This is the first restaurant in Emily's New Beginning. After Emily and Patrick enjoyed their Honeymoon Cruise, Emily and Patrick are back to the place.


  • Emily wakes up.
  • Emily: Patrick! Ir's time!!
  • Patrick: No, the alarm clock hasn't gone off yet.
  • Emily: No. Patrick! IT'S TIME!!!
  • Patrick: Oh. What? You mean...
  • Patrick and Emily get up.
  • Patrick: I'll go start the car!
  • Patrick ran to the sofa. He calms down.
  • Then, Patrick leaves the place.
  • Next, Patrick quickly get back up the stairs and carries Emily. Patrick takes it steady while he carries Emily leaving the place, and entering the car.
  • Rosie gets down the sofa and follows Emily.


  • Emily and Patrick arrived at the hospital.
  • A new baby is born! It's not a boy, it's a girl!
  • Emily sobs a little but they're happy! Welcome new baby!
  • Emily kisses the baby's hair.
  • Patrick gets a baby bottle to feed the baby.
  • Emily and Patrick have picked the right cloth for the baby and they named it.
  • Emily and Patrick named the baby, "Paige".
  • Napoli and O'Malley Family are very, very excited that Emily and Patrick have a new baby, including Francois!
  • Patrick feeds Paige with the baby bowl, but Paige spoils the bowl!
  • Paige crawls to Emily.
  • Emily carries Paige and they're very happy!
  • Emily is with Paige, the newborn baby!

Level 1

  • Emily: Uhm... Patrick, I was thinking...
  • Emily: know, the renovation is finished and Paige is already crawling now...
  • Emily: ...maybe I could open this place up again...
  • Patrick picks up Paige.
  • Emily: That's not funny, why are you laughing?
  • Patrick: Well, you've had that look on your face for weeks.
  • Patrick: So, yesterday I ordered some supplies to get you set-up again.
  • Patrick: ...I wasn't really sure what to pick, so I just left things on the counter.
  • Patrick: Do you thing you're ready to pick out your menu?
  • Emily carries Paige.
  • Emily: What do you think, my darling girl? Should we re-open the restaurant?
  • Paige: Abagagoogaaagoo.
  • Emily: That settles it. It's time to get back to work.
  • Emily places Paige to the play area, while Patrick go up the stairs.

Before the level

  • Patrick goes downstairs.
  • Patrick: Are you sure you'll be able to handle both the restaurant and Paige?
  • Emily: Don't worry, Patrick, we'll be fine.
  • Patrick: Do you still know how to run a restaurant?
Yes No
Emily: Patrick, I have done this before...
Patrick: I'm sorry, I guess you're right!
Patrick: You take good care of your mother for me, Paige.
Paige: GA-gu!
Emily and Patrick kiss. Emily places the baby and Patrick leaves.

After the level

  • Emily is looking for.
  • Patrick: How are my girls doi...
  • Patrick: Oh, no, what happened, did something go wrong with Paige?
  • Patrick picks up Paige.
  • Emily: No, that's not it... it's just...
  • Emily: ...I had hardly any customers today.
  • Patrick walks to Emily.
  • Emily: After all the remodeling I expected more people to show up.
  • Patrick: You have to give people some time to smell your lovely food, and realize you're back in town.
  • Patrick: After all, the restaurant was closed for over a year.
  • Patrick: I'm sure tomorrow will be better!
  • Emily: You're probably right.
  • Patrick: Daddy always is!

Level 2

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