What did you do?
  • Francois: I might have called Dainton, pretending to be from a French TV-show that's auditioning chefs...

Level 8Edit

  • The party is on! Everyone cheer!
  • Patrick: Hooray!
  • Everyone cheer!
  • Patrick: Hooray!
  • Everyone cheer again!
  • Patrick: Hooray!
  • Emily gives the birthday cake for Paige.
  • Emily: Come on everyone, let's help Paige blow out the candle!
  • Francois and Evelyn blow the candles.
  • Paige's has the first birthday! Take a picture!
  • Emily: Let's open some presents!
  • Emily swaps the cake into a present.
  • Paige unwraps and opens the present. It has a doll!
  • Paige outs the present hat on!
  • Emily: Honey, you want to open another present?
  • Emily and Paige pull the present.
  • Emily: I guess we're going to open the other presents a little later...

During the levelEdit

  • Emily has to feed the party. She has to feel Francois, Evelyn, Edward, Patrick, Paige, Antonio and Brigid.


  • The party's over!
  • Yuppies about to leave.
  • "Oh, hey! You've hired a great girl with this one!"
  • "We haven't has this much fun at Wu's restaurant, since... well, ever!
  • "Seriously, Richard, those two should open a place together!"
  • They leave.
  • Emily: Richard?! I... I...
  • Richard: You were having a party, because Dainton wouldn't give you the day off...
  • Emily: Yes... I was...
  • Emily: Please don't tell Dainton!
  • Richard: Don't worry about it! If you earn half at what you earned today...
  • Richard: can have a party every day, for all I care!

Level 9Edit

  • Richard visits the cuisine to warn Emily.
  • Richard: Dainton is coming... right now!
  • Emily and Richard clean the table!
  • Dainton enters the cuisine.
  • Emily: Hey Dainton... How was your vacation?
  • Dainton: I don't EVER want to talk about it!
  • Emily sighs.
  • Richard now cleans the table, although Emily cleans the counter.
  • After cleaning, Richard leaves the place.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily cleans the restaurant in the order of which objects to pick.


  • Dainton comes out of the kitchen.
  • He stepped on a doll!
  • Dainton: What's this??!
  • Emily: Oh. Umm... that's, ummm... presents???
  • Dainton: Presents? Why would there be presents in my restaurant?
  • Paige crawls.
  • Dainton: I KNEW IT!
  • Dainton: I knew there was a baby in the restaurant...
  • Dainton: This is my place, Emily. We play by my rules.
  • Dainton: The rules are simple No baby. No shenanigans. No excuses.
  • Dainton: If you would spend half as much time on becoming a better chef as you do on that thing, you might have been pretty decent by now.

Level 10Edit

  • Emily: I really don't think I can keep working here, Richard...
  • Emily: I need a place where I can bring my daughter and not be treated like a second-class chef...
  • Richard: ...but you don't have the money to reopen your restaurant, Emily.
  • Emily: No, but there must be some way. People really liked Emily's Place.
  • Richard: Maybe, but the only reason my dad gave me the money for this restaurant was because Dainton Wu's name is on it.
  • Richard: I might have an idea.. Just get through the day, okay?
  • Richard now runs the cuisine.


  • Richard and Dainton come out of the kitchen.
  • Dainton: Richard, you can't expect me to partner with her!
  • Dainton: She threw a PARTY in MY RESTAURANT...
  • Dainton: She's disrespectful, she ignores my rules and she...
  • Richard: Tripled your profits.
  • Dainton: She did what now?!
  • Richard: She tripled your profits!
  • Richard: Follow me...
  • Back in former Emily's Place...
  • Richard: It's a great location!
  • Richard: ...and with Dainton's name, and Emily's personality...
  • Emily: I would want to bring Paige into the restaurant...
  • Richard: I wouldn't have it any other way!
  • Dainton: ...and I would have a say in the building plans?
  • Richard: Naturally!
  • Richard: So? Do we have a deal?
  • Emily and Dainton shake hands.
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