This is the fifth restaurant in Emily's Message in a Bottle.

Level 31 - A Pig Pen Business

Forget what you know about idyllic Italian farms...

  • Emily, Edward, Paige and Francois enter the farm.
  • Emily: THIS is Gino's famous farm?
  • Edward: Uh... Well, maybe there's more to it then meets the eye?
  • Gino and truffles enter the farm.
  • Gino: Beppe! Get away from those!
  • Gino: Those are for our CUSTOMERS!
  • Beppe bits Gino and goes away.
  • Gino: Oh! Edward, Emily...
  • Paige goes to Truffles, Edward goes to Gino.
  • Edward: Gino, good news! The reunion is on!
  • Gino blinks.
  • Emily: Well, umm... Why don't we sit down and talk about it?
  • Emily: I... guess we'll stand...
  • Gino: Edward... Don't get me wrong - I'm happy to see you.
  • Francois: Obviously.
  • Gino: But I have so much work to do around harvest time, you see.
  • Gino: In fact, going to a reunion right now is out of the question.
  • Edward: Oh, well perhaps we could lend you a hand?
  • Gino: No one works my farm but me.
  • Edward: Oh, come now - how about just to clean tables?
  • Truffles lie down.
  • Gino: Truffles! Come!
  • Gino leads Truffles out of the farm.

During the level

  • Gino finds the hidden tools!


  • Truffles gets the ball to Paige while Gino cleans the table.
  • Paige and Truffles play tug-of-war.
  • The ball released from truffles to Gino.
  • Gino is mad! He threw the ball out of the farm!
  • Truffles runs to the ball and gets it to Paige.
  • Paige and Truffles play again!
  • Gino grabs Truffles madly!
  • Paige and Gino: Let go!
  • Gino falls down. Edward and Emily enters the farm.
  • Gino: You should tell her to be more careful.
  • Gino: Ugh... Family! Who needs them?
  • Edward's angry!
  • Gino: So, I've heard you guys were visiting Napoli.
  • Gino: I bet this isn't quite what you were expecting, eh?
  • Edard: Yes, well... We're here to see if we can change that. About the reunion...?
  • Gino: Not in a million pizza's!

Level 32 - Animal Manners

It’s hard to believe, but in Gino’s farm even animals are more polite than people.

  • Paige plays with Truffles. Gino enters the farm.
  • Gino is angry!
  • Gino: What are you doing?
  • Gino: You stupid baby! You should NOT be feeding her!
  • Paige: I'm not a BABY! I'm a GIRL!
  • Gino: Well, a GIRL should know better than to feed a delicate animal that... that... stop!
  • Paige: Truffle likes it! ...What is stop?
  • Gino: Truffles is on a VERY special diet.
  • Gino: Besides... she HATES carrots!
  • Truffles got off from Gino and eats the food Paige gave.
  • Gino: Truffles is mine, do you hear me, you... you spoiled brat!
  • Gino: Mine, mine, mine!
  • Gino stomps!
  • Gino leads Truffles out of the farm!
  • Paige's crying!
  • Paige: Mommy! Mommy!
  • Paige runs away from the farm to find Emily.
  • Gino enters the farm to work.


  • Gino rings the dinner bell.
  • Gino: Dinner time!
  • Emily, Edward and Paige enter the farm.
  • The animals sat on the table!
  • Gino: Beppe! Lily! Truffles! Don't be rude!
  • Gino: We need to say grace, first.
  • The animals eat the food.
  • Gino: Ok, sorry - where are my manners?
  • Gino gets off the table.
  • Gino: There's an inn just down the road...
  • Gino:'s truly divine.

Level 33 - The Grumpy Napoli

Gino’s finally letting Emily help out at the farm. Let’s do some cleaning up!

  • There was a mess in the farm.
  • Emily, Francois and Edward enter the farm.
  • Gino: I told you - stay away from Truffles!
  • Emily: Maybe I should just take Paige and go, Dad.
  • Emily: Let me take care of her for a while.
  • Emily: Of all my brothers, Gino was always the most... er…
  • Beepa ran into the farm.
  • Gino: Beppe! Where have you been? You're late!
  • Beppe runs away from the farm.
  • Edward: ...'Solitary'
  • Edward: Gino - are you sure you couldn't use any help?
  • Gino: At my farm, I do all the work. That way I keep all the profits!
  • Emily: You know, I've learned that working with people...
  • Emily: one of the greatest joys of running a restaurant.
  • Emily: They help your business grow and share in your success.
  • Emily: The more you share, the more the business grows.
  • Gino: You can clean up... A LITTLE.
  • Gino: ...but consider it an unpaid internship!

During the level

  • Gino cleans up the mess!


  • Gino: I'm not telling you again, leave Truffles alone!
  • Gino goes to the cow and milks.
  • Gino: Hmm...
  • Gino continues milking the cow.
  • They follow Gino.
  • Gino: Hmpf!
  • Paige rides Truffles!
  • Gino looks at the east!
  • Gino: Hmm?!

Level 34 - Deep Trouble

Paige learns that getting too close to the well is not a good idea. Others aren’t so lucky…

  • Paige runs around. She goes to the well and tries to climb.
  • Emily: Paige!!
  • Paige messed up with the well!
  • Emily: Paige! You remember what Mommy said about the well, don't you?
  • Paige: Don't ever climb on walls - ever, ever, ever.
  • Emily: Especially this one... It looks like it hasn't been repaired in ages.
  • Francois: And trust me, Paige - your family has bad luck with wells.
  • Paige: Really?
  • Francois: Someday, I'll tell you ALL about it.
  • Emily: Now go run along - but stay away from Truffles!
  • Paige runs out of the farm.


  • Gino goes to the well crack.
  • Gino: Truffles! Beppe! Lily!
  • The animals attract around Gino.
  • Gino: Who did this?
  • Gino: Was it you, Lily?
  • Lily: Mooooo!
  • Gino: Hmm, it was you Beppe, wasn't it?
  • Beppe shook no.
  • Gino goes to the well.
  • Gino: Well, if you think I'm paying for the repairs, you've got another thing coming...
  • Gino: ...I keep telling you, only sharpen your horns for a tree! But NOOOO...
  • Beppe ran towards Gino, knocking him down into the well!
  • Gino: ...AAAH...

Level 35 - A Misunderstood Pig

Gino isn’t anywhere to be found, so Emily and Edward need to step in! If only pigs could speak…

  • Emily, Edward and Francois enter the farm.
  • Edward: Gino!
  • Edward looks around.
  • Edward: ...Gino?
  • Edward: I really need to talk to you about the reunion.
  • Francois: Well, like it or not, looks like he's going to need some help running the place today.
  • Francois: You remember how to milk a cow, right?
  • Emily: We'll find out.
  • Francois leaves the place, leeting EMily and Edward go.


  • Emily cleans the table. Francois milks the cow.
  • Truffles: Squeeeeeaaaaal!
    • To Paige.
  • Paige: Mommy! Something's wrong with Truffles!
  • Emily: She's probably just hungry, dear.
  • Truffles: Squeal! Squeal! Squeaaaaal!
  • Francois goes to the well. He did a mistake!
  • The well bucket fell down into!
  • Francois: Whoops!
  • Gino: Oooh!
  • Francois leaves and Edward enters the farm.
  • Edward: I wonder where Gino is?
  • Truffles goes to Edward.
  • Truffles: Squeal! Squeal! Squeaaaaal!
  • Edward: I'd better check the farmhouse again.
  • Edward leaves the farm.

Level 36 - Someone Call a Vet!

Gino, hang in there just a little longer! Help Edward rescue him!

  • Paige throws cheese and onion into the well.
  • Emily and Edward enter the farm.
  • Emily: Paige! What are you doing?
  • Emily: I thought I told you stay away from there!
  • Paige: Sorry, Mommy.
  • Paige: I thought Uncle Geen-o was hungry.
  • Emily: That's okay, sweetie. Just make sure you don't get too close.
  • Emily and Edward walk to the well.
  • Emily: Did you say, "Gino"?!
  • Paige: Uh-huh! Truffles showed me.
  • Gino: Oooohhhh…
  • Edward: Hang on, Gino! We'll get you out!

During the level

  • Emily helps Edward hold the rope for Gino!


  • Gino is out of the well!
  • Edward: Here, let me help you to your feet.
  • Edward tries to get Gino.
  • Gino: AAAGH! Put me down! Down!
  • Edward puts Gino down.
  • Emily: I think you broke your leg, Uncle Gino.
  • Edward: We'll call for a doctor.
  • Gino: No! No doctors!
  • Gino: I'll be fine on my own.
  • Emily: Gino, we're CALLING a doctor!
  • Gino: Okay - you can call the vet.
  • They laugh.
  • Gino: It's time for Truffles' check up anyhow...

Level 37 - The Broken Leg Whim

Even mean and unfriendly farmers like being taken care of from time to time.

  • There was a vet! Gino sat on a chair!
  • The vet left the farm.
  • Edward: Well, the 'doctor' said your leg is going to heal just fine.
  • Gino: Yeah, but who's going to run my farm for me while I'm on the mend?
  • Gino: YOU TWO!
  • Emily: You know, I do run restaurants for a living!
  • Emily: Does anyone in this family ever read my Christmas letters?
  • Gino: Sorry... I just... have a VERY particular way of doing things.
  • [{|
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