This is the seventh restaurant in Emily's Message in a Bottle. All the brothers are coming to the Family Restaurant!

Level 51 - An Unpleasant Surprise

Edward is preparing something special, but Evelyn doesn`t like the looks of it.

  • Welcome to the new Napoli Family Restaurant!
  • Evelyn: Okay, Edward, start talking...
  • Evelyn: WHAT did you do with our RETIREMENT SAVINGS?
  • Patrick picks Paige up.
  • Patrick: Er, Paige, pumpkin, let's go inside for a little bit...
  • Francois: I think I'll join you...
  • Patrick and Paige go inside.
  • Francois goes inside.
  • Edward: It was going to be a surprise.
  • Evelyn: Oh, it's a surprise alright!
  • Edward: One that you're going to LOVE, dear. I PROMISE.
  • Evelyn: No more surprises, Edward.
  • Evelyn: WHERE is our nest egg?
  • Edward: Do you trust me, Evelyn - believe in me?
  • Evelyn: Of course, Edward, but that's not the POINT.
  • Edward: I'm going to make a special announcement at the reunion.
  • Edward: EVERYTHING will be explained, I promise.
  • Evelyn: I'm going for a walk.
  • Evelyn leaves the place.


  • Edward cleans the table and Antonio makes a pizza.
  • Antonio: Everything okay with you and Evelyn?
  • Edward: It will be, you'll see.
  • Marco and Arabella enter the place.
  • Marco: Long time no see, everyone!
  • Marco: Well, don't just stand there, where's the old man?
  • Marco: I want to introduce him to my fiancé.
  • Edward: Here, come with me.
  • Marco and Arabella follow Edward.
  • Vito: Hey, I know you!
  • Vito: You're the best fisherman I've ever seen!
  • Vito: And this must be your wife! You're a very lucky mom!
  • Marco: Poppa?! That was YOU fishing on the docks!?
  • Edward: His memory hasn't fully returned, Marco.
  • Marco: Thank you, Poppa!
  • Vito: Glad I could be of assistance?

Level 52 - More Arrivals!

A father meeting his sons for the first time in decades… And a pig invasion in-between!

  • PatrickL What time did your mom come home last night?
  • Emily: Late... Then she went to sleep on the daybed in the living room.
  • Gino, Truffles and piglets enter the place.
  • Edward: I see you brought the whole family?
  • Paige goes to Truffles.
  • Gino: Of course!
  • Gino: I wanted to show them where I grew up.
  • Gino: Er… We aren't having ham at the reunion, are we?
  • Emily: No pork chops, no ham - I promise.
  • Edward: Gino, come say 'hi' to Poppa.
  • Edward leads Gino to Vito.
  • Gino: Errr… Hi... Poppa...
  • Vito: That one's mine, too?

During the level

  • Emily finds the hidden piglets!


  • Francois and Marco go inside. Vinicio and Bianca enter the place.
  • Emily: Look at you two?
  • Bianca: Vinicio swept me off my feet!
  • Bianca: We've had more fun in the past week than in the past ten years.
  • Vinicio: Spent more money, too.
  • Edward: How are the boys?
  • Vinicio: As it happens, we are all happily reuniting next month...
  • Vinicio: And, maybe, they'll decide to join our business again!
  • Bianca: We are going to make wine the RIGHT way.
  • Edward: Wait here - there's someone I want to reintroduce to.
  • Edward gets Vinicio outside to meet Bianca.
  • Vito: AH, there you are...
  • Vito: Here's that ten dollars I owe you.
  • Vito: Believe me, that wine was worth it.
  • Vinicio: Poppa?!
  • Vinicio: ...Oh, boy...

Level 53 - Real Estate

Some catching up for the brothers, and some bad news for Edward.

  • Marco: So, Antonio - we know what became of us...
  • Marco: ...but what did YOU do with your dollar?
  • Antonio: Well, though I'm retired from the kitchen...
  • Antonio: ...I still own THREE thriving pizza restaurants.
  • They shook 'yes'.
  • Antonio: Of course, my son... He ran into some problems...
  • Antonio: ...looking back, I wish I would've spent more time with him.
  • Antonio: But he's doing great now, thanks to Emily and Edward!
  • They're catching up!
  • Evelyn enters the place.
  • Evelyn: Oh, I see everyone's already here!
  • Edward: Evelyn...
  • Evelyn: I wasn't talking to you.
  • Evelyn goes inside.
  • Vinicio: Er… Everything okay, Edward?
  • Edward: Of course! Will you, uh... excuse me for a minute?
  • Edward goes inside.
  • Marco: Whose donkey is that, anyhow?
  • Antonio: Long story.


  • Everyone except Edward go in. Vinicio comes out.
  • Vinicio: Edward - two things...
  • Vinicio: First - Marco and I are having a heated disagreement about who would be the most helpful.
  • Vinicio: HE says his work on the grill would be invaluable. HA!
  • Vinicio: "I" say it's my skill with restocking wine and cider that you need.
  • Edward: Well why don't you BOTH help?
  • Vinicio: Er… I guess we could do that...
  • Edward: And the second thing?
  • Vinicio: Oh! whatever you do, DO NOT give your business to that realtor I sent you!
  • Edward: Wha- why not?
  • Vinicio: He recently filed the country, taking his clients' money with him!
  • Vinicio: The police are looking for him now - but you know how well that usually goes.
  • Edward: Thank... thank you for the warning.
  • Edward: I, er - I need to make a phone call. Like NOW!
  • Edward rushes inside to make a phone call.
  • Vinicio: Glad I could help!

Level 54 - In Dire Straits

Everybody makes mistakes. Try to cheer Edward up!

  • Evelyn: YOU DID WHAT?!
  • Edward: Evelyn - please!
  • Evelyn: You put our HOUSE on the market without telling me?!
  • Evelyn: Our retirement accounts are EMPTY, Edward!
  • Edward: I-I saw a chance for us to be... happy!
  • Evelyn: I was already happy... IN SNUGGFORD!!
  • Emily, Patrick and Francois enter the place.
  • Evelyn: So where is our money now?
  • Edward: It's... It's gone, Evelyn.
  • Edward: I'll fix everything, I promise!
  • Edward cries!
  • Evelyn: HOW?
  • Evelyn: I'm going back to Snuggford to try and save our home.
  • Evelyn: As far as I'm concerned, you can stay here for as long as you want...
  • Evelyn: ...however, if that suits you.
  • Evelyn goes inside. Emily goes to Edward
  • Emily: Dad, what's going on?
  • Edward: Customers will be here any minute...
  • Edward goes to the door and stands still. They go back to work.

During the level; 1st comfort

  • Emily cheers and comforts Edward!
  • Emily: How are you holing up, Dad?
  • Edward: I'm fine, honey, don't worry.

2nd comfort

  • Emily: Everything will be alright, you know...
  • Edward: Thanks, dear, I'm sure it will.

3rd comfort

  • Emily: Are you sure you're okay, dad?
  • Edward: It'll be fine...

4th comfort

  • Emily: Things will get better, you'll see.
  • Edward: I just don't know anymore...

5th comfort

  • Emily: Come on, dad, I'm sure you can fix it!
  • Edward: I... I'll try...


  • Francois goes inside.
  • Emily: Dad...
  • Edward: Sorry, Emily... I think I need to be alone for a while...
  • Edward leaves the place. Patrick comes out.
  • Emily: Oh, Patrick - I've never seen them fight like this before.
  • Patrick: It's bad, Emily, but I know they'll get thought this.
  • Evelyn has her suitcases and Paige comes out!
  • Evelyn: Emily, have you seen your father?
  • Emily: He just left... I don't know where he was going...
  • Emily: I'm worried about him, Mom.
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