This is the second restaurant in Emily's New Beginning.

Level 1Edit

  • Paige crawls to Snuggy during Emily cleaning the floor.
  • Patrick: Wow, Emily. You got back on your feet really fast...
  • Patrick: It's like you guys don't need me at all.
  • Emily: What? Nonsense!
  • Emily: Paige and I need you more than you can imagine...
  • Emily: But we know you have to work, so we do our best to manage without you...
  • Emily and Patrick gave a kiss. Paige crawls. Patrick leaves the patio.


  • Brigid and Antonio enter the patio.
  • Antonio: I'm glad my old oven is getting some action after all these years.
  • Emily: Yes, it's working like a charm!
  • Paige touches Brigid.
  • Brigid: Still here? This will be the last thing I say on the matter.
  • Brigid: But remember, you're going to have to chose between the restaurant and your child sooner or later.
  • Paige is laughing. Brigid and Antonio leave the patio.

Level 2Edit

  • Emily enters the patio.
  • Emily: Uhm, Uncle Antonio, what are you doing?
  • Antonio: It's so great to see you return to your roots.
  • Antonio: I thought I'd help out a little by cleaning up...
  • Antonio: I mean you've helped me out quite a lot over the years.
  • Emily: Doesn't Brigid need you at the spa?
  • Antonio: You have met Brigid, haven't you?
  • Antonio: She doesn't need anyone's help...
  • Antonio leaves the patio.


  • Emily picks up the baby. Then she places near the table. Antonio enters the patio,
  • Emily: It looks like you're enjoying your first day back in a restaurant.
  • Antonio: I love it! It reminds me of being a boy back in Napoli.
  • Antonio: You know what? I feel like making tiramisu. What do you think? Want some tiramisu?
  • Emily: Are you kidding me? Uncle Antonio's Tiramisu?
  • Emily: How could I say no?!

Level 3Edit

  • Francois enters the patio. He breaths.
  • Francois: Ran... all... the way... over here!
  • Francois: Ple... on... and... Pie...
  • Francois: U...University stud,,, students...
  • Francois: ...Pie squared!
  • Emily: Oh! You want to sell pies and pizza pies to college students! Pie squared! I get it.
  • Emily: That could work.
  • Francois: I... I know... I... I'm a...
  • Francois: Genius!
  • Francois falls down to the floor.
  • Emily: How about you catch your breath first, Mister Genius?
  • Paige falls down.
  • Francois and Paige do their tiny mirror! Take a picture!
  • Some time later...
  • Francois carries a box and leaves the patio.


  • Emily's cleaning the counter, while Paige is crawling to the hipsters.
  • Hipsters don't like seeing Paige coming, so she makes them angry!
  • Then, Paige goes to another hipsters.
  • Hipsters don't like Paige too, so they're angry!
  • Paige began to cry! Hipsters are angry!
  • "Ugh. ...And we're out!"
  • They leave angry!
  • Emily: Well, you don't have to...
  • Evelyn enters the patio to see what's going on.
  • Evelyn: Who were you talking to? Is everything alright?
  • Emily: I don't know, Mom...
  • Emily: We have all these college kids coming in, and they don't seem to like Paige.
  • Emily: And Paige gets miserable...
  • Evelyn: Isn't it obvious? I could take her for a day, and you can focus on the restaurant!
  • Evelyn: My granddaughter and I could use a girl day.
  • Emily: Thanks, Mom!

Level 4Edit


  • Richard enters the patio.
  • Emily: So, I'm afraid we're closed.
  • Richard: Really? I thought I would be able to get one more drink...
  • Emily: Richard! What brings you here?
  • Richard: Checking out the competition.
  • Emily: Huh?
  • Richard: I'm bankrolling all of Dainton We's restaurants...
  • Emily's surprised!
  • Richard: You should totally come check us out!
  • Emily: I... I would, but... well, it's getting very busy as you can see...
  • Emily thinks.
  • Richard: Right. Well, at any rate, it's great to have you back in Snuggford. Hope to see you around...

Level 5Edit

  • Francois ran into the patio angrily.
  • Francois: I"m sorry, Emily. Really, really sorry... I should have told you sooner...
  • Emily: Why? What's going on?
  • Francois: One of the Lessard brothers is coming to the restaurant today...
  • Emily: Lessard brothers? THE CRITICS?!
    • (Emily looks afraid!)
  • Emily: Which one?
  • Francois: Julien...
  • Emily: The clean freak?!
  • Emily: That means I'll really need to be on top of things. Tables have got to be cleaned as soon as customers are done.
  • Francois: ...And... I think we'll have to keep Paige out of the way too.
  • Francois: On the bright side, if we get a great review...
  • Emily: IF...
  • Some time later...
  • The clean freak critic enters the restaurant.

During the levelEdit

  • Sid, the Cleaner has to clean 9 tables quickly. Emily need to spend less than allotted time to perform a quick cleaning action.


  • Julien Lessard: You will see my review in the paper.
  • Food critic leaves the patio.
  • They do the mirror again!
  • Patrick enters the patiio.
  • Patrick: How are my girls doing?
  • Francois: Exhausted.
  • Emily It's getting pretty crazy...
  • Patrick: If you ever need help, you can ask me. You know that, right?
  • Emily: Oh, no, you have your garden, I'll manage...
  • Emily: was just one of those days.

Level 6Edit

  • Edward: You mean to tell me this baby has isolated walls?!
  • Antonio: More than that, it has a sculpted airflow system that reuses heat so it burns more efficiently.
  • Emily and Paige enter the patio.
  • Edward has the break, and Antonio has a lollipop.
  • Edward: Paige, sweetheart, come to Grandpa. Come on, baby.
  • Antonio: Who's my little princess? Come to your Uncle Antonio.
  • Paige crawls to Emily! She's happy, but Edward and Antonio bang his face!
  • Edward and Antonio leave the patio.

Level 7Edit

  • Angela is happy she arrived at the patio!
  • Angela: Is no one going to greet Auntie Angela?
  • Emily: Angela! You're back!
  • Angela: Not back. Consider this an emergency intervention.
  • Angela: Mom called me and said you're having trouble with some celebrity chef?
  • Emily: I'm not having trouble, exactly. It's just, well, he's making things a bit difficult.
  • Angela: Shhh. Not another word. Leave it to me. I plan to do a bit of spying.
  • Angela: Now then, where is that cute little niece of mine?
  • Emily: She's sitting right next to you...
  • Angela: Oh, indeed she is. If you don't mind, I need to borrow her to complete my disguise.
  • Angela takes Paige with her.
  • Emily: I... Angela! Wait! What?!...
  • Angela: Think nothing of it, sister. We'll be back before you know it.
  • Angela and Paige leave.


  • While Emily and Francois clean the counter, Angela returns to patio with Paige.
  • Angela: We're ba--ack!
  • Emily: Oh, finally! Here, let me take Paige. What did you find...
  • Emily and Francois see Angela with Paige are in disguise!

Level 8Edit

  • Angela: I went to all these restaurants, and they wouldn't even let me in with Paige.
  • Angela: They said, and I quote, "What do you think this is? A day care center?"
  • Angela: It's not like I was carrying any ol' baby. Look at her.
  • Angela: She's impeccably dressed. It's like they couldn't tell the difference.
  • Francois: Then, again. THAT outfit might have been the problem....
  • Paige has the fashion? Take a picture.
  • Angela: That outfit has won 4 Prix de Paris! Are you a famous fashion designer?
  • Angela leaves the patio.
  • Francois: Oh well. Guess I should go after her...
  • Francois leaves the patio, and Emily takes off clothes from Paige.


  • Patrick enters the patio.
  • Patrick: How are my girls doing?
  • Paige crawls to Patrick.
  • Patrick: I asked how my girls were doing...
  • Patrick: Mommy isn't really paying attention, is she?
  • Emily so distracted.
  • Emily: I'm sorry, Patrick. I can't stop worrying about Dainton's fancy restaurants.`
  • Emily: I just found out he has a strict no-kids policy, and I can't help but wonder if that's how he's stealing my old customers.
  • Patrick: Well, he can't steal the important ones. They're the ones who know you put family first.
  • Patrick: And just like me, they wouldn't want if any other way.
  • Emily kisses Patrick.
  • Emily and Patrick leave the Patio.

Level 9Edit

  • There was a butterfly came into the patio.
  • Paige crawls to the butterfly. The butterfly lands on Paige's head!
  • Paige has butterflies! Take a picture!
  • Hipsters come in to eat. A butterfly flew away.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily has to feed the hipsters.


  • Hipsters are happy.
  • "Hey Lady? This your place?"
  • Emily: Umm, yes...
  • "Okay, so, your pizza is, like, amazeballs..."
  • Emily: Well, thank you?
  • "No. But, that baby? It has seriously got to go..."
  • Emily: My baby?! Paige? Wait, but she...
  • "Are you kidding me right now? I'm pretty sure I've said all that needs to be said."
  • Hipsters take a picture and leave.
  • Emily takes care of Paige.

Level 10Edit

  • Patrick: What's the matter, Honey?
  • Emily: I don't know, Patrick, those college students really got to me...
  • Emily: I want to run a place that has more kids in it, not less...
  • Emily: But if your most frequent customers don't like kids...
  • Patrick: Stay strong today, darling. Sooner or later, a solution is sure to prevent itself.
  • Emily and Patrick kiss.
  • Emily: I don't know what I'd do without you.
  • Patrick leaves the patio.


  • Antonio and Paige play with the dough. Patrick enters the patio.
  • Emily: You look pleased with yourself.
  • Patrick: Maybe a little...
  • Patrick: ...I just found the perfect place for a family restaurant.
  • Emily: You did?! Where?
  • Patrick: In my garden!
  • Emily: That's perfect! I can take advantage of all the summer produce, and I bet families would love it.
  • Patrick: Ours sure would, I must admit, it would be great to spend more time with you and Paige.
  • Patrick: What is it? Come on! It's the perfect solution!
  • Emily: It's just... the restaurant has been getting rave reviews, and I can't just close it...
  • Antonio gets splat by dough.
  • Antonio: You know, I guess, I could always run this place, I mean, if you wouldn't mind...
  • Emily: That settles it! We're going to your garden!
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